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SOTW: Episode #16- Steele Crazy After All These Years
By Xenos1981     (Fri Feb 9 2007 16:00:15 ) 
Another week has come and gone, can you believe it?!?! Tonight's episode for your viewing enjoyment is "Steele Crazy After All These Years" -- the first time Laura and Remington get horizontal!!! Woo-Hoo!!! Post away, folks...


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by MickeyBoggs   (Fri Feb 9 2007 20:32:28 )
I'm on time for this week, so I'll go first:

TONS of great lines in this ep. We've got "the bet", "the ghost" and, oh yeah, the TUNNEL

Memorable Stuff

- Annie Potts' terrific turn as Annie Carpenter
- Laura trying not to get excited when she thinks she's learning about Steele attending Cambridge...and her amusement when she realizes he's faking it
- The smirk on Murphy's face and Laura's delight as the dean corners "Professor Perkins" at the reception
- Steele waving at Murphy as he storms out of Annie's room
- Laura's use of a glass bottle to make Nat think it's a gun
- I had never noticed that when the black-clad figure pushes past Laura that if you look closely, you can see the blonde hair flip out from the back of the ski mask.
- The romantic tunnel scene.
- The yummy final scene in front of the fireplace!! I believe this is the first freeze-frame on them kissing?

Character Development

- Laura involving Remington in the case, even though she HAS to be aware Murphy didn't want him there.
- More proof Laura doesn't belong with Murphy: she can't resist the challenge of "the bet" with Steele
- Murphy confirms what we've always suspected: he didn't HAVE a wild period

Favorite lines

Murphy: Do I, um, know you?
Annie: You mean in the Biblical sense? Or just...names?
R: Murphy never requests me. It's not in his nature. But we've come a long way from those first rocky days.
L: Really? I wasn't aware!
R: Oh, he may appear gruff and pungent at times, but underneath there's a growing respect
L: No kidding?
R: You watch. We'll arrive, he'll look at you in that way he does, and bid you welcome and then look across at me in that way he does, and he'll say-
M: What the HELL is he doing here?
L: A wager. A wager. And what kind of terms did you have in mind?
R: Well, if I solve the case first, say- a weekend. Just the two of us. In- Paris?
M: Wouldn't five bucks be more sensible?
Annie: You must be Remington Steele.
R: Yes, I really believe I am.
A: Did you know that you radiate a very powerful energy?
R: One hears rumors.
M: Laura! Steele! I must really be scared.
A: Why?
M: I'm calling for him!

Hair & Clothing

- Steph looks like a college student with her hair in a ponytail and her blue jeans with her Stanford tote bag
- I suppose it was an "undercover" look, but I hate that horrible high-necked blouse Laura was wearing when Steele tries to convince her a ghost is the culprit. It makes her look like an old-fashioned schoolmarm.

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- One of Sharon Stone's first appearances
- Murphy beats the guy arm wrestling right-handed, then offers to go left-handed, but Murph IS left-handed, so why on earth would they agree to that?
- Personally, I got tired of the repeated tellings of what happened that night 10 years ago. I see why they were necessary, but the repetition bored me.
- Good eerie music in this ep
- Allyce Beasley (aka Ms DiPesto on Moonlighting) as Lynette Mercer
- So how DID Jillian get those bodies up on the flagpole and how did she do all that projection?
- See Yuliya's "Paris When It Steeles" for what might have happened if they HAD gone to Paris for the weekend: 

by everglade68    (Fri Feb 9 2007 22:11:26 )
Hey Mick, since you posted last on the prior episode, you wanted to be first this week, huh? Oh and thanks for the link to see what might have happened in Paris.

I loved this episode, the music, the great costars, the neat sweaters Laura gets to wear and all those blue jeans.

These are things that I noticed this time around that I had missed seeing in the past.

1. Remington's apartment has a sun roof and it's very sunny the day that they are packing for the trip to the college.

2. Murphy played basketball in college.

3. There is a Beatles poster in the room Annie is staying.

4. Remington eyeing a couple speaking French outside one of the buildings. He already knows that Paris with Laura is not in his immediate future.

5. There is a picture of President Nixon in the ROTC building.

6. Laura is a really fast runner.

Didn't noticed the name of the college though. And wow, we get Laura and Remington kissing twice in one episode.

Since I can actually remember 1973, the one liner "hell no we won't go" and the van with the peace sign brought up memories of the anti-war demonstrations
in so many of our colleges.

I probably enjoyed this episode much more this time than on previous viewings.


by jrdedrick  (Sat Feb 10 2007 07:47:56 )
What's not to love about this episode? But then you know some of my favorite eps are the ones where they swap spit! LOL Just kidding.... I did like how Laura seemed more interested in her bet with Steele though, even though she pretended like she didn't. Wonder if it hadn't been a draw though, what excuse she would have come up with to NOT go away with him?


by nan008 (Sat Feb 10 2007 17:13:18 )
Well for me this episode is GREAT top 10 in my list!!!

What I like:

+Laura and Remington's bet - Paris good choice Remington is very nice and romantic - great place to Steele Laura's heart
+Laura and Remington's kiss in the tunnel - yummy fantastic scene - but why oh why so dark (I know, I know it a tunnel)
+"What he HELL he is doing here?" line from Murphy
+Kiss with ghost help - yummy to the power of two
+"very powerful energy" radiate from Remington
+Did I mention the tunnel? I thin my DVD will be transparent at that particular scene very, very soon

- Too much Murphy- I really like him I swear but for me it should be Remington and Laura or Laura and Remington
- The stupid Cambridge thing - Laura The American girl knows where Cambridge and Oxford are but not Steele who was raise in England - come on that's weird, even if you are not big in your Country geography you have to know the basics and BOY the Brits are nuts about their great Universities - and since Daniel was taking care of Remington's education I think he DID teach him basics...unless he was teasing Laura to gauge her reaction
- OK I will bite - how Laura knew where to look for the girl? I mean on this picture there is no indication it is Jillian - unless she has a computer in her head and can predict how people will look like in 10 - 15 years, I'm awarding Steele as a winner not only because I want them to go to Paris but his clue was reasonable.


by everglade68 (Sat Feb 10 2007 21:13:39 )
Nan, great observation about the Cambridge and Oxford thing. I agree that
Daniel probably drilled RS on the basics including this detail about the universities. And to be perfectly honest, Laura only knows this information because she is smart and went to Stanford.


by picac Sat Feb 10 2007 22:51:29 )
Is Stanford on the Cam or the Thames? I doubt it's something taught in the Math curriculum. I knew that info because I grew up watching Masterpiece Theater, Mystery etc and I read a few books. ;-) It really isn't that uncommon information. What's uncommon is that Steele wouldn't know. In fact darn near unbelievable. He needn't have attended either university or any university to know that information. Not only did he grow up in England he also went around during his high end life of crime in the kind of circles where that kind of info would be routinely bandied about.

Of course this is the episode where Steele tells Laura about his ancestor the ghost and considering he doesn't even know his parents or his name it's obvious the ancestor is a complete fabrication right down to the dishonorable place he received his wound. That last bit showing that Mr. Steele isn't above giving out less than flattering info as the "truth" -- maybe to make it seem more truthful. So I'm inclined to believe he was yanking Laura's chain with the Cambridge stuff -- from the initial story to the glaring mistake - just because it's easier to believe, and funnier. ;-)

by everglade68   (Sun Feb 11 2007 07:17:45 )
No Ace, last time I checked Stanford was in Calif. But if you want to test
my theory, just pull 10 people at random from the street and ask that
question. The U.S. does the poorest job of teaching geography than any other country in the world. I meant that if Laura was able to get into Stanford,
then for sure she must have been well read.

But I definitely agree with you regarding your comments on Steele.


by picac   (Sun Feb 11 2007 10:03:30 )
Oh, no argument from me about Americans and geography. I'd be willing to bet if you pulled 10 people from Stanford now you'd get near the same result. My point was that I think Laura knew because she's smart, and she also has the kind of mind for remembering details, not necessarily because she went to Stanford on a math scholarship.
by nan008   (Sun Feb 11 2007 10:03:44 )
But not in the European geography - sorry Isabel but I do not see how maths graduate knows so much about European geography especially in the field of Universities(she could read about it sure but well most students aren't aware of such details outside their study interests) - really sorry but most people in USA doesn't know where Poland or Ireland are in Europe, I checked it while in NYC all my cousins friends were asking me where am I from and then try to guess where that is? The closes one was guy who was graduating from some business class in Yale(couldn't know for sure what he was studying) telling it was just next to Russia

Well he doesn't look like he was kidding or teasing Laura, I mean he winced when she corrected him - and very quickly started to talk very fast

I like to think that it was writers error, not Remington's

by picac   (Sun Feb 11 2007 10:49:01 )
I like to think that it was writers error, not Remington's

Most likely. I'm just trying (with tongue firmly in cheek) to reconcile bad writing with the character as we know him. From the ghost anecdote Steele later tells Laura which also seems like the truth at the time, to this bit about Steele not knowing his Cam from where Laura's coffee tastes like, I'm inclined to believe that the writers and Gleason didn't exactly have a firm handle on Steele's origins and history yet. Or maybe they did and were willing to forget them in service of a joke or plot point.

I've still yet to re-watch this episode for SOTW. Must do so today. This used to be one of my favorites but the last couple of times I've watched it all the flashbacks by the guest stars dragged it down for me. I'm tempted to watch while ff-ing them.

by everglade68   (Sun Feb 11 2007 11:00:43 )
Yes Nan, you are right. We don't teach our students geography, and that is a shame. I have to agree with Ace that Laura's European geography was not learned in college, she is just good with details and probably a reader. Though, I don't remember any episodes in which Laura is reading a book.


by picac    (Sun Feb 11 2007 11:07:12 )
Maybe one of Charlotte Knight's books took place in Cambridge. ;-)

I think the only time we ever saw Laura reading a book was in Red Holt Steele -- and it was "The Great American Movie Book" (so cute). That might be the only time we saw any character reading a book on Steele (unless you count Mr Steele reading Laura's yearbook in Signed). Though we know they had to read books for Let's Steele A Plot (Steele's scorn when he refers to the Butch Beamis "oeuvre" is priceless). Steele traveled with that book on Humprey Bogart and I can recall him carrying a book in Steele Of The Night when he came down to breakfast. Oh and Mildred brings poor Mr Steele what look to be romantic bodice rippers when he's in jail in Forged Steele. Now the times when they referenced or quoted from a book or poem I think are more numerous.

by nan008   (Sun Feb 11 2007 12:08:17 )
Yeah it could be because the books was written by her hubby and he looked smart enough to know where the God - damn Cambridge is, I mean he was reading while researching,LOL right? ;)

But that is another great episode...

We have still 6 weeks to go to my favourite episode of the session one - oh well I have something to wait for


by picac    (Mon Feb 12 2007 11:29:02 )
Steele and Laura are champion risk takers/game players -- Murphy as he shows again most decidedly is not (and ergo not the man for Laura -- Steele or no Steele).

    Well, if I solve the case first, say- a weekend. Just the two of us. In- Paris?"

    Wouldn't five bucks be more sensible?"

    "You're on. And if I win, I want one year of your life." She draws a one on his chest.

    "Laura, Indentured servitude went out with the top hat."

    "No, I'm talking about your mysterious past. I want to know what happened in ONE year. Without exaggeration or embellishment."

    "You're on.” 

I love how he holds her scarf while he makes the bet and how she runs her finger down his chest for her 1 year of his life.

The guest stars all except a notable one are fantastic actors. Of course the notable one goes on to be a movie star. Luckily the other guest actors are good because all the flashbacks and voice overs tend to wear as they go on.

Sharon Stone – looks lovely but aiyeyaya- I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt when she’s supposed to be playing the Homecoming Queen frozen faced air head but then there’s the tone deaf line reading –

"Not just his sister. Tom practically raised me when my parents split up. He was EVERYTHING I had! The world! They murdered him!"


    "Would you please listen to each OTHER? Talk about channeling your free-floating anxiety into somebody else's space. Face it. You're scared. I'm scared. I mean- a trip like this, it would take a really extended human being not to be."

    There is a tap on the door, and Steele enters with a smile. "Ahh, here you all are! Murphy, Laura, and-" he pauses to take her hand and kiss it

    "Did you know that you radiate a very powerful energy?"

    "One hears rumors."

    "Wow. I could really use some of that. Would you mind?"

    "Would I mind what?

    "A quick transfer of auras through the total union of our bodies and spirits."

    "Well, unfortunately, I have to go to Paris shortly." 

LOL. I love this exchange. Annie may be flaky but she’s right on target with Steele – he simply radiates energy -- and she has one great pick up line.

I love how angry Murphy is when Steele is gloating about winning the bet – he’s angrier and more upset than he was about Laura thinking it was a ghost.

Marvelous kiss in the tunnel—easily their best so far of this season in regards to proximity, length, and overall technique. ;-)

    "Uh, put your arms around me."

    "How long I've waited for you to say that.”

    "So long as we seem to be tete a tete, what say we cancel our bet and simply award one another the prizes?"

    "You mean you'd willingly tell me one year of your life?"

    "For a weekend with you? Gladly."

    "An interesting offer. But I've so enjoyed the competition." 

Once again game playing trumps actual follow through. Drats!

    “We must have taken a wrong turn”

    "That's one way of looking at it, I suppose. As you were, ladies. Yes." 

LOL! A room full of half dressed co-eds would be too much for Steele not to appreciate or remark upon.

It’s great that they constantly passing the cardboard cut out of Sharon Stone – the answer to the mystery is there all the time.

I like the eerie ghost music.

Laura is a sore loser - or rather someone that won't admit loss even when she does. Steele did identify the murderer first. There was nothing about laying hands on the murderer first. She wriggles out of losing the same way in Puzzled by calling it a tie -- although that is even less up for debate. He solves the asked for/bet on mystery first and she discounts it by saying that wasn’t the main mystery. Tsk tsk.


I love Steele’s forest green shirt – the jeans go without saying. The all jean outfit at the end is also very nice – though one can’t help but note that there was more to appreciate of Mr Steele a couple years later in Corn Fed. ;-)

Laura’s half school marm -- half bozo the clown blouse – SCARY – and by far the worse of her high neck school marm collection. It makes me almost thankful her house burned down with her clothes inside.

Laura’s blue sweater at the end is easily her best sweater of the episode but highest marks go to Steele’s white sweater (although I expect him to break out into a song about Irish Spring soap).

Murphy really does have a plaid shirt for every occasion. The mind boggles. 

by everglade68    (Mon Feb 12 2007 14:19:19 )
Ace, I am just curious, how long does it take you to write your comments
about our weekly episodes. They are always so good that surely your job must
include a great deal of writing.


by picac  (Mon Feb 12 2007 16:43:41 )
Hmmmm - I jot down a couple of thoughts when I watch (I'm usually near a computer so it's easy) -- think of quotes I want to later pull from Nancy's handy transcripts -- and then write it up in about 10-15 minutes.

by Xenos1981  (Mon Feb 12 2007 21:27:58 )
Very cool, ladies! Excellent discussion! I'm SO late in posting that I'm afraid I'd just reiterate everything that was already said, so I'll be brief.

This episode is a favorite of mine. The tunnel scene alone is worth watching this episode again and again and again! DAMN! Why is there ALWAYS someone up ahead?!?! Couldn't they take just a few more moments before chasing the ghost?! *sigh*

The writing, though it has its faults as pointed out before, is really snappy and well-done! I'm afraid I'd quote most of the episode if I started posting favorite lines/exchanges.

Love the whole Remington/Laura/Murphy dynamics in this episode. TOTALLY defines all of them VERY well. This would make a great first episode for RS virgins.

Question...Do you think the writers were consciously trying to squeeze Bernice out of the picture? I know she was "just the secretary", but even when Mildred wasn't utilized a lot in a specific episode, at least they'd mention her or call her. Seems that Bernice has had less and less to do these past few episodes. Hmmmmmm...

Annie Potts is one of my absolute favorite guest stars in the whole series. She does the 70s hippie SO FREAKIN' WELL!!! The dialog just flows off of her tongue (even when she's saying things in her staccato way, LOL!). Remarkable opposed to a really bad Sharon Stone. Yikes! Love how Annie is attracted to Murph and Remington. She may have a screw or two loose, but she's got good taste, I'll grant her that!

The tunnel scene is just yummy. Oh, wait. I think I talked about that before. Oh, well. Such a great kiss! So lovely and breathy and intimate. (I think Ace said the same thing...Or was that Nan? Someone said it!) Darn that Miss Depesto and Basic Instinct hussy!!!

Best Outfit...Definitely Remington in jeans and a leather jacket! Grrrrrrrrr!!! Someone hose me down!!! Laura's cute little sweater with the scarf is also very nice.

Worst Outfit...O...M...G!!! Laura's frilly "what the hell was she thinking?!?!" shirt. You all know which one I'm talking about. Yee-gad!!! The wardrobe person should have been shot for such a heinous crime against humanity!

Honorable Mention...All those funky hippie clothes. Peace, man! LOL!

SUCH a great episode! I laughed, I cried, I wet my pants...Four stars!!!


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!



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