Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist
SOTW: Episode #23- Steele Away With Me
by Xenos1981    (Fri Mar 30 2007 06:15:38 )
It's Friday again, ladies! Which means, of course, a new SOTW! "Steele Away With Me"! The first episode of season two (or as Isabel calls it, "the season of love")...It's the first time we see the movie theater opener...The first time we meet Mildred...And the first time we see Remington in his tighty-whities (good gawd, y'all)! Also of note is that Pierce got even BETTER looking in season two!!! (I hardly thought that was possible! But it's true!) Post away...


by MickeyBoggs    (Fri Mar 30 2007 18:38:05 )
The "love bunny season" (thank you Lauryn, Susannah or whoever came up with that!) kicks off with our first two-hour ep, the introduction of Mildred and the first location shooting outside the US.

Memorable Stuff
- Our first glimpse of the S2 Laura: soaking wet and wrapped in a couple of bath towels!
- I crack up at Rem emulating the gum-chewing secretary candidate as he's leaving the office
- Maria's mouth running on and on and on when she comes in to find Pedro dead on Laura's floor
- Steele's instant appraisal of the diamonds and Laura's wonderment at how he knows so much about them
- R&L working together to displace the Blousteins in the honeymoon suite
- Steele improvising and kissing Mildred in the lobby of the hotel and ushering her off to the honeymoon suite
- Steele climbing off the porch of the honeymoon suite and down to the next floor. His imitating hotel staff inspecting the windows is a hoot too.
- The first reference to a big finder's fee
- All the interrupting mariachi bands. Every time I hear "Guantanamera" I think of this episode.
- The "undercover" scene in front of Pepe's where Rem peppers Laura's face with light kisses. I love that Laura's having trouble thinking straight while he's doing that to her.
- Steele running from the cops and diving into the pool & surfacing at the bar
- Steele changing clothes in the men's room, yum! (Pierce, here's your new co-star Doris. Now change clothes in front of her! LOL)
- Mildred fussing over Steele after Dominic pushes him away on the dance floor
- Mildred's "you don't know what it's like for a woman to desire a man" little speech
- Outside Pepe's, Laura and Mildred each inquiring after the other while Steele stands there holding Peggy

Character Development
- We learn of Steele's reticence to go to Mexico
- While it's true Laura wants to help Maria find out about her son, IMHO it's out of character for her to just run off to Mexico leaving Steele to face the IRS alone.
- Steele knows going to Acapulco, even Mexico in general, could cost him his freedom, but he's so worried about Laura, he decides it's worth it.
- Laura finally admits, out loud (though to a complete stranger) that Steele is very special to her
- I love the look on Laura's face when she realizes Steele has come to Acapulco and is actually there in the hotel
- Laura finally decides to be more spontaneous and live for the moment and, sigh, Mildred interrupts for the first time (though she doesn't even know it since she's been knocked out cold!)
- The intimate conversation in the bar, including the story of the Marchesa Collection
- The even more intimate "season" conversation in the honeymoon suite. "Dammit, Laura, I care for you!" We learn about how he's never stayed in one place so long and how she's afraid of becoming her mother all over again. Famous last words "It seems we have an awfully long way to go" - boy, if only we'd know HOW long they had to go!
- Laura's fan dance comes back to haunt her, briefly. She gets a taste of her own medicine when Steele gently presses for more information, though he lets her off the hook easily.
- Laura stumbling into Captain Rios and the two policemen to give Steele a chance to escape. I don't think the Laura of most of S1 would ever do that.
- Steele being jealous watching Laura flirt with Dominic
- Steele has obviously "flown" a parachute before because he guides it with such precision

Favorite lines

M: You don't understand, I'm MILDRED KREBS!
R: I wouldn't dispute that for a moment
R: (ogling the diamonds) D, flawless, marquis-cut, approximately 2 carats, worth about, oh, 75 thousand on the open market!
Laura stares at him, wide-eyed
R: Of course, that's just a layman's guess
L: You know, you could have told me this over the telephone. You didn't come all the way down here because you thought I might be in some kind of danger, did you?
R: Of course not. I'd never insult your intelligence or your professionalism by trying to stop you from getting killed. No, I've simply decided to take a much more active interest in the business, you know. What with Murphy and Bernice no longer with us, someone has to fill the void. And I assure you, Laura, that I've made that commitment. Whatever the problem, whatever the circumstances, you can count on me. I'll always be there for you. Uh - excuse me please (and he hurries off in the other direction)
L: (to Steele, outside the jail) Aren't you a little uncomfortable being so close to your natural habitat?
R: What a cheap, shoddy thing to do - assume someone else's identity, eh?!
R: You know, sometimes I find the straight and narrow very confining.

Hair & Clothing
- Mildred's "auditor hairstyle" is appropriately horrible. I'm glad she didn't have to wear it that way all the time.
- I like the pantsuit Laura wears to the office the first day and she looks good in red.
- Not every man can wear a white suit and get away with it. But our boy can!
- Steele in a dinner jacket, whew! Laura's evening dress is quite lovely too.
- UGLY sandals that climb up Laura's legs. Guess they're very 80s along with the headband.
- Steele's dark suit in the closing scene looks great on him

- Love the "marching" music they play whenever Mildred walks down the hallway in the office building. Suits her no-nonsense manner completely.
- The music as Laura arrives in Mexico reminds me of stuff they used to play on the Love Boat
- The "adventure" music in Mexico (during Laura's attempted kidnapping, when they're being chased, when Mildred takes Steele parasailing) is very reminiscent of the Bond theme. On purpose, I suspect!

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc
- The opening credits in the first part of S2 were my favorite. The theme song wasn't as "electronicized" as it would be later and I loved the closing shot of the box of popcorn. I never understood why they changed it up later in the season.
- I had never known the address of Laura's house: 4024 Cantwell (or Cartwell?)
- Could Pedro *really* have made it all the way from San Diego to Laura's house with 3 bullets in his back? And how did the fish stay frozen so long?
- Is it just me, or does Pierce sound like he has a bit of a cold/allergy in the office scenes?
- When dialing Laura's house from her office, Rem only dials 6 digits.
- Laura leaves the hotel (with Merkel following) and has her purse. When she gets to Pedro's neighborhood & is almost kidnapped, the purse has disappeared.
- When Steele was parasailing, he was connected to the boat by a rope that Mildred cut. But the rope had disappeared by the time he landed at Pepe's
- That's quite the motorboat R&L "borrow". When they get into it outside Pepe's, it's obviously tied to something. It apparently magically unties itself before they take off. Then, when they arrive at Sebastien's boat, the boat apparently magically ties itself to the yacht while they're sneaking aboard, but unties itself when Rem takes over the controls to make Dominic seasick!
- Bron Roylance takes over the make up duties for the rest of the series
- The first of Ray Girardin's two appearances. Here's he's the fake Merkel. He's also the police detective in Santa Clause is Coming to Steele.
- I must say that I did not like Mildred at first. I didn't fully appreciate the comic timing Doris brought and I missed Murphy and Bernice. Now I understand Murphy & Bernice really didn't have anything to do on the show, though I wish they'd been given a better send-off and/or had returned in a later episode. But I've grown to love Mildred, even if I still get annoyed when she interrupts at those key moments! 

by everglade68   by everglade68 
Unbelievable Mick, after reading your post I don't think that I need to even
watch the episode again. Just superb, is there anything that you might have
left out? I don't think so.


by MickeyBoggs    (Fri Mar 30 2007 20:09:40 )
I really wish folks would post their thoughts, even if it echos what others have written. When I'm not the first to post, I don't read what's been written before because I don't want to subconciously comment about or avoid commenting on someone else's post. There's always room for that in a seperate post. So come on folks, let us know what you think!
by everglade68     (Fri Mar 30 2007 22:27:35 )
Mick, I do post my thoughts even if they are brief. I guess I am in awe of posters like you and others for doing such an amazing job. I never meant to imply anything other than that.


by everglade68    (Fri Mar 30 2007 23:29:49 )
Season Two starts with a great episode, "Steele Away With Me". I loved the
Bond music, it was a treat and so appropriate since PB becomes a future Bond.

For those that don't know Spanish, the cleaning lady when faced with the dead man in Laura's house, says "how can I vacuum with this in here".

Some interesting trivia is that Captain Rios is played by Pedro Armendariz Jr.
His father, Pedro Armendariz, was a very famous Mexican actor and Laura mentions him to Remington when she is talking about going to Mexico.

The unemployment rate in the early 80's must have been pretty high for so many
women to apply for the receptionist job at RSI.

Isn't it funny that when we don't speak the other person's language, we speak
our own very slowly thinking that they will understand us.

I noticed that in several scenes large crowd of people are just standing around and watching the action. I am sure that the tourists knew about RS but I am not sure that the residents knew what was going on. At least it looks like they have no idea what SZ and PB are doing.

I was surprised that the main crime boss tells Dominick that he should not have killed Pedro and just let him keep the diamonds that he had stolen. I doubt that would ever happen in a true situation.

You can tell that Stephanie is a good rider. Notice in the beach scene when she takes off in the horse how she keeps her heels down, that is drilled in you when you take lessons.

When I heard Remington say "up-a-daisy" when picking up Peggy, I thought, does anyone ever say that anymore.

I loved all the clothing, and I am glad that Mildred gets to look better
as time goes on.


by Xenos1981    (Sat Mar 31 2007 09:47:49 )
Hey, hey! I'm actually on time with my post this week! Woo-Hoo!!!

First of all, I have to mention something that struck me about this episode the first time I saw it back in 1983 when I was a young teenager and what I STILL notice whenever I watch it as an adult...And that is, the way Pierce/Remington "handles" (for lack of a better word) Stephanie/Laura. Though it was always there and we've (especially Ace) commented on it before, I just LOVE how gentlemanly he is towards her...How he places his hand on the small of her back...How he ALWAYS offers his hand to her when she needs to jump down off of something...How he catches up to her to open the door for her when he clearly doesn't need to...How he takes her hand when they're climbing onto the yacht...All these little nuances that scream "love" to me!

OK, on to another subject -- the writing. God bless Michael Gleason!!! This was SUCH a well-written episode. (I'll comment on the well-acted part later.) Whether subtle or overt when it comes to humor, Michael is the master! "The man with no shame"? HA!!! (See Mickey's favorite quotes...They're mine, too!)

Favorite scenes include:
* Laura and Remington talking to each other on the phone in the lobby. How cute was that?!?! The look on Laura's face was PRICELESS when she figured out he was there watching her! And Remington's "I'd never insult your intelligence or your professionalism by trying to stop you from getting killed. No, I simply decided to take a much more active interest in the business." (It's LOVE, I tell you!)
* The "Dammit, Laura...I care for you" scene! One of the best EVER!!! So heartfelt and honest...and damn sexy! Whew!!!
* Laura and Remington outside Pepe's when he realizes they are being watched. How flustered is she when he's kissing on her?! Can't think...Can't breathe...Forget going to the beach. Go to the hotel!!!
* Remington and Mildred spying on Laura through the binoculars. The dialog was sublime! No matter how many times I watch it, I laugh out loud! What a way to introduce and ingratiate our Miss Krebs right off the bat! As much as I LOVE Murphy and Bernice, and as much as I really wanted to HATE Mildred because she took their place...I just couldn't! Loved her right off the bat...Though she pissed me off for the next three-and-a-half years with all her interrupting! LOL!
* Laura helping Remington escape from the local cops followed by the chase which ended up with Remington at the pool bar. Dang, he can run fast!
* Remington in a mustache riding with Laura on the beach.
* The "Just like a James Bond movie" scene (complete with Bondish music). (Nice placement of the apparatus, too! Yeah, like you didn't notice!)
* The scene with Pierce in his underwear is a given, mind you!

Top notch, as usual. Pierce/Remington and Stephanie/Laura have entered the "comfortable" phase. The sexual tension is still there (in spades!) but they just seem to "fit". (Hope that makes sense.) Mildred's introduction as the overbearing IRS/ex-Fraud Squad bureaucrat is a hoot. Also, Paul Dominic, Alexander Sebastian, Captain Rios...WONDERFUL! Nice casting!

Everything was REALLY great! OK, so Laura's stuff was rather dated, but hey, it was the 80s. And they could hardly put her in vintage suits in Mexico! (I remember loving her red and black outfit so much that I went out and bought one EXACTLY like it! LOL!) Pierce in that white suite with the black shirt? OMG!!! Pierce in his white dinner jacket and bow tie? HOSE ME DOWN!!! Good Lord!!! God's most beautiful creature, indeed! Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!! Steph looked lovely in the black sparkly dress. And her black top with the white shorts? VERY NICE. The white flouncy outfit with headband and TEAL(?!?!) shoes? LOL! I LOVED it as a kid. So stylish! I SO wanted to have her clothes!

I could talk/write about this episode forever...But I'm afraid I'd bore you to tears. (Are you with me still?!) I'll stop and let someone else post now.

Isabel...Thank you for the info on Pedro Armendariz. (I had no idea who Laura was talking about in that scene, but I didn't want to sound ignorant and ask. LOL!) And I love the "How can I vacuum with this in here" line! LOL!!!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by Xenos1981    (Sat Mar 31 2007 17:37:07 )
OK, I forgot a few things the last time I posted. First...I absolutely LOVE the new open! Sheer brilliance, putting them in a movie theater! Also, is there anything more attractive than seeing Remington (Pierce) walk down that aisle in a tux looking at Laura like he does?! OMG!!! And the subsequent looks that pass between the two as they watch themselves on-screen is...indescribably perfect!!! You SO get the uncomfortableness of Laura and the braggadocio of Remington. LOL! Pierce and Steph are SO GOOD!!!

Second...I LOVE the new opening music. Sorry, Zinger. I know you think it's too noisy and doesn't have anywhere to go. But this is HENRY MANCINI we're talking about! Though I love the first season's opening music, I enjoy this one, too. The subsequent seasons are a bit too hokey for my taste with all the "Jan Hammer-ing" they did to it. LOVE the music!!!

Third...Does anyone know off-hand if Remington is wearing the same famed sweatsuit as he did in "Steele of Approval"? You know...The one Annabel took her moniker "Bouncing Willie" from? Just curious.


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by MickeyBoggs    (Sat Mar 31 2007 18:15:23 )
  Third...Does anyone know off-hand if Remington is wearing the same famed sweatsuit as he did in "Steele of Approval"? You know...The one Annabel took her moniker "Bouncing Willie" from? Just curious. 
I'm reasonably sure that it is. I almost made a comment about it in my post
by queenheadintheclouds    (Sat Mar 31 2007 20:09:09 ) 
Finally, we get to my favorite episode of the series. Not to mention the one who's title I actually remember instead of merely the plot. :D

Love: "You look good with a tan"- PB looked way too pale before.

The intro of Mildred who fits much better into the show than Murphy or
Bernice. Kind of the 'mother' figure for RS at times and someone Laura
can trust and confide in.

How worried Remington was about Laura when she called him from Mexico.

"Exactly how dangerous is it for you to be here?"- More info on Mr.
Steele's past.

Remington's jealousy when Laura's trying to flirt up the guy on the boat.

"Its like something out of a James Bond movie."- Forshadowing for sure.
Especially with the white and black (tuxedo colors) tracksuit.

Mildred and Remington in the bathroom with the change of clothes. I bet
this was the most interesting audit she's ever conducted!

"Home James!"- Again foreshadowing? :D

The instrumental of 'Beat It' in the nightclub. So 80s and recognizable.

Last but certainly not least: Pierce looks great! :D

Not Love: Laura's wardrobe. The headband, big white shirt/dress, and sandals
big thumbs down.

Other than that not much. Like I mentioned fave ep.

HeadScratchers: Certain Wardrobe choices.

*If Laura is playing seductress, one doesn't expect much in
the way of results if wearing a fugly speedo racing suit. I'm
sure there had to have been more attractive one-pieces in the

*Who dressed Remington in a white track suit for rolling around
in a dirty old nightclub? I know some of you will sing the
praises of this outfit, but since white can be hard to shoot
and gets dirty easily it boggles the mind. Yet it still
remained clean.

So that's my take. Purely from memory. Not as indepth as some since I just don't work that way. I'm adverse to legwork. :P

Pierce Brosnan didn't need blue mankini trunks to be Bond.

by dtalley    (Sat Mar 31 2007 20:12:55 )
The Bondish music during the parasailing scene is basically the theme for "From Russia with Love". I used that Bond music for a music video I did using RS scenes and 'corresponding' scenes from PB's Bond films.It starts with Laura and Remington in the theater and they are watching these scenes onscreen. That was a really fun music video to make.

The music in this episode is fantastic. I think really good background music adds *so much* to the story. The 2nd season theme and opening with the popcorn in the cinema is by far my favorite. I especially didn't like the synthesized sound of Season 4. The scene where L trips the captain and R runs through the resort from the cops is the 1st time we actually hear a full-tilt "Remington's Theme". I dare anyone to sit calmly during that scene with that music - it makes me tap my feet and grin from ear to ear.

Has anyone else noticed the extra in a lot of episodes who looks a lot like SZ from the back? I've always wondered if she's her stand-in. She's often seen walking in the hallways outside the Agency and I've noticed her in a lot of other scenes, as well. She's slender with long hair. I'm thinking she might be the girl that R and L are interviewing when M. comes into R's office in the tag, but I haven't checked to see if it's her or not.

I, for one, loved that white velour running suit of Remington's.


by dtalley    (Sat Mar 31 2007 20:25:05 )
 "Beat It" was cut from the DVD version and replaced with something generic. That was a cut I didn't mind - it's not like it was Tony Bennett or SZ singing.


by SteeleLoveIt    (Sun Apr 1 2007 05:39:34 )
question: where does "home james, home" come from? i assume it was a reference of some kind....
by DCZinger    (Sun Apr 1 2007 08:31:55 )
    The unemployment rate in the early 80's must have been pretty high for so many
    women to apply for the receptionist job at RSI.

Are you Kidding me, Isabel? I'm surprised the line isn't all the way down the HALL and down the street if I knew that my boss was gonna be REMINGTON STEELE. Hell, I would have paid THEM to work there! LOL.


"It takes two to bicker, Laura. A daddy-bickerer and a mummy-bickerer."

by picac    (Sun Apr 1 2007 14:21:28 )
"Home James" is a well known oft used term when speaking to one's chauffeur. I don't know it's origins but you'll see it used in many films and books. If you do a quick google on it you'll see several limo and tax services have tongue in cheek used that as their name. 
by picac    (Sun Apr 1 2007 14:26:52 )
Agreed, once word got out that RS was looking for a new secretary there was probably a stampede. :D

I haven't refreshed myself with a re-viewing yet but another interesting point about Pedro Armendáriz is that he was Kerim (one of the great Bond allies) in From Russia With Love (he committed suicide after it finished -- he was suffering in the last stages of terminal cancer while making it).

by gardentraveler    (Mon Apr 2 2007 19:03:05 )
Hi everyone!

I've been lurking for a few weeks and thought I'd jump in at season 2. Noticed several new details in this episode thanks to your observations.

Others have quoted some of my favorite lines; here are a few more:

Laura: "I knew I should have taken French!" (As she's looking for Hector and having an awful time with Spanish.)

Laura's entire speech as she's freeing Mildred. I especially like her perky, hyper-polite "May I call you Mildred?" Also like her concern about Mildred as she's climbing over the fence after being freed at Pepe's.

Laura: "Cyanide in the soup!" (Just before she rolls over after being drugged.)

I like that Laura's outfit matches the hotel room. But it amazes me how clean and fresh it looks even though it's pretty much been dragged through the dirt (she jumps over the fence in the bull ring, for instance).

Really dislike the white track suit. The white tux on the other hand...

Odds and Ends:
Recurring names in the series: One of the names that is re-used in the series is Bloustein. Here it's the couple who were supposed to be in the honeymoon suite after the Plummers. Can't remember which other ep they use it in.

Mildred accuses RS of traveling with a false passport as she's arriving in Acapulco. Then she seems to forget that information for a couple of seasons. :)

This is one of my favorite episodes, in any case, probably because they have enough time to develop the story and let the main characters interact a lot. I also resisted/resented Mildred's arrival originally, but now I see that she added something that neither Bernice nor Murphy could ever have brought to the show.


by everglade68    (Mon Apr 2 2007 21:25:34 )
GT, welcome and thank you for participating in SOTW. I enjoyed reading your
post and agree with you regarding Mildred.

If you read the thread "Who Are We" you will get to know most of the posters on this board. Also, I just put up the thread "The Word is Chemistry, Part 2" and would love to read your comments to my question.

Feel free to jump in with any questions you may have. Enjoy!


by Xenos1981    (Tue Apr 3 2007 05:37:47 )
Hey, hey! Another new poster! Welcome, GT! I agree with Isabel...You need to add your comments to the "Who Are We" and "The Word Is Chemistry, Part 2" threads! Glad to have you with us!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by gardentraveler    (Wed Apr 4 2007 04:29:46 )
Thanks for the welcome. I'll stop by those threads in the next few days.


by picac    (Wed Apr 4 2007 12:58:31 )
Double the episode-- double the length

I love the movie theater opening, especially Steele’s look when he’s about to sit down and the expressions on both their faces when they’re kissing – him so pleased and her looking down and a little uncomfortable and nervous. I think it reflected the mood of the series beautifully and it’s a pity it lasted such a short time.

It’s rather surprising that Laura has a maid. I’d have thought she was the type to do it all herself. Maybe she got one after her mother felt the need to scrub her tub and her caseload increased with a flesh and blood Mr. Steele.

Steele making the chewing gum motion at the secretary – too funny!

Mr. Steele quickly appraises the worth of the diamond — lovely.

Laura has an appointment with Miss Krebbs so she knew she was coming and she didn’t give any thought to the fact that it might be about Steele and his lack of tax return? How could she not guess that he might be the thing sending up a red flag? Tsk tsk -- not such a great con artist after all – the con is in the details my dear. ;)

And her best idea is to tell Mr. Steele to “Steele Away with me” (great use of episode title and very rare – the only time before this I think was Your Steele The One For Me) and use a fake passport to avoid Mildred?

This is the first of two times Laura goes off to Mexico while the agency is under investigation by a powerful and scary official agency that could put her out of business or in jail. The second time is in Steele of Approval when the Licensing Board is after them and even though she’d be the only person that would know all the ins and outs of the old case history she drops it all in Steele and Mildred’s laps to pursue a case. What’s with Laura and Mexico and irresponsibility? Maybe it all stems from the fan dance. :D

Love the expression on Laura’s face when she realizes Steele’s in Mexico with her. Complete surprise and joy.

Brilliant idea to usurp the Honeymoon suite – if a bit mean. Maybe the horrid things that happen to them later on their honeymoon in Season 5 in Mexico is cosmic karma for what they did to the Blousteins.

“You’re hurting me”
“And you love it don’t you – absolute minx”


“Home James”
“I’m normally delighted by these unexpected displays of affection”

How unfortunate that Mildred is there and also that the displays are so rare as to unexpected. Bah! The leap into his arms is similar to the one in Steeled By A Kiss – but there it’s done much more smoothly since both participants are on the same page.

“We call him the man with no shame” -- LOL at Hector mooning a group of Nuns!

Seeing just Steele’s hand on Laura’s shoulder I really noticed how LARGE it is – usually it just looks long and elegant when attached to rest of his long and elegant body.

“Aren’t you a little uncomfortable – being so close to your natural habitat?” *snort*

“Let’s see if he’s interested in old Spanish architecture or something a bit younger and more American”

The stock footage of locales – like in the transition from the bullring to Mildred look so grainy and out of place in the new DVD transfers.

Steele’s expressions as Laura is sweet talking Mildred – he does everything but stick a finger down his throat at all the laid on with trowel treacle.

“I wouldn’t have you on a platter.”

Considering how their relationship started it’s a miracle how close Steele and Mildred became. She dogs his every step, he publicly kisses her and calls her kinky then punches her out and ties her up! I guess one look at Mr. Steele in his underwear made it all O.K. :D

“Do you realize we could get $25million just for being honest”

“It astounds you doesn’t it?”

“It heartens me Laura. It absolutely heartens me.”

Love the absolute glee on his face – a pity he loses his $25 million (not sure being Mr. Steele is worth that actually – I’d have headed for international waters with my diamonds and if Laura objected I’d have tossed her in the dingy for Captain Rios to find)

But then he has a desk full back home. If just one of those diamonds is $75,000 and Mr. Steele has about 50-100 of them. That’s about $36-75 million – even a 10% finder’s fee would keep him out if the IRS’s clutches and pay for a string of very expensive suits and boats. And I bet our Mr. Steele could find a way to move those on the not so open market for considerably more than a finder’s fee. ;)

The ferocity and sexual intensity of “Damn it Laura. I care for you” grab and kiss – SWOON.

Laura’s excuses for why it can’t happen – she’s afraid - Laura is a scaredy cat about relationships and she picked a man who’s past would frighten even those who weren’t. The problem is that her fears really can’t be allayed. No one can give anyone guarantees. Her parents were married with kids and there weren’t any – so what could Steele possibly give that would be more than that? In Steele she picks someone who’s past even if he told her every thing about it and changed everything in the future to be with her could still pose a threat.

“Well unlike you, what you did in your past doesn’t trouble me” – there in lies the crux of the problem. Her past intrigues him, his past frightens her – Steele wants to know all about Laura because to know more is to know her more. Laura would seemingly rather have the safe Steele she created with a squeaky clean past – but he isn’t that man and never will be.

That’s why these two never needed a third party to screw things up for them. I’d blame Mildred for getting in the way but she really doesn’t. If Laura wanted to say yes and forge ahead she could have at almost any moment – Mildred, clients, bullets, Steele’s past or not. The impediments were never really external – they’re mostly all internal.

Laura breathing hard and flustered while he’s kissing her outside Pepe’s – very nice and her breathlessness is very reminiscent of their first kiss on the docks in Steele Waters.

Steele really is an impressive runner and jumper – nice flying speed around the pool. The bit with grabbing the towel before he goes into the pool and coming out sopping wet. LOL

I don’t mind the music substitution – it actually fits better with their dancing

“Gorgeous isn’t he?”

“He’s married to her?”

“I just kept you around because I liked something pretty to wear on my arm”


I’m not sure what Mr. Steele is jealous of -- that bathing suit is strictly Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm grown up – it doesn’t even get up to the level of High School level of The Temptress. Completely un-sexy as is the tight French braid paired with it. The entire vibe is one of don’t touch me.

“My ex-husband couldn’t unleash the dog” LOL

Steele with the floppy mustache and floppy hat – priceless -- though that horse looks a bit small for him, though that just adds to the comedic affect.

“Only someone like you would think of that.”

“Only because it’s insane and suicidal”

The rope actually goes slack in front of Steele after Mildred cuts it then it’s taut again when he’s floating on in then dangling then completely gone as he lands on the guard.

What exactly did Peggy get drugged with? Laura is up in a few hours and she’s been out for days and no one bothered to take her shoes off either.

I notice Laura was able to put her wrap around sandals back on as Steele was driving the boat – realistically they aren’t done up in the same nice pattern as before she was drugged.

Steele putting on the captains hat “Oooh jaunty, I like it” LOL

I still don’t get why turning the diamonds over to the authorities would negate a finder’s fee.

Guest Stars: 

David Warner – a wonderful actor and surprising they got him for the show but I gather he loved the idea of getting paid to lounge around in expensive sets in Mexico.

The actor that plays the honeymoon husband—ehhh – not Mike Ito bad but pretty much the one blah note of an actor in the entire episode. Other than him Amandariz, Baggeta (Vincent), Warner, the actors that played Maria and her son, and Merkle are all really good.


I like Laura’s aquamarine top and cream skirt – looks appropriately tropical and yet crisp. That rubbery-nobby belt she wears with the top though – yech.

Laura’s dancing shift dress is very nice and flattering – shows she looks best in clean simple cuts that show off her petite leanness. When they get overly spangley, beaded, heavy and ruffley on her it tends to swallow her alive.

The head band – unless you’re in an aerobics class then just no -- who thought this was a good idea? Some misguided souls in the 80s may have worn one outside the realm of the gym but just no –no –no- no for Laura, though I like the loose white dress she wears with it. I like her wrap around sandals.

Beautiful light grey three piece suit on Steele in the opening scenes – even though he’s wearing a supposedly dreaded yellow tie -but it’s pale yellow though and looks great.

The white suit and black shirt combo is gorgeous on Mr. Steele though the suit jacket is ill fitting – it fits in the shoulders but is too big everywhere else. And if he wanted to blend in maybe a bright white suit isn’t the best idea! White shoes in a bullring – a truly bad idea. :)

Now Mr. Steele’s white dinner jacket – mmmm - fits perfectly - pity about the slightly too big 80s bow-tie – but then I’ve always thought Pierce looked better with the bow-tie undone (see Thomas Crown Affair or Tomorrow Never Dies)

The white tracks suit is just too baggy on him and yet still manages to show more than was probably intended – especially when paired with the harness. :D

Mildred’s blue dress is indeed “smashing” – it might be the prettiest piece of clothing she wore on the show. Her flowing red print dress is also pretty. Miraculous what un-tightening the bun and changing the wardrobe can do for a character. Though even her facial expressions and body posture change as Mildred transforms. Such a great actress.

by everglade68    (Wed Apr 4 2007 14:25:51 )
Ace, just when I think I have read your best post ever, you surprise me with another that is pure perfect. I just don't know how you do it. I am so glad that you share them with us, I just love to read them.

Just want to make one comment. You wrote: "If Laura wanted to say yes and forge ahead she could have at almost any moment – Mildred, clients, bullets, Steele’s past or not. The impediments were never really external – they’re mostly all internal". This is so true, and it was the cause of so much
frustrations for the fans.

Thank you Ace, and next week's RHS is my favorite, so I am really looking
forward to your comments on that episode.


by TeenSteele    (Wed Apr 4 2007 18:48:44 )
****Not that I was being a creeper (well, okay I was haha) but I clicked on your profile ace and HOLY long-time member Batman!... I noticed you've been an imdb member since 1999. That's quite impressive I must say.***

As for the ep... I must confess that I've not yet watched it this week.. But I plan on posting at least something on it very soon.


"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
BoaW 08/07

by Xenos1981    (Thu Apr 5 2007 06:32:19 )
You haven't seen it yet, TeenSteele? Oooooooo! You're in for a treat! Lots of smooching going on! Great honeymoon suite scene! Mr. Steele in all black! Mr. Steele in a tux! Mr. Steele in a jogging suite strapped in the parasail apparatus! Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!! Looking forward to your comments!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by JuleanJS    (Fri Apr 6 2007 14:24:17 )
I know that today officially starts RHS week, but I wanted to chime in on the first episode of my favorite season.
I haven't been able to keep very current with IMDb or SteeleWatchers recently, but analyzing season 2 gives me incentive to somehow make the time again.

Thanks for all of the great posts about this episode. Just when I think I've watched it enough times to catch everything, I read your posts and find SO much I missed.

Just a few comments I wanted to add:

If anyone has plausible answers to these questions, feel free to explain away.

First, why did George's luggage just sit in the honeymoon suite for so long? I know Dominick paid a bellman to leave it while he stashed the diamonds, but wouldn't a cleaning lady or someone come in to inspect the room after the Plummers checked out and before the O'Learys checked in.

Second, why were Laura and Remington dressed in black during the "I care for you" scene? Not that I'm complaining, I just don't know what break-in they were planning. Remington was registered for the room and they weren't planning to visit Pepe's until morning.

I loved most everything about this episode. The "Ingrid" line at the end seemed weak to me, though. Wish they could have found another way to do that. If Merkle was really such a bad guy, he wouldn't have let her get away with any extra words.
Loved most all of Remington and Laura's wardrobe (minus the headband as has been mentioned). Laura's make-up was a little heavy for my taste at times, though. The woman's a natural beauty. Don't mess with it. And, it was mentioned that white was a bad color for bullfighting, but I remember watching as a kid and thinking Laura's red shirt wasn't a great choice either. (Since then I think I remember hearing somewhere that the whole bulls and red thing is a myth.)

I also love watching the extras in this episode, not just for the glimpses of Pierce's family, but because the extras have the most interesting wardrobes. Love the lengths of the guys shorts best of all. Laura has the legs for those, but I don't know that many of the men in the background do.

At SteeleWatchers, there were posts about the day and night mixups when Remington breaks into Pepe's. That was funny to me, especially with all of the Bond connections this episode has. Just last week my husband and I were watching "For Your Eyes Only" and he caught the same mistake in a scene there.

It's sad to me that Mildred gets to see Mr. Steele in his underwear before Laura does. Maybe if she'd been the one delivering his change of clothes, she wouldn't have held him off for 3 1/2 more years.

On those same lines, it's been mentioned of course, but "I don't know how special I am to him?" EXCUSE ME? Do you know two minutes later when he risks arrest just to see to your safety? Or by that night when he out and out tells you? (How in the world could anyone pull away from that kiss?) Laura knows, she just doesn't want to admit it to herself.

"Home, James" is such a great scene and I wish the walk to the bedroom could have been longer. I love how Remington is so worried about what to do with Midred, yet he still manages to return Laura's kisses while carrying her.
That's my two cents worth and I can't wait to see what you folks post about Red Holt Steele.

by Xenos1981    (Fri Apr 6 2007 15:34:40 )
 It's sad to me that Mildred gets to see Mr. Steele in his underwear before Laura does. Maybe if she'd been the one delivering his change of clothes, she wouldn't have held him off for 3 1/2 more years.

Hee-Heeeeeee, Julean!!! A girl after my own heart!!! Glad you're posting again! Come to chat more often!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68    (Fri Apr 6 2007 17:01:54 )
Xenos, you beat me to it. I was going to comment on Julean's post but
decided to read your comments first. Boy, I know you so well now.

Julean, great post my dear. We have truly missed you. I look forward
to reading your comments about RHS, my favorite episode.


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