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SOTW: Episode #13- A Good Night's Steele
by Xenos1981   (Thu Jan 18 2007 19:27:33 ) 
This week's episode is "A Good Night's Steele" (which has one of my favorite Remington lines EVER). Can't wait to watch this one again!!! Looking forward to your posts...


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

P.S. Mickey...Having one hellvua time figuring out your quote. Can totally see him saying it, but darned if I can come up with an episode. Hint, please?!

by MickeyBoggs   (Fri Jan 19 2007 20:21:34 ) 

This is the first of a nice run of above-average episodes...

I'm not sure but this may have been the first ep I ever saw. I do remember wanting to see the re-run just for Paul Reiser's "I will NOT fall asleep" scene.

Memorable Stuff

- Nice segue from the blood on Dr. Marcus's hand to the red wine baste for Remington's duck
- First ep without either Murphy or Bernice (I think)
- Nurse Blackell's examination of Remington
- Nestor yammering on and on and on and on....
- The first rendezvous in the cadaver room
- Laura awaking to find Remington sharing the sofa bed and the whole exchange that follows
- Nice directing/editing job enhances the spooky feeling of Laura being stalked in the hospital corridors at night
- Sleep-weary Steele trying to pick the lock
- The second rendezvous in the cadaver room
- The sweet last scene

Character Development

- Remington cooks....Laura is amazed
- Her willingness to involve him in the case. Uses his own words to persuade him.
- Remington giving Laura a brief lecture on ethics
- Remington charming Rona into speeding the results of the blood test
- Laura handing Bickerman the water pitcher to fill with a sample
- While it's in character for Dr. Holt to prevent Rona from returning the test results, there's a part of Laura that jealously doesn't want Rona returning them either
- Laura admitting she's enjoying being pursued by Remington
- Finally, a non-undercover, doing-it-because-we-both-want-to kiss!

Favorite quotes - there are sooooo many good ones in this ep!

The whole "cooking" exchange:
L: (shocked) You're cooking!
R: (distracted) Yes, so much for the element of surprise.
L: (still in shock) You're cooking dinner?! I never knew you cooked.
R: (grinning, pleased) I was counting on the shock to weaken your defenses.
L: I just assumed that dinner meant some restaurant. I...I...I don't know what to say.
R: Say yes and let me make up the question. (big smile)
L: (regretfully) Oh this is terrible.
R: (hurt) Actually it's canard au vin rouge and the least you might do is taste it before passing judgment!
L: No, no, I only meant that you've gone to all this trouble and I came here to cancel because something's come up and I have to fill you in.
R: Cancel? You don't *cancel* canard au vin rouge!
(doorbell buzzes)
L: Oh damn, he's...he's early.
R: Oh damn, who's early?
R: First you deflate my duck and now you want to cook my goose. Wonderful!
R: Hoisted by my own canard!
R: You know, Laura, sometimes your preoccupation with detail *really* concerns me!
The whole "sleep" exchange:
L: (awakening from a nap to find R beside her on the sofa bed) Hey! (shaking him) Hey
R: (not opening his eyes) Um...yes, the hey is wonderful at harvest time. Soft, sweet smelling...
L: C'mon, we can't do this now!
R: (patting her face) Believe me, Laura, I'm not trying to sleep with you I'm just...trying to sleep with you
L: (pulling him to a sitting position) Here, look at this. (shows him the sleep scan)
R: (groggy) Ah, what a charming idea for a bedspread.
L: It's Ivan's printout for the night Sheila Marcus was killed. There's a half-hour gap with no reading.
R: You mean Ivan left the sleep room that night?
L: It would appear so.
R: Guilty! (lays back down)
L: It's not that simple (helps him sit up), come here.
R: (laying back down) Oh, Laura, please, I'm trying to get some sleep and the only safe place seems to be your bed.
L: (reclining next to him) But with the missing morphine and the records, Nurse Blackell appears to be a prime candidate. If only there were something I could...
R: (eyes still shut) ...sink your teeth into? Consider me available. (puts his arm around her)
L: Thanks. (enjoying lying there next to him) If you don't get back, Bickerman's going to start missing you.
R: I don't miss Bickerman.
L: (chuckles) Come on (sits up)
R: (fighting it) Oh Laura, just five minutes, a kidnap... (lays his head on her shoulder) I mean, catnap...
R: (to Laura) I like that look in your eye.
Ivan: What does that mean?
R: It usually precedes a brilliant, case-ending deduction.
R: (sadly, sleepily) It takes me FIVE minutes to get through a hospital standard. If the union ever got wind of this, well...
Ivan: You belong to a union?
The whole "in bed" exchange:
R: I hope he shows up soon; I'd hate to sleep through the resolution of our case.
L: Hang on. If he shows up you can spend all day tomorrow in bed.
R: Oh, "in bed". That has such a nice rhythm to it. Especially when you say it with that soft lilt in your voice.
L: (charmed) You never told me I had a lilt in my voice before.
R: I never told you I could cook, either. But that never stopped me.
L: Still trying to weaken my defenses?
R: Ah, it's such a noble struggle. I'd hate to give it up.
L: (chuckling) So would I. You know, I've never had a man cook for me before.
R: Hmmm. The recipes we could share...(falls asleep on her shoulder - she starts to raise his chin for a kiss and *once again* they're interrupted)
Ivan: I will NOT fall asleep! I will NOT fall asleep!

Hair & Clothing

- Remington in blue jeans, blue jean shirt and boots. Yum!
- His navy jacket and red/blue striped tie
- Laura's tan suit is nice, but I'm not terribly crazy about that high-necked blouse (though it's typical of her S1 wardrobe)
- She can also pull off the oxford shirt & tie combo and still look very feminine

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- Rem didn't check in with a suitcase. Where did the PJs & robe come from?
- The jacket belonging to Dr. Marcus that Ivan finds in his bed has red bloodstains. By now those stains should have been brown.
- Paul Reiser was wonderful. The woman playing Nurse Blackell was very good too.
- Rem makes fun of Dr. Wicker's yellow tie, but wears them himself in later eps
- When Rem switches the connections on the sleep machines so he can leave, his machine is pumping out reams of paper, but the other machine's paper output is not moving

by everglade68   (Fri Jan 19 2007 21:28:40 ) 

Mickey, you sure you got everything? Nice job. 

I too picked up on the yellow tie comment, funny really because he wore a yellow tie in "Thou Shall not Steele". 
Of course, he looks pretty good in them.

Know what I found strange about this clinic, that apparently no
one works the night shift. Those halls were completely empty, and
if this is a sleep clinic, night is the busiest time for the

Surprised that Laura was so easily caught off guard when questioned 
by the other doctor. If you go undercover as a doctor, you need to
have a story ready when they ask you about your medical background.

I noticed for the first time that RS sure wears a lot of blue clothes.
His light blue pajamas here, blue robes in other episodes, etc. We don't 
need to see him in blue to appreciate his blue eyes.

Didn't like Laura's white tie at all, and she sure wears it for a long period of time.

And what a great surprised for Laura, a man is cooking dinner for her.
What can be sexier than a great looking guy who can cook? 



by brenda_grace2u   (Sat Jan 20 2007 08:11:00 ) 

After comparing my notes to Mickey's post, it would appear that I stole all my stuff from her.....but I promise I didn't. LOL (Great Steele minds think alike)

First of all, I can't say enough about how great Paul Reiser was in this episode as the unforettable Ivan the terrible!! And I agree that the "I will NOT fall asleep...I will NOT fall asleep" line is classic! How could anyone NOT love Ivan??

The blood scene at the beginning was SO VERY fake! I know,..I know..."The blood isn't real on Remington Steele", but come on that looked like red water!! LOL

This episode was chalk FULL of GREAT dialogue!! Almost every line was a masterpiece. Mickey already did such a great job of recapping, that I will restrain myself. =)

I thought Laura played Doctor pretty well considering the short notice on the case. I'm still trying to figure out where she came up with all those great anatomy terms while examining the bad guy. And the water pitcher "sample" cup was hysterical. "Maybe if I had a few more cups of coffee" INDEED!

I also really liked the suspense of Laura being chased through the halls late at night. I've seen the episode many times and it still gets my heart pumping. The clicking of her heels on the floor while the shadow approaches...great stuff.

Exactly what Union do lock pickers belong to? =) Is it limited to only lock picking or do they also cover safe crackers and alarm disablers? HA What ever the case I'm sure our Mr. Steele is a card carrying member!

I couldn't help wondering what Murphy and Bernice were up to. Poor Murphy didn't even get to fetch the autopsy reports this time.

And finally...saving the best for last...relationship developement!!

I know many will disagree with me, but I will always consider this the "first kiss" episode and well as several other milestones met. Laura has finally crossed a line in her head. Remington is no longer just a figure head but a partner and a team member. She has at last decided to give him a shot, both professionally and personaly. WOO HOO She is letting down her defenses and letting him in more and more.

And much to Remingtons delight, he is seeing the cracks in her armor and taking advantage of every one of them. Who could resist the sight of Remington in his jammies??? Not me that's for sure!!

The kiss - I love every part of it! The fact that Laura initiated it. The way he was suddenly WIDE AWAKE. The dip. Laura's "ta da" arm wave. And the "Time for dessert Mr. Steele" line couldn't have been better. 

This episode turned a big corner to me. Every one involved had found their stride. From acting, directing, writing, filming, casting, all of them really started to click and from here, it just keeps getting better and better!!


by Xenos1981   (Sat Jan 20 2007 08:48:53 )

Ah, yes! Such a wonderful episode. (It was written by Lee Zlotoff, who also gave us "Red Holt Steele" and "Thou Shalt Not Steele". Great writer, our Mr. Zlotoff.) I remember seeing this episode as a kid and LOVING it! It had all the ingredients I loved most about RS...Pierce...romance...mystery...Pierce... It also scared the heck out of me! How creepy was the music? Couple that with Laura wandering around the darkened hospital halls and I was hiding under my afghan. (Hey, it was the 80s...I had an afghan! Who didn't?!) And the cadaver scene where you can kind of make out the dead man's genitalia? Totally made be blush! 

Watching it now, I only appreciate the episode more. The writing...The acting...The guest stars...The directing...Top notch! It hooked me in right from the beginning. And then when Remington started cooking...*sigh*! (Oh, to have a man who can cook and not burn his eyebrows off. Right, Lissa?! LOL!) Is there no end to this man's perfection?!?! Mick, you are right...He looked delectable in his casual clothes. Even the apron was a turn-on for me!!! (Go figure!) Best line: After Laura's initial shock of having a man -- THIS man -- cook for her and says she doesn't know what to say, Remington comes back with "Say 'yes' and let me make up the question." (HELLO, LAURA..."Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!!" Sheez!) If any other man had said that, I probably would have cringed and rolled my eyes. Yet, when HE says it...*sigh*!!!

Loved all the romance in this episode. (Sorry, Ace...Gotta have my romance for me to consider it being a great episode! LOL!) Especially love that Laura initiates a lot of it. Found it particularly funny that Remington went to Laura's bed because it was the only place he could actually get some sleep. Poor Remington! Loved Laura's reaction that they can't do this now. Hmmmm....She seems to actually be entertaining the idea of them "crossing that line...taking that step...turning that corner". 

Paul Reiser was great...As were the rest of the guest stars. (If you want to see a really funny, train-wreck kind of Paul Reiser movie, watch "One Night At McCool's". Cringed and laughed through the whole movie...And the last scene made me CRY it was so funny!) Rhona -- God love her -- trying to score with Remington. *giggle* Dr. Wicker's exchange with Dr. Holt -- so great! Love how Laura wiggles her way out of that situation.

Yes, indeed...A wonderful episode. So much more to say, but I'll let someone else comment now.


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68   (Sun Jan 21 2007 21:28:20 ) 

"Even the apron was a turn-on for me!!!"

Ah come on Xenos, I know you well by now! EVERYTHING about PB turns
you on. In fact, I dare you to come up with something about the 
man that you don't like. Of course, his appearance in his latest
movie doesn't count.


by picac   (Mon Jan 22 2007 15:02:43 ) 

I love this episode and it begins what I consider maybe the best three episodes in a row -- Good Night/Hearts/To Stop and by now the show is really in it's groove.

It's the first episode where we don't see either Murphy or Bernice. It's also the first time Laura actively pursues Steele's help on a case. This is followed up in Hearts and also her wanting to involve him in Stop. Why not Murphy? Is he away on another case, actually having a private life on the weekend or is Steele now just the first person Laura thinks of when she thinks undercover. ;)

This episode is filled with great lines, most already quoted and fabulous guest stars. As much as I like Reiser here (he's wonderful) my favorite from this group is the actor that plays Bickerman. He's fantastic -- you can feel his palpable anger at the sleepers (understandable) and his look when Laura draws the line on that container -- priceless . I even feel sympathy for him at the end when he tells how he got into this predicament -- I'd feel more though if he was knocking off his bosses and not innocent (Ok slightly naughty) medical personnel. Nurse Rachet/Blackwell it also excellent -- very scary and I concur with Steele's sentiments that they should give serious consideration to framing her. Rona is also good as are the Drs.

Steele in jeans, Steel in an apron, Steele cooking, Steele in his pajamas and robe -- doesn't get much better than that. ;)

"I don't want to sleep with you, I just want to sleep with you" --- in the only safe place he knows -- Laura's bed (which is kind of sad -- he should NOT be safe there. ;-))

Steele taking 5 minutes to get through a hospital standard and his mentioning the "Union" -- LOL

This show is effectively eerie -- the first murder on screen is chilling even with the too red blood and Laura being stalked though the halls and her fighting off her attacker -- very eerie and her being strangled is very : reminiscent of Tempered Steele though this time she didn't need Steele looking for a pencil to rescue her.

And the kiss -- very nice. I don't consider it the first kiss -- that will always be Steele Waters -- but it's been a long time between kisses -- almost half a season and this is one Laura very playfully initiates. Though it was pretty naughty of her to fully wake him up after almost lulling him to sleep. ;-)

"But as Buddha once said-"


"Oh was it- Kurt Vonnegut? At any rate, he said, 'Be careful of what you pretend to be- because-- you - are what you pretend to be."

How apropos on multiple levels. This line has as much or more to do with Steele becoming Steele than it does with him becoming a raving insomniac. 

by Xenos1981   (Mon Jan 22 2007 21:52:07 ) 

I was wondering where your comments were, Ace! Glad you posted them. Zinger?!?! A-hem?!?! PianoRose?!?! Neeners?!?! Lissa?!?! (Don't make me ground you!) Sgniwo?!?! (Though you're excused because you've been doing videos.) Lori?!?! Belinda?!?! Everyone?!?! Waiting!!!


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by Xenos1981   (Mon Jan 22 2007 22:09:15 ) 

Ah come on Xenos, I know you well by now! EVERYTHING about PB turns 
you on. In fact, I dare you to come up with something about the 
man that you don't like.
OK, Isabel. I'll take that dare. I don't, crap! You win! (The man IS perfect, after all! *sigh*)


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by SteeleLoveIt   (Mon Jan 22 2007 22:52:52 ) 

This is why I love lurking (and occasionally posting!) on this board and especially love re-watching the shows with these great posts in mind. I've seen this episode more times than I can count and just love the exchange about Buddha and Kurt Vonnegut but stupidly never even saw the deeper meaning. A particularly great observation among many great observations!
by DCZinger   (Tue Jan 23 2007 06:43:25 ) 

The commennts have all been covered quite well here, Xenos. You know I HATE to waste board space on "I agree with you" or posts that regurgitate what was stated only a few posts ago. Count on me to comment on Hearts of Steele, though. 


Steele Fan since October 1, 1982. 

by pianoRose   (Wed Jan 24 2007 14:00:07 ) 

This was (I think) only the second time I've watched this episode so I had forgotten who was the bad guy. Everyone wrote such good comments I'm left with sounding cranky! But I have to say that Laura pretending to be a doctor and checking out Bickerman (while funny --yes, I laughed!)REALLY bothered me. I'm sure that since he was the bad guy and the only patient she appeared to hold herself out to as a doctor the writers thought it didn't matter. But they could have easliy gotten around the ethical questions by having Laura pretend to be Steele's personal doctor and getting Lindstrom to redo the tests. But then I know we wouldn't have had the funny scene so I know SUSPEND disbelief. (But who knows maybe they could have created an even funnier scene.) (Just have to add it was holding herself out to a patient as a doctor that bothered me---not to any other personnel.)

I loved the personal moments between Steele and Laura in this show. They seemed so comfortable together.

"What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork."

by TeenSteele   (Thu Jan 25 2007 01:34:58 ) 

I love this episode and it begins what I consider maybe the best three episodes in a row -- Good Night/Hearts/To Stop
*sigh* And I whole-heartedly agree.... Hearts is my personal favorite. 

Anywaaaays, been really busy these past few weeks, what with exams here,there,flying about... it's hard to have a moment to myself! So, my comments on this weeks eppy are as follows:

"Daayum, that was good."

Oh, P.S. watching this when I was a few years younger scared the pants off of me... (hehe I know who would get xenos' pants off...........*cough*PIERCE*cough*) and I congratulate them on a job well done for sound/imagery editing. VERY effective.

Until later, ladies of steele

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
BoaW 08/07

by Xenos1981   (Thu Jan 25 2007 17:10:52 ) 
Oh, TeenSteele...You know me so well!  Looking forward to your comments on Hearts of Steele!


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

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