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SOTW: Episode #15- To Stop A Steele
by Xenos1981    (Thu Feb 1 2007 17:57:57 ) 

Another week flew by way too fast! This week's episode is "To Stop A Steele"! (Another good one!) Start posting, ladies...


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by TeenSteele   (Thu Feb 1 2007 19:50:24 ) 

erm...... episode 25? I think you meant 15 

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BoaW 08/07

by pianoRose   (Fri Feb 2 2007 07:52:48 ) 

I thought I had an hour to watch this last night but hubby comes home and wants to vent about work and life! I had fired up the dvd and had only watched those opening preview scenes. Was I excited. I hadn't seen this one either. And it looked GOOD! So I just stayed up late to watch after he went to bed. So I ended up with less than 5 hours of sleep last night but it was worth it! :)

This was sssoooo good. I started to take notes and then just couldn't miss a second so I put the pen done. I loved this episode. I will watch again soon.

My thoughts in random order---

I liked the music in this --reminded me of another ep---maybe Love Among the Steele?

I felt so sorry fo Murphy. He's trying so hard with Laura. He thinks she's infatuated in spite of herself---why wouldn't he think that? She puts Steele down so Murphy wouldn't think it's any more than an infatuation (that will go away if she's not around Steele). I thought it was kind of comical though how he talked to her as if she knew she was just suffering from a temporary affliction that if she tried hard enough she'd get better. I really noticed in this episode how good James Reid is as Murphy. This episode let him shine.

I did love the scene where Steele interrupts Murphy's kiss with Laura and his reaction. Love the tie in at the end and how Murphy tells Bernice that Laura is going to set Steele straight. 

The scene back at the office where Murphy and Steele are arguing and Laura tells them to be quiet-- I was struck by how Pierce used his stance to show equality and control in this three way conversation. His back was to the camera but I sensed it then the camera moves and Murphy is just sorta standing there.

Laura and Murphy go to Singer's house and see a man get out of Singer's car and assume it's Singer. But even on my little 7 inch dvd screen it looked like Steele. ( In fact I was expecting them to shout "It's Mr. Steele!" They had seen the tux in the closet--would it have fit the taller man going into the house? But then I guess I had the benefit of knowing that it was Steele.)

I loved this one--did I say that? It was so well put together. It seemed to me to be the kind of episode that even if you weren't familiar with the show you would enjoy watching because it was so well done.

I'm thinking of several scenes that made me chuckle but I guess I'll end now and what to see what everyone else has to say.

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by everglade68    (Fri Feb 2 2007 14:26:51 ) 

pianoRose, five hours of sleep is not that bad. BTW, I will trade sleep with RS on any night.

Wait, I do that already.


PS When are you going to see Season Five?

by pianoRose   (Fri Feb 2 2007 14:43:28 ) 

I have a couple of projects that I have to finish up then I should have a few hours I can string together. I really want to try to watch all of season 5 with in a few days. So I'm thinking that will be in a couple of weeks. 

Now if dh were to take the kidlets out one afternoon I could have a marathon! But I'm not counting on that.

"What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork."

by nan008    (Fri Feb 2 2007 16:36:10 ) 

This episode is not on top of my list - maybe because I hate to see Laura with another man...

The chase is priceless - I think its the first in history @You're gaining on him- you passed him"

And Mr. Steele - "looked like he walked right out of a cologne ad. Accent and everything." well he does every time but still sound funny Laura should at least have some vague idea that she know the description from somewhere.

First appearance of John Robbie - great impact on Laura

That's the best parts of this episode now the weakest parts

Do not like the beginning too long for me - and the scene when Murphy Laura and Steele discussing the case/relationships

When I first watched the episode I didn't know what is happening I had to watch it 2 times more to get the plot right maybe too many names or I didn't pay much attention to it....

by pianoRose    (Fri Feb 2 2007 17:12:58 ) 

I too have a visceral reaction when seeing Laura with any man other than Steele except Murphy. I think because I find Murphy so likable. If Steele wasn't around I could see them together. I can just imagine that Murphy would be very good to Laura. It seems to me that in some ways Murphy possesses those qualities that Laura says she wants...yet we know that's not all she's attracted to!

"What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork."

by picac  (Fri Feb 2 2007 20:50:16 ) 

I love this episode. The constant near misses as they go along their parallel and intersecting paths on the cases is marvelously scripted and choreographed. The Jewish klezmer influenced music is great. It adds such humor and atmosphere and it fits Morrie. Needless to say, the actor that plays Morrie Singer is wonderful and it’s another first class guest star cast from the main mobster Considine to the guy working at the old folks home. 

The episode is FILLED with great dialogue and we finally get Laura coming right out and telling Murphy that the path he wants isn't going to happen. 

We also see that Steele is able to carry on an investigation independently and has different skills and notices different things that Laura misses as well as visa versa. They only solve the crime when they finally put their pieces together. This carries over into the next episode "Steele Crazy After All These Years" when it expands to a bet. But if they worked together they'd probably have found out what was going on earlier. The competition of course is repeated later in Puzzled where not working together could have proved fatal on a couple of occasions.

The Dog:

“Beware of Dog” “I think they bought the sign first”

“Come on Happy. Surely you haven’t forgotten how to walk” Then Steele using Happy as a speed bump to trip Murphy. LOL!

And Happy is also used as the great segue into Steele saying his not happy after catching Murphy and Laura in a clinch.

The Car:

"How could you let an automobile get into such a condition" – stated by both Steele and Laura.

"We’re gaining on him, we’re gaining on him. We've passed him. What kind of a chase is this? He’s coasting to a stop."

The language:

“I’m here to see Mr. Metal”

“Do you know anything about theft? Professional theft?

“I’ve read a few books on the subject”

Steele’s eye responses while Morrie has his mouth covered with his hand – so funny.

"Morrie, recapitulate the events of the evening for me."

Perhaps it's incumbent upon us to let him know that we received the message."

Pleading holds no sway with me. If it’s been adulterated twice then...

I love the way Mr. Steele speaks and the reactions to it by other people. Here he has to rephrase for Morrie and he has to do that few other times in the series. He spoke like no one else on TV then and it’s why I think "Steele quotes" are so distinctive.

“Then it must be someone we don’t work for” 

"Ah, the unconscionable swine, eh?" "You know, you hurt Mr. Steele."

"*I* hurt him?”.

"Alright, so he can't make a commitment," Laura looks at him before returning to examine Murphy, "but that's no reason you should *fling* his affairs in his face." Laura stops and glares at Morrie. "He *cares* for you young lady. And you would see that if you would stop fooling around with every Tom, Dick and Murphy who comes your way."

"I BEG your pardon?"

"It's not *my* pardon you should beg” "And as for you young man. Be a mensch. Don't beat your boss' time. Get your own girl."

Brilliant dialogue and facial reactions by Murphy and Laura. And Morrie’s right. Laura did hurt Steele and Murphy should get his own girl. Preferably one that knows he’s alive. ;-)

Other stuff:

Both Steele and Laura want to inform the other—and at the same time. After dragging Steele into the last two cases Laura thinks it a shame that he isn’t involved in a jewel robbery – it’s right up his alley – even when the client specifically doesn’t want him. In more ways than one Murphy is being "replaced"

"He thinks we were”

“We were”

Actually they weren’t. That was all Murphy. Laura wasn’t giving any signals that she wanted to kiss Murphy or be kissed. And it’s pretty obvious to everyone but Murphy that she’s not interested but that Laura doesn’t want to discuss it because she doesn’t want to hurt him. They’ve known each other for at least 5 years -- and Murphy has been pining after her ever since and yet Laura “had no idea” though everyone else knows including everyone at Havenhurst. That kind of relationship myopia is almost hard to believe -- especially for a detective. Though we know Laura is much better at figuring out cases than the people around her and her relationships with men I think her myopia is heavily tinged with just not wanting to deal with something that might be emotionally painful. Part of her has to have known but maybe hopes if she doesn't discuss it it will go away. 

I dislike seeing Steele hurt – especially emotionally because he's usually so impervious and guarded so you know he's really hurting when he allows it to show. He's always so "up" and seemingly immune to insult and slight that when one hits home (like in Hearts when Laura says "Let's get back to how you're not a detective") I wince for his pain. 

Mr. Robie’s entrance -- a great bit of physical acting — Steele walking in confidently then turning around quickly and looking sheepish as Laura's confident smugness turns into wide-eyed shock as she spills her coffee.

Fashion & Hair:

Morrie’s frilly shirted tux-- eye gougingly bad and yet perfect for a man with an inert dog and broken down car. 

Laura’s overly fluffy and ratted, brushed back over her forehead helmut hair that looks like it belongs in the mid 60s to a school marm. And after the glory that was her hair in Hearts. Why?????

Steels’ black coat – simply gorgeous especially paired with his grey three piece suit and red tie. Laura’s tan trench coat – blah and it’s not helped when it’s paired with the return of the ugly beige hat from Steele Flying High. Where oh where is the fedora? I do like the beige shirt and sweater near the end though.

Wow, that is unbelievably long but I missed Hearts so. ;-)

by brenda_grace2u   (Sun Feb 4 2007 08:22:49 )

I have a love/like relationship with this episode. There are some really cute things that I love about it, but the shortage of Remington/Laura scenes, and the abundance of Laura/Murphy moments, knocks it down the on my list of favorites. Don't get me wrong, I love Murphy as much as the next gal, just not when he is "beating his bosses time".

Morrie Singer's theme music was great. I love me some Jewish Clarinet music. LOL

Morrie also gets my favorite line in the episode...."When you get to be my age, you KNOW don't care....but you know." Not to mention all the "don't ya tink" lines. 

I did really enjoy Mr. Steele and Morrie together. IMO, it kind of brought home for Remington that if he hadn't become Remington Steele, he may very well have ended up like Morrie. Sort of a, there but by the grace of God go I, kind of thing. It made him realize that he didn't want to end up broke and alone in his later years. Which made seeing Laura and Murphy together even harder to swallow. 

As hard as it was to watch, there was quite a bit of relationship developement. Laura realizing that: 

1. She doesn't want a romantic relationship with Murphy.
2. She DOES want one with Remington.
3. She doesn't REALLY want to recover.

I did feel sorry for good ole Murph. Unrequited love is just such a sad thing. At least we do know that Murphy finally gets the message and moves on in later episodes. 

The final exchange between Laura and Remington made the whole show worth watching. The look on BOTH of their faces when Laura proclaimed...."The hell you do", was priceless! 

Until next week.....


by DCZinger  (Sun Feb 4 2007 10:41:39 ) 

I really like this one, even though it does have a lot of poor Murphy. 

In this episode...halfway through the first season...we do see the show hitting it's stride with "Hearts" "To Stop a Steele", and Poor Murphy is finally told where he stands with Laura...and the poor guy STILL is going for it. We see Steele's obvious hurt at seeing Laura kissing the unconsionable swine. Oh, to have TWO such men pining over me....sigh. 

Hightlights: Definitely Morrie Singer. That little bit with him standing there shaking like a leaf while wearing a ski mask is hysterical. And his "I wanna see Mr. Metal" entrance. 

Another Highlight: The only car chase I've ever seen where the chaser passes the chasee. Headscratcher: Laura never notices that it's HER Mr. Steele driving the car?) 

Hightlight: Steele's entrance as "John Robie". Laura's reaction. We see Steele use the "John Robie" name again to rent the motorbike in Cannes. 

Highlight: Happy the Dog. Wasn't he the same dog that used to grace Station 51 in the old "Emergency" series? 

Highlight: Steele's "Thomas Crown Affair" reference. We didn't know THEN that Pierce would go on to make a KILLER version of TCA himself only 16 years later, and that he'd be set to film another installment THIS year. 

I wasn't too fond of Laura's beige costumes and hat in this episode. Wardrobe was having an off week. 

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by Xenos1981   (Mon Feb 5 2007 13:28:34 ) 

This episode works for me on so many different levels...Great writing...Great acting...Great mystery...Wonderful love triangle. And Pierce looked absolutely luscious. (Sorry, Isabel. Had to state the obvious.) Now for my unorganized ramblings...

I have to begin my comments with saying how wonderful Pierce was in this episode. Such a delightful actor to watch...Obviously because he's so good looking, but also (and even more importantly) because he's so expressive and has such a commanding screen presence. The scene where Morrie Singer is covering Remington's mouth and explaining to him that he doesn't want anyone to know about the missing jewels was simply sublime! THOSE EYES!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! He said everything that needed to be said without saying one word! 

Also, I have to give a nod to Pierce's physical comedy skills...Something he doesn't do nearly enough anymore, IMHO. When he walks into Considine's place as John Robie and sees Laura and Murphy there -- Hee-Heeeee!!! I laugh out loud every time I see it. And those eyes!!! Oh, sorry. Already mentioned that.

And now, on to the best part of any Remington Steele episode...ROMANCE!!! *sigh* Here we have a great love triangle with two wonderful men vying for Laura's affections. (Oh, to be Laura, eh?) It was so well written and well acted...I felt so sorry for poor Murph and actually was happy when he finally kissed Laura. Blasphemy, I know!!! Laura should only kiss Mr. Steele! So a big kudos has to go out to James Read for making me like and root for Murphy. (Certainly not an easy task!) 

And not only did I feel sorry for Murphy...I also felt sorry for Remington!!! The "happy" scene? PRICELESS! Pierce is so good at looking wounded and tugging on your heartstrings. ("Woman of Steele" and "Steele of Approval" anyone?!) Made me just want to take him in my arms and... Oh, yeah. Family forum. Sorry, I won't continue.

The scene when Laura and Murphy discover Morrie in Remington's penthouse was perfect from start to finish. So, so funny and heart-felt! Stephanie was so wonderful at expressing a myriad of emotions when Laura says, "I beg your pardon?" That one line could have been just a throw-away, but Steph says it with such panache that it speaks volumes!

Likewise, the end scene where Laura sets Remington straight about her and Murphy's "relationship" ("dammit" LOL! Murph was so great there.) was also perfection on everyone's part...Including Bernice! ("Chomping at what bit?" HA!!!) LOVED the last line..."The hell you do!"...and the look that passes between them. God, what great chemistry!!!

All-in-all, a VERY good episode! LOVE IT!!! (Can't wait for our next episode..."Steele Crazy After All These Years". The first time Laura and Remington get horizontal!!! Woo-Hoo!!!)


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68  (Mon Feb 5 2007 14:01:13 )

Ah Xenos, correct me if I am wrong, but you liked this episode, huh?
Oh and I am so impressed, you actually noticed other cast members besides
Pierce, how wonderful, I am sure they all appreciate being recognized.
But wait, I need to hurry up to James Reed's board and write how much
you liked him in this episode of RS. 

All kidding aside, I do love to read your posts. It must be absolutely
fantastic to watch one of your favorite RS episodes in the same room 
with you. Is the room sound proof by any chance, because next week
when Laura and Remington get horizontal, I might even hear you across a few



by everglade68   (Thu Feb 8 2007 21:09:11 )

Ah Xenos, correct me if I am wrong, but you liked this episode, huh?
Oh and I am so impressed, you actually noticed other cast members besides
Pierce, how wonderful, I am sure they all appreciate being recognized.
But wait, I need to hurry up to James Reed's board and write how much
you liked him in this episode of RS. 

All kidding aside, I do love to read your posts. It must be absolutely
fantastic to watch one of your favorite RS episodes in the same room 
with you. Is the room sound proof by any chance, because next week 
when Laura and Remington get horizontal, I might even hear you across a few


by MickeyBoggs  (Fri Feb 9 2007 19:09:09 )

So I'm only a week late, but I did want to get my thoughts in, even though there are lots of repeats of other folks' stuff:

Memorable Stuff

- Laura & Steele's overlapping "we need to talk", "you first" exchanges
- Laura's bafflement when he agrees to stay away from the case for 48 hours
- Morrie's horrible old car and sweet ol' Happy the dog
- Steele's ruminations when Morrie asks "Happy?"
- Morrie lecturing Laura about "flinging her affairs" in Steele's face
- The looks on both Laura's & Steele's faces when Considine brings them together
- Watching Laura try to control her grin in the last scene as Steele goes on and on about stepping aside so she can be with Murphy.

Character Development

- Steele listening to Morrie and realizing that if he ever quits being Steele, that in a few years he could easily become Morrie
- Murphy going on about how good it is to be working together again and it not even clicking with Laura until he specifically mentions Steele
- The first appearance of "John Robie"
- After less than 24 hours, both L and R are feeling guilty about excluding each other from their cases
- Good to see Murphy finally "speak up" about his feelings for Laura. Even though we all know he's not right for her, it makes his character stronger and eventually allows him to move past the "mooning over Laura" we see in the first half of the season.
- Steele's musings over the Laura & Murphy kiss
- Murphy & Steele briefly facing off over Laura

Favorite lines

Harrod: It's all right, then, keeping Mr. Steele out of it?
Murphy: Well, if you twist our arms...
R: Miss Wolfe, did I hear the lilt of Laura's laughter?

Hair & Clothing

- Don't really care for the hat she wears with the raincoat

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- All the ruffled tuxedo shirts! So glad they never had Mr. Steele wear one of those.
- When they held the guns on Considine & Co., why didn't they make them drop the tennis rackets? 

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