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Courtesy of Kelly Cosmopolitan 1996 Courtesy of Kelly
In Style 1993 1996 Cosmopolitan 1996 1996: Photo courtesy of Vic Courtesy of Kelly
Courtesy of Kelly Pierce designed and self tiled pool Painting on the set of Goldeneye: 1995
Self Portrait for school charity: 2002 Drawing for Charity: Queen of Heats Milennium Drawing 1999-2000 Malibu Art Exhibition May 7-29, 2005 - 'Cuba Libre-Castro' Malibu Art Exhibition May 7-29, 2005 - 'Fiji' Malibu Art Exhibition May 7-29, 2005 - 'Julian'
Malibu Art Exhibition May 7-29, 2005 Malibu Art Exhibition May 7-29, 2005 Malibu Art Exhibition May 7-29, 2005 Malibu Art Exhibition May 7-29, 2005 Bisou Moi - Painted for Keely
Boots Painted For St Judes Auction in 2005 Umbrella For St Judes Auction in 2005 Plate designed for whateverittakes.org  2005 Plate designed for whateverittakes.org  2005 - self portrait

Actors as Artists: Pierce Brosnan
By: Jim McMullan and Dick Gautier (1992)


Actors as Artists- PB in 1992 I never went to art school. I was self taught. I did line and wash drawings for Harrod's department store. I thought art was my destiny until a fellow office mate suggested that I come with him to a theater club. It was 1968, at the height of experimental theater in London—La Mama, the Black Panther movement, musicians, artists.  It was an arts lab. That's where I began to blossom, where I began to develop my sensitivity towards imagery, composition, acting, and music. That's when I decided to become an actor.
I really started getting into painting several years ago because of my wife Cassie's illness. One night I was pretty low in spirit and I just got the canvas out and started painting with my fingers. I tried to put down on the canvas the anger and frustration I felt. I just let it rip and put everything into it. I still have that first painting. It's called First Visit.  I used that painting as a prop in a film I just completed called The Lawnmower Man. First Visit- 1991- Acrylic- 18 x 24
After that first catharsis on canvas, I started to get more control by painting shapes. I have always loved the work of Matisse. I just went with the colors that excited me. I started to educate myself about painting and painters like Matisse and Picasso. I devoured everything I could find on them. My art is in its infancy now and I feel that it's with me for life. Wherever I go I'll always have an easel or a room set aside for painting. I'm educating myself as I go. Do I have a philosophy? No, not yet.
Beirut 1991- Acrylic- 24x 36
In relation to acting, art has given me more patience. It has balanced out the acting and taken the onus off it. Before, everything was for the acting. That was the only talent I had, I felt. Now I realize that I have a talent to make pictures and to create another world. It's so liberating. I'll always have my painting.

I want to see what it feels like to see my work in a book. I don't care whether someone likes my painting or not. But acting, that's something else. You want to be liked, you want to be good. With painting, if you like it, great; if you don't, that's fine.  The privacy of painting, the worlds that you escape to, the things you resolve within yourself—it's so special, so liberating.

Several photos scanned courtesy of Kelly from
Everybody Loves Remington & one from Vic of  Pierce-007

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