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Examiner:  Pierce Brosnan on waxing comedic for rom-com caper ‘The Love Punch' (5-21-14)

Reuters: A Minute With: Emma Thompson on comedy, bathing suits and success (5-20-14)

Entertinment Weekly: Emma Thompson on comic vulgarity and fielding marriage proposals (5-19-14)

Huffpo: 15 Minutes With Pierce Brosnan (5-20-14)

Lillooet News: Brosnan, Thompson get goofy in old-fashioned caper flick 'The Love Punch' (5-19-14)

Examiner: The Love Punch’: Joel Hopkins talks capturing the spirit of classic cinema (5-19-14)

Toronto Star:  Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson (5-16-14)

Radio Times: Punch stars kiss and tell (4-18-14)

Real Style Network: Pierce Brosnan And Emma Thompson Have Fun On The Red Carpet At TIFF (9-13-13)

Toronto Life: TIFF Red Carpet: Emma Thompson makes us love her even more at The Love Punch premiere (9-13-13)

National Post: Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan get into the Grey Goose, right on the red carpet (9-13-13)

Mail Online: Drama queen Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan get goofy at the Toronto for new film Love Punch (9-12-13)

Daily Express: Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson look fab as they cosy up on the red carpet (9-12-13)

Toronto Star: Love Punch is old-fashioned rom-com romp (9-12-13)

The Star: Love Punch star Emma Thompson has advice for young actors during news conference (9-12-13)

Toronto Sun: Emma Thompson, Pierce Brosnan aim for the funny bone in ‘The Love Punch' (9-12-13)

Telegraph: Emma Thompson gives 'snobby' young actors a masterclass in red carpet drama (9-12-13)

Belfast Telegraph: Thompson and Brosnan pack a punch (9-12-13)

The Wrap: 14 Movies That Should Sell At Totonto (9-3-13)

Toronto Star: Big movies up for grabs at TIFF 2013 (8-30-13)

Variety: Toronto International Film Festival Unveils Lineup (7-23-13)

Daily Mail: Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson swap seats on set as they ride around in a red car (6-25-12)

Daily Mail: Emma stuns in bathingsuit... (6-14-12)

Daily Mail: Hat's so funny! Pierce Brosnan has Emma Thompson in fits of giggles as he plays with his headwear while shooting scenes for Love Punch (6-13-12)

Daily Mail: How very masculine: Pierce Brosnan struggles to fit into a small yellow Citroen C-Zero with Emma Thompson (6-11-12)

Daily Mail: Laughter Punch! Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson go for giggly lunch in South of France while on filming break (6-10-12)

Variety: Sales outfit sells world on 'Love' (2-13-12)

Screen Daily: SND strikes for Joel Hopkins' Love Punch (2-09-12)


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