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September 1984

Pierce Brosnan thought he was going to relax and take it easy during his hiatus from Remington Steele, but when you're hot, you're hot-the handsome Irishman has been busier than ever, working on a movie while preparing to move to a new house. 

Immediately after RS wrapped for the season, Pierce and his wife Cassandra winged to Hawaii to make a Mastercard commercial and enjoy some welcome R & R. They'd surprised their children with plane tickets instead of goodbye kisses at the airport, and took off with baby Sean (who's crawling and saying his first words now) and his nanny and a delighted Charlotte and Christopher for a week in the sun. Then it was off to New York for interviews, shopping, and nightly trips to the theater, where they were mobbed by fans. Despite being ill-prepared for the foul weather, Pierce, on his third Big Apple visit, and Cassie, on her first, had a super time.

Pierce was to have starred in a TV remake of The Corsican Brothers, but a schedule conflict with the series nixed that-he was elated when another exciting project came along, a bigscreen psychological thriller called Nomads. Pierce plays a French archaeologist in the movie, filmed in Los Angeles. We'll have details in the next issue of Movie Mirror.

This month, Pierce resumes production on Remington Steele, which will shoot four shows in Europe, in Malta, on the French Riviera, and in London and Ireland-a return to Remington's roots as well as Pierce's. "I'd like to see it go back to the original premise, that the man is not a detective, and that he has a life besides Laura Holt," says Pierce. 'The tease with Remington and Laura is wonderful, it's part of what the audience loves, but there's a side of Remington that's worldly and streetwise.' He feels that the twosome's innocent romance often stretches believability. "There has to be a reason why they're not consummating the relationship," he says, and sees a need for a conflict or obstacle that a third party could provide-like the threat (however temporary) that Cassie posed when she guested as Remington's old flame this season.

With an earlier RS episode and the Mastercard spot, the Brosnans have worked together three times, but the best is yet to come. They've formed Kilkenny Productions and are collaborating with a writer on a hush-hush film project based on Cassie's idea that they hope to have before the camera next year. Though silent on the subject ("it's tempting fate"), they're both thrilled about the response they've received from industry bigwigs.
In the meantime, they're getting set to move to a new house up in the Hollywood Hills. They'd planned to buy the place they were renting, but kept looking anyway and fell in love with a traditional-style house with a pool, jacuzzi, and guest house. 
Reeling slightly from the pace of it all, but still completely down to earth, the Brosnans are enjoying their well-deserved success. Quoting a favorite Randy Newman song, Pierce says with a smile, "My life's good." 

Interview transcription and scans courtesy of Ellen

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