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SOTW: Episode #11- Steeling The Show
by Xenos1981    (Thu Jan 4 2007 17:29:13 ) 
Wow, this week went too fast!!! Tomorrow's episode for your viewing pleasure is "Steeling The Show". Not one of my favorites, but I'll definitely watch and report. (Heck, even an "OK" episode of Remington Steele is better than most of the crap on TV nowadays. Besides, I could never tire of watching Pierce and Steph do their thing.)

Watch and post, ladies...


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by picac    (Thu Jan 4 2007 21:38:12 ) 

I guess one woman's Chips is another woman's Steeling The Show. ;-) I really like this episode. It's very well cast (and two actors will make reappearances in other episodes), especially Bibi Osterwald as the Queen of the Bs Veronica Kirk who is absolutely wonderful. The daughter is a complete witch and the producer is an absolute sleeze but they're well acted parts.

It has one of the best examples of one my favorite facets of Steele - his empathy with the underdog and the lovely respectful way he has with old people. "Old ladies and little children -- no one ever believes them". But Steele does. Dimples and the Dipsomaniac are completely charming together. I love all their scenes together, from the meeting in the motel to her dying for him (he'd have loved that on his 15th birthday!) in his apt to his rescue behind German lines. Which brings me to my other favorite highlight of the episode -- Murphy and Steele's first rate impression of a Russian Wolfhound and Murphy slapping that rubber dog bone in his mouth-- Steele's howling -- his escape from the strait jacket and the complete unruffled inquiry of Ms Kirk's whereabouts while standing in the middle of a supposedly dangerous psychiatric ward. 

The question of ethics here interests me. Just because they were hired to find her does that mean the person being found has to go with them? And if she says she's in danger then why would it be unethical to abide by her wishes? She's an old woman not a child and her daughter is not her guardian. The agency may have been hired to do a job but does that give them the right to run roughshod over another person's life? (We see this later in "Steeling The Spotlight" with Billie who doesn't want to be found) Where and when do morals supercede professional ethics? Obviously they do later on when they break her out of the ward for the criminal insane -- then Laura doesn't seem at all concerned about having the agency license pulled and there they're breaking actual laws. Of course picking a lock of a motel room is breaking a law and they seem to do that all the time and that never seems to bother Laura's ethics -- in fact she seems to deem it just part of the job. Though why a P.I. breaking and entering is more "ethical" or legal than when a thief does it is beyond me. ;-) 


Love Steele's straightjacket and the black ensemble/leather jacket underneath. His camel coat at the end is also very nice. Laura's red turtleneck and black jacket is great and I like her dark gray blouse at the end -- especially since the collar is open and she isn't be strangled by some little bow. Doing characters like Millicent are the only times Laura should be wearing those bows around her neck.

Favorite Quotes:

"Didn't you used to DO this kind of thing?" 

"Who's the dreamboat? With the dimples?" (she may be overly fond of tequila and rum but there's nothing wrong with her eyes)

"It's a shame I had to plug the kid. You know, good PR is very important in this business."

"Mad dogs and Englishmen."

"How did you get around all those storm troopers?" 
"Dogged enthusiasm"

"Veronica, I need to know what happened last night in your bedroom."
"You're getting awfully personal, sweet stuff."

"She's doing a guest spot on 'The Love Boat' Wonderful part. Explores the full range of her talents. She falls down a funnel and dies."

by Xenos1981    (Fri Jan 5 2007 11:05:51 ) 

Ace...I'm in the middle of this episode right now. I'll finish watching tonight and post my thoughts then. However, I just wanted to note a few things right off the bat. 

First...This episode is not as "bad" as I thought. ("Bad" is a relative thing when we're talking RS..."Bad" is far superior to anything on the tube right now...And "bad" is still damn good! LOL!) I think I didn't care for it the first five times around because of the lack of romance. But it has some nice moments, nonetheless...And I haven't finished it yet. 

Second...I can't believe I'm going to correct the infallible Ace Picac, but...There are actually THREE actors that we see later on in the series. One shows up in "A Steele At Any Price" (the anoying Richie), another in "Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele" (Judith's husband...the wussy drunk guy) and the third in "Steele Eligible" (the bachelor who keels over while trying to seduce Laura).

More later...


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by picac    (Fri Jan 5 2007 12:04:50 ) 
Ah yes Chip the Bachelor in Steele Eligible, I missed him -- he gets to be unbelievably obnoxious and die quickly in two episodes. He's basically the same character.

I guess I just don't think of romance as being a necessary ingredient (it's great to have but the show does offer so much more) to a very good episode as long as there's wit, charm and intelligence on display -- and especially when there's very nice character work not only between Steele and Laura (the apology speech -- and hey why doesn't Laura apologize when he's proven right?) but between Steele and Vernoica Kirk. Not to mention a classic bit of physical/sight gag comedy with Steele, Murphy, the straight jacket and the dog bone. 

by DCZinger    (Fri Jan 5 2007 14:43:50 ) 

Just the dog-bone bit with Murphy is enough to put this one in my "favorite's" column. Bet the crew had a blast filming that one! And I LIKED Chips too! to view and come up with observations that Ace already hasn't covered in her excellent post. 


"That's what I love about you, Laura. You keep narrowing this case down to include everybody."

by Xenos1981    (Fri Jan 5 2007 17:33:51 ) 

Zinger...Glad you liked Chips, too...Though I'm sure I would have LOVED the aphrodisiac cookie version more! (And the bra size comment!!!)

Ace...Don't get me wrong -- I love great "character work" as you call it. It's what makes or breaks a show, I think. (Obviously, RS had it by the truckload...That's what makes it so great to watch 20+ years later.) But any time I get to watch Pierce smooching (or his magnificent tushie -- which we obviously weren't privileged to see in RS) is WONDERFUL!!! Plus, I LOVE his chemistry with Stephanie -- lightening in a bottle, baby! So when the two of them smooch...FAVORITE EPISODE time. 


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by Xenos1981    (Sat Jan 6 2007 07:35:04 ) 

Finished the episode last night. (This post is gonna be down and dirty, quick and simple because I'm on my way out the door.) Really not a bad episode (other than the lack of romance)...And certainly not fifth season bad. 

Great moments between Remington and Veronica. He's like a kid in a candy store when she performs for him. LOL! Nice moments between Murphy and Laura, too, though their time together was limited. (I always thought James Read had great chemistry with both Pierce and Stephanie.) And speaking of chemistry...I absolutely LOVED the interaction between Remington and Bernice. They have each other's number, that's for sure. Fun stuff. Totally miss that when Murph and Bernice left. Him hitting her on the butt with the paper was such a nice touch. Mad me laugh right out loud. And, of course, Remington's apology scene was oh-so nice. (Let the phone ring, dammit!!!)

Can't go without mentioning the dog in the hospital scene. Hee-heeeeee!!! Remington as a DOG?!?! LOL!!! Made me cringe when Murph was bringing him in. He kept pulling up on the back of the straight jacket! CAREFUL!!! The jacket didn't just go around his arms and waist...It went between his legs, too. Wouldn't want to hurt any part of Remington's anatomy...especially THAT part!!! 

Laura's Millicent Wertner gig was a stitch! LOVED that scene. She does such a great job at machine gunning her lines. (Sorry, starting to sound like a broken record...But she's just so darn good at it!)

Best Outfit...Hands down, Pierce in all black. Scrumptious!!! (Although the wardrobe department should probably get an award for Remington's "Hollywood" outfit at the end when he walks into the office after being on the set of "The Love Boat". What a riot!!!)

Lots of good lines...Ace mentioned most of them, so I won't bother to repeat them.

All-in-all, a good episode. (Sorry, Ace...I need my romance!!!) Definitely moved up a few notches in my book. Gotta run!


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by DCZinger    (Sat Jan 6 2007 08:34:27 ) 

Stephanie's Millicent Wertner scene is one of her best... I rank that one up with her "plant Lady" turn in Season 4, her "daughter looking for Dad's favorite gun in Season 1's "Circulation". 

Is Steph ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in the final scenes...with her hair down and that red sweater? Simply beautiful. 

A point about Steele's costumes in this first season...They have the pants just a tad too high-waisted for ME...I was the 80's style and he is skinny in Season one. Every time I see him I want to make him a plate of spaghetti! Those pants in this season just makes him look like somebody's sexy grandpa...What a minute...he IS somebody's sexy grandpa! Only, he doesn't wear those high-waisted pants nowadays, Thank God!

Love all the scenes with Veronica and Steele....Loved those silly "B" movie titles as well "Oh, I just can't believe you're here, dying on MY rug." is a scream of a line. 

Okay, my "wait a minute" scene. Doe Steele have a PI's license or NOT at this point? I guess Laura hadn't gotten around to manufacturing him one at this point. Laura talks about Jennifer Kirk having HER license....what about Steele's? HE's the one that absconded with Veronica!


"That's what I love about you, Laura. You keep narrowing this case down to include everybody."

by picac    (Sat Jan 6 2007 13:19:12 ) 

It's a very fuzzy issue whether Steele has a license or not or he just has one in the Agencies name. Of course by Steele in Elegy he's re-upping his license with the licensing board. When did that happen? What it comes down to though is that Steele is the face of the agency and if he loses the license or the agency license then Laura is once again unidentified woman trying to get some clients. Not good.

The suits in Season one are not only a little high in the waist but rather tight on the leg as well -- all accentuating how SKINNY he is. I can't believe that NBC told him to lose 10 lbs before starting the role. Insane.

by MickeyBoggs    (Sat Jan 6 2007 14:17:50 ) 
Memorable Stuff

- Bernice attempting to distract Rem from going into the office
- Laura literally dragging Remington into the bedroom. <sigh> If only it had been for other purposes....
- Laura giving a pep talk to Remington
- I believe this is the first of many near-kisses interrupted by a ringing phone
- The whole Murphy-admitting-Rem-into-the-loony-bin scene is just priceless
- I cracked up when the first thing he did after escaping the straight jacket was to comb his hair and use the breath spray (though after the doggy bone, that may have been a necessity!) Even when posing as a mental patient, he doesn't show up wrinkled!
- Laura undercover as Millicent Wertner. In her own nasally way she's just as 
intimidating as Mildred Krebs, IRS.

Character Development

- Rem's excitement at the mere thought of being with Veronica Kirk. His gentle 
treatment of her when she's found.
- His disillusionment when it appears she's only a nutty old lady
- Once Rem starts beating himself up for his behavior in this case, Laura gives 
him support instead of lecturing. 

Favorite quotes

Bernice: Look, just this once, couldn't you let me win?
Rem: What? And ruin our perfect record?

Hair & Clothing

- Liked Rem's navy suit
- Liked Laura's camel-colored suit, the red turtleneck with the navy jacket and
the purple blouse
- not crazy about the dark fedora with the light-colored band

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- Peter Jurasik is such a wonderful slimeball as Haver.
- Three guest stars in this ep return later: Jurasik, in DPD&S, Richard Backus in "Eligible" and Michael Cornelison in "A Steele At Any Price".

by brenda_grace2u    (Sun Jan 7 2007 09:37:17 ) 
Boy, teach me to wait until Sunday to post. You guys have already covered almost everything in my notes. LOL 

This episode ranks in the middle of my RS scale. I don't just LOVE it, but I don't dislike it either. It has some great moments, but not enough in the romance department to make it a favorite. For that reason, I don't have just a whole lot to say about it. LOL

First of all....and this is not an episode specific comment, just something that has always bothered me about season one.... In the Laura's theme intro of "Try this for a deep dark secret" there are fingerprints all over the red door she opens. I know this is a TV show in the 80's and they probably didn't have the time or the money to fix it, but I'm just anal enough for it to bother me. LOL That's the problem with red doors...they show every smudge. 

Now some comments about THIS episode.

When Veronica is describing all the ways she has died in the movies, she lists "snake bite". Did you know, that is how Stephanie Zimbalist died in Centennial? They probably weren't even going for that connection, but it raised my eyebrow. LOL

I too noticed that Remington's first order of business after freeing himself from the straight jacket was to fix his hair and breath. Classic Mr. Steele! Musn't run around the looney bin with rumpled hair or questionable breath!

The episode did have a small bit of character/relationship developement....if you look really hard....and I did. LOL By this point in the series Laura is completly torn between Remington and Murphy. On the one hand she is still trying to be on Murphy's side with the whole "Wish we could have left him in the straight jacket" exchange. But on the other hand, she is falling more and more for Remington. The "you are good" speech shows she is not just seeing him as a front man anymore but as a partner. As much as I really like James Read as an actor, it was this dilema that lead to his demise with the show. Poor guy, he didn't stand chance against the Stephanie/Pierce chemistry.

I love how a pair of glasses was about as extensive as their disguises got. Much like Clark Kent, you put on a pair of glasses and you are suddenly a whole new person. LOL

And finaly, I thought the storyline of this episode was a bit too conveluted. I've seen the episode several times, and I'm still not sure who did what. It was a great story, but it was too much story for one hour of show.

In the end....this re-watching of the episode didn't really change my original opinion of it. Not my favorite....but not my least favorite either.


by everglade68    (Sun Jan 7 2007 18:19:59 ) 

I watched this episode last night and have to admit that I really liked it.
And after reading all the excellent posts I can see why this episode kind of
grows on you. 

One thing I noticed this time around, was PB's great performance. I guess I usually take it for granted and usually concentrate more on SZ's. Yet, Pierce's enthusiasm and physical energy drew my attention from the very beginning of the show. His comic timing was superb.

Like Xenos, I almost always need some romance or meaningful moments between 
Laura and Remington to really like an episode. Yet in this one, I was
able to enjoy all the good things this show has to offer; the writing, the wit,the acting, and the fashion.

So I think that PB stole the show in this one.


by Xenos1981    (Sun Jan 7 2007 18:46:35 ) 
Didn't Pierce look absolutely scrumptious in this episode?


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68    (Sun Jan 7 2007 20:20:26 ) 
Xenos, I think I have heard you say that before, right?


by TeenSteele    (Mon Jan 8 2007 02:18:07 ) 

Didn't Pierce look absolutely scrumptious in this episode?
Well... can't the same be said for every episode??

Anyhoos, I am FINALLY back. I do hope I was missed at least a little... Hope you all had satisfactory break times, fun with the fams and such.
christmas, kwanzaa, hanukkah, winter solstice or whatever it is you celebrated (or didn't celebrate...) and a happy new year.

I can see that I've obviously missed a neat amount of episodes here, but you all may (or may not) be pleased to know that during my two week bed-a-thon, I indulged myself in a little of season 3 and 4. I suppose I'll get back on track next week with the next ep, is it 12?? 

Cheers to the new year of 2"007" (heh, sorry, die-hard Bondian) and heres to the board staying strong until I leave for spring break *grins mischievously*

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"

"Hey, you know, I have had it with you guys and your "cancer" and your "emphysema" and your "heart disease." The bottom line is smoking is cool and you know it."

BoaW 08/07

by Xenos1981    (Mon Jan 8 2007 05:48:32 ) 
Um, yes Isabel and TeenSteele...I may have said Pierce looks scrumptious once -- maybe twice -- before.  TeenSteele...Glad you're back! Hope you had a nice break. 

And now for some unsolicited motherly advice to my dear TeenSteele...DON'T SMOKE!!! It's NOT cool and it'll kill you. One aunt dead from lung cancer. One friend on oxygen due to emphysema. Both long-time smokers. 


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by TeenSteele    (Tue Jan 9 2007 21:29:22 ) 
not to worry Xenos, it is merely a line from Friends that I find so absurdly ridiculous that I had to put it in. (and besides, my secret non-Pierce obsession involves matthew perry......)

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"

"Hey, you know, I have had it with you guys and your "cancer" and your "emphysema" and your "heart disease." The bottom line is smoking is cool and you know it"

BoaW 08/07

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