March 1991

Off Screen & Green:

My 7-year-old son, Sean, and I have been talking a lot about pollution lately," says Remington Steele's Pierce Brosnan, the star of Bruce Beresford's new movie, Mister Johnson, and an environmental activist whose involvement in the American Oceans Campaign has helped block oil drilling off the coast of California. "We talk about what causes pollution and what we can do about it. We try to drive the car as little as possible [no mean feat in Los Angeles], and we plant poplar trees together in our backyard." But Brosnan's real awareness of his effect on the environment started about 10 years ago, when his daughter, Charlotte, was only 4. "One day, she just refused to eat meat. She hated the whole idea of animals being killed so that people could eat them," he recalls. After that, the family's sensitivity to animals proved stronger than their eating habits. "Our diet changed," he says simply. These days, the Brosnan family is faced with more than a troubled environment. "My wife is sick with cancer," Brosnan says, "and, as a result, we've all educated ourselves and simplified our lives. Being good and gentle to ourselves means being good gentle to the earth." click for larger image

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