Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist
SOTW: Episode #03- Steele Waters Run Deep
by Xenos1981 (Fri Oct 13 2006 06:36:50 ) 
Tonight's the night for Steele Waters Run Deep. Anyone up for that or will I be watching alone?
by jrdedrick (Fri Oct 13 2006 08:20:35 ) 
Can't wait. I wonder why? LOL


by Xenos1981 (Fri Oct 13 2006 12:47:33 ) 

Holy crap, Neeney! It looks like it's only you and me tonight! Where is everybody? HELLO?!?!
by jrdedrick (Fri Oct 13 2006 13:27:59 ) 
Well even if it is only you and me for tonight we'll have fun. I LOVE this episode!!!


by attagrrrl (Fri Oct 13 2006 14:16:36 ) 

I'll watch. Surely we can keep this thing going for more than two eps!
by jrdedrick (Fri Oct 13 2006 14:34:42 ) 

LOL oh yah. I'm counting on the whole series, even if I have to watch it all by myself!

However, I and my chocolate(there goes the diet!) are ready!


by Xenos1981 (Fri Oct 13 2006 15:12:44 )

I'm with you Neeney and attagrrrl...all the way through (gulp) the fifth season!

By the way, I'll be sipping hot chocolate...It's 35 freakin' degrees here!!! Won't be posting till tomorrow, though. The kids are sleeping over at grandma's house, so... 

by jrdedrick (Fri Oct 13 2006 15:43:51 ) 

Wish it were 35 degrees here. I think I'm part Eskimo in that respect. I much prefer the cold! LOL my brother said that up where he is they got their first snow of the year yesterday.

But me and my chocolate are gonna watch all the episodes.


by DCZinger (Fri Oct 13 2006 15:52:25 ) 

Hey Xenos. Picking up the Zingerhubby from Dulles tonight, so will watch early and comment tomorrow.... 

I really like this one, lots of cute moments...but you all will see that we've left the land of "pilot" and are now into the nitty gritty of filming a weekly TV series. 

Pierce and Stephanie are making their first tentative steps with their characters...the writers, Michael are settling in for what they hoped would be a long and successful run. Here too are the "Caron" episodes. Enjoy.


by pianoRose (Fri Oct 13 2006 17:45:52 ) 

Hello! I just finished watching. Have to post more later but wanted to let you know I'm with you! I'm in for the whole thing!

thought this was a cute one.

by Xenos1981 (Sat Oct 14 2006 07:22:57 ) 

OK, I'll start. I really love this episode. (I know, I know...I've said that about all of them so far. But it's true.) I find the tone of it interesting...Much different from Tempered. More like the rest of the series in general. Lighter. Funnier. Although we still see the same love/hate thing going on with Laura, which I totally love! (I maintain that the "hate" thing turns into more of an "exasperation" thing as time progresses, but I like to see a little bit of the "hate" in the earlier shows.)

I love the plot of this episode. And writer Lee Ztloff (or however you spell his name) does a great job of incorporating comedy and romance into it. (Remember, LZ was the one who gave us Red Holt Steele, too!) Loved their first kiss (sigh) and how Remington could fluster Laura with just being honest. I always thought Steph was at her best when she was vulnerable. I love the power struggle between the two...And the fact that he's really trying to sink his teeth into the role of Remington Steele instead of just being a "flashy front-man". 

Loved the relationship between Steele and Manuel. Loved the talk they had. Remington getting advise from the young Latin youth was hysterical...Thought it was a wonderful twist. And how funny was seeing our ever dapper, debonair, sophisticated Mr. Steele doing the hand shake before sending Manuel on his way? 

Izzy creeped me out. LOVED that!!! I always wondered if that was the genius of the writer, director, actor or all three. It always makes me cringe when I see poor Laura almost getting felt up. Just when was she going to stop him?!?!

The actor who plays Emery Arnock (can't remember his name right now) does an outstanding job! Truly excellent. (You can hardly recognize him later in season four as the hard-boiled detective in Steele In The Spotlight.)

Funniest moment: When George's girlfriend catches Remington on the bed and thinks he gay! 

Had a love/hate thing going on with wardrobe this episode. Laura's simple dark sweater and pants looked beautiful on her. Simple and classic. The ruffled shirt and light jacket was hideous. Didn't dig the plaid jacked on Remington, either. 

More to say, but I think I'll see what everyone else thinks first. So for now...


by jrdedrick (Sat Oct 14 2006 08:48:28 ) 

Great as usual Xenos! I love reading everybody's take on the episodes. 

I think you covered stuff pretty well. What do you do? Take notes? LOL As for the first was classic! :D even if it was just a pose!


by picac  (Sat Oct 14 2006 10:46:56 )

Steele in his robe with a freakin ascot! of all things casually eating his late breakfast on his terrace as Laura panics and seethes at the office and finally calls him. I love their interatction on the phone, how she's so upset and he acts like oh well if it will help you out of course I''ll come down as if he didn't know he was already supposed to be there! 

This leads to one of my favorite moments when Steele is trying to convince her of taking the case and Laura has this sqeaking exasperated wail of "I can't function like this" while he's still soft soaping her into doing what he wants. Priceless.

"Why is it always the gorgeous ones?" -- a great line for just a very fun and funny interlude. Steele caught crawling across the bed and the looks they give each other are just hysterical. The bed sequence shows off Pierce's fabulous ability at phsyical comedy.

I love Steele with Manuel and Emory. It shows how he can interact with anyone -- no matter age or background and not only fit in but ingratiate himself. I love the hand bit with Manuel becaue it's so effortless on Steele's part -- he just knows it-- and their talk is just great. Then there's Emory who is completely angry and frustrated and yet Steele leads him on so charmingly until he's caught up in the web. I love that little moment at the end during the reveal where Steele thanks his staff. It's actually the first time I noticed he wasn't just thanking Laura but Emory when he gives him a little pat on the thigh and Emory gives a satisfied smile. I wonder how they talked him out of moving Millie and the kids to LA? And agreed, the actor is wonderful and it's a testement to the actor's talent that he's almost unrecogniable in Spotlight as the hard bitten surly creep of a detective.

Laura so single minded she disturbs a man's toilet and seemingly doesn't recognize anything wrong about that until Emory asks for a towel and she's about to give him one on the glass door which would removed their last visual barrier and then suddenly blanches and gets one from another place. LOL

The kiss on the docks is great -- thier first. Seeing Laura flustered by the kiss always makes me smile (as does Steele's amused and pleased realization that she is flustered) Though having just watched Season 5 it also made me a bit angry because we see her that flustered with someone else and it makes it seem a little less special. :(

The face touching -- completely inappropriate and real in it's uncomfortableness and Laura feeling like she couldn't tell him though she had more than every right too. I've had a similiar situation myself once, and the person touching my face was taking far longer than a couple of others had in the same situation (and I knew them much longer before they asked) But I'd have stopped it by the time he got down to my neck and was leading into my chest. Yikes!

Speaking of Yikes -- the biggets fashion don't goes to a guest star -- Peter Scolari. His outfit as Alby Furbitz (love the way Steele says that the first time when he reads it off the card as if with a speech impediment) where he's conducting a meeting with Steele and Laura and he's wearing this short gold chain around his neck and his shirt is unbuttonned to his navel. What the heck? They should have known he was guilty right then!

The first time we are treated to seeing Steele and Laura lounging on the floor of his apt with champagne! And there's no discomfort from Laura as if it's not the first time it's happenned.

by jrdedrick (Sat Oct 14 2006 11:06:09 ) 

Great as usual Picac!


by DCZinger (Sat Oct 14 2006 12:38:22 ) 

My observations on SWRD...

We have Brosnan’s first “James Bond” moment….using that silly cigarette lighter in the garage… Let’s all have a brandy and some tortillas, shall we? 

Peter Scolari. At that point the only thing I knew of him was from the TV sitcom he did with Tom Hanks, Bosom Buddies. Who remembers THAT show? I had no idea that he was the guilty party until the very end. 

Gruff and Weston…a cute play off of Gulf and Western. Did they own NBC at the time?

October 20 1982…Steele Waters begins a month after Steele’s infamous Dinner with Nadine. Wonder what happened in those four weeks prior.

Loved the way they had Mr. Arnock takes on our role as the “audience” that comes along for the wild ride. And we came along for the ride too. I wonder if thats where the germ of Mildred came from? You know...the detective in training who becomes our delectible duo's sidekick?

Fashion: I like Bernices purple outfit much better than Laura’s grey suit with the maroon piping. Laura’s grey fedora…fantastic. Lots of people wearing grey in this episode. Grey WAS an “In” color in 1982. I remember wearing lots of grey and pink that year. Steele's delightfully silly robe and cravat, as well as his three piece suit. 

Lines/ Actiing: Steele’s consternation that Laura doesn’t believe him when he says he was abducted by Latin youths. He's telling her the truth and she's not buying it. Oh, the pain. 
Brosnan’s delivery when asked if he knew what he was doing’ “Just, barely”. 
Brosnan’s excellent acting with his body on the docks, as he walks angrily, then puts his arm around Laura ( stiffly and at arms length) because they are “posing” as lovers. Zimbalist was right ON when she said that Brosnan was a great “physical” actor who used all of his long lean bod to make a point. I see the street theatre/John Cleese Of course, that morphed into his delightfully sinuous, sleek James Bond and Thomas Crown. I really haven’t seen him use that aspect of his talent in his more recent films. Pity. Note in that scene Steele gallantly takes his jacket off for a chilled Laura, but in San Fransisco for "Steele Trying", he doesn't. Someone should have mentioned that and had Brosnan repeat the gesture for continuity's sake.

More Lines/Delivery: Stephanie's scene that starts off with her trying to be professional and reminding Steele of their roles, which degenerates with her whining “ WHY WHY don’t you DO this?" and her final resigned "We just can't function like this", is wonderful acting. She really captured Laura's professional and sexual frustration with her creation. Dr. Frankenstein losing control of her creation. 

Direction: Nice transition from Anock screaming at Steele over the phone to the security noise at the Ratooie wearhouse. 

That one line: "Toodleloo". I remember falling outta my chair laughing the first time I saw this scene. Believe me NO ONE was writing like this in 1982! It’s still funny. Ah, yes. The “cute” deaths that MG spoke of, which of course, went out of fashion by the time Miami Vice entered the TV lineup. Cute deaths weren’t so funny anymore, and Steele tried to compensate for it in Season Four. Such a shame. Those "cute" deaths were darkly funny. 

Murphy's line: "You don't mean you're really letting him work on a case?" is a prime Murphy moment. Especially so when it seems we're ALSO letting the Steele agency's potential client and a grocery store magnate ALSO work on the case. Thank goodness, because Arnoch's assessment of what Gruff and Weston would do if they found out that Ratooie's company assets were stripped solved the case.

Soo.. did the Steele agency eat the fees associated with this case? Their client was the guilty party! Did Gruff and Weston ever pay the fees? The Steele agency did save them 5 million bucks. Or did Henry Arnoch give them that lucrative contract which put them in the black big time? 

“Conquistala!” “Con mucho gusto” I remember seeing the Manuel kid on an old kiddie show set in the future. Did Steele REALLY go onto Manuel's turf with the limo? 

Abigail is right…Laura doesn’t really look good with her hair UP like schoolmarm. Liked it much beter down and swingy or half up, half down. 

Note that both Steele AND Laura had their top shirt buttons undone and were ON THE FLOOR enjoying their champagne when Arnock interrupts them. Were they doing a little more “posing?” I wonder. 


by Xenos1981 (Sat Oct 14 2006 14:41:46 ) 
Awesome analysis, Picac and Zinger! It's such a joy to read other people's comments who are as obsessed as I am! You pretty much covered everything else I was going to post. One thing that boggles my mind though about a few RS episodes...Is it me, or did they get away with a lot more ethnic stereotypical stuff back then than they could get away with today? The gang of Latin youths, the tortilla comment...Hmmmm. I cringed, thinking it was so not PC nowadays. 

Note that both Steele AND Laura had their top shirt buttons undone and were ON THE FLOOR enjoying their champagne when Arnock interrupts them. Were they doing a little more “posing?” I wonder.
I think that's begging for a "just what exactly happened before the champagne" fanfic. Hint-hint. 

Neeney, still waiting on your comments!

by picac  (Sat Oct 14 2006 15:07:49 ) 

The things is, and why it works for me, is that they used rather comical characterizations for every group imaginable-- from Latins, to the Japanese, to the Irish, the English (I mean Steele Searching -- could those characters -- charwoman, duke, miners -- be any broader and more out of Dickens gallery of grotesques?), Russians, farmers, small town people, suburban housewives, survivalists, the rich, politicians, circus folk, writers, butlers, maids, hookers, conventioners and on and on. And within all that they also managed to create a lot of sympathetic and/or interesting multi dimensional characters who existed way beyond any stereotype.

Moreover they also often twisted stereotypes on their heads. They really weren't a "gang" but a group of guys doing their boss a favor, one of whom rather cooly sat there and gave Steele relationship advice. Or the Japanese gardner is really an industrial spy, or the Mexican American guy stealing the car is really in the repo business, or that stuffy proper British Dowager is really an evil old bat ordering people to bash in heads like they were rabbits. The uptight greedy banker wasn't evil but the supposedly underdog salt of the earth farmer was an arsonist and murderer. The old man isn't senile or a slow old duffer -- he's a mastermind engineering a complex plan of revenge against a murderer. Etc.

Frankly I thought Steele was pretty polite considering he was kidnapped (which voids all PC considerations in my book) and a bit roughed up, that and he also offered them brandy. :D

by jrdedrick (Sat Oct 14 2006 15:22:13 ) 

Ok, maybe I know next to nothing about romance, but is the floor the best place to be drinking? I mean they spent a LOT of time on that floor, when there was a nice couch they could have made use of. Guess it was easier to film on the floor. 

Great analysis guys! I'm really gonna sit there with a pen and paper next time just to put in my two cents worth!


by picac  (Sat Oct 14 2006 16:52:30 ) 

Brosnan’s excellent acting with his body on the docks, as he walks angrily, then puts his arm around Laura (stiffly and at arms length) because they are “posing” as lovers. Zimbalist was right ON when she said that Brosnan was a great “physical” actor who used all of his long lean bod to make a point. I see the street theatre/John Cleese Of course, that morphed into his delightfully sinuous, sleek James Bond and Thomas Crown. I really haven’t seen him use that aspect of his talent in his more recent films. Pity. 
John McTeirnan on his director's commentary speaks about this during the scene where Pierce as Crown walks into his building (creating on the spot a different walk for Crown than he uses as Bond). He said that Pierce uses his body very much like a dancer, that he understands movement better than any actor he knew. But then in addition any any natural gifts and talents he had Pierce was taught at the Drama Centre by probably the most reknowned movement teacher Yat Malmgren.

From Wikipedia: Malmgren was a key figure at the Drama Centre, London; his teaching approach drew from the applied psychology of movement developed by Rudolf Laban, with whom he collaborated. Malmgren's method of character development is concerned with a technique for expressing the inner state of a character through movement. 

As for recently, I think he used his body wonderfully as an essential part of his characteriation as Julian Noble in The Matador, from the walk (rather cocky and ambling, far less refined and at times wobbly from inebriation) to his entire body posture. There's one scene of him sitting on the bed with that ridiculous hat on his birthday and the way his shoulders slump and he hangs his head slightly that says more than a thousand lines of dialogue. Then there's the scene of him dancing with Bean, before and after where he does so many wonderful things phsyically that listing them would make this post even longer and more off topic. :D

Oh and yes Steele most definitely should have put his coat on Laura on the boat in Trying. She looked like she was freezing. She would have had to be wearing it when the scene started though because there wasn't time enough to put it on her with that short scene and it would have messed with the pace of the punchline "You were the professional in the relationship" ;) 

by DCZinger (Sat Oct 14 2006 18:02:28 ) 

Good points as always, Ace. What I mean is that Pierce hasn't done anything with the physical comedy that is so obviously funny as Steele. Of course, his work now is much more nuanced, mature, and always a beautiful sight to behold. 

Julian Noble was definitely one of Pierce's best roles. I was thrilled that he was nominated for a Golden Globe for it, and disappointed when he didn't win, or when he didn't get at least an Oscar nod. Oh,well. Perhaps with Butterfly on a Wheel? I'm looking forward to seeing Pierce do sociopathic nutcase. 

I agree that in the boat scene in Steele Trying, having it START with Laura already wearing Steele's coat could have been fine. 


by Xenos1981 (Sun Oct 15 2006 10:09:03 ) 

Gotta chuckle, Zinger and Picac...That boat scene in Steele Trying ALWAYS bugged me. I thought I was the only one who thought it was out of character for Remington to still have his coat on while Laura shivered! Good to know there are others as obsessed as I am. 

Ace, you're right about the stereotypes. I guess the tortilla thing just struck me as being a "no-no" just as Mildred's comment did about having the Latino cab driver's green card revoked in another episode. But you're right about them also breaking the typical stereotypes, too. Good point. 

I also agree with you Zinger that Pierce should do more physical comedy. He's truly brilliant. (My favorite physical comedy RS episode is probably "Second Base Steele". Not a good episode in terms of romance, but Pierce's physicality and body language makes it so wonderful to watch. I laugh my butt off every time I see it!) I SO want him to re-make Cary Grant's "To Catch A Thief". How perfect would he be in that role?!?! Pierce, are you listening?!

Also, a minor point to bring up here...I think Steele Waters was the first -- and only -- time they used a hand-held camera in RS. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, please. It was very subtle -- nothing like the overdone crap they did in NYPD Blue, which admittedly was ground-breaking, but never-the-less over-kill and anoying as hell -- but they did it. 


by Xenos1981 (Sun Oct 15 2006 10:21:18 ) 
Oh, yeah. Regarding Neeney's comment... 

Ok, maybe I know next to nothing about romance, but is the floor the best place to be drinking? I mean they spent a LOT of time on that floor, when there was a nice couch they could have made use of. Guess it was easier to film on the floor.
Let me just say this. The floor is a great place to start...especially when you're in front of a fire. VERY romantic. However, when things start to heat up, it's a good idea to move to the couch, bed or chair...or at least throw a big fluffy comforter down first. Rug burns are a b@%*h! 
by jrdedrick (Sun Oct 15 2006 11:17:07 ) 

How could you tell they used a hand held camera? I don't notice things like that.

As for the floor thing, thanks for clarifying! LOL


by lissa_erin14 (Sun Oct 15 2006 17:12:46 ) 

I love this episode. You guys have covered everything. Excellent points, never noticed the hand held camera, and the floor...all i can say is naughty, naughty.
by Xenos1981 (Sun Oct 15 2006 17:21:09 ) 

The hand held camera was very subtle and was used when Laura was going to meet Izzy. She was walking through the video games and the noise kept getting louder and louder and she was panicking. The weird thing is, not all the angles were shot in that sequence with hand held cameras, only some. But again, for the 80s, I bet is was "cutting edge".
by lissa_erin14 (Sun Oct 15 2006 17:24:17 )

oh yeah, i know what ur talkin about
by dtalley (Sun Oct 15 2006 18:00:04 ) 
I think they might have used a hand held camera in "Die" I when Tonytherat met with the leader of the Malvadoes in the jungle and in "Hanging" 2 in L and R's railroad car compartment when they sheltered Tonytherat from the bobbies.


by Xenos1981 (Sun Oct 15 2006 18:23:47 ) 
Thanks, Debra! I'll have to check that out.
by jrdedrick(Sun Oct 15 2006 21:24:03 ) 

Guess I'm gonna have to watch more closely next time. I've never noticed anything like that but then I don't know anything about the cutting of shows so I wouldn't know for sure.


by attagrrrl (Mon Oct 16 2006 15:22:58 ) 
I'm a jenny-come-lately this week. Everyone's already pointed out most of the significant features of the episode, but I'll go ahead and second or third a few points and add a few of my own.

I really like this episode. The Laura-Steele bickering is classic RS. I love that at first Steele thinks the thugs who capture him were sent by Laura!

I love how the case mirrors Laura's situation, with the creation of a fictional person for business purposes. Boy, did they screw up when they chose the Remington Steele agency!

I love the transformation of Bow Tie, aka Emory, from a grouchy grocery guy to wannabe sleuth. (And I had no idea he appeared again later in a different role!) The fact that Steele can win him over shows so much about his character. Even though he's faced with an angry old man who obviously doesn't like him, he just goes along in his careless way as though they're best buds. It's the essence of charm.

As always, I love the fact that Steele doesn't carry a gun. The lighter thing is hilarious.

I love the truth/lies theme that runs throughout the episode. Steele is so amazingly adept at spinning lies. Every time Laura is trying to explain something that looks bad, he jumps in with an excellent lie, leading her to conclude "you're not big on the truth" and to be stunned when he seems to be speaking honestly.

I found the kiss to be a bit anti-climactic. I guess it's appropriate for their first kiss to be an act, but I guess I would have liked it to be a bit more meaningful. One thing I thought of this time was how Steele says he's with "a beautiful woman." As someone on this board pointed out a while back, there's a similar line in Season 4, except he says "here with you." At this point Laura is still essentially just A beautiful woman, not THE ONE.

I love how Steele practices his apology for Manuel, but overall I'm not a fan of all the ethnic stereotypes. They give the show a very dated feel and make me go ugh. That kind of "humor" is just not funny to me.

Re fashion: I think we are supposed to know Peter Scolari is evil because of his outfit. What a sleaze! However, I have to disagree with most people's assessment of Laura's outfits in this episode. As far as I can recall, I really liked them all, including the ruffle shirt, and especially her hair up. I find that old-fashioned (but not specifically 80s) look to be very fetching, especially the soft upsweeps. 

About them being on the floor, sitting on the floor is just sexier than sitting on the sofa. I'm not sure why. 

Finally, did anyone else notice that this is a relatively Fred-heavy episode? First he gets to do the eye roll, and then he gets to make the boating joke. Go Fred! I also like how at this point Fred is skeptical of Mr. Steele and is reluctant to follow his orders.

by lissa_erin14 (Mon Oct 16 2006 15:37:50 ) 
I love when they give Fred special moments. Sometimes I think we didnt get to see enough of him. I love when Steele says, "please" with that hopeful look on his face. Priceless Steele moment.
by picac  (Mon Oct 16 2006 16:21:20 ) 
About them being on the floor, sitting on the floor is just sexier than sitting on the sofa. I'm not sure why. 

Just as sititing on a couch together is more intimate than sitting at a table, sitting on a floor trumps the couch. That and they often don't just sit on the floor, they stretch out, sprawl and lay down -- which is infinitely sexier and more intimate. Now a couple could sprawl together on a couch but room is limited and I'm not sure Laura would sprawl in those positions much to Steele's chagrin. ;-)

by dtalley (Mon Oct 16 2006 16:54:08 ) 
>I guess it's appropriate for their first kiss to be an act, but I guess I would have liked it to be a bit more meaningful.

They may have started out posing as lovers on the dock, but that kiss was no pose. It was a real kiss. I think that once Remington took off his jacket and put it around Laura's shoulders, neither of them was posing any longer.


by lissa_erin14 (Mon Oct 16 2006 17:39:49 ) 

Good point. The look on both their faces are priceless when Arnock interrupts them!
by jrdedrick (Tue Oct 17 2006 08:24:35 ) 

And Laura's stammering reply was the best! .

Since I'm the one who brought up the floor thing, thanks for all the clarification! LOL Since my brain does NOT seem to be working on anything logical these days it just didn't process the floor thing. Now, however, its working on OVERDRIVE! So, thanks for the images! 


by Xenos1981 (Tue Oct 17 2006 10:11:40 ) 

Well, there you go, Neeners! Grab your guy and do some experimenting! (Just remember to put down a fluffy comforter first!) 
by lissa_erin14 (Tue Oct 17 2006 10:55:54 ) 
by jrdedrick(Tue Oct 17 2006 11:07:34 ) 
ROFL!!! Can't exactly do that since I don't have a guy but I can dream! And if I ever do get a guy I can keep it all in mind! 


by jrdedrick (Wed Oct 18 2006 21:58:34 )
Thanks again for the remarkably BAD thoughts roaming through my head! LOL


by MickeyBoggs (Thu Oct 19 2006 10:00:03 ) 

<<That boat scene in Steele Trying ALWAYS bugged me. I thought I was the only one who thought it was out of character for Remington to still have his coat on while Laura shivered! Good to know there are others as obsessed as I am.>>

It always bugged me too - until I looked at the script. There were a few seconds of that scene that didn't make it into the final cut. After the "you're the professional in the group" line, they look out at Alcatraz and:

R: I can see why you love this city, Laura.
L: The company has a lot to do with it, Mr. Steele

and the camera shoots from behind them as the ferry heads towards Sausalito. She snuggles closer to him. He puts his arm around her. ISN'T IT ROMANTIC? plays softly under.

(And note to FOX - that's TONY BENNETT singing the song, and the Bennett songs are SPECIFICALLY mentioned in the script - for a reason! but that's another thread.)

by picac  (Thu Oct 19 2006 10:38:18 ) 
Ah thanks. Now that makes much more sense and I think those last exchanged words and the visual of the city and his arm around her combined with "Isn't It Romantic" should have been kept it. 

The worse part of losing the Bennet songs isn't the loss of such beautiful music but that the music and the kyrics are tied into the storytelling in away that wasn't done on Steele in any other episode. And when that specific music is changed then part of the story telling is changed as well. It's just as bad as editing out entire scenes, maybe worse because it occurs though the entire episode. Bah.

by jrdedrick (Thu Oct 19 2006 10:38:39 ) 
Why do they always cut the GOOD stuff! I would have loved that!


by Xenos1981 (Thu Oct 19 2006 12:09:50 ) 
I would have LOVED to see that scene! Dang! 

Hey, Mick! Glad you're here, girlfriend! And just so you know, we're all pissed at FOX  and now refer to them as "WOLF". Heh-heh-heh!


by MickeyBoggs (Thu Oct 19 2006 12:17:57 ) 
They cut another little snippet too, between the point that R & L are dancing and Laura spots Rita Del Rio and the time that they actually talk to her. But I'll save that for the TRYING discussion! 
by JuleanJS (Thu Oct 19 2006 12:32:29 ) 

What do you mean you'll "save that for the TRYING discussion?" You're not seriously going to tease us until we reach that episode in our weekly watchings?! Not sure I can stand the suspense! Seriously, I'll wait if I have to, but I won't be happy about it. Thst othr bit was a gem! I love it when she's nice to him. Thanks, Mickey.

And I agree, picac. The best part of that episode was not hearing Tony Bennet's voice (though it's fantastic, don't get me wrong), it was the way each piece of each song fit the scene perfectly. My husband finally took me to San Fransisco last year (I'd wanted to go ever since I saw this episode as a child). When we rode the cable cars, I couldn't get the line "The morning fog may chill the air, I don't care, my love waits there" out of my head. If I'd known the rest of the Alcatraz scene, I probably would have had "Isn't it romantic?" stuck in my head when we rode that ferry too. 

by Xenos1981 (Thu Oct 19 2006 12:40:38 ) 
Yeah, come on, Mickey! Don't keep us hangin'!!!

Julean...Dang, you've got a wonderful hubby! Bet it was one heck of a romantic trip! LUCKY YOU! 


by DCZinger (Thu Oct 19 2006 14:00:24 ) 
You can't tease us that way Mickey and then disappear!


by DCZinger (Thu Oct 19 2006 14:00:24 ) 
The butchering of "Steele Trying" by removing a KEY ELEMENT in the story telling--Tony's music--is more proof that the "Wolf" network didn't know what the hell they were doing with this project. Worse yet, they still keep Tony's name in the credits for the show...which seems like he was the one singing those stupid songs that weren't fitting with the story! If you are gonna cut Tony out, then cut Tony ALL the way out, idiots,...or shaddup and pony up the cash to PAY the MAN for his music. I hope Tony sues the "Wolf" Network's pants right off! 

The only RIGHT things the Wolf Network did was putting the DVD's out such as they were and having Corinna and her company work on the commentaries. 


by Xenos1981 (Thu Oct 19 2006 18:52:26 ) 
Zinger...Totally agree with your "Steele Trying" butchering post! You tell 'em, girlfriend!

Mick! HELLO?!?! We're Steele waiting for you to post and stop teasing us!!!

REMINDER: "Signed, Steeled and Delivered" is tomorrow night's feature! Get out your notebooks (this means you, Neeners!) and start posting!

by jrdedrick (Thu Oct 19 2006 20:55:01 ) 
I plan on having pen and paper in hand to do my assignment. We'll see what happens!


by MickeyBoggs (Fri Oct 20 2006 08:28:13 ) 
Hee hee! Nope. Gonna keep my mouth shut until we get to TRYING. I know that'll be quite some time from now, so I'll tease you by saying I have a copy of STEELE SWEET that has some dramatically different scenes from what we ended up with. The story is basically the same, but the way it's played out is different. And at that point in time, Frances and Donald were Pfeiffers, not Pipers. But hey, that's S2, so it's not so far off!

I may not get to SIGNED, STEELED tonight, but should get to it this weekend....

by Xenos1981 (Fri Oct 20 2006 08:41:08 ) 
You really want to kill me, Mickey, don't you?! What's your price? Name it. I'll see what I can do.


by jrdedrick (Fri Oct 20 2006 08:44:16 ) 
She wants us sufficiently insane......LOL Way to go Mickey! Oh sorry for not welcoming you here the other day! Don't know why but I thought you'd BEEN here all ready! Shows how much I know.


by dtalley (Fri Oct 20 2006 09:07:12 ) 
Yeah, the "Steele Sweet..." script was quite different from the filmed version in a lot of ways. I've never found a script of the actual filmed episode.


by dtalley (Fri Oct 20 2006 09:14:14 ) 
Don't get too tortured waiting for Mickey to come clean about the "Trying" script. It's only a couple of lines - it's not an entire scene.


by MickeyBoggs (Fri Oct 20 2006 09:47:12 )

Debra's right. It's not even all that enlightening. But teasing you all is sooo fun. (And the script is available from if ya just can't stand it!)
by Xenos1981 (Fri Oct 20 2006 10:34:25 ) 

You are truly evil, Mick! Truly! 
by jrdedrick (Fri Oct 20 2006 11:39:19 ) 
LOL way to get us going!


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