Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist
SOTW: Episode #17- Steele Among The Living
by everglade68    (Fri Feb 16 2007 13:51:09 )
Hi Everyone !

Xenos has asked that I post the episode of the week for her. So tonight's episode for our viewing pleasure is "Steele Among the Living". Looking forward to all your great comments.


By MickeyBoggs    (Fri Feb 16 2007 18:19:40 )
Looks like I'm gonna be first 2 weeks in a row:

Memorable Stuff

- Phil Rubenstein is just wonderful as Leo Blitzman. And he's been given a couple of great props with the beer can TV and that horrible old Pacer.
- Reid Smith does the role of a vacuous man so well. Perhaps too well.
- Marian describing her relationship with Teddy and the parallels to Laura & Steele
- The whole hilarious conversation in the limo about "The Lovers". R's disgust at what he thinks the situation is and Laura's reaction when she realizes what R is thinking.
- The late-night limo ride, interrupted by "Darlene's" phone call
- Leo telling Laura to stay put because "things might get rough" - then she smashes the chair over Devereaux's back - and Leo tells Steele "nice work"

Character Development

- The woman playing Rina takes it way over the top, but it makes me want her to get killed
- Laura's reaction to Marian's "You can't always pick who you fall in love with" line.
- All the "he's jealous/she's jealous" situations
- The nice tag scene where they come clean with each other about Darlene & Giovanni

Favorite lines

R: Passion's a dangerous thing Darryl. You never know when it's going to run wild. Or with who.
Leo: Cannon, Mannix, Rockford
R (puzzled): He appears to be speaking in some sort of code.
R: Love must truly be an enigma, Fred.
F: How's that sir?
R: Because I can't tell if I'm winning or losing.

Hair & Clothing

- I never knew a dark overcoat could look as good as it does on Remington
- Don't care for Laura's blouse with the little bow tie
- I do like the outfit with the red turtleneck

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- Great theme music for Leo
- Why did Bernice have to be at the office at 11:30 pm to call the limo? Why couldn't she call from home? (other than they didn't want to build a set for her apartment!)
- David Byrd's first appearance on the show is as Giovanni. He resurfaces as Judge Penhaligon in Blue-Blooded.

by everglade68    (Fri Feb 16 2007 21:22:00 )
Though I enjoyed this episode, it didn't seemed as good as other Season One
episodes. It lacked depth to it and it just seems too lighthearted of a story.

I liked:

1. the jealousy issues and how both Laura and Remington deal with it
2. Laura doing something other than work and taking a sculpture class
3. seeing some of Laura's house and how very neat it is
4. the 60 seconds of honesty, probably all that they can handle at this time

I noticed that:

1. the office painting didn't really blend with the storyline
2. Bernice's and Murphy's roles are getting smaller and smaller
3. I missed seeing Laura drive her rabbit
4. this episode was not big on fashion, maybe they were spending too much
money on fancy clothes
5. I hate when they refer to Laura as baby doll

If I had to rate this episode, fair is the word that comes to mind.


by pianoRose    (Sat Feb 17 2007 10:01:58 )
    - The whole hilarious conversation in the limo about "The Lovers". R's disgust at what he thinks the situation is and Laura's reaction when she realizes what R is thinking.

    [AND this line:]

    Leo: Cannon, Mannix, Rockford
    R (puzzled): He appears to be speaking in some sort of code.

These would be my favorite parts of this show---when i think of this one that's what comes to mind first.

The young couple got on my nerves. I didn't feel much sympathy for them. My thought when they were saying goodbye to L and R was it will never last.

growing up on the 70's tv cop/private detective genre I got a kick out of the referece to the old tv detectives.

"What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork." 

by Xenos1981    (Sat Feb 17 2007 13:16:16 )
I guess I'm totally in the minority here. I thoroughly enjoy this episode every time I watch it. I believe it is truly an under-appreciated show. Here's why...

This is the first episode that the term "love" is used with regard to Remington and Laura. And not just once, mind you...FOUR times! First...Marian says: "Look, you don't always get to pick who you fall in love with." The look on Laura's face...It could very well be the point that she realizes she's in love with the man she calls Remington Steele. Second...Remington says, "So, we're dealing here with a man trapped at the very apex of a lovers triangle. On one side, true love..." (Obviously, he's referring to himself! *sigh*) "On the other side a hollow commitment, fueled by little more than cheap, carnal lust." (Referring to Giovanni.) Third..."Love make any sense to you, Steele?" Leo asks. Remington's eyes are focused on Laura across the room. "Less and less all the time." (Aaawwwwww!) And Fourth (my favorite)..."Love must truly be an enigma, Fred." "How's that, sir?" "Because I can't tell if I'm winning or losing." WOW!!! I always feel like doing my little happy dance after that admission...Even though they don't spend the night together AGAIN, dammit!

I also love it whenever Laura and Remington do the whole jealousy thing! And this episode has it in spades, baby! Why does Pierce turn me on so when he's emotionally hurt or jealous?!?! DANG!!! (Yes, it is a VERY good episode IMHO!)

Other pluses: The dialog is very witty. Laughed out loud a number of times. And Andrew Laskos did a WONDERFUL job paralleling the current case to Laura and Remington's relationship.

Leo Blitzman is a great character...So fleshed out. And the actor who played him was fabulous.

Pierce looked freakin' HOT in that dark suit he wore! Good golly!!! *fanning myself*

Leo's theme music was as great and appropriate as Morrie's was in "To Stop A Steele".

Murphy didn't wear plaid this episode! He looked pretty good in red, too!

LOVED the 60 seconds of total honesty!!! Personally, I think Remington missed a golden opportunity, though. He should have asked her if she wanted to get naked with him. She'd have to be honest!!! Of course, they wouldn't have because Laura is nuts...but at least he would know for sure and he could use it to his advantage!

Other observations: Did anyone else want to introduce Teddy to Rocky Sullivan?! Talk about your match made in hell! Maybe it's a good thing sweet, dumb Marian was stupid enough to take vacuous Teddy off society's hands! Good riddance!!! Yeesh!!!

If Rena wasn't killed in the beginning of the episode, I would have had to do it myself. Lord love a duck, she was annoying!!!

I liked Laura's classic grey suit with the yellow vest, but that little bow thing needed to go!

Yes, ladies...It's a VERY under-rated episode! Personally, I LOVE IT!


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

 love the episode too:


Sex. On this series, everyone but Steele and Laura are having it. Even the bathing suited nobodies in the opening scene get to romp and play on a beach together. The only time Steele and Laura are ever "romping" on a beach together he's running from her and she's tackling him as killers chase them in Steele At It.

 “Snapping and snarling – it’s supposed to be the lovers.” 
That says so much about Laura and Steele’s current “love” life . ;-)
“It’s red” 
Steele is certainly seeing red – no mere green for him in the jealousy stakes. I love how his face changes on the phone while talking to Giovanni and his clipped disissive tones of that’s enough.
 “On one side true love, on the other … cheap carnal lust.” 
Steele actually sees himself on the side of true love and not cheap carnal lust. Interesting. (not that cheap carnal lust with Mr. Steele wouldn't be interesting too!)
“Lovers? You mean there’s more than one? But… that’s not possible”

"Torch? Sounds more like a forest fire, raging out of control! Laura, I would like to consider myself a sophisticated man. I would never PRESUME to have a monopoly on your affections. But- if you must dally, couldn't you confine it to one tryst at a time?" 

LOL!!!!! Another man – well the sophisticated Mr Steele could understand (not!) but two more is just beyond the pale. *Snort*

    "Jealousy is a petty, childish emotion. What you do with Giovanni et al on Tuesday nights is your own affair, so to speak."

    "Thank you."

    "My hopes for a fuller relationship between us were possessive and unrealistic. I can see that now, and I appreciate the way you helped me through a difficult adjustment. It won't happen again." 

And then of course Steele pulls a childish stunt with Bernice/Darlene so that it’s Laura with the green eyed monster – and it both works – she’s jealous enough to kiss him and it backfires since she storms off.

The conversation with Fred -- beyond the “Love must really be an enigma Fred” which shows that Steele does believe he’s within the realm of love also shows that Fred can hear Steele without any mention of lowering any privacy shield etc. Which means Fred gets to hear what’s going on behind him – probably all the time.


    "It’s the beer cans (love that nick name). Stop him. 
Then she threatens that Steele will shoot him. What is Mr. Steele? The muscle? LOL!

Finally someone laughs about the idea of them following in the limo. Mr. Steele’s trick with the cab – inspired. In fact he’s always about 100 steps ahead of Leo after that, from knowing it’s him who broke into his loft (love his later fingering of his ruined lock), to knowing about the bugs he’s planted etc. And of course it's fitting that Babydoll (who Leo wants to replace) realizes it's Leo because of the key.

    "Audacity, Laura. It makes kings of commoners. You'll never believe the proposition I had last night."

    “Oh no Leo.” “Doesn’t being a detective mean anything to you?” 

Steele seems really disappointed. As with many of the castoffs Steele encountered he has a soft spot for Leo. And it’s also obvious that Steele is now taking himself and the profession of being a detective rather seriously.


Teddy is beautiful? Maybe if a face like a bowl of oatmeal and the expression, intellect and vocal tone of a befuddled cow is beautiful (though that may be insulting to cows). His wife and his girlfriend could have both done better. Yes his wife was a complete vile shrew but if you’re going to spend money on someone who has a girlfriend at least make it worth your money.

Here any parallel/comparison to Steele is just simply insulting.

How Laura keeps a straight face with him standing there with a napkin stuffed in his open shirt assuming she wants to have sex with him. OY! The transition to Leo at Steele’s with the napkin stuffed in his collar shows theres more in common with Leo than Steele, except Leo has more character and is smarter.

When Teddy starts going on about his therapy and how he never knew how much he hated his father there’s some great background work by PB – watch him move around in his chair like you’ve got to be kidding me – then covering his face with his hands until he stands up and again looks interested when Teddy starts talking about love.

Teddy has one good line “A hernia” that shows he might have a couple of brain cells.


    "And not nearly as appealing as Gene Tierney."
Too true. And I love the Laura... Laura... Laura bit --

Since Lena’s death is faked then why the scream into the fade out? If anyone was there to hear it then they’d be there to call the police quickly or show up immediately and foil the fake. Basically it’s cheap gimmick used on the audience that makes no narrative sense.

The painting. I’d have actually preferred a change to blue. I know grey is neutral and classic but damn it’s also so bland and rather prison/industrial like.

Love the easy athleticism of them going over the wall. PB doesn’t even use a leg or foot for leverage just his arm. Which shows how silly it is in say Season 4 when he can’t even do a pull up at the gym. Of course this is a guy who climbs walls easily and yet groans about three flights of stairs. It all comes down to if HAS to do it or not (and whether the show wants a cheap site gag) He’s not into athleticism for recreation (well not that kind of athleticism) but for need and expediency.


Laura’s bow tie shirt with the the carmel vest – ugh. Paired up with the double barrette hair puff pull back off the forehead and we're back to repressed school marm. (no wonder Steele thinks it's impossible that she has lovers) It looks like a new beige trench coat for Laura. I like the black lining and belt though beige still doesn't do much for her. Her red sweater later on is nice – again not crazy about that beige hat. Steele’s black trench coat on the other hand – nice. As of course is his dark navy suit with red tie is gorgeous though the grey tie he wears later is simply divine – too bad he loses it early and stuffs it in his pocket.

by pianoRose    (Sat Feb 17 2007 15:33:36 )
    The conversation with Fred -- beyond the “Love must really be an enigma Fred” which shows that Steele does believe he’s within the realm of love 

Love this! Always thought Steele was more than willing to take the risk!

"What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork." 

by everglade68   (Sat Feb 17 2007 16:03:10 )
Xenos, only you can give a new meaning to "60 seconds of total honesty!!!".
Had to really laugh on that one.

Ace, your remarks on Teddy were so on target.

Thank you both for excellents posts as always.


by Xenos1981    (Sat Feb 17 2007 20:25:08 )
One more interesting thing of note...Primal scream therapy must have been big in the 80s. They talk about it in this episode and in Sensitive Steele. Hmmmm....

Also, did I mention how gorgeous Pierce looked in this episode?


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68    (Sat Feb 17 2007 21:29:38 )
Yes Xenos, Primal Scream Therapy was very popular in the 80's but of course
it did not last. I never quite understood how people would actually pay
good money for this form of therapy.

And no Xenos you forgot to mention that Pierce looked gorgeous in the SOTW. Oh, wait you did say "Pierce looked freakin' HOT in that dark suit he wore!".
Does that count?


by nan008    (Mon Feb 19 2007 16:18:14 )
Ah Good episode!

The Limo conversation between Laura and Remington priceless - had to rew couple of times to hear it again and again, Fred is getting inside their relationship pretty often don't you think?
I mean the first one when Remington is actually asking about Laura's private life I think for the first time in the series, he was interested in Laura in general but I don't remember him talking about her life outside work (could be wrong though)

and LOVE in this episode blooming! You are right Xen, they did talk about love 4 times...and with love came the jealousy, Remington answering the phone and talk to Govanni ha, great face Pierce!

Laura is getting into this relationship as well because SHE is jealous about Darlene or whats her name

Remington answering the phone in Laura's house why oh why not after the love night? But well we are still waiting impatiently for THE night

"Lovers" talk in the limo when R is shocked to found out about two "guys" not one and admitting he wants to have monopoly on her feelings - buy a ring pretty boy and bend on your knee next time


"Love must truly be an enigma, Fred"
"How's that, sir?"
"Because I can't tell if I'm winning or losing."

HA he did admit it! he was falling in love with Laura (did you watch the interview with Pierce? They did show this particular scene and then he said something like: (This one quote is for you Xenos) "He wanted to jump her bones every week, I mean he really fell for the girl" so we know how Pierce felt when he was playing R wanted to show his love for Laura

Everybody else quote all the Love conversations so I won't do it again - we know the looks that Remington is giving Laura when they are talking about love...

I didn't comment on fashion in the other episodes but I am not particular fond of Laura's wardrobe in this one - except for sculpture class she look like convent school alumni, but Remington WOW! that's another story

I liked Leo "creation" in the class - it just yell "pure GUY" you know - TV and beer although I cannot image Remington in front of TV with beer in his hand as a regular picture - THEY did show it in "Dreams" but I don't think it's his style, I can see Murphy like that though

Total Honesty scene - good choice of confession but Remington did cheat! I counted - she asked about his name after 38 seconds so he had the whole 22 seconds to answer

I don't see the whole painting the office scenes to fit the episode - maybe it was playing with colours and emotions but it is not my cup of tea


by everglade68    (Mon Feb 19 2007 17:25:08 )
Nan, just loved your post and:

"Total Honesty scene - good choice of confession but Remington did cheat! I counted - she asked about his name after 38 seconds so he had the whole 22 seconds to answer"

I can't believe you actually counted the seconds. Priceless !!!


by nan008    (Tue Feb 20 2007 08:03:08 )
Thanks Isabel, I like to entertain you all.  But I counted it just to see if the whole honesty caming from Remington was true and as you can see it wasn't - he did cheat but one beautiful sexy smile and he will be forgiven I'm sure! 

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