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SOTW: Episode #08- You're Steele The One For Me
by Xenos1981    (Fri Dec 15 2006 05:32:00 ) 

Here we go, ladies. By unanimous decision (two whole votes), we've decided to do You're Steele The One For Me. Post away...


No, no, no...No more foreplay.

by pianoRose    (Fri Dec 15 2006 11:33:12 ) 

I'll post Monday--going away for the weekend.
by brenda_grace2u    (Sat Dec 16 2006 06:30:45 ) 

This episode is a good example of why these weekly discussions are a great idea. I have only watched this one 2 or 3 times. It just never really appealed to me among the 94 hours of RS to pick from. I can't put my finger on why, but after watching it for this discussion, I realized it's really not a bad episode.

And now......let the discussion begin. LOL

After 2 weeks of titles that stretched the imagination to figure out there meaning, we finaly get one that makes sense.....NOT!! LOL

I really enjoyed the new elimante of "Teaching Mr. Steele". This show was only 8 episodes old and it was already unfolding like the layers of an onion. Further establishing who wears the pants, or skirts, in the agency. Then to have Laura stumble around while Mr. Steele smoothly flows through the clues and evidence.....very fun to watch.

SUSHI------YUCK!!! I have to agree with Mr. Steele on this one.....a few turns on the coals would have done them both a lot of good. LOL

I wish we could have heard the rest of the "The cats on the roof and we can't get her down" story. From what I could gather, the story was very relevant, but they never let him finish. How did that poor cat die??? LOL

I liked the "initial" game. How Mr. Steele refused to let Laura & Murphy keep him out of the loop with the initials. He was so determined to figure them out. And the adorable looks on his face as he tried multiple versions of what they could mean....Classic Mr. Steele.

I know you guys all LOVE Remington in a tux, but for my money....I'll take him in the all black "breaking and entering" outfit every time. MMMMMM

I also thought Laura looked guite good in the Geshia outfit. She should consider this look more often. The Kimono has great hiding places for poison, clues, ect. 

My favorite line of the episode...."Shooting a hoop?? Is it a very large animal?" 

And in closing, my favorite "80's" moment goes to the BIG ole floppy disk. Remember those?? This show did a great job of not being dated, but then someone pulls out a 4 x 6 floppy and you suddenly remember....oh yeah this was 25 years ago. LOL

Ok, that's it for me. I have to go out of town for the weekend, but I look forward to reading all of your commentaries upon my return. Have a great weekend everyone!


by everglade68    (Sat Dec 16 2006 08:26:07 ) 

Brenda, so glad you liked the episode. Funny that I had the opposite experience. I had watched this episode exactly three times before last night, and had liked it with the rest of Season One. This time around, I was somewhat
disappointed with the show. It occurs to me that RS is a unique show and one
has to be in the right mood to appreciate it. I apparently was not, so I am
just going to sit back and read all your posts and see what I missed.


by Xenos1981    (Sat Dec 16 2006 09:20:11 ) 

I'm afraid I'm gonna be late in posting my comments. This weekend is just too darn hectic! LOVE your observations, Brenda. Unfortunately, I won't be able to post my thoughts until probably Monday. Sorry. But I'll say this...This one never really clicked with me until about my fourth viewing. Now, though it's not one of my favorites, I really appreciate it for its relationship insights. It actually moved things along between the characters. And who wouldn't love "the mantle of Remington Steele" scene?!?! So funny! OK. More later. I've gotta run!!!


No, no, no...No more foreplay!

by DCZinger    (Sat Dec 16 2006 09:56:08 ) 

I for one LOVE sushi, Brenda. It's an acquired taste I know. I just find it strange that a gourmand like Steele is so squeamish around raw fish and doesn't know octopus when he sees it. 

I too didn't think much of this episode for years. I think maybe it's coming after three stellar episodes. However, You're Steele the One for Me is definitely an underrated gem. 

I think the "Teach me" scene is definitely an excellent relationship moving forward bit. You also see Steele's "icy calm" facade cracking as he pulls Laura into his office for their talk. He also looks HURT. I think they finally went TOO far with dismissing his efforts to help with the cases. "Maybe he ran out of doodles" as sneered by Laura finally did him in. In Season Three's "Puzzled Steele", they expand upon this by having Laura and Steele do their silly "bet" as to who is the better detective. 

Love Laura's suit in the first scenes...That is the SAME one she wears when giving Steele their "let's take a break" talk in Steele of Approval. Apparently, it was at the cleaners when Enterprow blew up her house. 

Love how Steele was ready, willing and able to do battle for Laura as they worked to free Mike. He had that BIIG knife out and ready for her, didn't he? 

Steele and Murphy "shooting hoops". Are they a very large animal? He he! 

I'm with everybody else? What happened to the blasted cat? 

Question: How does Laura know Mike? Classmates? Restaurant Regular? 

What are they going to do with the "Palace of Heaven" disc? Turn it over to the cops? Just keep it? 

Love Steele's line when he realizes that he's been in the wrong movie. This isn't "The Yakuza" but "The Third Man"! LOL. 


"That's what I love about you,Laura...Always willing to stick my neck out". 

by picac    (Sat Dec 16 2006 10:31:09 ) 

OK I haven't had time to do my homework and rewatch but I'm tossing this out because I don't need to rewatch to state unequivocally that the actor that plays Mike is the WORST guest star actor this show ever hired. By a long mile. He's awful and I don't mean awful because his character is annoying or played annoyingly or over the top but just awful because he can barely get his lines to sound like a human sentence and he barks/shouts all his words. Yikes! He's especially bad when you consider the usual top quality guess stars the show had and he's glaringly bad when paired up in an emotional scene with scene the very fine actor that plays his brother. He's so grating he comes off as ungrateful and unpleasant to the point where one wonders why anyone cares to help him -- Steele, Laura or his brother.
by picac    (Sat Dec 16 2006 11:32:38 )

Steele and his "A man can only doodle on his napkin so long" and "teach me" -- we see that the man is becoming very much bored with just being a flashy frontman. He wants to learn. So much so he has a pencil/pen on hand along with his trusty notebook. ;)

"I swear on my honor as a gentleman I never asked that little man to tell me anything." Heh. Love the scene of them in the hallway with Laura ignoring Steele and playing charades while Steele is getting the information. And then Laura is angry that he did it so easily. It reminds me later of that scene in Lofty where she did all that legwork and he found it out from tracing the fingerprints -- though then he was actively detecting and just doing a better job -- but she was murderous in her jealousy. 

"It hardly seems fair does it -- you holding the reins me taking the whip." What a visual. LOL 

"Where do you find these films" -- love that confused exasperated almost squeak of Laura's as Steele and Bernice exchange info on The Yakuza.

Is this the only time we actually see Steele in a movie theater watching a film? He's in a theater in Steele Your Heart Away and outside a porn one in Beg Borrow, but I don't recall ever again see him watching a film in a theater unless one counts the opening credits.

I'm sorry -- I have to agree with Steele's disbelief that Murphy found that specific girl in that neighborhood just from Laura's description. I mean-- come on! Speaking of which that's Mrs. Kim on Gilmore Girls.

I love how revved up Steele is about putting together clues outside the theater with Laura -- he's all chirpy, a tad confused and rather out of his depth but so eager to join in. 

"Scowl and Crinkle. Makes us sound like a London law firm."

"Your mother tell you that one too." "Such a wise family". I love the entire clipped exchange and the way he says wise. He maintains this great cool manner in the interview with Tanaka (great actor). It shows that when dealing with a very powerful efficient dangerous criminal class he's very much able to hold his own -- more so than Laura who completely loses her cool and almost her head.

Steele and Murphy -- I just adore them together. The mantle and the shooting hoops -- LOL!!!!

Asking Steele to autograph the death certificate? *snort*

I like that Steele the gourmand still doesn't embrace the concept of sushi. It shows that there's a still a little bit of that street kid that would prefer fish to be cooked. (maybe even with a side of chips though he might not admit it)

Love Laura's open toe sling backs that she shoves in the door (though that's got to hurt). Is that the same suit from Approval? I never noticed the three-button side motif on the Approval suit though the shawl collar and dark navy is the same. Either way -- it's easily one of her best suits. Classic and complimentary. Laura -- not that convincing a geisha -- they must have had a lot of saki before she showed up. 

Steele's blue shirts with white collars -- very 80s and I dislike them, especially when they detract from such a gorgeous 3 piece pinstripe grey suit. And yes to Steele all in black -- a thing of beauty -- it compliments his lean panther like qualities and his coloring. 

by MickeyBoggs    (Sat Dec 16 2006 20:19:41 ) 

Memorable stuff

- The cat story
- C&D, E&F, QWYA, U&D
- The "teach me" conversation
- Laura vividly describing the car crash to the Japanese woman
- "The mantle of Remington Steele" conversation
- The "shooting hoops" exchange - and the follow up awhile later about "wild hoops" & Laura's puzzlement at that

Character development

- Laura seems to be a bit better with dead bodies by now
- Surprising Mr. Steele's not a sushi connoisseur
- Laura's reaction after the Major leaves her in the restroom - she's not unshakeable
- Bernice knows the actors in The Yakuza and that doesn't faze R or L at all
- I believe this is the first mention of Laura's crinkle - cute exchange about "Scowl & Crinkle"
- Rem's chagrin as he realizes he led the bad guys right to Mike. Laura takes his admission with great grace.
- Laura gets the swords drawn on her, but Rem recognizes the need for saving face. She's better at the detective work, but his life-experience helps them get out of the situtation.

Clothing & hair

- Rem gets a much-needed haircut. Laura's hair is great throughout the ep.
- Like her classy navy dress at the beginning of the ep and the beige suit.
- Love his break-in outfit...he looks so good in black

Favorite lines

Rem: "A man can only doodle on his napkin for so long, Laura."
Rem: "Go on, Miss Holt, tell him who I am."
Laura: "Mike Ito, Remington Steele himself."
Mike: "So?"

Goofs & Things That Make You Say "Huh?"

- The misspelled title card

- A look at the clock in the church reveals it's 10 am, but shortly after that Rem complains about the chamber of commerce luncheon. A little early for lunch...

- Why is there a pay phone in the ladies' room?

- Just where did they get a geisha outfit on such short notice?

- When Laura bashes the last baddie on the head, Mike is still in cuffs, but in the next shot, where they exit the room, the cuffs have vanished

- Laura does the world's fastest change from the geisha outfit, makeup and wig-smashed hair into a new outfit with gorgeous hair

by everglade68    (Sat Dec 16 2006 22:14:06 )

Mickey, I liked the way you organized your post. You wrote such good points that I am going to have to rewatch this episode.

I was most impressed with your points regarding character development as that is pretty important to me. Your comment of "saving face" is so interesting because it reminds me of PB's Noble House mini series. 


by MickeyBoggs    (Sun Dec 17 2006 13:47:44 ) 

You know, I noticed the way he "barked" his lines too. I *think* it's supposed to mean he's upset? This whole ep has a different "feel" to it. The actors have their characters down pretty well, but the director is the one that MG & SZ mention as wanting them to be "serious" throughout filming. It defintely gives things a different tone.
by jrdedrick  (Sun Dec 17 2006 15:29:52 ) 

Now I know you all missed my notes (YAH RIGHT! LOL) so here they are. Sorry they're late and so short. Its been non stop drama here, and my heart wasn't really in this one. 

You’re Steele the One for me

Ok, first things first. I don’t like this episode. It’s definitely in the bottom of the stack for me. So please read this with sarcasm in the forefront of all my comments.

Sorry if some of these comments have been said all ready. The guy who played Mike Ito was just a BAD actor. He wasn’t convincing at all. And what was with him yelling his lines? Was he deaf or something? Love how Steele shows up thinking its Laura who has someone at the funeral. Love the initials used through the show. C&D-Cut and dried.

“Then teach me!” Does he really want to learn or is he trying to get Laura interested in him?
-Get out your notebook...and he does.

Lesson number one in private detecting—

Go over all known facts (is this the same one that she says in the next episode when she’s telling him how to solve the case?) Is that all? Are there no more?

–Who claimed Kenji’s body, who arranged for the funeral and who were the three other people there? 

Are people at apartments always that nosey or is that a cultural thing?

Laura’s very good (NOT!) at breaking the language barrier. The little old man who finally whispers it in Steele’s ear. 

Mr. Hamada got killed by a refrigerator door?

E&F-enigmatic and frightening (WHO came up with the initials?)

Why is there a payphone in the ladies bathroom? And how did the Major know that she’d even come in there? Like the gunrunning flea term.

Palace of Heaven the BIG mystery of the show.

QWYA-Quit while you’re alive

Bernice has the best line on this one I think.... “Refer him to the advice columnist at Soldier of Fortune Magazine.”

Enter the Dragon-Bruce Lee
The Yakuza-Robert Mitchum, Brian Keith, Warner Brothers 1975. Does Yakuza really mean ruthless code of honor?

Is the Palace of Heaven a movie theater? And what is the lady from the funeral doing there and just how did she know Steele and that he’d be there? He wasn’t at the funeral when she was so she wouldn’t have seen him there.

Remington Steele is a team of course (well during Season One anyway). Who knew about Mike? And why when he was being beaten up and kidnapped did he have no business? When L & R were there earlier his business was booming.

331 ½ 1st Street. Where specifically on the street would that be? Laura’s hat is pulled so far down on her forehead that you can’t even see the darn crinkle. Love the law firm reference though-Crinkle and Scowl.

Steele’s own letters- BF (bloody fool)

What the frick is the Palace of Heaven? Have I asked that question before....LOL

U&D-Unexpected and daring.

Ok, wouldn’t you think they’d know who their own geisha’s were? And how did Murph know exactly when to drive up and get them?

Guy comes into the office and tackle the poor guy why don’t they?

“We’re in the wrong movie!” (The Third Man-Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles)

Sooo....The Palace of Heaven is computer codes that detail their whole operation in Japan? (What operations were they?) So that’s what it is? After all this I was hoping the Palace of Heaven was something else. (Anybody recognize Kenji as the gardener Sam in Steele At your Service?)

Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to!

by DCZinger    (Sun Dec 17 2006 16:20:07 ) 

Yeah, the guy who played Mike was definitely the weakest link in this episode. I'm thinking perhaps the casting director was having a bad week and her assistant stepped in and cast her boyfriend. OR the excellent actor they hired got sick on the set that day and rather than lose precious shooting time they had an intern step in. This is the first instance in the Steele show where they missed the boat in casting. 

What? There were no first rate young Japanese actors who came to LA from New York "three weeks ago"(to quote Stephanie in one of the DVD commentaries)? 

I totally forgot that the guy who played Kenji came back to do Sam the Gardener in "Steele at your Service". Then again, except for the barn scene at the end where the "Butler did it", that's one I rarely watch. 


"That's what I love about you,Laura...Always willing to stick my neck out". 

by everglade68    (Sun Dec 17 2006 18:32:46 ) 

Oh Neeney, I did missed your notes, they are sooooooooo good. You need to
teach me how to take such good notes.

I too did not like this episode so you are not alone. It just didn't make
too much sense to me. 

I need to put in my two cents worth here on the people in the apartment
building being just nosey or it being a cultural thing. Well, I don't know
about the Japanese but I find that most minority groups will know their neighbors. I have to do home visits in my work, and know that here where I live anyway, I can get reliable information from neighbors. Yet, that is not the case in non-minority neighborhoods. I think it is just the need to bond
together in a foreign place, especially in this case, when they did not speak
the language.


by pianoRose    (Mon Dec 18 2006 15:16:48 ) 

I saw this once before. I will not watch again until it comes up for a weekly discussion which hopefully will be a long time. The fella who played Mike ruined the whole thing. I cringed when he was on screen.

knowing that imdb isn't always accurate...I see this guy did most of his work in the 80's...and not much at that...

I also found the whole acronym thing annoying...for me it would only work if it was a continuing thing in other episodes...but it only shows up in this one right? They act like this is part of their work but I don't remember it in other episodes. So it seemed pointless to make such a big deal about it in the story line

geez, I'm cranky today....

by MickeyBoggs    (Mon Dec 18 2006 16:12:30 ) 

I enjoyed the alphabet game, but, like you, wondered why it didn't get continued. It does seem odd to bring it up and then just drop it. Lee Zlotoff was around for the rest of S1 and part of S2, so seems like he could have mentioned it in some of his other scripts.
by pianoRose    (Mon Dec 18 2006 17:38:55 ) 

it seemed it was just a clever little device to highlight Steele's attempts to be part of the team and served no other purpose so it wouldn't be continued BUT it came off like this was a regular part of their lingo and seemed odd that it just popped up in this episode never to be mentioned again

or perhaps the writer just forgot or thought it would get old fast if they did continue it

by DCZinger    (Mon Dec 18 2006 19:13:25 ) 

It was mentioned that Laura was Abigail's "middle one" and that was never brought up again either. Go figure. 

In any case, it wouldn't have hurt to use the letters ONCE in a while during the first season. Then stopping it of course after Murphy and Bernice left. 


"That's what I love about you, Laura. You keep narrowing this case down to include everybody."

by Xenos1981    (Wed Dec 20 2006 17:30:17 ) 

Seems rather futile for me to be posting so late after the fact. Sorry, ladies. I'll try to do better for this week's episode.

First, I have some questions for Mickey...The title card was misspelled?!?! I'll have to go back and check that out! What did they misspell? Also, when did MG and SZ say that this director wanted them to be serious?

I have mixed feelings about this episode...Mostly because of the actor who played Mike. (Who was he sleeping with to get this part?!?! Aaarg!!!) LOVE the developing Murphy/Remington relationship. Murphy thinking they were becoming..."friends"...Nah! Cute! The mantle of Remington Steele?!?! Shooting hoops?!?! Great stuff. I hope I'm not stepping on Lori's toes here, but she just wrote a Christmas fanfic piece and it has a paragraph in it which I think sums up Murphy's and Remington's relationship...And it goes perfectly with this episode... 

Over dinner, Murphy finally let himself relax. The foursome laughed and had a good time. Murphy found himself watching Laura, and though he was loathe to admit it, she seemed happy. And when he wasn't busy hating him, he actually found Steele to be a likable guy. He'd never admit that out loud.
Also loved the cat story...But how did it end? (Lori, maybe that could be your next story! LOL!) LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the teach me scene. (If I were Laura, I would have taught him...and then made HIM teach ME something in return! Heh-heh-heh!!! Naughty thoughts running rampant through my mind!!!)

I think the thing that tickled me the most about this episode (other than Pierce looking damn hot as usual) was seeing a young Stephen Lee as Mr. Dickerson, the coroner. (Stephen Lee played "Tony B." one of my favorite recurring characters on another favorite show of mine, "Nash Bridges". The guy's a GREAT comedic actor, believe me!)

That's about all I have time for. Life is crazy this time of year. I'll post more regularly come January.


No, no, no...No more foreplay!

P.S. New tag line, Zinger? Good one!

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