Guardian Magazine: Spring 2006: Pierce Brosnan

Guardian: There's No Stronger Bond
Than that of a companion animal and his guardian

By: Jill Clooney
Spring 2006

Among the demands of his production company, Irish DreamTime, and tremendous professional success as the dashing firth incarnation of James Bond, Pierce Brosnan takes time to make compassion a very real part of his hectic schedule. He has been personally involved presenting at IDA's Guardian awards as well as donating original artwork to benefit IDA campaigns in a recent online auction. He continues to speak out on behalf of issues close to his heart. While it might be tempting to imagine that a certain level of achievement would bring complacency, Mr. Brosnan's activism spans issues impacting the welfare and rights of others. Regarding his contributions, Jane  Goodall, Ph.D,.DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace, says "How wonderful that Pierce Brosnan has used his celebrity to help animals - he is a true hero."

Some of the issues for which he has lent his voice this year include spotlighting the harmful effects of sonar on marine wildlife, appearingin PSAs reuniting homeless animals and guardians post-hurricane- and publicly opposing the Canadian seal slaughter.  On the subject of activism, Mr. Brosnan says, "I would say there are four things an individual can do to make a difference. These things are basically die definition of citizenship. 

First, get informed. Find good sources of information, and question what you read and hear in the news. Second, take a stand. Let others know your views on issues that matter to you. Third, get involved. Write letters, visit elected officials in their offices, and volunteer. Finally, give your support. If you have the means, support people and organizations that make a difference. Every litde bit helps those organizations that are struggling to put their expertise to the best use possible on behalf of all of us."  We hope these words, too, will resonate with an ever growing audience.

Pierce and Jesse (1994)


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