Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist
SOTW: Episode #05 - Thou Shalt Not Steele
by Xenos1981  (Thu Oct 26 2006 14:30:53 ) 

Just a reminder, ladies and gents...Thou Shalt Not Steele is our episode this Friday! (Great episode...My first RS experience *sigh*.) As always, post away...
by DCZinger  (Thu Oct 26 2006 14:38:22 ) 

Ah yes...In this one we meet Felecia ( and Cassie) and Laura's mother. 

This is one of my TOP TEN Remington Steele episodes. Introducing someone to this show, then THIS should be one of your selections. 

May I suggest we keep ALL discussions of this episode ( for example favorite scenes, favorite lines, favorite outfits and such ) confined to THIS THREAD ONLY so we don't repeat ourselves. 


by jrdedrick(Thu Oct 26 2006 15:14:09 ) 

Great one to be introduced with Xenos! LOL I don't remember which one I saw first. But I will definitely be watching and taking notes.


by pianoRose (Thu Oct 26 2006 18:15:29 ) 

Not sure if I've seen this one or not. ( I had seen bits of last week's but never all the way through before.) since you all are excited about this one I have high hopes. Didn't much care for last week's.
by Xenos1981 (Thu Oct 26 2006 19:38:53 )

Well then, pianoRose, you're in for a real treat! AWESOME episode!


by picac  (Thu Oct 26 2006 20:01:00 ) 

I have to chime in here as well. It's a top 10 episode and the one I'd recommend to get someone hooked on the show. If they don't like this one they won't like the show.
by remingtonsteele-2 (Thu Oct 26 2006 20:36:26 ) 

I thought this one was wonderful and especially the part where Laura's in the living room trying to explain to Murphy why her mother is cleaning the bathroom! The expressions on Stephanie's face are priceless.
by DCZinger (Fri Oct 27 2006 08:03:22 ) 

I think I'm gonna end up writing a BOOK on this one. Just too many awesome moments!


by Xenos1981 (Fri Oct 27 2006 08:51:42 ) 

Oh, Robert! You just HAD to bring up Laura's mother cleaning her bathroom, didn't you?!?! I'm having a flashback! Not good! I need to find my happy place now. Thanks a lot!!! 
by pianoRose (Fri Oct 27 2006 09:09:09 ) 

I just couldn't wait until this afternoon so i snuck (is that a word) a viewing of Thou Shall Not Steele. I had not seen this one!! Yippee! I loved it! can't post more now--have to go make up for goofing off for an hour!! hehehe

I think I'll watch this again today as part of my 3 hour fest!

by jrdedrick(Fri Oct 27 2006 09:19:20 ) 

Snuck is a great word Piano! And I look forward to hearing what you thought about this ep!


by lissa_erin14 (Fri Oct 27 2006 13:28:55 ) 

Hey y'all! This is a sode I never grow tired of. Beverly Garland is hilarious! The reaction of Mother and Daughter is priceless! 

Mother my line isnt out there to hook and sink a big one.

by pianoRose (Fri Oct 27 2006 15:38:18 ) 

Loved this one! Yes I would show this one along with LTS to a newbie.

Liked the music in this one.

Before I forget--fav quotes: "Didn't realize the woman was such a jolt to your equilibruim"
"You know how I hate a mess"
"You made your mother clean your bathroom?"

I enjoyed the whole trust issue that's played in this eppy. I also liked the use of a former lover to establish Steele has changed.

I loved the scene when Laura returns home so excited she got away from the kidnappers! 

The exchange between Laura and her mom in the car was terrific. I also liked when her mom was telling Steele that she tells people Laura is a hygienist.

Noticed that Donald is referred to as a shoe saleman. Did her mom say to Steele that Laura was her middle child? 

I'll add more later--

did I say i loved this one? 

by picac  (Fri Oct 27 2006 16:34:24 ) 

From Nancy's great transcripts -- a couple of my all time favorite Steele exchanges.

"Is she here on business or did you have something wicked in mind?" Felicia asks him.

Laura pauses, "Shame I didn't know about it sooner. Sounds like fun, but I have my mother downstairs."

"Ooh, that's too kinky for my blood," responds Felicia, to which Steele flinches.


To our first time, eh?"

She quickly swallows from the thermos, "To our only time. I don't intend to make this a frequent aspect of our work." She hands the thermos back to him.

"Pity, really. There are so few forms of true intimacy left."

"This isn't a *date*, you know."

He pauses, "Certainly beats a night in the laundry hamper."


"Eventually. But most museum guards hesitate to report an army of little green monsters marching at them. Looks bad on their record."

Laura is impressed, "You know, you're *very* good at this."

"I think you just made my evening. And here was I beginning to think you didn't like me."

"I do. Some."

"But not all?" Steele looks at his watch.

"Only the parts I know."

"And the parts you don't?" 

Laura looks at him, "They frighten me a little."

"Fear can be a most intoxicating brew."

"Promise me something."


"Never tell my mother about this."


"Hello again, my lovelies. Do try and be gentle with me this time." 

"Cover up ladies, you're liable to catch a chill." 


The problem with talking about the highlights of this episode is that it's one long highlight reel from Laura's fear of her mother showing up, Steele making nice and inviting her to dinner, Abigail scrubbing Laura's tub, Laura showing up with Steele and Felicia both in robes, Steele lighting dead Achmed's cigarette, Felicia kissing Steele and finding he feels different- "smitten", Steele's brilliant take on "How To Steal A Million" which shows what a well prepared exceptional thief he is and the joy he gets from it (a great contrast to some of his bumbling as a new detetcive), Abigail saying she knows what happens in women's prison, the entire asthma inhaler recurring theme, Steele hanging by his feet and then his arms as Felicia leans in to Steele and gentlely rocks him back and forth as she recalls the wonders of his Tibetan massage, strawberries on the Riviera and wild drives on the Autobahn. Felicia telling Laura she thinks it great how she does things with her mother because she could never stand it, both agreeing that Laura isn't Steele's type and then asking Laura to tell her if Michael slips about his real name one night.

Yes, Abigail does mention that Laura is the middle child. This is never bought up again. After this it's just two kids with Laura being the youngest and the discrepency is never alluded to.

Steele does say to Laura in Steele Sweet that she told him Donald was into sporting goods, and Laura says no he's a Dentist who owns interest in sporting goods. So at least that they try to explain away later. 

Steele's getting ready to go out and impress the Mom sweater-- yucky! Though the getting dressed scene is one of my favorites as Felicia tries to undress Michael as he tries to get dressed and he matter of factly taps her hands away (this always looks so natural and married to me -- I love the entire interplay between Pierce and Cassie in this episode). His robe -- sexy as hell -- both the one he's wearing and the one Felicia swiped. Having a vest and tie on as he swings from the rafters is also a nice fashion touch. I like Laura's sweater coat though it's not nearly as nice as the white coat she had in LTS. The piece de resistance -- very cool black break in clothes which become a staple of RS, thankfully.

by DCZinger (Fri Oct 27 2006 17:50:07 ) 

I totally agree with Picac that this is one whole "highlight real". Clearly one of the best of Season One. 

First of All, Steele is wearing a YELLOW tie in the opening scene! Apparently he does wear them! 

"Still have to wear your hair up". That ONE line is Laura and Abigail's relationship boiled down to the brass tacks. THIS was the moment I realized that Laura was my "bud". 

Laura getting away from Gutman's men and her glee at "I got away! I was brilliant! also showcases Laura's need for "adventure and excitement". I know, Laura Holt could never be a Jedi Knight. THIS is why she's a does what she does, so she can outwit the bad guys and be brilliant! This adventerous streak is why she's brave enough to invent Remington Steele as her fake boss, do business for over a year without him actually being there, and why the man who came to fill his shoes excites her while terrifying her, yet she keeps him around. 

HERE is the first talking over each other screamfest that Laura and Remington have. Glen Gordon Caron's trademark. I sorely missed these little screamfests in Seasons Two-Five. Unfortunately, they couldn't do these after Caron left because then they would be copying Moonlighting. Sorry, Steele did it FIRST and Better!

Just after this Achmed shows up dying on Laura's doorstep (BTW, how did he know where Laura lives?, and that Steele would be there?) Laura's little screetch followed by "Oh this isn't happening!" as she realizes that theres a dead man in her foyer while her mother is in the bedroom. 

The entire scene with Abigail and Steele alone is two professional actors nailing a funny scene. What beautiful timing Beverly and Pierce have. 
Would you believe that Michael forgot that Abigail says "My middle one" when referring to Laura. I can't believe that NOBODY on the show remembered that Laura had a younger sibling or that her grandmother was still alive. Abigail is telling Grandma that Laura is a dental hygenist with great prospects. What a wealth of story lines THAT would have produced! 

Did anyone notice the TEARS in Laura's eyes as she and Steele have that discussion in Steele's office that ends with him asking her to steal the painting with him? She asks him for reassuring words, and he replys "How about stealing the painting with me?". Her "That's NOT what I had in mind". And THUS the tone of the next three years is set...She wants to hear the words, and he's giving her something else entirely. 

I think that Abigail leaves for home content in the fact that NOW she knows what her daughter does, and that her daughter is working for a great "catch". 

Back to watching this excellent episode, and more comments to follow. 


by picac  (Fri Oct 27 2006 18:06:03 ) 

Ah but Lee Zlotoff wrote this episode not Caron. The simultaneous talking is also right out of the Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell in Ben Hecht's His Girl Friday playbook so it's fair game for all. :D

As for the huge continuity glicthes -- there's no getting around the missing sibling (let's call him Chuck) but I'll give them a pass and assume Laura had two grandmothers once, and just one was still living. ;-)

This episode also shows that from the start Steele was interested in Laura's family. I also thnk he's interested in just the concept of a parent/child relationship because he's never had one and can't understand why Laura doesn't want to see her Mother. I recently watchedSuburban Steele and when Laura says he's changed and since when did he care about her family well pfffttttt --- her statement holds no water.

by jrdedrick (Fri Oct 27 2006 19:02:36 ) 

Before I watched the ep I watched the Season one documentary thing. I've seen it before but I didn't want to get into watching the ep TOO early in the day or I'd have to watch it again. LOL (Not that that would be a BAD thing). Anyhow, what I was getting at is Glen Gordon Caron so did NOT look like what I thought he did and I must have seen that documentary like ten times all ready! How did I miss him the other nine?

Neeney (who did watch and take notes but will post them later)

by DCZinger (Fri Oct 27 2006 19:55:44 ) 

Yes, I know Lee Zlotoff wrote this, but Caron was Story Editor wasn't he? The first 10 or shows that Caron worked on definitely bear his influence....the talking over each other arguments, no matter the inspiration, are a sign for me that we are watching an episode that he worked on. 

If arguing in that manner is fair game for all, then why did we NOT use this in Seasons 2-5? Why did we end up seeing it on Moonlighting, when it should have stayed on THIS show? Michael, can I talk to you? 

True, Laura's Season Four statement holds no water...I think she was fishing for a declaration that her family is indeed important to him. 


by attagrrrl (Fri Oct 27 2006 20:19:58 ) 

I haven't had time to post here all week, but when I got home tonight I couldn't wait to put in the episode. As everyone has said, this episode is a delight from start to finish. 

The exploration of Laura's adventurous streak, as has been mentioned, is a highlight. This is really what she's all about for me. 

I love that Steele pops her cherry with the burglary--their "first time"--and that it's used as a metaphor for sex throughout the episode. The whole episode is a little on the racy side, with references to threesomes and presumably lesbian prison inmates.

His Girl Friday is one of my favorite movies of all time, so the Grant/Russell-esque bickering is right up my alley. Loved it.

The interaction between Laura and Felicia is so adorable. The "Me neither" line is priceless. Felicia/Cassandra Harris is so much more likeable in this episode than in later ones.

So many great lines and moments. All the interaction in the museum, which has already been quoted. The "touch" of cognac. The "I like you. Some. . . The parts I know" talk. Another of my favorites that hasn't been mentioned: "How is the reunion?" "Peachy. Do you have any aspirin?" And "There's nothing wrong with my [equilibrium]"... as she runs into Kalil. 

There's a lot of poignancy in Steele's desire to get to know Laura's mother and his inability to understand how she can't get along with the woman who gave her life. We get a sense of his insecurities as an orphan.

Also poignant is Laura's defense of Mr. Steele. The emotion in her voice as she's insisting that there must be an explanation for his disappearance. She wants to believe in him so much, and this episode sets the precedent that she always has faith in him even when things look really bad. (except for some annoying exceptions, which I don't count)

Random points: I like the inept security guard who listens to really loud classical music. It seems like that guy has played a minor character in every show.

When Laura jumps in the truck and drives through the wall to escape, why doesn't she drive away instead of getting out of the truck and running away on foot? 

Why isn't Mr. Steele dressed when Laura arrives to pick him up? It doesn't seem like him to keep her and her mother waiting.

In sum, what a great episode. This is definitely one of my favorites. 

by everglade68 (Fri Oct 27 2006 20:57:16 ) 

Just finished watching this episode and reading all your excellent comments.
This is why I loved Season One, the episodes were so full of promise and I couldn't wait to see the clips of the next week's episode.

This is a wonderful episode, starting with his yellow tie (who wears yellow ties and gets away with it anyway}, the locket that he wears in several of the episodes throughout the show, the way he says "bloody curse on it". By the way, what does bloody actually means? And all those great lines like "sounds like a family trait" to Laura's mother when she explains how she makes up stuff about Laura to tell the grandmother.

And Laura, of course, my favorite character. What a joy to watch the expressions on her face, her body language, her zeal for adventure and her awareness that Remington means more to her than she wants to admit. It is Stephanie at her best.

This is my first post regarding an episode. You are all so good, I hope mine was okay.

by picac  (Fri Oct 27 2006 21:41:26 ) 

You did great. :)

From the English to American Dictionary. ;)

bloody: Damn, another tricky word to define. Bloody is another great British multi-purpose swear word. Most well known as part of the phrase "Bloody hell!" which could best be described as an exclamation of surprise, shock or anger. Bloody can also be used in the middle of sentences for emphasis in a similar way to the ubiquitious f--- word ("And then he had the cheek to call me a bloody liar!") or even with particular audacity in the middle of words ("Who does she think she is, Cinde-bloody-rella?"). I am reliably informed by a contributor that bloody is in fact nothing to do with blood and actually a contraction of the phrase "by Our Lady". Sometimes I wonder whether it's worth putting in all these useful linguistic derivations when in actual fact you only got here because you were wondering what a poof was.

I think Steele wears that necklace thoughout the series, or if he stopped wearing it I can't remember when. It belongs to Pierce as does the Russian wedding ring Steele wears on the pinky of his right hand. As found on Remington Zeal.

"The medallion is mine and it belonged to my grandmother. It was the back of her watch and has the initials 'KOR', which stand for Kathleen O'Reilly and has the date 1923. The watch was given to her by my grandfather. She didn't like it and she had it made into a bracelet. It was given to me and it's the only thing that I have of hers." -- Pierce Brosnan
by everglade68 (Sat Oct 28 2006 05:58:58 ) 

Thanks Picac for that great defition of "bloody" and for the information regarding the locket. I have only noticed the locket recently, guess I was just too busy looking at his chest.
by DCZinger (Sat Oct 28 2006 08:00:46 ) 

Isabel...keep those comments coming! 

You are soooo right about Season One and all the promise it had. Some promises were kept, and some we kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting for...and we're still waiting almost 25 years later. 

This is one of my favorite shows for great Laura bits. There are soooo many of them! Yes, this IS Stephanie at her best. 

The line Steele gives Abigail is "sounds like a family TRAIT" when talking about inventing a different Laura to tell her grandmother. 

Loved the shot of Laura leaving Remington's apartment after seeing him there with Katharine Simone...She leans against the wall and you KNOW she's devastated by what she thinks she's seen. Then she angrily punches the wall. 

I have to agree with Picac that this is also my favorite episode with Cassie in it. I Love how SHE thinks that it was her MICHAEL that invented Remington Steele and NOT Laura. I wonder if she EVER figures it out that Remington Steele is LAURA's creation. Also telling is that Steele deliberately acts like Felicia is crazy for thinking that he's been "smitten". Why is that I wonder. Is he not ready to admit it to himself? Or is he protecting Laura from Felicia's wrath?


by brenda_grace2u (Sat Oct 28 2006 08:04:43 ) 

Wow, you guys are amazing!! I feel like I am in over my head here. I took notes and everything, but you have already covered most of my points. At any rate, here are a few more things I noticed:

The guard always working on his dentures...such classic RS funny.

Steele refering to Bernice as "Ms. Wolf". I just never get tired of that joke. The longer it goes on the funnier it is.

Why did Murphy refer to the agency as "OUR" agency? He was a friend and partner, but it was always HER agency right?? Where does he get off saying "our" like its as much his as hers.

I was never really a fan of the "double dialoge" thing. It just didn't fit Laura and Steele's relationship, and I was glad when the stopped doing it. They respected each other enough to hear what the other one was saying. It worked on Moonlighting because both characters were so self absorbed they didn't care what the other one had to say. Not so of our Laura and Steele.

I was also taken with just how YOUNG Stephanie was when this show started, and Pierce as well for that matter. The scene outside the jail really brought it home for me. She just seemed like a little girl getting caught staying out all night. Her voice was so timid even when she yelled. She just seemed so little to be caught up in such an adult world.

And finally,....and I may be reaching here....but,

The introduction of Felica was the first time Laura was faced with jealousy over one of the women from Steele's past, and then..we see little green monsters. Jealousy is often refered to as the little green monster! I don't know if that is what the writers were going for or not, but I liked it.

I really like this episode. Everyone seemed to be finding their stride. Writers, directors, actors, all of them were settleing into where and how this show was going to go.

by DCZinger (Sat Oct 28 2006 08:32:37 ) 

Since Murphy thought being Laura's partner in bringing off the charade of Remington Steele, and he's Laura's partner professionally ( and hopefully romantically) that's why he feels that he can use the word "our" when referring to the agency. It's also a way to cut Steele out of the picture with a word because in Murphy's mind, Steele doesn't belong there. Notice that when he meets up with Laura during a case he always says "Hey, Partner". He's also been Laura's friend, confidant, and partner until HE shows up. 

Laura doesn't hesitate to remind Murphy that the agency is HERS. 

I would have LOVED to have seen James Read return in subsequent seasons. In my perfect imaginary fifth season, Murphy does return, after seeing the a picture of a muddied Laura with Bride of Frankenstein hair, and a smirking Steele in a tuxedo standing in a pile of dead fish with the caption...Famous Detective Weds Secretary. Murphy finally gets to pop a good one on Steele's kisser. 


by everglade68 (Sat Oct 28 2006 08:52:33 ) 

Thanks Zinker,it was of course "trait" instead of "trade" and I proof read it countless times, it's just hard to find your own mistakes. I am glad you thought my comments were Ok because after reading all of the messages, I said no way can I do this. But it just takes thought and time and of course the motivation. It is really fun. 

What I noticed about this though is that it forced me to concentrate more on the episode while I was watching it, a hard task when others come and talk to you. I am also amazed at how realllllllly good RS was. On the surface, it just seems like other television shows, but it is not. If you look at it closely you'll see it at a very different level.

I too noticed that Cassie's character was so much nicer than in her future appearances in the show. I wonder why? Was it life imitating art? Or is it art imitating life, I don't know which.

by Xenos1981 (Sat Oct 28 2006 09:20:24 ) 

Awesome posts, ladies (as usual)! I'm jumping in late, so most everything has already been posted. As I said before, Thou Shalt Not Steele was my first RS experience...and you never forget your first time.  I guess that's why I LOVE seeing this episode again and again and never tire of it. 

I'll start by saying that Lee Zlotoff is an AWESOME writer. This episode and Red Holt Steele are two of my favorites. I think he does an excellent job of really delving into the characters. We learn something new about each of them in whatever episode he writes. I was sorry to see him leave after the first two seasons. A big loss for the show in my humble opinion.

Regarding the fights...I LOVE it when they have a screamfest at the same time. I missed that in seasons two thru five. But I agree with Brenda that they respected each other too much to continue that throughout the series. HOWEVER, I think it would have been nice to have it rear it's ugly head every once in a while when they were really having a knock-down, drag-out fight. If they did it every episode, RS would have been reduced to just being Moonlighting.

I know this belongs in another thread, but I'll state it here instead...Laura looks incredible in her black outfit -- hat and all! I've changed my mind yet again...Laura looks her prettiest when she gets released from jail. (By the way, not to short-change Remington...DAMN he looked sexy all in black!!!)

I really love (like most of you said) how Remington takes an instant interest in Abigail. His fascination with Laura's relationship with her mother is so sweet and intriguing. Spoke volumes about his character. I think it's the first time we see a kind of envy or longing for a family on Steele's part. It was VERY subtle -- I didn't catch it the first time I watched it -- but now knowing how the series played out, I think this was the first glimpse into his family life (or lack there of) as well as Laura's.

LOVED the "family trait" scene. Always makes me laugh. Actually, this whole episode is EXTREMELY funny -- laugh out loud funny! Remington's expression after saying "pardon?" to Khalil is priceless! Laura is hysterical throughout the episode not really being sure how to handle her mother! Abigail is great as the overbearing mom...and yet we actually like her! The "green monsters" (jealousy) was a nice touch. Again, I didn't get it when I first watched the episode way back when...but now, it's very Freudian.

I have the same reaction I had seeing it the first time when they break into the museum and are sipping cognac together..."Kiss him! Kiss him! Kiss him!"  Such a tease they are! Practically killed me!!!

All in all, just about as perfect an episode as you can get!


P.S. Isabel and Brenda...I'm glad you're posting! Woo-Hoo!!!

by attagrrrl (Sat Oct 28 2006 09:41:30 ) 

I don't really see talking over each other as a sign of disrespect--it's more a sign of sexual tension. And every time they do it, I wish they had done it more on the show. I do agree there can be too much of a good thing, but used selectively it could have continued on for as long as they bickered, which was forever. It's funny to imagine how Mildred would have reacted.

The absolute opposite of their relationship, which is full of tension, is Laura's relationship with Murphy. They get along beautifully and are so polite to each other, and yet there is zero chemistry. I always feel sorry for Murphy when he calls Laura "partner" or uses the term "our agency." He's clearly trying to insinuate himself into her heart through mutuality and common interests, but Laura wants excitement and mystery. Also, Murphy uses those terms all the time, but you almost never hear Laura using them with him. She does not see him as a real "partner," yet she allows him to call her that. And last week, when it was obvious she didn't want to spend the weekend with him just because she didn't want to, she let him believe it was because she had to do taxes. I pity him.

by Xenos1981 (Sat Oct 28 2006 09:50:41 ) 

Poor Murph! Unrequited love sucks! I'm glad he got over Laura and at least had a fling with Sherri Webster. I would have liked it if he came back once in a while to help Laura and Remington out on a case...or just to kick Remington's cute little butt! *sigh*


by picac  (Sat Oct 28 2006 09:51:35 ) 

I too noticed that Cassie's character was so much nicer than in her future appearances in the show. I wonder why? Was it life imitating art?
Your reply:

It's interesting that Felicia is thought of as such a recurring character but we only really see her twice. Here in the first season and then 3 years later in Steele Searching. (Anna is a completely different character that Cassie said she wasn't that thrilled to play and I think it shows) In the later, Steele Searching I & 2, her relationship with Steele /Pierce is still filled with chemistry and I love that scene where he comes to her apt looking like hell (and the beautiful smile he gives her) and she tells him she's waiting for someone else because unrequited lust can be such a bore. Then they have that lovely talk and very tender kiss (love the way Pierce uses his fingers) in Part Two when he tells her he's committed to Linda/Laura. The only difference in her character is when Felicia has her claws out at the party and deliberately tells Laura a lie about how Michael is staying with her. It's rather an abrubt about face considering her talk with Michael and I'm not that sure why it's in there unless as a plot point to make Laura stay and fight for Steele. It's similiar though to the the lie Daniel tells Laura in Blue Blooded and Laura has the same reaction there. She puts a claim in for she believes belongs to her. ;-)

Back to Laura's jealousy in Thou Shalt Not Steele, I think it's heightened because with the others she can dismiss them and say they're just airhead bimbos. But Felicia who may be tall, blonde and busty is most definitely not a bimbo even when she's posing as a Museum employee. Later the jealousy is also there because Felicia also shares a past with Steele, a past Laura isn't privy too and a past he might slip back into. 

GREAT catch about the green monsters and jealousy. I never noticed that parallel before. 

The guard is great and we see him again as a very different character in Small Town Steele.

by picac  (Sat Oct 28 2006 10:03:31 ) 

The problem is there is much outward respect for Murphy by Laura but not much actual respect for him, as a potential love interest or her partner in the firm. Here's someone she can't claim she treats like a subordiante because of lack of experience, he has at least as much as Laura. But the more Steele becomes part of the agency the more she pushes him into the role of autopsy report getter. Here's someone also who is very stable and worthy -- traits Laura claims she wants in a man -- and yet we'll see in the next episode when he suggests she date and get her mind off Steele does about the most obliviously cruel thing possible right in front of him.

Steele coming along was actually the best thing to happen to Murphy otherwise he'd probably have tagged along begging for scraps from Laura's emotional and professional table for a few more years when he could do so much better and deserved so much more. I think it would be wonderful if Murphy (now with thriving agency and wife/lover etc) came back and planted a big kiss on Steele for thanks! :D

by jrdedrick(Sat Oct 28 2006 12:05:21 ) 

I took notes on this ep too but it looks like everybody covered it well so I won't bore you with my notes. (Besides, I've really got to learn shorthand because I SO cannot read them! LOL). I've only got one comment and its kind of catty so I won't post it because I need my head!


by everglade68 (Sat Oct 28 2006 12:06:09 ) 

I too liked Murphy very much and was glad that he finally found someone, even if for one episode, and got over Laura. He deserved to be loved for himself.

It's hard to understand how Laura could not see that Murphy was interested in her. It was so obvious to everyone. 

by DCZinger (Sat Oct 28 2006 14:09:00 ) 

Totally agree with you Ace on Steele actually being the best thing to happen to Murphy. I too feel that he would have wasted more than a few more years pining away for Laura and not getting on with LIFE. 

I think Laura wasn't attracted to Murphy as a romantic lover was that he lacks that streak of adventurisms. As he says to Laura in "License to Steele": "I hate this Laura, I REALLY hate this"....That's our Murphy... Murphy doesn't like going out on a limb, and Laura lives for it, as does Steele. Laura also tried SAFE and Reliable with Wilson, and what did THAT get her? 

How many times have we've missed someone right under out noses romantically? More than one occasion I was in Laura's shoes, but in NO CASE did I make a date with someone else in front of said admirer. 

In my dream Fifth Season, after Murphy planted a punch on Steele's face (for putting Laura through the Wedding from Hell) he would have talked it over with Steele, and ended the conversation with a good stiff drink for both, and a handshake...then after talking with Laura, gone back to Denver and his thriving PI practice and fiancee Sherry. 


by DCZinger (Sat Oct 28 2006 14:26:11 ) 

| The only difference in her character is when Felicia has her claws out at the party and deliberately tells Laura a lie about how Michael is staying with her. It's rather an abrubt about face considering her talk with Michael and I'm not that sure why it's in there unless as a plot point to make Laura stay and fight for Steele.|

I think Felicia was wise to have said what she said to Laura at the Earl's wedding. It was HER way to guage whether or not Laura was really going to fight for Steele, or give up like Felicia did. Remember, Felicia tells Steele that she regretted NOT fighting for Steele while she had the chance, and now she knew that Laura had done something that no other woman could achieve with "Michael"....get a committment. Did you see the TEARS in Felicia's eyes at that revelation? She knew what "Michael" felt, but what did Lisa/Linda/Laura feel? She had to find out. 

So, by saying what she said to Laura, and getting Laura's reaction ( "Move it Blondie before I dent your grille!".) Felicia knows that Laura cares enough to fight for Steele, ( and Laura knows it too) and that's enough for Felicia to realize that Michael is a lost cause, for now. We don't see Felicia again after that. Who knows what plans they had for her in Season Five? 


by jrdedrick (Sat Oct 28 2006 14:56:33 ) 

He would have punched Steele and then they would have talked? I don't think Steele would have put up with that! LOL But then that's just my opinion!


by DCZinger (Sat Oct 28 2006 15:03:48 ) 

|I also liked the use of a former lover to establish Steele has changed|

EXCELLENT Point Piano Rose! If anyone needs to wonder what Steele was like B.L.
Before Laura, then just look at Felicia...who is the female version of Michael O'Leary. She is more than a little disconcerted to find that the man that she used to have "bacchanalian whirls" with, the master of Tibetan massage, with whom she raced down the Autobahn with the top down, who fed her strawberries on the Riviera, was all "whirled out". I didn't get that impression while he was racking up an impressive bill handing out those little brass nameplates. 

Question: How did Laura know there was a "Felicia" involved. Steele had yet to tell her about an old lover who was blackmailing him. 

We hear Felicia say "No darling, you are" once again in Steele Searching. She's very good at roping Steele into things that could get him killed and/or arrested. 



by picac  (Sat Oct 28 2006 15:19:04 ) 

We hear Felicia say "No darling, you are" once again in Steele Searching. She's very good at roping Steele into things that could get him killed and/or arrested.

Just like Daniel. It seems to be a pattern with the people in Steele's life. Of course Laura doesn't mind trying to get him killed much either. I find it very amusing (and a little disconcerting) in Blue Blooded that in fighting over who Steele belongs to (also a little disconcerting -- he's not a puppy you know!) that Laura and Daniel decide to use Steele as bait knowing someone is trying to kill him. And if someone hadn't stood up at the exact right moment at that table he'd have been dead. Then I wonder if they'd have fought over who had the right to bury him? :D

This is another main reason I object to Tony to blackmailing/almost getting him killed -- only those people who love Steele should be allowed to mistreat him that way. :P

Racing down the Autobahn, strawberries on the Riveria, wild Bacchanalian whirls -- man he must have been bored stiff handing out those nameplates to the bimbo du jour after awhile. I'm not sure they take much whirling or that he was all whirled out -- he just needed another focus. Doing the rubber chicken circuit where he doodled on his napkin, instead of knocking off The Louvre obviously wasn't enough and it's why he needed to get involved in the Agency. As said in another topic when discussing the 5th Season he'd have been bored to death if he didn't have some excitement in his life. 

Felicia was suppossed to come back in the 5th season but Cassie took ill. So we got Shannon instead. I wonder how big a rewrite they had to do for the character -- because to put it mildly Shannon is nuts. That said I really liked Shannon, and she was a heck of a lot better written and acted than Tony.

by Xenos1981 (Sun Oct 29 2006 07:40:18 ) 

Ooooh! So love this Murphy talk! You're totally right about Murphy playing things safe and Laura not being attracted to that, Zinger. That MUST have been the stumbling block for them...I mean, Murphy is a damn attractive man. Plus, he's kind, honest, reliable, caring, dependable, etc, etc, etc. So WHY wasn't Laura attracted to him?!?! Lack of adventure...Something that Steele could give her in spades! I think it's nice he finally got over Laura and moved on. I just wish he would have come back once in a while.


by jrdedrick (Sun Oct 29 2006 07:56:01 ) 

Murphy always hit me as more the brotherly type. To be perfectly honest, I didn't like Murphy when I saw RS in the 80's. Its only been now that I've gotten the DVD's that I see a new side of his character. While I still don't think Laura would have ever been attracted to him, I like him a lot more now than I did then.


by Xenos1981 (Sun Oct 29 2006 09:17:15 ) 

Oh, Neeners! You wound me, babe! LOL! I'd be devastated if Murphy were my sibling! (It would give a whole new meaning to "brotherly love", though!) 


by jrdedrick (Sun Oct 29 2006 10:10:59 ) 

I wouldn't be hurt if he was my brother. He'd be better than the brother that I have. LOL


by Xenos1981 (Sun Oct 29 2006 12:03:31 ) 

Truer words have never been typed, Neeners! Sorry about that.


by brenda_grace2u (Sun Oct 29 2006 12:35:29 ) 

This is slightly off topic....but it ties in. LOL

Did anyone ever see the movie "Celebration Family"? Where Stephanie Zimbalist and James Read played a married couple who adopt a ton of kids?

It was badly written but well acted. Anyway, there was just NOOO chemistry between them. They were playing a very happily married couple and it just didn't work!! No fault of the just wasn't there.

Anyway, I think that is why it didn't work on RS. Pierce and Stephanie had chemistry out the ying yang and with James....not so much!! I know this is kind of apples and oranges given it was two completly different settings, but I as a viewer never believed there was any fire there. 

I liked Murphy as a character, but towards the end of season 1, he just seem to get in the way of where Remington and Laura were going romantically. Not the love triangle they were going for, just a thrid wheel always tagging along and showig up at the wrong time.

I feel bad for James Read, he's a great actor, but for my money....I'll take Mildred Krebbs any day of the week!

by picac  (Sun Oct 29 2006 12:42:16 ) 

I agree Laura and Murphy had no romantic or sexual chemistry. In fact there was more combustible character chemistry between Steele and Murphy than there was between Murphy and Laura. I could actually see a detective series with Steele and Muprhy as partners working long term much more readily than one with Laura and Murphy. The very good James Read had a thankless role as the Laura smitten/third wheel in RS as it was written. And Laura as a character woiuld actually have suffered if it had gone on. How long could she semi lead him on not wanting to hurt his feelings while still hurting his feelings without starting to look callous or fickle? And how pathetic would Muphy had become settling for it? Or even Steele for putting up with it? If Murphy was going to stay then his crush on Laura would have had to have been squashed. 
by Xenos1981 (Sun Oct 29 2006 13:01:02 ) 

I agree that Murphy would have looked pathetic if he kept chasing Laura. However, I think the writers were headed in the direction of squashing that anyway with the introduction of Sherry Webster. James Read is a very talented actor and deserved more than just pining away for Laura. He saw the writing on the wall, however, and bolted (justifiably so, IMHO)...But I still miss him (even though I love our Miss Krebbs).

Brenda, I'm sorry to hear that James and Stephanie have zero chemistry in "Celebration Family"! Darn! I was hoping they would have a "sizzle" since I felt so sorry for Murph! Oh, well. Still love 'em both! Like I've posted before...With Pierce and Stephanie it was lightening in a bottle, baby! Can't get any better than that!


by jrdedrick (Sun Oct 29 2006 15:01:16 ) 

With Pierce and Stephanie it was lightening in a bottle, baby! Can't get any better than that!
That is so true, Xenos! Guess that's why we're still loving and talking about the show twenty plus years later!


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