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June 27:  Video files re-uploaded and/or linked on Youtube for Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, World Is Not Enough and partially Die Another Day.
March 21-23:  Goldeneye updated with two Behind The Scenes clips. Diea Another Day: Segments from BAFTA Bond Tribute from 2002 added.
October 6-20:  All media pages updated, broken links removed, files re-uploaded (some in higher resolution) and new files added. Also sites updated with a few new photos.
November 14, 2011:  Die Another Day re-uploaded and re-formatted
Aug-Oct 17, 2009:  Goldeneye updated with Pierce Brosnan Letterman in London interview from 1995.  Tomorrow Never Dies updated with 1997 Pierce/Bond Visa ad.
November 9, 2007:  Media sections of Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies,The World Is Not Enough & Die Another Day updated with interviews, ads etc.
July 5-14, 2007:  Pierce Brosnan Files: James Bond section opened.  Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough sections added along with existing Die Another Day. Hundreds of photos (production, publicity, premieres, press etc) and links to videos and trailers uploaded, including new MTV: Goldeneye Behind The Scenes video. 

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