Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist
SOTW: Episode #14- Hearts Of Steele
by Xenos1981   (Thu Jan 25 2007 17:21:50 ) 
OMG, OMG, OMG!!! "HEARTS OF STEELE", ladies!!! The episode that made us all want to be a Peppler, too! And just so you know...I expect more than 13 measly little posts like on "A Good Night's Steele" (four of which were mine)! Get out your paper and pencils and watch it Neeney style!


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

P.S. I promise I won't post until after you, Zinger.

by jrdedrick (Thu Jan 25 2007 20:11:40 ) 
Neeney style eh? Can I just say that I LOVE this episode and leave it at that? 


by lissa_erin14   (Thu Jan 25 2007 20:27:04 ) 

I may have to get out my notebook.

"Mom,usually your hair is sort of frazzled."

by DCZinger   (Fri Jan 26 2007 16:35:30 ) 

Okay, Xenos...I'll get the ball rolling...

Oh, How I LOVE this episode...definitely in my Top 10, as probably in many of us Steelie's Top Ten. 

Excellent script. Excellent direction from Bob Butler. First rate performances from Steph and Pierce. Great guest stars. We even have our first tast of Guy Boyd, who came back as Major Descoine in Season Two. We also see the actress playing Mrs. Peppler ( Whoops! I meant Mrs. Marcall!  ) again in Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele. 

What gets your pulse going with this is Laura and Remington playing a married couple. However, before you start thinking romance, we find out that they are playing a DIVORCING married couple. Bob and Judy Peppler ( guess she watched the Dr. Pepper commercial too many times.) Remington's disdain of the name "Bob" reminds me of Pierce's Inside the Actor's Studio 2002 interview, when he recounted to James Lipton how as a kid he hated the name Pierce, wanting to be a "Frank" or "Joe". LOL.

Too, too many prime lines or moments....but to name a few...Laura's "Peppler" line in the beginning. Her "Men, men, MEN!". Steele's drunken "Women! I've known FISH that were more faithful" and his "I rather enjoyed being a Peppler". James Read's smiling face at a drunken Laura. Steele trying, but failing, to toss a few breath mints into his mouth. A drunken Steele showing up at the Marcal's door. There is also a wonderful rendition of "Satisfaction", sung by the drunken Laura...that is cut from the DVD's due to song rights (Phoeey on the Wolf Network") , but the scene IS available to see on Ace's excellent site, the Pierce Brosnan Files. 

I didn't like how Laura was unnecessarily cruel in her comments to Mr. Steele about him NOT being a real detective, and I'm glad that Murphy sets her straight. He should know. 

Oh, Xenos, YOU BETCHA that I would have shared that bottle of wine with Mr. Peppler, if he'd showed up at my doorstep! 

Costumes: I just LOVE that silly golfing outfit they put on Pierce. Looooved Laura's grey vintage suit she wears, as well as the blue suit she sports in Mrs. Marcal's hospital room. I'm also cringing at the 70's decor of the Marcall's house. 


Steele Fan since October 1, 1982. 

by dtalley   (Fri Jan 26 2007 17:09:35 ) 

>We also see the actress playing Mrs. Peppler again in Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele. 

Uh, the actress playing Mrs. Peppler was Stephanie. But yes, she *is* in "Dancer, Prancer..."


by Xenos1981   (Fri Jan 26 2007 17:52:13 ) 

Zinger meant Mrs. Marcall...Who indeed shows up in "Dancer, Prance, Donner and Steele" as Allison Greene. Good catch, Zing!

Neeners...No, it is NOT enough to say you love this episode. I expect a full-blown post from you, girlfriend!!!

Xenos (who's going to see Seraphim Falls with fellow SteeleWatchers in Chicago on Saturday...WOO-HOO!!!)

Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by TeenSteele   (Fri Jan 26 2007 18:27:07 ) 

oh you can count on the best darn tootin post you have ever seen (from me anyways...) I could do my post right now without even watching it hehe 

ANYHOOS, I am heading out, I shall return home later and watch... and post!

"Shame about the divorce..."

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
BoaW 08/07

by jrdedrick (Fri Jan 26 2007 23:47:25 ) 

As ordered by Xenos (just kidding!  you know I love you Xen! ) and without further adieu-- here are my notes! Ba-duh-duh-da! All though may I say, I still do NOT know what it is that you all love about them, I mean they are JUST notes......

Did I mention that I just LOVE this episode??? First question–wouldn’t Mrs. Marcall KNOW that her husband didn’t drink (anymore?) I mean the bimbos (excuse me the WOMEN) did and they hated him! And what would poisoning/killing Mr. Marcall accomplish for Mrs. Marcall anyway? 

Loved the comedic part of Laura. Not something we got to see very much. 

“Come on where’s your sense of humor?”

“I’m wearing it. Must one truly parade around in loud pants to play this game?”

“Wouldn’t want anybody to mistake you for a tree now would we?” 

Laura looks just thrilled (NOT) that she gets to hang around with Retta. 

Yes- R has a better idea, and that Murphy interviewing the women would be so ordinary. Love the improv in front of the court. The slaps were great and the ANIMAL really sells it all! 

Do the ladies hang around the courthouse looking for women who have been worked over by Marcall?

None of them will drink with Rem later but they’re having drinks with their Mexican food? 

“That’s Rem-bert. Robert. My ex. You can’t have him....not yet.” (Did anybody wanna yell NOT EVER! at this point? )

I love how Murphy and Bernice and Remington are all waiting for Laura to come back to the office. To bad the song was cut out of this episode, it only adds to the comedic scene. M & R are fighting over how to get her home and L is having none of it! “MEN.......collect ‘em, trade ‘em ....” I’d have loved to hear the REST of that rant!

Mr. Marcall has a really nice car. One question about the noise though....he’s so concerned about his wife knowing (or not knowing as the case may be) but didn’t he notice that she wasn’t in bed? I mean unless they were by that time sleeping in separate rooms, I’d have thought he’d be concerned that she heard it too, or wondered where she would be at that time of night. And did the mechanic really come at that time of night to re-do the gear shifter?

When the car goes over the cliff when exactly is Rem thrown out? We don’t see him being thrown out even when the top is popped open. 

Love how when he wants to know who Megan is he describes her “as the short one with the big rack. I heard that from Murphy!”

And of course Murphy having to retort, “When did you ever hear me say ‘short one with the ...’ and Laura immediately jumping in to agree with Remington.

Was it just me or did anybody else get confused as to why Beth got divorced? I mean the lawyer didn’t stick a gun to their heads and tell them to get divorced or else. She says she doesn’t even know. Sounds like she should have stuck to her guns and not gotten divorced.

Did Laura drive to Marcall’s office drunk or did she take the limo? Love the “Mr. Farcall” line. Of course everybody recognized Guy Boyd (our beloved Major Descoine, in later eps). He did a BAD job dying in this one though....LOL

Is there really a brand of wine called St. Jacques DuPar? Even if the women didn’t drink, did he have to drink all the wine by himself? Love how Fred tries to keep a straight face after Remington stumbles into the limo.

And on to my favorite scene (did I happen to mention that I LOVE this episode?). This scene is sooo sweet! “Women.......”

“What are you doing all the way up there?”

It’s so sweet when she pulls his head into her lap and strokes his hair. SIGH. And his line, “You look just lovely upside down.”

“All the drunks say that.”

And then they start to kiss....awwww......and the phone starts to ring! I mean, darn that phone anyway.....didn’t it know they were having a “moment”?

Kind of wonderful the way he snuck his arm around huh? 

Is it just me or do the dogs not really shut up when Mrs. Marcall tells them to? Seems like they kept barking and carrying on, just not as much.

How exactly do mouthwash, eye drops and Alka Seltzer help a hang over? I can see the reason for calling Murphy and Laura into the office but did he really have to call poor Bernice in just to bring the pastries? He should have picked some up on the way in when he was getting his mouthwash that he didn’t shop around on.

Love how excited Remington is when he thinks he’s “got it”. Love how he tries to prove each woman’s part in the attempts.

Murder on the Orient Express- Albert Finney, Lauren Bacall, Vanessa Redgrave, Michael York, Ingrid Bergman, Jacqueline Bisset and Anthony Perkins-Paramount 1974

And just to re-iterate did I mention that I LOVE this episode? LOL And to end it off, “Isn’t love lovely?”

Now if you’re still reading this......then I applaud you for sticking in so long! Have a great weekend!

by everglade68   (Sat Jan 27 2007 07:54:33 ) 

Neeney, just one question, did you love this episode?

I loved your notes, and yes I read ALL of them. Thank you.


by brenda_grace2u   (Sat Jan 27 2007 08:50:42 ) 

Until I read Neeney's post, I hadn't realized how many "refrigerator moments" there are in this one. What DID Mrs. Marcall expect to gain by killing her husband? Maybe he had a great life insurance policy, but his lawyer days would certainly be over if he were dead. And why were the ladies so willing to drink with each other, but not with Robert Peppler? Good job Neeney, I didn't catch any of that. LOL

And Zinger.....good eye on the Dancer, Prancer, cross over. I had never noticed that one before.

And now, my Neeney Notes:

I WANT to be a Peppler TOO!!! Oh how I love this episode....let me count the ways.

Is is just me or did the actress playing Angela look an awful lot like Loretta Switt? I know it wasn't her, but she sure could be a cousin or sister. 

During the "I'm a peppler, you're a peppler" exchange Laura also says..."No matter what happens, it is imparative that you and I stay together." I'd like to think she meant that on a bigger scale than just this one case. 

Another great Laura moment: 

"How many strokes is that for this hole? 22?"

"23, if we don't count the times you missed the ball,.......and we won't".

I loved the fight scene in front of the courthouse. Talk about your latent hostiliaty!! Laura enjoyed that just a wee bit too much for Remington. LOL

"He's MINE, you can't have him". Yes Neeney, I too was thinking...not now or EVER!!

The drunk/hungover scenes are the best part of this episode IMO. Something not mentioned yet....Remington and Murphy pressing the elevator button with Laura's heel. 

I also really liked the "Give me a Prayer" exchange. It was just so sweet and intimate. And I loved how he covered her mouth then gently tapped her chin.

I noticed that Laura played with Remington's hair a lot in this one. First with his head in her lap, then again while he drunkenly slept in her car. I don't know exactly what it is, but there is something very sexy about that. I wish they would have done that more throughout the series. 

I do think Laura should have appologized for the "Real Detectives" crack. Remington was clearly hurt by it, and she really should have told him she was sorry.

"Murder on the Orient Express" is one of my all time favorite movies. And it was a great theory....wrong...but a great connection to the case. LOL 

And last but certainly not least. The best line, in an episode with FANTASTIC lines, goes to:

"Do you have any idea the price one pays for abusing alcohol the way I did last night? $10.77 although, I didn't shop around, probably could have done better on the mouthwash." 

No matter how many times I hear that line it still makes me smile. 

Before the DVD releases, Season 1 was not one of my favorites, but now it has quickly become my favorite season and this episode is a great example of why. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind when we get to Season 2. LOL


by DCZinger   (Sat Jan 27 2007 10:04:14 ) 

What did Mrs. Marcall have to gain by bumping off her husband? Well, she was totally PISSED at him for quitting law just as her investment was starting to pay off. Try divorcing the BEST divorce attorney in LA and see what that'll get you! She easily could have joined the "girls" at one of their soirees. So we have a one very angry woman who didn't want to give up her lucrative lifestyle and couldn't divorce her husband. How's THAT for motive? If she killed him and it looked like an accident, she'd be sitting pretty with ALL of Marcall's money...certainly enough to afford a decorator to redo her 70's monstrosity of home decor!

I'm with YOU, Laura should apologize for her "real detective" crack, AND they should have had her mussing his hair a lot more.


Steele Fan since October 1, 1982. 

by everglade68   (Sat Jan 27 2007 10:15:26 ) 

"Do you have any idea the price one pays for abusing alcohol the way I did last night? $10.77 although, 
I didn't shop around, probably could have done better on the mouthwash." 

With the cost of inflation, $10.77 would be what today?

Brenda, loved your "Neeney's notes". 

Has anyone mentioned Laura's singing "Satisfaction" yet, other than the
scene was deleted in the DVD. I was lucky to get a tape of the original
show and watched it with this scene. It is, of course, my favorite scene
of the show. It is always great to see Laura a little bit wild, ah
maybe her real self coming out for a change.

And I agree with everyone that this is a great episode. It is probably in 
my top 10, though I have never actually made a list of my favorites.

Oh, I too liked Laura's playing with Remington's hair. Maybe it was not 
done more because PB didn't want his hair messed up, after all he has
to look good for his fans.

Brenda, I have always thought that Season 1 was the best one of the series.
However, Season two and four have more romantic moments I think.


by DCZinger   (Sat Jan 27 2007 11:08:47 ) 

Isabel, in my post I mention the "Satisfaction" clip that was CUT by the idiots at the Wolf Network. 

Yes, it's always wonderful watching Laura's "wild side" come out of her tightly controlled professional exterior. Part of her charm. I also love her "Collect 'em, Trade em Rant as Remington and Murphy use her heel to punch the elevator button. God, I would have LOVED to have been on the set when they filmed that scene. 

Two drinks in 27 years? Ahem...Laura...I think you've had a LOT more than two drinks in 27 years....Remember Pepe's in Acapulco? The Fan dance? 

BTW, this show first aired on January 28, 1983...our Miss Holt's 27th birthday. 


Steele Fan since October 1, 1982. 

by everglade68   (Sat Jan 27 2007 11:22:03 ) 

Yes Zinger, I read your excellent post and your comments about the "Satisfaction Scene". 
What I meant to write was that it was my
most favorite scene of the show.

Question here, Miss Holt was 27 years old in 1/28/83? So SZ was 
playing an older woman eh? Hard to do when she always looks so
much younger than her real age.

And Zinker who are you kidding, you would have LOVED to been on the 
set for ANY scene that included our couple.


by DCZinger   (Sat Jan 27 2007 11:25:18 ) 

LOL, Isabel..Yeah..Steph was playing an "older" woman. As was Pierce...Steele's fictional birthday ( according to the passport they gave him) 9/6/52...PB's actual birthday 5/16/53. As Mr. Steele cheerfully says in "License"---"Oh, I can age on demand!"


Steele Fan since October 1, 1982. 

by jrdedrick (Sat Jan 27 2007 14:20:23 ) 

I sort of mentioned the original scene, Isabel. And hey, if they can successfully play older, more power to em I say!


by MickeyBoggs   (Sat Jan 27 2007 19:37:51 ) 

Started at 10,000 ft, continued at 33,000 feet and finished at a mere 331 ft above sea level, here's my Hearts of Steele report...which repeats a LOT of what others have said.

This is one of my favorite Season One eps...written by Glenn Caron & directed by Bob Butler.

Memorable Stuff

- Shades of S5: Laura being pushed back to play golf with Loretta, when she's both the better player and the better detective.
- Another great "talking over each other" scene - the argument as they put the golf clubs into the Rabbit
- The women all drooling over Remington at the Mexican restaurant.
- Laura coming in drunk & singing "Satisfaction" (even if we can't hear it on the DVDs!) Remington & Murphy's amusement at a tipsy Laura. The way Remington used the heel of her shoe to call for the elevator.
- Remington's delight in making loud noises when Laura has a hangover
- The palpable relief both feel when the car *doesn't* blow up and the fear Laura displays until she see's Steele was able to get out of the car before it crashed.
- Laura's comic drunken disgust when Marcall tells her someone set fire to the house when Loretta was there alone. As Remington comes in the door, he keeps her from falling without missing a beat.
- Fred's amusment at a tipsy Remington when they leave Megan's house.
- The whole "Women" speech/scene. Love the way she absently runs her fingers through his hair!
- Laura swearing off alcohol...doesn't last more than an episode or two.
- The sweet "isn't love lovely" scene towards the end where Laura leans her head against Remington's shoulder

Character Development

- After Remington tees off and the shot is a good one, Laura gives him a look that says "what other hidden skills do you have?"
- Remington shows initiative in doing actual detective work when he comes up with the more dramatic method of getting the other ex-wives' attention.
- Laura's pleasure in saying "he's mine, you can't have him"
- Laura's not sure if Steele is brave or crazy to check out Marcall's car for a bomb. She also displays a very real fear that he's going to get himself blown up.
- Laura's regret at coming down so hard on Remington when he tries to pitch an idea on a way to solve the case.
- Remington actually doing legwork...trying to get each of the women to confess.
- Even hung over, Remington actually gets into the office before Laura.

Favorite lines

R: I'm sorry, but it's bad enough being a "Bob", but to add insult to injury with "Peppler"...
L: C'mon, where's your sense of humor?
R: I'm wearing it. Must one truly parade around in loud pants to play this game?
L: Wouldn't want anyone to mistake you for a tree, now would we?
L: You just missed him!
Janet: I know, dammit! One of these days he's gonna zig and then I'm gonna zig and we're both gonna make headlines!
Megan: (re: Marcall & Steele) My goodness! What's that with him and is it taken yet?!
L: That's Rem- bert. Robert. My ex. My ex-to-be. It's mine. You can't have him. Not yet.
Beth: You're divorcing him?
Janet: I think Judy's ready for something in the vodka family.
The whole "Men" speech- The ad lib as Murphy and Rem carry Laura on to the elevator: "Trophies for your mantlepiece! Collect 'em, trade 'em...."
L: Must you gloat so loudly?
R: The short one with the big rack? I learned that from Murphy.
R: If Miss Holt calls, Fred, um....
F: Lie, sir?
R: Well put! Well put! Treat yourself to an oil and grease job, Fred, and keep up the good work.
R: Oh Laura, don't leave me on the floor like this!
R: Do you have any idea the price one pays for abusing alcohol the way I did last night?
L: No, what is the price one pays for abusing alcohol the way you did last night?
R: $10.77. But then again, I didn't shop around. I probably could have done better on the mouthwash.

Hair & Clothing

- Love Laura's suit she's wearing outside the courthouse and at the Mexican restaurant. Her hair looks fabulous in that scene too.
- Both of them look good in the gray wool suits they wear to the Marcalls' house for the first time
- Don't like Laura's hair in the scene in the Italian restaurant
- Love the blue suit Laura wears when she goes to visit Loretta. She also looks great in the next scene with the white blouse and brown pants.
- Remington looks great in just about any suit he wears. It's just not FAIR!

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- Steph gets to show off her great golf swing
- Loretta Marcall (Alexandra Borrie) shows up again as Allison Greene in Dancer, Prancer, Donner & Steele
- As the car drives up and almost hits Malcom, you can see the passenger throw up her hands as though she's afraid the car will hit him.
- Laura & Janet just miss hitting Malcom, but then all the scenery they pass by is purely residential instead of urban, like the courthouse
- There's no way Steele would have been able to eject from Marcall's car if it crashed as shown.
- I had never noticed that in the scene in the Italian restaurant, Laura's put her "wedding" ring on the breadstick and is sliding it back & forth.
- Guy Boyd's first appearance on the show. His character, Simpson, dies after drinking the wine.
- When talking to Megan, Remington refers to his attorney as Malcom Markle. He does the same thing in the scene where the would-be murderer is unmasked.
- I'm not sure the dogs were ever actually on the set at the same time as the actors.

by TeenSteele   (Sun Jan 28 2007 02:12:12 ) 


One of my all time favorite episodes, most likely top 3. I love the drunkenness, I love the divorcedness and I love the fact that this episode is just so darn good. 
Also, I just realized as I watched... does anybody else narrate along with Laura during the title sequence? I'm totally guilty  hehe

To whomever said that "(gloved) hand killer at the beginning of the show is always a woman" well hats off to you... even though this was quite obviously a woman haha

This is probably one of the episodes that I could watch everyday and not get bored of, soo, I must confess, I watched this twice. Once for notes, and once for the sake of watching it and for a double dosage of pierce ogling 

I shall try to edit my notes to try and not repeat anything already stated a billion times  I know, you can thank me later.....

Hearts of Steele

Loretta and Laura playing golf was painfully hilarious... especially for Laura after waiting 23 strokes...

I LOVELOVELOVED watching them fight outside of the courthouse. 
R "Oh, very good"
M "I've had a lot of practice..."

Also, notice the way she fends for her property a little too much for just a "professional" relationship?? "he's mine.. you can't have him" 

Ah, Drunk Laura, we meet again and it is certainly a pleasure. 
Murphy and Steele carrying Laura out of the office together, which I think is a nice subtle reminder of their ever so subtle and careful relationship with one another. Very rarely do we see Remy and Murph taking the initiative with Laura (well very rarely do we see Laura drunk haha)

I too wondered why Malcolm failed to notice that loretta wasn't there beside him in bed...? 

The whole exchange of "gimme a prayer" scene. I would type it all up but I'm feeling lazy especially since I'm not even halfway done my notes...

AAAAAAAH, he looks SOSOSO hot this episode, even MORE so than usual!!!!!

the whole "short one with the big rack" comment proves further how steele and murph really interact in this episode :)

I love how malcolm thinks they're all drunks hehe, but I love even more how Steele holds up Laura in marcal's office 

I don't usually mention this sort of thing (mostly because I don't really care..) but Laura's hair looked really great during the hospital scene

Steele is sexy, sensitive, smart and sophisticated. I really hate how Laura shoots him down with the "go back to the part where you're not a real detective" 

More evidence of a murphy/steele relationship when murphy stands up for him 
"I'm one of those guys who believes you can't be too rich, you can't be too thin and you can't come down too hard on that guy... But yeah, I think you did"

"what if I threatened to.. ravish you?" um, yes please!

Steele is right! what kinds of friends does "Judy" have?!

Drunk Steele Office Scene!!!!! perhaps one of my favorites EVER!
He looks devastatingly gorgeous lying on the floor in this scene. Won't go over what's already been said but maaaaan, I "rather enjoyed being a Pepplar" 
If Laura had ANY morals whatsover she would have carried home that drunk steele and taken advantage of him right then and there, that was basically as good as an "i love you" 

And you NOTICE how she caresses his hair? (I think someone said that already but oh well..) So natural, so perfect, they fit together so perfectly.

And, perhaps two of my favorite quotes:

"Never could skate -- weak ankles"
"Kind of wonderful the way I snuck my arm around eh?" 

SEE!?! She brushes his hair away in the car!

Steele looks really cute in his little leather jacket 

I love how Laura strings him on with a "suffice to say we both ended up on the floor" hehe

another steele/murph subtlety with the:
"run with it?"
"He's been watching football again" hehe

finally, love how Steele jumps on the table at the end of the ep, away from the dogs


So, apparently the dogs enjoy barking when someone comes to the door, and when they come in... so explain to me how they had fancy partys that "spilled onto the beach" .. if the dogs would always bark at the guests.. eh

All in all, I just love this episode so much. UGH, its so good, makes me love this show even more.

Anyways I'm tired, so I shall be off. Hope you all enjoyed my notes... they took up four pages

Cheers to all, and to all... cheers!

The End

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
BoaW 08/07

by pianoRose   (Sun Jan 28 2007 14:21:05 ) 

Just for the record...I posted TWICE on the last episode. Unfortunately, only my cranky post came thru...the positive one didn't and I didn't feel like rewriting it but it was positive!

ALERT! This was the first time I've ever seen this one! I thought it was very well done all the way through. I started to write notes then just got caught up in watching and didn't write. Oh, well the rest of you have done a spendid job in that department.

I love the looks on Murphy's and Steele's faces when Laura came in the office drunk. Murphy looked amused (I thought it was the look of big brother amused at little sister and not a guy in love) and Steele's confused look of I thought I knew her. ( Still a good scene but obviously better and funnier with the cut scene.)

I laughed when Laura tripped over the plant as they walked to Malcolm's front door. Just underdone the right amount---could almost miss it.

Why did we all like the drunk scenes so much? Weren't they just so believable? They both handled it so well. I once heard an actor say that playing a believable drunk is a challenge and if you can do well then you are a good actor. Pierce coming into the office drunk---the picture of perfect drunkeness...heheheh

It seemed to me though maybe I'm just not seeing it that there wasn't sexual tension per se in this episode. It was very pleasant (not that sexual tension isn't) but I saw more of a comfortableness and caring between the two (for example when Laura pulls his jacket over his shoulders and brushed a lock of hair out of the way.) Even the scene on the floor and the scene where she says they ended up on the floor are more cute than pushing into dangerous territory.

Ok, when Laura is seated on the floor and bends over to kiss Remington I thought that's not going to work or at least not be that comfortable. I think that was the only scene that I had a thought like that. Otherwise I just watched merrily along. No doubt when I watch again I may find some head scratchers. OK, may the wife's motive seemed a bit weak to me. I mean he seemed to care about her so why didn't she just tell him she didn't want to move?

"What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork."

by everglade68   (Sun Jan 28 2007 20:30:08 ) 


Loved your post, your are wise beyond your years.


by TeenSteele   (Sun Jan 28 2007 23:03:50 ) 

Hey, thanks everglade :)im glad you enjoyed it, and congrats on reading the whole thing 

ALERT! This was the first time I've ever seen this one!
BLASPHEMY!!!!!! But I am however glad that you enjoyed the ep pianorose..

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
BoaW 08/07

by pianoRose   (Mon Jan 29 2007 10:24:05 ) 

Let me explain teenSteele. The first time I ever saw RS was when it was running on PAX so 6 - 7 years ago. Even then I didn't start to watch on a regular basis until they had reached the 2nd or 3rd season. I did see a few 1st season when they started it over but I never did see all of the first. I still have to watch season 5 and report on my impressions on that. When I bought the entire set of dvd's this fall I didn't start with season 1 but with the ones I was familiar with. So it's been rather fun to see episodes that I've never seen and compare my reaction with the more seasoned fans here.

"What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork."

by everglade68   (Mon Jan 29 2007 13:36:23 ) 

Oh pianoRose you have not seen them all? You have lots of willpower then.
I would see Season one in the order they were aired, I think that would
let you see how the relationship develops.

And yes, I am waiting for your comments on Season Five.


by pianoRose   (Tue Jan 30 2007 07:34:24 ) 
Nope haven't seen them all. Quite by accident actually. I watched the later seasons because those were the ones I remembered and then when I was ready to go to season one it was close to Oct 1 the original air date so I suggested here to start the weekly viewing beginning with season 1. Since I hadn't seen most of season 1 before it's been fun to wait to watch the next one just as it aired. It gives a different perspective than being able to watch all at once I think.

I haven't forgotten Isabel that you want to hear what I think about season 5. I am curious as to what I might think too! I am keeping an open mind about it.
I am waiting for time to devote to watching them all.

"What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork."

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