Stills from the November 2003 Trailer
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Pierce Brosnan Julianne Moore Getting Married is a great way to fall in love
Julianne Moore as Audrey Oh... Oh... good... God.... Wake up Wake up!!!
Morning... Would you please look at your left hand?  Please... Pierce Brosnan as Daniel Oh... well...
Would you look at that... Oh... you've got one too. Oh... Daniel... did we get married last night?
We're just going to have to file when we get back to NY. OK? It'll be like it never happenned. But it did happen.  Lots of people get drunk without tying the knot.
Audrey and Daniel sparring in court
Nora Dunn as Judge Abromovitz telling them to take it outside Yes your honor. Can I say something?
No, you can't. Why not? We'll be the the laughing stock of the New York Bar Association. And because you will say something contrary just to say something contrary.
This is my marriage too.   Oh you see what I mean? Urghhhhhh....... Arghhhhhhhh.........
Have some alcohol.