Ireland Filming (6/15-8/08)

Brosnan & Moore filming in Ireland (June-July 03): One

Brosnan and Moore take an ice cream break during the filming in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland (7-16-03): One

Showbiz Ireland / Getty Images: Brosnan wraps filming with a party (8-11-03)

Extra TV: stills from the Laws of Attraction set in Ireland & interview with Pierce Brosnan (8-19-03)

NYC Filming (8/14-22)

Filming in front of the State Supreme Court at 60 Centre Street (Foley Square) in NYC (8-14-03): One/ Two/ Three 

Julianne Moore filming in NYC (8-15-03): One

Brosnan & Moore filming on 7th street in NYC: Grocery shopping (8-19-03): One 

Brosnan & Moore filming in the East Village NYC: Kissing in the rain  (8-19-03): One

Brosnan & Moore filming additional scenes at NYC Court House in sub zero temps in January (1-10-04): One

Film Stills & Photos

Stills from the Laws of Attraction Nov' 03 trailer: One

Stills from the Laws of Attraction Feb' 04 trailer: One/ Two

Publicity Photos: One/  Two/  Three

Posters & Wallpaper: One

Laws of Attraction Poster:  Hi- Res (19 MB)

Laws of Attraction Crew Photo

Press Photos:

Laws of Attraction Press Conference (3-20-04):One/ Two

Laws of Attraction Magazine Photos: One

Laws of Attraction Advertising: One

Laws of Attraction NYC Premiere (4-23-04): One/Two/ Three/ Four

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