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Evelyn Showtime Premiere on August 6, 2004 at 6:45 PM EST/PST . Check Showtime: Evelyn for other airings.

Evelyn opens in France on October 15, 2003. According to Cine Box Office it's scheduled for a limited release on  on 53 screens. Pathe: Evelyn Site has large image downloads in zip form and video.

Zapit: "The independent film Evelyn, starring Pierce Brosnan and Julianna Margulies, topped the MovieGuide Awards Tuesday night (March 18) at the annual Faith & Values Gala.  The Irish-set film about a father's attempts to regain custody of his daughter took home the Epiphany Prize for most inspiring movie of 2002. Director Bruce Beresford accepted the $25,000 award in person as well as Brosnan's Grace Award for most inspiring movie acting in 2002.  Brosnan was unable to attend the gala at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills in person as he is currently overseas for the film's premiere in England and Ireland." 

Check given to Irish UNICEF by IDT in August 2003

London Press Conference (3/17/03) Transcript & Video 

Pierce Brosnan in Madrid (March 11) for the debut of Evelyn, which is released in Spain on April 4, 2003

Pierce Brosnan will be introducing Evelyn, at the National Film Theatre on Tuesday March 18 with a Guardian NFT interview. After a special preview screening, Brosnan will speak live about the film, and take questions from the floor. 

Evelyn opened in limited release in the U.S.Dec 13th International release dates can be found here

A letter from Pierce Brosnan & Irish Dreamtime

Evelyn is entered in the Bangkok International 
Film Festival (Jan 10-21, 2003)

Evelyn plays at the Maui Film Festival (Dec 18- Jan 5)

For Your Consideration Best Actor ad for Pierce Brosnan in Evelyn can be viewed at Oscar Watch

Evelyn's L.A. premiere was held Dec 3, 2002.

Evelyn's Soundtrack now available at Amazon.com

Evelyn is the closing night screening at the 22nd
Hawaiin International Film Festival
(HIFF: Nov 1-10) on Nov 8, 2002

Evelyn opens The Chicago International Film Festival
with an Opening Night Tribute To Pierce Brosnan
(October 4-18, 2002)

(MPAA Rating: PG: for thematic material and language)

MGM's Official Evelyn Site

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Ebert & Roeper At The Movies: (Evelyn reviewed, 2 Thumbs Up) weekend of  Dec 7/8; syndicated.  Their audio review can be found here. Ebert & Roeper At The Movies: Memo To the Academy : Roeper recommends Pierce Brosnan for the Best Actor category in the January 11/12th weekend edition. 


Roeper: Director Bruce Beresford's movie has as much heart and is more inspirational than just about anything I've seen this year.  I loved this movie. ... Though it's called Evelyn and the little girl who plays her is wonderful, this is Pierce Brosnan's movie for his nomination worthy performance as Desmond Doyle. 

Ebert: It's a lovely film.

Rex Reed, The New York Observer : ...lovely, inspired film by celebrated director Bruce Beresford... Brosnan gives the performance of his life. The four-hankie emotion in Evelyn is inescapable, but so is the impact of a film that is profound, informed, honest and utterly, charmingly lacking in pretense. 

Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune : At the storm center, Brosnan plays Doyle with a different kind of heroism than he invests in the cool, witty brutality of his James Bond. Doyle is a man of rough-hewn Dublin pluck and fatherly courage... He gives Doyle a fine mix of outward braggadocio and deep gentleness.

Desson Howe, Washington Post:   Pierce Brosnan is a quiet charm as Desmond Doyle... . And it's nice to see [him] winning the day with an Irish (not English) accent and without James Bond gadgetry. 

Eleanor Ringle Gillespie, Atlanta Journal Constitution: The film has a sturdy good heart and a dynamite cast who delight in doing a melodramatic tear-jerker to the very best of their abilities ... Brosnan is a classically trained actor with a considerable range. He's irresistible here, and quite touching as an essentially decent underdog, who's not above using a little Irish charm to get what he wants. 

Joe Baltake, Sacramento Bee: It has a certain lightness and a sense of humor, epitomized by Brosnan's sturdy, eye-twinkling performance. This is a nice change from his work as 007, an indication of his range and talent - and his hand-picked, high-powered supporting cast work hard never to weigh down a film that's essentially small and delicate.

Cynthia Grenier, World Net Daily: Here at last we have a movie for the Christmas season that is genuinely a family film, a heartwarming work with a strong sense of morality and justice. 

Pierce Brosnan and Sophie Vavasseur were mentioned in Joel Siegel's Holiday Film Preview/Academy Forecast story airing on Good Morning America on Friday, November 29th. Jeffrey Lyons names Evelyn as one of the Top Movies Of 2002

Theatrical Release Dates:

USA: Dec 13, 2002
U.K: March 21, 2003
Spain: April 4, 2003
South Korea: June 20, 2003
Netherlands:Sept 18, 2003 
Switzerland (French): Oct 1, 2003
France: Oct 15, 2003
South Africa: Nov 21, 2003
Portugal: April 1, 2004 
Australia: May 6, 2004 
New Zealand: Aug 5, 2004

DVD/VHS Release Dates:

USA: April 15, 2003
Asia: Aug 2, 2003
U.K: Sept 22, 2003

U.S. DVD/VHS Rental
After 40 days:  $3.6m 

World Wide
As of  July 15, 2004:  $4.7m

U.S. B.O.
In limited release the cume is $1,483,975

U.K. Box Office
As of May 18,  it's cume is  £1,366,519

Spain Box Office
After it's 2nd week in ltd release (on 61 screens) the cume is  $327,949 

Australia Box Office/ Mojo
As of August 4th,  in ltd release  the cume is  US $568,972 (Aus $804,526)

Evelyn released on DVD/VHS in the US/Canada April 15th.   It's available for order at Amazon.com , DVD Empire , and DeepDiscount DVD etc. For best price go to Price Grabber   Presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen and English Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, extras include two audio commentaries by director Bruce Beresford and star Pierce Brosnan and producer Beau St. Claire, "The Story Behind The Story" and an additional making-of featurette, a still gallery and the trailer. Links to DVD reviews are available in the Review section.

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