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TheWrap: 'Of Gods and Men' Tops France's Cesar Nominations (1-21-11)

The Desk of Brian: Alexandre Desplat interview (1-15-11)

Variety: 'Gods,' 'Ghost Writer' top Lumieres (1-14-11)

Deadline: OSCAR: Best Supporting Actor/Actress – Nothing Secondary About These Races (1-11-11)

Variety: IFTA nominations (Pierce Brosnan) (1-11-11)

Scott Feinberg: Academy Member “DEEP VOTE” shares his nomination ballot (1-10-11) 

Ask Mick LaSalle: When a lead is a supporting role (1-09-11)

Metromix Chicago: 12 actors who deserve Oscar nominations (but probably won't get them) | Best supporting actress, Olivia Williams (1-11)

Variety: Dreamscenes: Memorable moments of 2010 (1-09-11)

National Society of Film Critics: 2010 Awards (1-08-11)

The Hollywood Reporter: 'The Social Network' Named Best Picture By National Society of Film Critics  (1-08-11)

HitFix: USC Scripter awards remind voters of Ghost Writer and 127 Hours  (1-05-11)

The Wrap: 'Social Network,' 'Ghost Writer' Land Scripter Nominations (1-05-11)

indieWIRE: For Your Consideration: If I Had An Oscar Ballot… (1-05-11)

Scanners' Exploding Head Awards 2010 (1-05-11)

Fort Worth Weekly: The Best Supporting Actors in 2010’s Movies (1-05-11)

Tribeca Film: Settling the Score (1-11)

NY Times: And the Nominees Should Be (1-02-11)

San Francisco Chronicle: Oscar contenders: familiar rivalries, fresh faces (12-31-10)

Variety: For critics, 2010's best films revel in the details (12-31-10)

NY Daily News: Early predictions:  Citics share their Oscar picks weeks before nominations  (12-31-10)

Salon: Best Scenes of 2010 #9 The Ghost Writer (12-29-10)

East Anglian Daily Times: What we were watching at the cinema this year (12-28-10)

Deadline:  Overview Of Best Screenplay Race (12-28-10)

Hollywood Reporter: WGA's Nix List: Top 10 Oscar Losers  (12-28-10) “DEEP VOTE” on “The Ghost Writer,” “The King's Speech,” & “The Town” (12-29-10)
ET Online: Pop Culture Movie Moments of 2010 (12-28-10)

Badass Digest: The 10 Most Badass Fictional Characters of 2010  (12-28-10)

High on Celluloid: Best Contribution to 2010: Alexandre Desplat (12-10)

MSN Movies: Pop Culture Movie Moments of 2010 (12-27-10)

EDGE Boston: Handicapping Best Picture (12-27-10)

uniFrance: The Prix Lumières 2010 Nominations (12-20-12)

The Irish Film & Television Network: Ronan & Brosnan Make Critics’ Circle Shortlist (12-21-10)

The Hollywood Reporter: Nominations for London Critics Circles Film Awards (12-20-10)

Hollywood Reporter: Roman Polanski’s “Ghost Writer” Receives Needed Awards Boost (2-18-10)

The 500 Club: Best Films of 2010 – The Women (12-20-10)

Hit Flix: 'Carlos' and 'Social Network' lead Film Comment's 2010 poll (12-17-10)
NY Magazine: 2010’s 25 Best Performances That Won’t Win Oscars  (12-17-10)

Variety: Suspense permeates adapted screenplays (12-16-10)
L.A. Times: Golden Globe 2011 nominations: A dissent (12-15-10)

indieWIRE: 'Social Network,' 'Carlos' Lead LA Critics (12-14-10)
Blog da Ana Maria Bahiana: Globos de Ouro 2011, o dia depois das indicações: como eu votei (e não votei)  (12-14-10)
Below the Line: Contender – Composer Alexandre Desplat, Ghost Writer (12-13-10)
Variety: Desplat works hard for the money (12-11-10)
The Wrap: Roman Polanski's 'Ghost Writer' Tops European Film Awards| (12-04-10)

Awards Daily: The Ghost Writer sweeps European Film Awards (12-04-10)

Thompson on Hollywood: Polanski's Ghost Writer Scores Six at European FIlm Awards (12-04-10)

BBC News: Roman Polanski triumphs at European Film Awards (12-04-10)

indieWIRE: Polanski's 'Ghost' Triumphs at European Film Awards (12-04-10)
indieWIRE: 'Inception' Leads Wacky Satellite Award Nominations (12-01-10)

Variety World Briefs: Louis Delluc shortlists pix (11-29-10)
Deadline: OSCAR: No T-Day Slowdown For Contenders (11-23-10)
In Contention: Summit toasts ‘Ghost Writer,’ ‘Fair Game,’ ‘Red,’ ‘Twilight’ (11-17-10)
Movie City News: Pierce Brosnan and Olivia Williams Interview (11-19-10)
Popcorn Reel: Women On The Big Screen - This Is The Year (11-16-10)
Hannibal Courier-Post: Get Reel: Give thanks for Hollywood talent (11-15-10)

Hollywood Reporter: Should Polanski Get an Oscar for Best Director -- or Best Actress? (11-15-10)
TODAY Show: Oscar buzz for 'King's Speech,' 'Social Network' (11-11-10)

The Hollywood Reporter: Awards Watch  The Contenders - BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (11-09-10)

The Hollywood Reporter: Awards Watch  The Contenders (11-09-10)

EW: Roman Polanski: Dark horse Best Director contender? (11-08-10)

Los Angeles Times: Roman Polanski's 'The Ghost Writer' is front-runner to win top European Film Award (11-08-10)
HitFix: Is it too late for The Ghost Writer to thrill Oscar? (11-06-10)

Awards Daily: The Ghost Writer leads European Film nominations (11-06-10)

Tribeca Film: Best in Show: Olivia Williams (11-5-10)

USA TODAY: Oscar, don't overlook these worthy potential contenders (11-03-10)

NZ Herald News: Pierce Brosnan is a gentleman player (10-30-10)
indieWire: For Your Consideration: 10 Underdog Actors (10-13-10)

indieWire: For Your Consideration: 10 Underdog Actresses (10-06-10)

Awards Daily: FIPRESCI Names The Ghost Writer the Best Film of the Year (9-20-10)

Flicks & Bits: Pierce Brosnan Interview For The DVD & Blu-ray Release Of The Ghost (9-07-10)

Nick's Flick Picks: The Fifties for 2010: Best Supporting Actor (9-03-10)

California Literary Review: Oscar Buzz 2011 Unleashed!!! (9-02-10)

Film Stage: Our 20 Favorite Films of 2010 [Pre-Oscar Season] (8-31-10)

Flicks & Bits: Ewan McGregor Interview For The Ghost’s Blu-ray & DVD Release (8-27-10)

The West Australian: Hot Scot keeps his cool  (8-12-10)

Awards Daily: Cinema Paranoia: Roman Polanski and Ghosts (8-10)

Sydney Morning Herald: The ghost in the machine  (8-08-10)

The West Australian: Thriller penned in exile (7-30-10)

Kansas City: These should be early contenders for next year's Oscars (7-21-10)

Mountain Xpress: The Year Thus Far (7-17-10)

The Scorecard Review: Top 7 Movies So Far in 2010 … another opinion (7-15-10)

AZ Central: Best of 2010 movies ... so far (7-09-10)

Hollywood and Fine: The Best of 2010: Part 1 (7-10)

The Program 101:  Movie Madness presents “The 2010 Mid-Year Movie Report” (7-10)

San Francisco Chronicle:
Mick LaSalle's mid-2010 report (7-01-10)

Connecticut Post:
With year half over, films to remember at awards time (7-01-10)

Variety: Indie pics rebound may be at hand (6-26-10)

The Broken Telegraph: The Half-Yearly Report: 2010′s Best Movies and TV Shows (So Far) (6-17-10)

The Daily Telegraph:
Ewan McGregor sends fans crazy at Sydney Film Festival (6-14-10)

The Australian:
Shadow play (6-12-10)

Brisbane Times: Ewan McGregor at Sydney Film Festival (6-11-10)

The National Newspaper: Pierce Brosnan: Just The Ticket (5-05-10)

Wales Online:  Ewan McGregor shows the write stuff  (4-16-10)

Mirror: Playing politics with Polanski helps Pierce Brosnan escape 007 tag (4-16-10)

BBC News: Polanski thriller sees life imitating art  (4-16-10)

The Guardian: End game for Roman Polanski (4-15-10)

Evening Standard: Pierce Brosnan on Being Blair (4-13-10)

The Guardian: The Ghost and the subtle delights of first-person cinema (4-11-10)

The Observer: Olivia Williams: 'It can be unnerving working for Polanski'  (4-10-10)

News Of The World: Blair stitch project (4-10-10)

The Irish Times: Brosnan on being Bond - and Blair (4-10-10)

The Guardian: Roman Polanski, poet of disorientation and disjuncture (4-10-10)

Financial Times: Roman Polanski has 'the gift of the nose'  (4-09-10)

Herald Scotland: A ghost of a coincidence  (4-07-10)

FilmShaft: World Leader Pretend: Top Ten Political Figures In Film (4-06-10)

Scotsman: Interview: Pierce Brosnan (4-06-10)

Telegraph: Olivia Williams interview: Polanski terrified me, but he’s a movie master (4-06-10)

Telegraph: The Ghost Writer: The secret life of the man who wasn't there (4-05-10)

The Guardian: David Thomson on Olivia Williams (4-01-10)

The Times: Ewan McGregor on Roman Polanski  (4-01-10)

Venice Magazine:  Olivia Williams Experiencing the Nuances of Polanski's Noir (3-10)

LA Times: Pierce Brosnan seeks to escape James Bond's shadow (3-31-10)

Telegraph: Author Robert Harris risks wrath of Lord Mandelson (3-31-10)

Guardian: Yesterday I got the chance to compare Tony Blair in the flesh with Pierce Brosnan's movie version in The Ghost (3-31-10)

Telegraph: Pierce Brosnan interview for The Ghost  (3-30-10)

The Sunday Times: Roman Polanski: grappling with the ghost (2-28-10)

BBC News:  How realistic is new Polanski film The Ghost? (3-19-10)

News OK: Actress Olivia Williams steps up, speaks for absent 'Ghost Writer' director Roman Polanski (3-18-10)

Hampton Roads:
Roman Polanski's fiery directing helps light 'The Ghost Writer' (3-18-10)

Chicago Sun Times: Bald Belushi makes a cameo (3-17-10)

LA Weekly: Ghosts of a Filmmaker's Past (3-11-10)

Metro: Going from spy to prime minister (3-10-10)

IESB: Ewan McGregor Interview (3-08-10)

'Ghost' with most obstacles (3-08-10)

The Globe and Mail: Polanski: ‘He doesn’t do anything on a whim’ (3-07-10)

Boston Herald:  Best ever Brosnan? (3-07-10)

Movies Online: Ewan McGregor Interview (3-07-10)

The Cinema Source: Pierce Brosnan Interview for The Ghost Writer (3-06-10)

USA WEEKEND Magazine: Bond is (sorta) back! (3-05-10)

Brosnan delves into Polanski's 'Ghost (3-05-10)

AICN: Mr. Beaks Interrogates THE GHOST WRITER Novelist-Screenwriter Robert Harris! (3-5-10)

Patriot Ledger: In 'Ghost Writer,' actor Ewan McGregor is just a shadow of himself (3-04-10)

Marie Claire: Olivia Williams Interview (3-03-10)

Boston Herald: Ewan McGregor makes his mark as ‘Ghost Writer’  (3-03-10)

CHUD: Interview with Robert Harris (3-02-10)

Metro: Cattrall gets secretarial in Polanski's The Ghost Writer (3-02-10)

Metro: Pierce Brosnan: "Polanski est un survivant" (3-02-10)

Salon: Pierce Brosnan on Polanski, Tony Blair and "The Ghost Writer"  (2-26-10)

Austin 360: McGregor sees parallels in Polanski's life and his new movie (2-25-10)

Liz Smith: Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor Get Behind Roman Polanski's Latest  (2-24-10)

MSN: Pierce Brosnan of 'The Ghost Writer' -- Hail to the Thief (2-24-10)

The Orange County Register: Meet Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan (2- 23-10)

Slash Film: Interview with Pierce Brosnan (2-23-10)

The Times: Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer: Pierce Brosnan on the ghosts that haunt him (2-21-10)

BBC: Roman Polanski wins best director award at Berlin (2-20-10)

AFP: Polanski, Russian, Romanian films tipped in Berlin (2-20-10)

Movieline: Pierce Brosnan on Visiting the End of the Road with Roman Polanski (2-19-10)

Tribeca Film: A Ghost Among Them (2-19-10)

NY Times: The Moviegoer | Talking With Ewan McGregor (2-19-10)

The Star-Ledger: 'Ghost Writer' star Ewan McGregor cements reputation as an actor unafraid to take chances (2-19-10)

S.F. Gate: Ewan McGregor fleshes out 'Ghost Writer' (2-19-10)

Irish Central: Pierce Brosnan and Roman Polanski team up in 'The Ghost Writer' (2-19-10)

IFC: Ewan McGregor Gives Up the Ghost (2-19-10)

L.A. Daily News: Pierce Brosnan, prime minister and 'horse's ass' (2-18-10)

Fandango: Inside the World of The Ghost Writer (2-18-10)

Moviefone: Pierce Brosnan on Polanski, 'The Ghost Writer' and Bond (2-18-10)

Wall Street Journal: Playing a Part for Polanski  2-18-10) Will The Ghost Writer Win Multiple Oscars (2-18-10)

Cinema Blend: Interview with Ewan McGregor (2-18-10)

USA Today: A busy Pierce Brosnan is having a blast (2-17-10)

GQ: Pierce Brosnan Suit Guide - Man On The Street (3-10)

Filmmaker Magazine: Berlin Film Festival - MASTERS & masters (2-17-10)

Ain't It Cool News: Mr. Beaks And Pierce Brosnan Ponder The Paranoid Politics Of THE GHOST WRITER! (2-16-10)

UGO: I'm Not Tony Blair, I Swear! (2-16-10)

New Statesman: The greatest movie endings ever (2-16-10)

AV Club: Raddom Roles - Olivia Williams (2-16-10)

NY Times: Roman Polanski In Pole Position At Berlin Film Festival (2-15-10)

Im Gespräch: Pierce Brosnan - Man wird Anstoß nehmen (2-15-10)

Boston Herald: Polanski’s Berlin Triumph  (2-12-10)

The Independent: Polanski adds a bit of Hitchcock to the revival of Blair's ghost (2-12-10)

Wall Street Journal: "The Ghost Writer" Premieres, Roman Polanski-Less (2-12-10)

Times: Roman Polanski’s political thriller, The Ghost, mirrors real life (2-12-10)

New York Times: Polanski’s ‘Ghost Writer’ and Others - Visions of Victimhood (2-12-10)

Hollywood Reporter: Roman Polanski at Berlin film fest in spirit (2-12-10)

Speigel: 'The Ghost Writer' Premieres in Berlin: Is Roman Polanski's New Film Really about Him? (2-10-02)

Sueddeutsche: Im Herzen der Paranoia (2-13-10)

Kurier: Pierce Brosnan on The Ghostwriter (2-12-10)

Kuture: "The Ghost Writer": Why Polanski is always right (2-12-12)

Kuture: Kräftiger Beifall für Polanskis "Ghostwriter" (2-12-10)

Stern: "Polanski ist wie deine Mutter" (2-12-10)

Bilde: Nur der Geist von Roman Polanski war anwesend (2-12-10)

Cinematical: Pierce Brosnan on Polanski, Percy, and R-Patz (2-08-10)

Gazeta: Conversation with Paul Edelman, the Cinematographer of the new film by Roman Polanski "The Ghost Writer" (2-08-10)

Parade: 'It's a Harsh Time to Be an Actor' (2-05-10)

Screen Daily: Berlin bears all (2-04-10)

Variety: Berlin Film Fest lines up star guests (2-01-10)

Filmstalker: The Ghost Writer trailer in high definition (1-29-10)

Gather: Polanski’s ‘The Ghost Writer’ (1-29-10)

Cinematical: First Impressions & One Sheet for Polanski's 'The Ghost Writer' (1-21-10)

HitFlix: 'The Ghost Writer's' critical prospects should overshadow any Polanski controversy (1-20-10)

AICN: The Poster For Roman Polanski's Terrific THE GHOST WRITER Debuts! (1-20-10)

CHUD: Polanki's new movie gets a one sheet (1-20-10)

First Showing:
Official Poster Debut for Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer (1-20-10)

Telerama:  Meanwhile Polanski has made one of his best films... (1-19-10)

USA Today: Roman Polanski's detention shadows 'Ghost Writer' (1-15-10)

Variety: Roman Polanski thriller gets U.S. release date (1-7-10)

Paste: 15 Masterful Directors with Films in 2010 (12-15-09)

Screen Daily:  Scorsese, Polanski among world premieres confirmed for Berlin (12-15-09)

  Summit to distribute Polanski's 'Writer' (12-11-09)

Summit Entertainment to distribute now re-titled The Ghost Writer in the U.S.

Variety: Polanski to remain in jail until Friday (12-01-09)

Hollywood Reporter: Polanski still in jail; 'Ghost' on track (12-01-09)

The Times: Polanski is finishing latest film from his cell, says Robert Harris (10-14-09)

Movie Score Magazine: Polanski’s ‘Ghost’ scored by Alexandre Desplat (10-6-09)

Times Online: Roman Polanski thriller The Ghost in jeopardy after director's arrest (10-01-09)

Hollywood Reporter: Polanski arrest puts 'The Ghost' on hold (9-28-09)

Variety: Polanski shoots 'Ghost' in Germany  (5-29-09)

The Independent: Ewan McGregor: 'I would never bad-mouth religion' (5-14-09)

Variety: Polanski's 'Ghost' scares up funds (5-13-09)

The Sunday Times: Oxford Literary Festival review - The Ghost (4-12-09)

Mail Online: Kim Cattrall goes for dressed-down in the city (3-30-09)

Screen Daily: Ghost deals materialize for Summit, Black cabs, red buses and minis: it must be ... Berlin  (2-12-09)

Hollywood Reporter: Timothy Hutton haunts 'Ghost' pic (2-06-09)

Empire: Timothy Hutton Joins Polanski's Ghost (2-06-08)

Martiniboys: Polanski To Return To The Thriller (1-23-09)

Moviehole: Belushi in a Polanski film!? (1-21-09)

Variety: Pair join Polanski's 'Ghost' (1-21-09)

Movie City Indie: Polanski goes Ghost (1-21-09)

Times: Roman Polanski to sex up tale of ‘Tony Blair’s ghost’ (12-13-08)

Hollywood Reporter:  Dutch Filmworks seals slew of Benelux deals (11-18-08)

Empire:  Cage & Brosnan In Polanski's Ghost (6-25-08)

The Independent: The name's Blair, Tony Blair (6-27-08)

Times: Germany's secret riviera (8-10-08)

IGN: Polanski Plans Political Thriller (11-08-07)

MTV: Nicolas Cage And Pierce Brosnan Cast In Roman Polanski’s 'The Ghost' (11-08-07)

Empire: Polanski To Direct The Ghost (11-08-07) 

Variety: Roman Polanski returns with 'Ghost' (11-07-07) 

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