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SOTW: Episode #18- Steele In The News
by Xenos1981      (Thu Feb 22 2007 12:29:59 )
Well, ladies...Another week, another RS episode. Unfortunately, this week's episode is "Steele In The News" (one of my "Bottom Ten"). *sigh* I'll watch this episode and then "Red Holt Steele" just to make me happy. Post away...


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by nan008      (Fri Feb 23 2007 11:30:34 )
Well looks like I will be first to comment this episode

So here it is:

I must admit that it is not my favorite one although it has its moments.
First the whole episode is a little boring, I mean it slow and the dialogs are not brilliant, the subject itself not very catchy (instead of this one they should have done the Steele Clad an Alibi with L/R mirror scene don't you think Xenos?)

Some of the scenes I have to fast forward because I cannot stand them - like a Murphy with Uncle Tim talk or Remington with Hoop bar talk or Laura and Stewart talk in the car...I lost interest after 2 seconds in those scenes not even wondering if that scenes could take something into finding the killer - I just don't care about Uncle Tim or Chrisse

I like the Remington and Amy exchange because it the first time he was talking to someone about his past that openly, we found out that he is an orphan(he said virtually - more or less so in this meaning HE thinks one of his parents is alive, we don't know which one in that stage...well we know its his father but we pretend not knowing) and was tossed form relative to relative, and then Laura, Remington and Amy chat about right or wrong motives, I like this and the office scene with all "the family" in it, they are just nice, everybody can add something to the investigation and Murphy and Laura do not jump on Remington for not being the detective...I LOVE Murphy and Remington exchange about "portion of the anatomy we don't normally see" and the last scene with Laura and Remington and their luck that Laura will know the KID far more intimately
Overall very disappointing... I don't even bother to comment on fashion because I will save it for the next one which is season one favorite of most of us all


by judithmoose-2  (Fri Feb 23 2007 16:58:17 )
While I agree that this isn't one of the better episodes it was nice to see Remington convey a snippet of his lonely childhood, even if it was merely to get Amy off his back. Other than that, I think Laura's favorite newscaster is much more fun when he comes back in the Season Two episode "Hounded Steele" as Le' Renard.

On a personal note though, we should thank the powers-that-be who cast Jenny Sullivan in that part. It was the beginning of a lifelong friendship with Stephanie and one that has led to at least five stage productions with Stephanie in a leading role and Jenny as director including the currently playing "The Memory of Water" and "Hamlet", which starts in April.

By MickeyBoggs      (Sat Feb 24 2007 13:14:16 )
Memorable Stuff

- The whole "Happy News" format
- Chrissy's oh-so-serious demeanor when reporting on Elizabeth Taylor Hilton Wilding Todd Fisher Burton Burton Warner. Tracy Scoggins actually does a very good job of portraying bubblehead Chrissy.
- Murphy draping his leather jacket over Steele's chair and Steele picking it up like it was some sort of dead animal
- Russell comes on to Laura like he's Mr. Hip, but the man is driving an LTD station wagon!
- Poor Murphy - foiled again in an attempt to break down a door
- The visual image Steele in a country bar, hefting brewskis with Hoop is just hilarious to me
- All the giant photos of Chrissy she has hanging in her own apartment!
- Russell hiding behind Laura when confronting the police officer

Character Development

- The first time we see Steele polishing his shoes on the back of his pants
- Laura's youthful ambition of being a reporter is revealed
- Bernice's one-and-only movie citation
- This is the second time it's mentioned that Mr. Steele has no tax return (danger, danger, Will Robinson!)
- Steele's speech to Amy about his early life

Favorite lines

R: Well, let's see. First of all we have the female jock strap...

Hoop: I was power forward on my college basketball team.
R: Ah, I always loved motorized sports!
Chrissy: Now look what you've done! You're making my face break out. What's going to happen to my credibility if I have a zit?

Hair & Clothing

- Laura's ugly high-neck blouse with the ruffled collar reappears
- During Laura's meeting with Elliot at the Golden Lady Ballroom, his tie is just waaaaaay too short
- I do like Laura's blue suit in the following scenes and her olive turtle neck with the gray sweater (and her hair looks wonderful with those outfits too)
- Could Chrissy's, um, outfit possibly BE any shorter?

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- First appearance of JD Cannon, this time as Elliot Walsh
- When Mr. Green & the staffer are arguing about not being able to find Uncle Tim, R gives this little wave - not sure who he's waving to, but I'd never noticed it before
- Richard Moll's cameo as the pimp before he became Bull on Night Court (so THAT's what he looks like with hair!)
- In the final scene, the whole time they're dancing he has his arm around her waist - until the freeze frame where it's up on her bare back. Did they cut out a kissing scene? (grrrr) 

by everglade68      (Sat Feb 24 2007 20:27:37 )
Xenos, I know that this episode was one of your "bottom ten", but this time around watching it, I surprised myself and enjoyed it. I know, I know it has no romance, but it's was interesting.

Laura wanting to be a reporter made sense to me. I have always had difficulty seeing her studying math in college, but maybe she was the math type after all.

I liked when Laura poured the cream over Russell's head for putting her at risk
in his crime reporting segment. However, why the heck would she seek him out at that particular time to question him.

This is one of few episodes where Laura talks about her father. She remembers
dancing with him and you get the feeling of how much she still misses him.

Bernice is seen once, again giving out coffee and Murphy has so very little to do, it appears that the writers just don't know what to do with them.

The newscast dates this show quite a bit. We get to hear about Favio and
the late Princess Diana.

I found it hard to believe that Elliot Walsh would commit murder just because the delivery of the news changed and it affected his job. If he was as good as Laura thought he was, he should have been able to deal with it.

Oh Mick, I love your "danger, danger, Will Robinson" comment. I LOVED that
show and remember it well.


by whoizzitt      (Sun Feb 25 2007 13:56:08 )
Oh Oh! My favourite scene in this one is where Laura sheds a tear during Elliot's final speech! Those tears look real! Also, did you notice that Murphy's arm is around her while she is sniffling away? Cute!
by picac      (Sun Feb 25 2007 15:33:43 )
I think this is a very solid episode with some very well acted and substantial character scenes among some good humor and a group of very well cast guest stars.

Steele shining his shoes on the back his pant legs and all the little primping Laura does to make him presentable – straightening his tie and spritzing his breath as well as hers – adorable and so real.

I love that Steele always wanted to be a reporter because of Joel McRae in Foreign Correspondent (great film) and Laura because of an actual reporter – Elliot Walsh.

Laura lounging on Steele’s desk and Steele with his feet up is great stuff. I too like the easy working cameradie scenes in the office scenes. They’re very in unison and Steele is part of team – making suggestions and no one is rolling their eyes or shooing him away but rather immediately accepting them as valid.

That’s actually Bernice’s second notation – she chimed in with Yakuza.

Laura’s insistence that she get Russell (It’s Sean Donnelly from General Hospital!) – seems like Bernice isn’t the only one that likes to look at something nice when she watches the news. ;-) A case of careful of what you wish for though.

“Why do I always get the weirdos?” -- Poor Murphy. And injury to insult -- the running gag with him getting hurt with the doors. Even Steele seems concerned well except when he uses the pain to advantage. ;)

Chrissie -- “I’m getting the tension pounded from my body” with Steele’s too attentive -- “Ohhhh – ahhh” -- LOL Tracy Scoggins— does she age? She doesn’t look much different now than she did then.

Amy smoking in the news room – another sign of the times.

A great scene showing PB’s ability to do so much with so little is the Steele in the locker room. It’s a complete throwaway filler scene but we get Steele trying to act macho with other groaning and moaning guys and then punching his own hand. And could someone look more uncomfortable in a room full of half naked men talking to a female jockstrap. I love how he doesn’t really want the gum and as soon as she leaves he takes it out of his mouth to stick it on the wall.

The hoisting brewski scene has brisker dialogue. I love Steele’s facial expressions of great amusement when Hoop says she had no leverage in getting the anchor job because she already slept with him to get the sports job. And it’s so funny to see Steele so loathe to drink the beer and the way he leaves it behind. I wonder if he too like his portrayer prefers Guinness. Later we see he’s mastered the shooting of the hoop. :D

The sparring sessions with Steele and Amy are great - two pros (as characters and actors) going at it toe to toe. And of course his reveal scene to Amy about his childhood is the first sustained real look we get into Steele’s past. Before this only the mention of Brixton in Steele Belted hints at his real past and childhood. It’s also a great piece of acting by Pierce who makes it sound realistic and poignant – as if he’s reluctantly sharing insights into darker things he’d rather not discuss and he manages it with rueful humor and charm. The delivery of this is what it makes it believable that Amy softens a bit. She’s sharp enough to know it’s real. Of course they still needed an exchange of blackmail evidence. ;)

J.D. Cannon is great as Elliot even if his character actions don’t make much sense as written. The only way to explain Elliot killing those news jokes is a mental breakdown except that he seems very rational at the end so it doesn’t ring true that he’d resort to murder. And why not kill the News Producer whose idea it was to make jiggle and giggle news? Laura’s hero worship rings true and is very well played – they have a very nice chemistry and her smile as he dances her around the floor is very reminiscent of the face of a young girl dancing with her father.

Nice use of location for Steele and Laura’s dance – nostalgia and the past gives way to the present. Interesting also that he gives her a very very truncated summation of what he told Amy and he does it all very tongue in cheek as if he made it up.


Laura’s blue pinstripe suit with open shirt color is one her best suited looks from Season One. Alas there’s also the return of the frilly old maid collars – particularly blech when paired with the updone hair.

Steele’s dark grey pin stripped suit with dark grey stripped tie is gorgeous and impeccable. The lighter grey three piece with red tie and dark overcoat – marvelous. As is his later navy suit at the end. So what’s new? ;-)

Richard Moll in purple clothes and car as super Pimp – BWAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Did he escape the set of a 70s movie or Starsky and Hutch? 

by Xenos1981      (Tue Feb 27 2007 21:00:48 )
OK, OK. I'm finally getting around to posting my thoughts. This episode is hard for me to watch because I feel like I'm back in the trenches. Believe it or not, I used to work for a station that did "happy news". Our slogan was -- not kidding -- "A Friend You Can Count On". "A FRIEND YOU CAN COUNT ON" for a NEWS station!!! (By the way...When the WOLF network took over, our slogan became -- again, not kidding -- "FOX is SIX...SIX is NEWS". OOOOOOOHHH! Hard-hitting news! LOL!) All right. Enough already. Back to the episode at hand...

Actually, I didn't hate watching it as much as I thought I would. It was actually very well written...Except, of course, that THERE WAS NO ROMANCE!!!! HELLO?!?! Grrrrrrrrr!!!! [[flameangry]]

The guest stars were very good. All of them. Although I must agree with whomever said they liked J.D. Cannon better as Le Renard (or however you spell it) in Hounded Steele. Richard Moll as a pimp...with hair no less! LOL! Judith...I checked the credits. Couldn't find "Jenny Sullivan" anywhere! Who was she?!?!

Pierce looked freakin' hot (as usual). Just thought I'd get that off my chest. Couldn't tell you what he wore, unfortunately. I kept looking at his magnificent blue eyes this episode. They're so incredibly distracting! Sorry. But someone PLEASE slap the wardrobe person who dressed Stephanie in this episode!!! Steph is so beautiful...Why on earth would they put her in that gawdawful blouse that made her look like her head was popping out of a cupcake wrapper?!?! And then they put her hair up like a freakin' schoolmarm!!! COME ON!!! THWACK!!!

There were some very nice Murphy moments in this episode. (Though not everyone agrees with me.) I love the running gags...Murphy trying to bust down a door and never succeeding...and the never-ending autopsy reports. Poor Murph! I actually didn't mind that Remington hit him on the shoulder a few times. It was kind of funny...In a sadistic sort of way. Sorry.

Overall...Yeah, it was better than I remembered. Will I watch it again? Not any time soon...but ten years or so when I get tired of watching Red Holt Steele every night. (Yeah, like THAT will ever happen!) LOL!!!


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by MickeyBoggs      (Tue Feb 27 2007 21:23:21 )
I asked Judy about the Jenny Sullivan reference and she confessed she got her "Jennys" swapped around. Jenny O'Hara played Amy/Agnes in the ep.
by Xenos1981     3 days ago (Sun Mar 4 2007 08:32:32 )
So what RS episode was Jenny Sullivan in?!?!


Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

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