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SOTW: Episode #20- Steele's Gold 
by Xenos1981    (Fri Mar 9 2007 05:13:33 )
OK, ladies...You know the routine. Steele's Gold is tonight's episode. Go for it!


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by everglade68    (Fri Mar 9 2007 06:32:36 )
Xenos, I rewatched this episode a few days ago and it is just completely unrealistic to me. Here is why, what "normal" young woman shares a sleeping bag with RS and doesn't end up making love with him?

More later,

by Xenos1981    (Fri Mar 9 2007 07:04:47 )
Well, in Laura's defense...They WERE keeping watch for a killer in the first sleeping bag incident. And the second time, they were with all those other people. Might have been a tad awkward.

(Me, on the other hand...I would have invited them to watch! LOL!) [[hehe]] [[kiss]] [[bigeek]] [[smoke1]]


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by picac    (Fri Mar 9 2007 07:56:21 )
LOL! But really just part and parcel of 4 years of unreality in that area. :D At least here as Xenos said there's a killer on the loose given as a reason which makes it more realistic than those fades to black of them in front of the fireplace which apparently went nowhere because she had to go home and do paperwork or pick her outfits out for next week. ;-)
by everglade68    (Fri Mar 9 2007 08:35:06 )
"do paperwork or pick her outfits out for next week" instead of having sex with RS, OK someone tell me what is wrong with this scenario.

What really amazes me is that we the fans loved this show so much that we continued watching inspite of the unreality of the situation. And that 25 years later we are still discussing it!


by jrdedrick    (Fri Mar 9 2007 08:35:17 )
Ok, ok, so it's unrealistic. It's TELEVISION for darn sakes! LOL That being said, however, here are my notes. And yes, I LIKED this one! But then I'm weird.

Steele’s Gold

I love this episode. I know a lot of people don’t but I do. It’s zany, crazy and clever. Not to mention that there was some kissing in it. I even love the corny music. Really gets you ready for a western, even a bad one! And it raises a lot of questions for me at least. LOL

Murphy actually makes a pretty good clown but I was a bit surprised that Remington got a bunny suit for Laura even if it was the last thing there (however I seriously doubt that! LOL) And just when were they supposed to guard the artifacts? Looks like they came for the party....unless guarding means blending in with the surroundings. Love Murphy’s expression when they discover it’s a theme party “Old California.”

Can someone tell me what Sir Francis Drake and Kit Carson had to do with old California?

Dan Curtin and his assailant hardly looked like they were fighting at all yet he stabs him hard enough to kill him? 80 Loons? The question of the hour.

Why was Miss Killbride upset with them for what happened? She was the one keeping them from mingling. Also, she’s upset at them because the journal, which she conveniently didn’t mention to them, is missing? Miss Killbride is missing more than a few marbles.

Laura has some great lines in this episode. “That’s our Mr. Steele–the cat’s pajamas!” I love that line!

Remington is really getting into this detective stuff. Studying the picture of the loons as if it’s going to shout out the answer to the mystery to him. Now I’m no expert but is that what loons really look like?

Not sure how The 39 Steps, Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll, 1935. ties in to this. I have the video and it sure doesn’t seem to fit, but then I’ve never watched it.

Why would Felix bring a car from his lot, one that he’s selling, to a party? I love how he knows that she’s the bunny! LOL

Our Mr. Steele is multi-talented. Shooting pool like that takes a lot of skill.

Lou Cody is short and stocky and yet he managed to overpower Remington enough to drive a knife through his coat collar that would HOLD him to a door? That’s one strong man.

Emmett Devore-Sea Captain, poet, barrister, retired. Lou Cody miserable low life bum. Yah that’s about right......NOT! [[biggrin]]

Oh yah, dubloons is the logical solution to loons......right. I’ll keep that in mind next time someone is dying in my arms gasping about 80 loons.

Love how Remington beats Laura and Murphy to the punch....again. Now Emmett Devore is a soldier, philanthropist, archeologist, CPA, retired. Wonder what he REALLY does? [[wink]]

Great system in Miss Killbride’s house......people can get close enough to touch stuff and nobody knows until they’re on their way out! Love the flying leap that Murphy takes. Way to go!

Another great Laura line, “Spawn of the North. I smell fish in the air!”

Metropolis-directed by Fritz Lang, Alfred Abu, Gustav Frolich, Rudolph Klein-Rogge, UFA Studios, Berlin, 1926 Even the computer gets in on the movie quotes! [[biggrin]]

Why is he renting an Italian satellite to show him where the gold was? Don’t you think the Italians would be looking for it too? Love how he gets offended by Laura’s questions.

Remington’s really getting good. Calling the suspects to play process of elimination. And the heads at the door.....too cute!

Why tell the other suspects who has the journal and why would you let them go if you do? I mean, duh, wouldn’t that logically send them after him?

Love how blending in to any situation for Laura means a dark hat and trench coat in a bar. Doesn’t she know that’s a bit much? LOL

“This is Laura Holt, P.I. Let’s sweat some info out of these turkeys and split!”

The lady at the bar is hilarious. Why would she think that Remington wouldn’t mind her immediately touching and kissing him? Love how she won’t spill the beans on Cody’s whereabouts until she gets “another smooch.” He blows her off with a bourbon and she proceeds to name every city she knows...think they might have gotten out of there sooner with the desired information if he’d just given her that darn kiss? LOL

Love how Laura get’s rid of the lech by hitting him in the balls with the que stick.

After all that schmoozing Remington finally gets the name he wants....Howardville. Is it Howardville or Howardsville? And is it a real place? Did they use a real ghost town for this or was it a set?

I’m sorry but if I heard rattlesnakes, or any snakes for that matter, slithering around, I so would NOT be wanting to sleep anywhere in that saloon!

Ok, tell me this....why shoot Cody and not follow him to see where he went before he died if they knew he had the journal? I mean, it doesn’t make sense to shoot Cody when he’s the one who has/knows where the journal is.

Treasure of the Sierra Madre-Humphrey Bogart, Walter Huston, Warner Brothers, 1948. Men turned into treacherous devious animals bent on destroying anything that stands in their way. Sounds like a great movie!

That’s one big sleeping bag. Big enough for them to fit in, um, comfortably and still do some...kissing! Have I mentioned that I love seeing them kiss? And I hate that they are always interrupted. This time by a very rude ghost or Emmett Devore, whomever it is. That’s some loud laugh. Thinks he’s enhancing his laugh on purpose?

Love this interchange-R: “Really? I didn’t feel like in the mood for sleep anyway.” (We all know WHAT he wanted [[blah]] ) and L’s retort: “Good, then you can take the first watch!”

What is so funny that Emmett Devore keeps laughing?

Murphy admits to making a mistake? Ok, he mentioned the location of the diary to Miss Killbride but how did the rest of the suspects know? I mean they obviously did because one of them killed Cody, but how did they find out?

Kitty Dobbs (Curtin) drives like Laura does!

Love this: “Mr. Steele would rather die than give up the journal!”

“Nicely put, Miss Killbride. Inaccurate, but nicely put.”

Did Laura and Murphy think that everybody would really buy their gold fever act? Murphy never was really convincing.

Cute little burros......I want one...NOT! Subcompact model......

Why did Laura take Kitty’s backpack? What was she hoping to find? Boy that Felix Murietta is one fiesty chap. He sure gave Remington a good battle. Why didn’t they tie up the burros?

Love how they’re asleep in that one bag, and not just asleep but dead out of it against each other. How did everybody manage to make their getaway AND tie up Murphy without waking them up? They must have really been out. [[biggrin]] Why did they go searching for Murphy without putting on their boots first?

The pressure is just to much for Murphy. Love how he cracks! And he tumbles down the hill and manages to land neatly at the feet of Miss Killbride and Emmett Devore.

Question: If Emmett Devore is really Arnold Dobbs, then why doesn’t he know where the gold is?

The answer to the mystery is revealed.......sorta.

Where were the rest of the gang hiding? They weren’t around when Laura and Remington went charging off after Murphy, but they’re conveniently there for the revealing that Emmett Devore is really Arnold Dobbs. Why did he keep Emmett Devore’s name? I mean if the real Emmett Devore had managed to make it out alive and came looking for him he’d want to know why someone was using his name.......and he’d probably know right off that it was his partner, Arnold Dobbs, who was doing it.

How ridiculous is it that Arnold Dobbs turns out to be Felix Murietta’s father? The gringo lover of his mother. “Sierra Tesora-Mountain Treasure.”

Why wouldn’t Dan Curtin and Lou Cody have wanted to kill Emmett Devore as much as Arnold Dobbs? After all Emmett Devore was the one who hid the gold, and could take them to it.

How fake does that fight between Laura and Kitty look? [[biggrin]]

Everybody takes off up the hill-who loses the extra hat that Laura ends up wearing? And aren’t Indian burial ground considered sacred? There wouldn’t have been a mall built on one.

Anwyay, silly and goofy as it is, I love this episode and it is in my favorites. If you’re still reading after all this drivel, then you deserve a prize!

by pianoRose    (Fri Mar 9 2007 10:33:31 )
I'm watching tonight. Thanks for the post!

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by everglade68    (Fri Mar 9 2007 13:58:59 )
Neeney, I got my prize, it was reading your post. I can tell it is one of your favorite episodes, you covered every little detail.

I loved two things about this episode: PB wearing jeans and the sleeping bag kiss scene.


by pianoRose    (Fri Mar 9 2007 14:37:40 )
Isabel, I'm with you on this. PB in jeans and the kiss scene.

I also thought Laura looked fabulous in the black two piece dress. Ah, to look that good. :)

otherwise, I wouldn't watch this episode again. Neeney I enjoyed reading your post---I'd rather read your comments than watch this one again---for what it's worth I like Steele in the Chips! :)

"What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork." 

by Xenos1981    (Fri Mar 9 2007 14:48:29 )
Holy crap, Neeners! Save something for the rest of us to talk about! LOL! GREAT post, babe! I love this episode, too. Didn't make my Top Ten, but it's fun! Haven't watched it yet this week -- I'm planning on watching tonight -- but I have to comment on two things. First...
    Why did Laura take Kitty’s backpack? What was she hoping to find?

Maybe she was looking for some "protection" ah-hem. After all, she and Mr. Steele were sharing a sleeping bag. LOL! Secondly...

    I loved two things about this episode: PB wearing jeans and the sleeping bag kiss scene.

What the heck, Isabel?!?! You're sounding like me now!!! LOL!


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by everglade68    (Fri Mar 9 2007 17:13:20 )
"Why did Laura take Kitty’s backpack? What was she hoping to find?"

"Maybe she was looking for some "protection" ah-hem. After all, she and Mr. Steele were sharing a sleeping bag".

Ah Xenos, only you would think of this! I love it.


by everglade68    (Fri Mar 9 2007 17:42:01 )
"I also thought Laura looked fabulous in the black two piece dress. Ah, to look that good".

pianoRose, I agree Stephanie looked beautiful in so many of the episodes. It must be nice to look that good indeed.

I have a funny story to share with you. Many years ago, I was watching the Oscars with my sister when Sophia Loren comes out to present an award and she is wearing an awesome dress, fantastic jewelry, and just looks like the most beautiful woman in the world. I say, "oh to look that great at her age" (I was of course much, much younger then). My sister takes a look at me and says, "what, we don't look that good at OUR age". True, so true.


by pianoRose    (Fri Mar 9 2007 20:57:58 )
    "what, we don't look that good at OUR age". 

So funny Isabel!  It is rather depressing to see someone who looks great only to realize they have a few decades on me!

"What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork." 

by Xenos1981    (Sat Mar 10 2007 19:06:14 )
All right, ladies. I'll try to add my two cents worth without repeating Neeners...which won't be easy! Isabel, I know you hate this episode...except for the sleeping bag scene and Pierce in jeans (yum!)...but it IS a rather fun episode.

Great Moments:
1. Laura in a bunny rabbit costume. LOVED how she fell over when Mr. Steele tried to perk her ears up. [[animal]]
2. Felix's delivery of his lines: "You the bunny rabbit? I thought I recognized you." He looks at Murphy. "And you. You the jerk in the Sherlock Holmes outfit?"
3. Remington shuffling his feet as the bathroom door open and closes. HA!
4. This little exchange: "The Murietas?" Laura questions. "A family of banditos," Emmett tells her. "They have terrorized this state for generations with their theivin' and murderin'. I mean, heaven knows what they're up to now." Murphy tells him, "They own a used car lot in the valley." "They've stooped that low, have they?" Emmett says.
5. Emmitt making Remington a partner in his claim...And Laura's disapproval.
6. "Will somebody get this clown off of me?"
7. "Look into my eyes. Among the eskimos, from the great north, where I was spawned, green is the color of honesty. All I ask is the chance to stand before you, stripped bare, naked -- with the truth." (I would have stopped after 'naked'.) [[biggrin]]
8. Remington, Laura and Murphy peering through the door of Laura's office, one on top of the other. LOL!
9. Molly leaving her red lipstick on Remington's lips...and the exhausted look on his face. PRICELESS!
10. THE SLEEPING BAG SCENE!!! [[kiss]] OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Damn that Emmett! Laura was really getting into it and might have even succumbed to his charms FINALLY! I'll say it again...Damn that Emmitt!
11. Murphy spread eagle. Yeah, baby! [[iloveu]]
12. "Son?" "Poppy?" "Son!" "Poppy!"

1. OMG! Did Laura look fantastic in that black dress!!! She wears it again in Altered Steele. Simply stunning!
2. OMG! Remington in jeans!!! Nuff said. [[winkgrin]]
3. Laura looked too freakin' cute in her western outfit. And NO ONE can wear hats like Steph can...Even a stupid cowboy hat looks fabulous on her! And her hair was probably the cutest ever. (I know, she was supposed to look "windblown", but it was gorgeous!)
4. Murph looked great in his non-plaid gold-searching clothes.

Head Scratchers:
1. Why oh why did they put Laura in a TIE?!?! BLECK!!! The wardrobe department was really doing well until THAT little fiasco.
2. Why was Remington smoking so much?!?! Did Pierce need a fix?!
3. Did anyone else think that Kitty Dobbs looked like Valerie Bertinelli?!
4. Kitty humming while doing her nails as Remington approaches from behind. Why didn't the director tell her that she looked like an idiot?! CUT!!! TAKE 2!!!
5. Why strip Murphy of only his shirt? And if you do, why leave it there for him to put back on when Laura and Remington free him? (Neeners already asked why Laura and Remington didn't wake up when everyone else left.)
6. Why did Murphy dump the doubloons in the sand? If they were worth $1000 each, that would've been quite a bit of money...Granted, not the load he was expecting, but a nice chunk of change, nonetheless.

Think I'm done now. Did I mention that I liked the sleeping bag scene? And Pierce in jeans?


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68    (Sat Mar 10 2007 22:25:54 )
Reading Neeney's and Xenos' posts is better than watching this episode, except of course, that you have to see it just to see Pierce in blue jeans and the sleeping bag scene. I wonder how many takes they had to do of the
sleeping bag scene, Xenos you would have needed a few, right?


By MickeyBoggs    (Sun Mar 11 2007 19:35:49 )
Not one of my favorites - a bit too over the top for me, but it does have its fun moments (and, of course, the sleeping bag scene).

Memorable Stuff

- The out-of-place costumes at the theme party. Love Steele's ad lib as to how the clown and rabbit fit into the theme.
- Steele stuck to the door with the knife and shuffling back and forth as it's opened & closed. I chuckle every time I see it.
- The look on both Laura & Steele's faces when Emmett announces he's made Steele a partner in his claim.
- Kitty "confessing" to Mr. Steele when it's Laura's tough-guy front that forced it from her.
- "Molly" keeping Steele guessing in exchange for the drinks - and the smeared lipstick on mouth
- Steele packing only one sleeping bag & the whole "shared sleeping bag" kiss scene
- Laura's fake argument with Murphy
- L & R waking up together in the sleeping bag. Too bad they couldn't have had more time to themselves before they realized the others were gone.
- James Read's over-the-top performance as the gold-crazed Murphy

Character Development

- Steele has obviously played a round or two of pool in his mysterious past
- We also learn he has prospected for gold in the Yucatan
- Laura "giving permission" for the large woman to kiss on Steele
- Laura seems to get over the idea of only one sleeping bag pretty quickly
- Steele knows how to disable a helicopter
- We see traces of Steele's boxing training
- Laura tending Steele's boxing wounds - she didn't chastise him for scaring away the pack animals, just started taking care of him
- Laura gets a slug-it-out scene too

Favorite lines

Felix: What my ancestor steals is morally mine!
L: This isn't going to be the opthamological piece of case that we thought! (How did she say that with a straight face?!)
Sylvia: Thank goodness you're who you say you are, Mr. Steele

Hair & Clothing

- Like Laura's dark dress/suit and her hair when she's talking with Mrs. Kilbride in the office.
- Like Steele's red turtleneck under the dark peacoat
- Don't like Laura's suit & tie while at Chance McCormick's lab
- Laura's raincoat & hat - don't really care for them
- I don't like her cowboy hat (she needs another style cowboy hat), but otherwise I do like her "Howardville" outfit, including those RED socks
- Steele's leather jacket & blue jean shirt/jeans look good too
- Kitty's purple cowboy boots - what a hoot!

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- When dialing the police, Laura dial 911. Why? It's not an emergency
- Time capsule: Felix mentioning their car dealership may even get into *Datsuns* & Toyotas
- First time I've noticed a Correia lamp in Laura's office
- William Russ (Chance) was also in Sexual Advances with SZ

by Xenos1981    (Sun Mar 11 2007 21:05:07 )
I forgot to mention something in my last post. Someone REALLY needs to teach Stephanie how to fight! LOL! She really sucks at it in this episode...and in Dreams of Steele, too. (Guess she's too much of a lady in real life to have ever clocked someone.)


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68    (Sun Mar 11 2007 21:21:26 )
Mick, I enjoyed reading your post, you always pick up on something I missed like:

"Laura seems to get over the idea of only one sleeping bag pretty quickly".

You are right, she does. I wonder why?


by SteeleLoveIt    (Mon Mar 12 2007 00:04:37 )
Loved how Laura spit on her handkerchief and attended to Steele's battle wounds! And his face when he asked her not to do it again! Adorable...
by Xenos1981    (Mon Mar 12 2007 05:33:33 )
I wonder if that was scripted. (It's such a motherly thing to do!) Hmmmmm... *coughJudithcough*


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by picac    (Wed Mar 14 2007 17:03:10 )
I know, I know, I'm late and I've tried not to repeat too much above but I have in some instances.

Not one of my top tier episodes but I think this episode is FUN. It’s one of the zany episodes but it’s IMO the best of the lot. It’s very well paced and balances the silly with some clever dialogue, very nice character and romance bits as well as an intricate plot, fun guest characters and a cool riff on the gold fever and character's names in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

Those costumes Steele chooses! LOL Something tells me he’s getting back at them for the loud golf pants, the straight jacket and the dog bone. :p

“Something worth doing it’s worth doing right” – and Murphy actually agrees and puts on his red rubber nose! Laura going "oh no" and she has her paws er hands up pointing out – she looks as if she’s going to start bunny hopping away. LOL

Steele is actually studying up on "loons" at his apartment -- he has a bird book out and open to loons. I wonder if he keeps it with his Bald Eagle tome. :D

Love the way Steele handles his pool stick. :D An instance of Steele’s (or maybe rather PB's) misspent youth come to life. Steele and his cigarillo. This I think is the first time we see him smoking – he rolled cigarettes in Steele Flying High but never actually got anything rolled or lit.

Laura’s facial expression and body language when Murphy in the office is leaning in talking about Steele being too obsessed with the dubloons – looks like she thinks Murphy is a tad off kilter himself.

Mr. Steele meets his movie match the Alpha 7500.

Why let them go – they all broke into the office. They could have them all arrested and out of their hair for the a few hours or maybe a couple of days.

The kissing scene in the sleeping bag – it's been mentioned already numerous times for obvious reasons – it's lovely.

Murphy’s got some nerve. He doesn’t help Steele in the fistfight but rather keeps shoving him back in enjoying watching him get bloodied, doesn’t care about the disarray it’s causing or do anything to prevent it -- and then has the nerve to blame Steele for the scattered mules and donkeys. Maybe Steele did hear him complaining when he was tied up and just ignored him till later. I would have. :P

Steele's reaction to Laura spitting on the handkerchief -- yes very funny.

Laura pimps out Steele in this episode TWICE. At least with the spawn of the North it’s with someone pretty to look at though that seems to bother Laura more if her actions at the end are anything to go by. ;-)

Miss Dobbs not only hums ridiculously she looks like she has entire medicine cabinet of perfume and beauty products aside her sleeping bag. This matches her pink/purple girly outfit look though not the tough girl who pulls a knife on Steele.

Murphy and Laura – completely over the top and not very believable in their little fight – particularly Murphy. Though their lack of acting believability fits into the plot.

I love Murphy over the edge for real (and spread eagled) though why they’d let him jump around like that near the edge of a hill (whatever) is very careless of Steele and Laura. When Laura slaps him ‘That hurt” -- Awww. Laura then uses Murphy’s mental illness to go after a guy with a gun. Pretty ruthless. One of James Read’s best episodes as Murphy.

Why is Laura looking so pleased with herself for punching (yes poorly) Kitty out? The man did murder Kitty’s father. I gather she just didn’t like the spawn of the North or she was mad she had a better hat even if it was purple. I also guess Laura has had enough of her ugly hat and tries to cover it with someone else's at the end.


Laura’s black suit – lovely and even better very well fitted.

Laura’s navy suit is very nice but that straight thin barber pole tie – yuck and unfortunately also makes her look flat as a board. Her open toe sling back shoes are divine but what’s with the walk – her legs are pointing stiffly at angles and she’s moving rather like a duck. I wonder if the heels were too high or the shoes too tight because it looks like her feet are killing her. The ugly hat’s been mentioned.

Laura – does not blend well in the seedier side of town. Her outfit though very nice sticks out as much as if she was wearing that Bunny costume.

I love watching Steele get dressed – he does it so effortlessly and yet with such attention to detail – the collar bar – the handkerchief – the right amount of cuff showing -- and of course the clothes are gorgeous on him. As usual he wears beautiful suits and ties. His pea coat and red sweater – what the fashionable guy on the dock is wearing - the look it fits in and yet really at the same time doesn’t because it looks too good. Speaking of looking good—Mr. Steele in jeans and leather – and I love his hat and how he wears the brim. 

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