Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist
SOTW: Episode #24- Red Holt Steele
by Xenos1981    (Fri Apr 6 2007 07:16:46 )
OMG, OMG, OMG, ladies!!! Red Holt Steele!!! The palm kiss!!! Pierce in jeans with no shirt on...AND WITH WET HAIR!!! *fanning myself* *Steelegasm* And then in a grey sweatshirt!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Doesn't get any better than that! Post away...


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by Xenos1981    (Sat Apr 7 2007 10:02:35 )
*sigh* Red Holt Steele *sigh* Gosh, I love this episode! The palm kiss. Great storyline. Lots of smooching. Mr. Steele shirtless. A ficus in the underground parking structure. Lots of tender moments. Mr. Steele with wet hair. Yeah, baby!

Let me start at the beginning. Great opening...Laura running in the park while Remington sits back and relaxes, smoking a stogie! LOL! Snappy dialog, too. Too bad Lee Zlotoff didn't write more episodes. Love how Remington describes Thorpe by saying that he has an inferior tailor. It always made me laugh -- and still does to this day -- at what a clothes snob Remington is...Especially in the first two seasons. His little snide remarks regarding clothes are SO funny!!! Dang, Steph was in great shape, eh? Oh, to have the discipline to exercise like that. (Of course, it helps that she lives in LA where it's always nice. It's 22 degrees and snowing here right now...Yes, in April!!! Anyway, that's what I'm using as my excuse, LOL!) Seems funny that the three obviously not-so-in-shape guys managed to corner her, though. I'll chalk that up to her being tired from running so much earlier that morning. Loved how Laura jumped in the Rabbit and escaped from the bad guys. Just one observation...Shouldn't she have landed face down? But, then again, that would have been too much for ANY woman to handle (though I'd be willing to try)!!! [[bigeek]]

LOVED that Laura was reading The Great American Movie Book while nursing her sore feet (though one would think she'd have to do that because of wearing three inch heels rather than running with a nice pair of comfy tennies on.) She's obviously trying to get closer to Remington. Nice direction.

Mildred. Only the second episode and we get great character development that continues to be built upon in subsequent shows. I already feel I know her better than Bernice. Perhaps because the writers chose to ingratiate and integrate her into the show and with the fans. Anyway, I found it delightful that she already displays such loyalty to Mr. Steele. Poor Laura. Now she has to put up with that crap not only with clients and the media but also on a day-to-day basis with her secretary. Even the "He's the boss but you're in charge" scene doesn't change anything. (Remington has a great confession to Mildred coming up in next week's episode.)

Loved all the smooching and tender moments in this episode. First, an attempted kiss in the limo. Damn that Mildred. Then in front of Laura's house! Yummy! Then *sigh* the palm kiss. (I wonder if that was in the script or if the director came up with it or if Pierce and Steph came up with it. And was it was planned or something spontaneous. *coughJudithcough*) Oh, yeah...Speaking of the kiss at the front door...The first indication that Remington was a boxer! Nice. The angry "So don't run, but at least have the common sense to stop and catch your breath, woman!" scene was terrific! Remington coming out of his room wearing a towel around his neck and jeans...Mmmmmmmm!!! The man looks fabulous wet, eh?!?! One of the best short exchanges ever -- "You've pulled some pretty tacky stunts to get me up here alone, but this has got to be a new low." "You know me. For the right woman, there's no limit to the depths I'll sink." And the entire crying scene through the palm kiss should be studied in acting classes and TV/film classes everywhere! Perfection. (I know Ace doesn't find the fact that he turns down a chance to sleep with her particularly romantic because only a cad would sleep with a woman in such a state, but I find it hopelessly wonderful. It shows that he really does care for her and that it means much more to him than just getting her into bed. If it hadn't sunk in yet for Laura, it certainly should have now! And why she didn't run to his apartment and make love with him after he gave her the piano is beyond my comprehension! But, then again, I would've jumped him within the first two minutes that he walked into my office as Ben Pearson!) Also found this very sweet -- "I can take of myself. I have for a long time now." "Yes, well, that was before it made a difference to me." Aaawwwwwwww!!! SO romantic!!!

Other nice things...(Sorry this is getting so long. I'll compact my thoughts now.)...Remington strong-arming Thorpe at the restaurant. Laura stabbing Frannie with a nail clipper. The loft scene (complete with smiley face on the dirty windows). LOTS of movie references. Stephanie actually looked good when she punched out Veckmer. (Usually she sucks at fights. Too much of a lady to really know how to do it, I suspect. LOL!) The haunting music Laura plays at the end while Mr. Steele walks down the street alone. (Didn't someone post that Steph really played the piano in this episode?) By the way, I think this is only one of two episodes where they don't freeze frame on Laura and Remington together. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Question: Veckmer's office building...Was that a Star Trek set? Seriously! LOL! Also, were the blipping and computer-type sound effects the same ones that were used in the original (Gene Wilder version, not Johnny Depp version) "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" when Willie was transporting objects through space? Hmmmmm...

Guest Stars:
*All wonderful...From the ballsy RJ to the sweaty Keever to the dastardly Veckmer. Not a bad one in the bunch.

Headscratchers and Goofs:
*Again, wouldn't Laura have landed face down in Remington's lap as she jumped into the Rabbit? I know she's agile, but darn!
*When Remington's watching Laura through binoculars at the beginning of the episode, there's the usual two circle "special effect". However, when he's spying on Keever, there's only one hole.
*When Remington is telling Laura about Marcos, his robe sleeves are sometimes below his elbows and sometimes above his elbows.
*Laura's loft has a different exterior in this episode.
*Remington is smoking a lot in this episode. Something we've only seen once before in Steele's Gold. I didn't mind the stogie in the opening scene -- too funny. But seeing him smoke in the office seemed a bit out of character to me.
*Laura new outfit at the end of the episode "knock out city"? It's beige and very un-sexy. Was that considered "knock out city" in the 80s?! Blah!!!
*Remington writing "Play it again, Sam" on the card to Laura. Damn sweet, I know. But he of all people would know that Rick/Bogie NEVER SAID THAT! The exact line is "Play it once, Sam, for old times sake". (Picky, I know. But I just thought I'd point it out. I LOVE the card and the sentiment!!!)
*Again, a ficus in the underground parking lot. Have you EVER seen foliage in a parking structure?! (By the way, according to Michael Gleason, whom Judith called while we were at dinner in Chicago just to satisfy our curiosity, Lee Zlotoff is responsible for that. Must have had too much time on his hands between takes.) [[laugh]]
*As Judith pointed out before...Why does Laura have a picture of Ricky Schroeder on her desk in her house?
*Seems they changed Mr. Steele's lock for this episode just so Laura couldn't get out. Usually they can just unbolt it from the inside without using a key. That's OK, though. It was a necessary plot point. All's forgiven.

Thanks for reading!

Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68    (Sat Apr 7 2007 12:25:06 )
Xenos, you know this is my favorite episode. Maybe I will print all these posts, starting with this wonderful one, and frame them for keepsafe. And may I ask how many times have you seen RHS?


by MickeyBoggs    (Sat Apr 7 2007 14:39:40 )
To me, this episode is in some ways the real start of S2. SAWM was like being on vacation, where things are magnified and nothing is quite real. In RHS, we've made progress from S1 & SAWM and are getting back to life-as-usual-but-maybe-even-better and are rudely reminded that nothing is permanent.

Memorable Stuff

- The "long-legged field darter" comments and R's description of the "rare bird out there just beyond one's reach"
- L running out of the park and leaping into the Rabbit - and into R's arms (at least she got to run in running shoes this time!)
- Nero's one and only appearance
- Mildred refusing to give the pictures to Laura, waiting to give them to R instead
- Steele interrupting RJ's flight simulator session
- Mildred's first telephone interruption
- Laura starting to go after Nero but Rem stopping her with the boxing lessons comment. Her line "But by then it may be too late" - somehow I don't think she's only referring to Nero!
- R recognizing how much the piano meant to L just based on the way she looked at its burned remains
- R locking L into the apartment
- R telling the maitre d' to "show my friend here" (his suit jacket!) to the table (LOL)
- R masquerading as a waiter and using that to get close enough to threaten Thorpe
- The maitre d' suddenly losing his accent when he interrupts Steele & Thorpe
- The thunderstorm scene! The Marcos Androkus story, thinking of the possibilities and "tonight, if you asked me...." and the palm kiss
- Laura hitching up her jeans before going into R's office to give Mildred the "he's the boss but I'm in charge" speech
- Laura tugging her jeans back into place after having "played Claudette" for the security guard
- They're not even in the frame together, but there's something very intimate about the ending

Character Development

- L reading The Great American Movie book while icing her feet
- We learn Laura graduated summa cum laude at Stanford
- We also get the first glimpse of a confusing timeline about her life since college. She had an unprecedented rise to full operative at Havenhurst within 3 years, leaving to form Laura Holt Investigations, which lasted just 6 months. For the last 3.5 years she's been employed by RSI. This timeline is conflicted by later episodes.
- Celebrating with each other after the successful day in the park. They're looking very comfortable together and I've always wondered what would have happened if her house hadn't been blown to smithereens
- Rem putting himself in between Laura and the explosion
- When she's threatened, Laura kicks into high-gear-investigation mode, to her own detriment
- Steele's genuine concern that Laura had done something rash and gotten herself killed
- Steele's admission - to Laura - that she matters to him (when he mentions being concerned someone was trying to kill her)
- When L cries about no house, no things, no Bernice, no Murphy - R points out that he's still here. Neither is willing to ask/say whether he's going anywhere or not, but he's here now and that's important to both of them.
- R's refusal to take advantage of L's vulnerable state should be a huge clue for her that he's not just out for a conquest. Too bad it doesn't register fully with her.

Favorite lines

R: You know I've always found a bit of rigorous physical exercise in the morning so-
L: invigorating to watch?
RJ: When I set out to kick some tail, it never hurts to have a good, stiff boot
L: We're going to have a little talk with our Miss Krebs very, very soon.
R: Really? What about?
L: But Mr. Steele, my cat doesn't have any claws. How will he defend himself?
R: When he comes back I'll give him boxing lessons
L: I can take care of myself. I have for a long time now.
R: Yes, well, that was before it made a difference to me.

Hair & Clothing

- Steele's dark suit & white shirt. So basic, so classy, so yum.
- The wet hair, no shirt, blue jeans look - followed by the sweatshirt/jeans combo. Why does nobody else look that good in a sweatshirt?!
- Laura looks good in his shirt & blue jeans! Love the tie-belt. And I understand that the heels are her only shoes but I would have borrowed $30 to go get a pair of sneakers, personally

Guest Star Notes

- Funny to see Audrey Neenan, a judge on the L&O series, as a baddie named Frannie
- The maitre d' (Raye Birk) returns in Lofty Steele
- Charlene, the real estate agent (Dee Dee Rescher) returns in Premium Steele
- Joel Polis (Veckmer) would later star as SZ's husband in "The Baby Dance" and as her lawyer in "Prison of Secrets"

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- The music, while appropriately tension-inducing, drives me nuts on repeated viewings.
- Thorpe & Keever sure do move quickly for a couple of out-of-shape suits
- As we've discussed in chat group - why on earth does Laura have a photo of Ricky Schroeder on her dresser?!
- As it's burning, you can tell the house is obviously empty
- Since the house exploded at their backs, how did R & L get soot on their faces when they turn back to look at the fire?
- The line "You've pulled some tacky stunts to get me up here alone, but this has got to be a new low" refers to a deleted scene where Mildred picks Laura up, supposedly to take her to a hotel, but drives her to Mr. Steele's instead. Laura threatens to fire her if they don't go to the hotel, but since Mildred thinks Mr. Steele is the boss, she just smiles and keeps driving to Rossmore.
- In the script, Steele's alias is actually spelled Ksenos, though that doesn't appear in an online Greek-English dictionary. Xenos, however, does appear there and does indeed mean "stranger".
- The photo that R shows Keever is not the same one shown on the insert. The one R holds does have 3 people, but the person in the middle has his arms outstretched as if he's trying to pull the people on either side up next to him
- Just what IS that thing in the loft that Laura tells the real estate agent to leave there?
- When Mildred's reading the file on Veckmer to R & L - I'm pretty sure that's actually her script!
- So Lee Z is responsible for it, but still, WHY is there a ficus in the parking garage? It just makes no sense! 

by dtalley    (Sat Apr 7 2007 15:58:29 )
Laura's line also makes sense with the scene as it was filmed. Remington locked her in his apartment and she considers that to be tacky and low.


> The line "You've pulled some tacky stunts to get me up here alone, but this has got to be a new low" refers to a deleted scene where Mildred picks Laura up, supposedly to take her to a hotel, but drives her to Mr. Steele's instead. Laura threatens to fire her if they don't go to the hotel, but since Mildred thinks Mr. Steele is the boss, she just smiles and keeps driving to Rossmore.

by picac    (Sat Apr 7 2007 16:22:17 )
I'm still wondering exactly what stunts, tacky or otherwise, he's used to get her up there alone? Examples please, because I don't recall seeing any. Maybe they're just in Laura's dreams. ;-)

I haven't done the re-watching yet (but I've seen this episode so many times) and won't till after the holiday but since Xenos mentioned it I'm going to expand on my that's not too romantic - "If you asked me to" - moment. She's a bloody vulnerable emotional mess, and there she's not even saying I'd like to make love with you, or even I need you sexually right now -- nope she's saying "if you asked me to" I might not say no. Wow. Who wants to hear "If you asked me to" during the best of circumstances, unless maybe it's done in a teasing playful manner? It's almost like she's doing him a favor - or sacrificing herself on some altar; saying my defense are so low now I might let you have sex. Ehhhh. Not romantic at all IMO. I can't see it being too hard for Steele to turn down that offer, whether he was in love with her or not. I've never liked that wording and find it an unfortunate clunker in a very beautiful scene. I don't think that's the moment where he proves he loves her and it's not causal. I think the way he treats and cares for her the entire episode is what proves he loves her.

by everglade68    (Sat Apr 7 2007 18:47:20 )
Ah Ace if you put it like that, yes, I can understand that the "if you asked me to" moment might not be as perfect as we think. However, the whole scene was very beautiful like you said and the palm kiss is so tender especially coming from Laura. I don't really see it as a sexual scene but more of a sweet, caring moment that both of them shared.


by dlxauburn    (Sat Apr 7 2007 19:38:22 )
 Red Holt Steele is definately in my top five episodes. Love all the comments and observations so far..... here's a few more.

Hat's off to Steph athleticism. How the heck can say the line with 'ornathologist' in it while running??? You have to be in great condition. Later the photo of the "long legged field darter" really shows off her great legs!

In RJ's hanger, they walk past a large box with the word Steelcase on it(Steelcase is an office furniture company). It's a nice small visual joke.

When Mildred knocks on Laura's door to deliver the pictures, Laura says "It's open." Then Mildred comes in with "Mr. Steele? Oh Miss Holt." Like she's surprised to find Laura in her own house. Just the first of many to come regarding Mildred's puppy like loyalty to "The Boss".

While perched awkwardly on the piano, Laura's cat-like hiss of frustration over Mildred's refusal to show her the pictures blends in the later appearance of Nero. Perhaps a people adopting characteristics of their pets bit Steph added? Nice touch and sympathetically funny.

The House explosion was very cool! Laura is a mess, dirty and filthy, but Remington is clean as ever. Though they do reference the "smell of smoke"later in his apartment.

When Remington is greeted at the resturant, the maitre'd has a french accent. But he later loses it when yelling out the back to Remengton who is accosting Thorpe. The maitre'd is later seen in Lofty Steele when Laura is again temporarily homeless.

See XXXenos's comments regarding the thunderstorm/apartment/crying/if you asked/ I don't think/scene.... nicely done. Really showed off Remington's Irish story telling quality.

The machine in the loft that Laura tells the agent to leave behind appears to be a horizontal lathe. It would be used for machining metal, like Steele, into useful components or parts. No wonder she wants to keep it!

Laura squeezing Remington's shoulder during the "he's the boss, but I'm in charge" scene. Ha!

The ending with the "Play it again, Sam" written on the card for the piano and the trenchcoat clad Steele walking away from camera on a wet street is a nice intentionally tip of the cap to Casablanca. All they were missing was the fog. But with blowing up a house, the budget for this episde probably couldn't handle a fog machine rental. But it is significant that the audience subliminally recall Bogart's last line to Claude Rains, "This could be the start of a beautiful friendship." I think we see the same reflected in Laura and Remington's relationship now at the begining of season two. Murphy's no longer the partner and they don't need to pretend to keep an arms length apart. Remington is now the protective partner and gladly steps up to the role. It's a lovely finish to a great episode. 

by Xenos1981    (Sat Apr 7 2007 20:34:56 )
Great comments, Christine! Didn't catch the "Steelcase" thing. I'll watch for it next time. Mick, wonderful post as usual!

Ace...Sorry, babe, but I just can't view Laura's "tonight if you asked me" line as sacrificing herself on some altar. Rather, I view it as her telling him that he's made her feel better, safer and more hopeful after a bleak day and that she'd like to make love with him. No, she doesn't say it eloquently or with flowery words, but I do like it. Hell, we've all had terrible tragedies in our lives and sometimes we think being with someone sexually (that hopefully we love) makes it better...whether it's right or not, whether it will or it won't. Remington knew she'd regret it and was a gentleman to not ask. Not sure how many other men would turn down that opportunity. But I think it was an honest scene with honest words coming from both Laura and Remington. And I think it was EXTREMELY well acted and makes me emotional every time I watch it.


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by picac    (Sat Apr 7 2007 21:10:00 )
Sorry, that turn of phrase just doesn't work for me in a romantic context. I understand the need for physical connection after tragedy or shock but that particular turn of phrase is not proactive but rather very passive -- so passive, vulnerable and unsure as to make any other response by any decent person pretty unthinkable. Yes Steele is always the gentleman but I don't think he's gone above and beyond here or that it was much of a sacrifice. That entire scene for me is more about friendship, tenderness and emotional intimacy than about sex or romance.

Now the last scene, when she plays his gift of the piano and he listens from the street and walks away alone -- that's what I find romantic.

by Xenos1981    (Sun Apr 8 2007 08:16:47 )
OK, I'll concede that the scene is more about friendship, tenderness and emotional intimacy...But it is also about sex and romance. And I still love it!!!

Oh, and yes, the end scene is very romantic. Very Casablanca-esque...Right down to Mr. Steele's raincoat. *sigh*


by gardentraveler    (Sun Apr 8 2007 19:14:53 )
Most of my favorite moments have already been mentioned.

I'm also fascinated by Mr. Steele's grey sweatshirt look and puzzled by the admiration of Laura's new dress at the end.

Another moment I find puzzling is when Steele goes to look for Laura and thinks she's the one who jumped off a building. I don't get the feeling that he's thinking she was murdered and can't understand why he'd think she'd jump. What does everyone else think?

Does the pendant he wears annoy anyone else? I really don't like it.

One of the touches I love in the scene where he's done talking to Thorpe and he taps Thorpe's face twice just like he taps the car when he's sending it off (and taps other stuff he's done with throughout the series).

I vote that the "if you asked me" scene is romantic.

The ficus: mysterious and unnatural.

Ricky Schroeder? Didn't notice. I'm betting the picture was just handy.

I'm sure there are other parts I meant to comment on, but it's late and I'm sleepy.... I'll add more later.



by dtalley    (Sun Apr 8 2007 19:55:55 )
I agree that the Xenos/thunderstorm scene is romantic. It's also tender, haunting, funny, bittersweet, loving, intimate, and touching. That was the scene I talked about on the DVD "St. Fanatics" feature because to me it was the most memorable scene in the entire series.

Remington's medallion actually belonged to Pierce. I've always loved it, but I might be biased since I've always known the story behind it.

Direct quotes from the "PB Chronicles", 3-15-84, Vol. #1 (This was the official PB fan club newsletter.)

Question: "What is the medallion that you wear around your neck?"

PB's Answer: "The medallion is mine and it belonged to my grandmother. It was the back of her watch and has the initials 'KOR', which stand for Kathleen O'Reilly and has the date 1923. The watch was given to her my grandfather. She didn't like it and she had it made into a bracelet. It was given to me and it's the only thing that I have of hers."


by MickeyBoggs    (Mon Apr 9 2007 12:26:49 )
Laura's line also makes sense with the scene as it was filmed. Remington locked her in his apartment and she considers that to be tacky and low.
Maybe I'm just too picky with the wording. The "to get me up here alone" phrasing implies to me that she wasn't in the apartment and he did something to get her there. If it referred to the locking-her-in actions, I would think the wording should be more along the lines of "to KEEP me up here alone". She came to his place willingly - it was the enforced STAYING at his place that she objected to (along with the fact that Mildred was so clearly "working against" her for her own good).
by DCZinger    (Mon Apr 9 2007 12:31:46 )
Here we have the "quintissential" Remington Steele Episode:

To be this episode MUST have:

1. Pierce with his shirt off.
2. Stephanie showing off her athleticism.
3. Remington roughing up anyone who dares not answer the lady's( Laura) questions.
4. Mildred digging through the paperwork for facts.

Great lines:

L: "I can take care of myself, I have for a long time".

R: "Yes, but that was before it made a difference to me"

Sigh, Remington can make me noodle soup from a foil packet ANYTIME.

L: "You've pulled some pretty tacky stunts to get me up here alone, but this has got to be a new low."

R: "You know me. For the right woman, there's no limit to the depths I'll sink." ( this turned out to be prophetic...see "Bonds of Steele".

L: "He's the boss, but *you're* in charge?" Mildred asks.

R: "Having worked for the government, Mildred, I wouldn't think the concept beyond your grasp," Steele points out. (That line produced guffaws of appreciation from Mr. Zinger, who did 10 years with the government, and now works as a consultant.)

The restaurant where Steele threatens Thorpe is the 94th Aero Squadron. We have one in nearby Maryland, and it's not as upscale as the one depicted in this episode....but it does have the aeroplane theme going on there.

The fact that Laura can admit to Remington that she "couldn't say no" tells me that she is indeed shaken to the core, but also TRUSTED Remington enough to tell him. And he recognizes that and is ever the gentleman enough to do what's best for her ( and him) and demur. I see the palm kiss as her acknowledgement that Remington is right to "not ask" and also that she was grateful that he was the gentleman that he is. THAT's why this is, to me, one of their best moments. In my "ultimate box set" of a future Remington Steele re-release ( of course, NOT done by the "Wolf" network) is Pierce and Stephanie discussing how they shot this scene. Sigh.

I agree with a previous poster, that Mildred must need glasses if she thinks Laura's first new dress is a "knockout". Ick.

I like how the shots of Steele answering the door after a shower shows, but not quite, shows his bare chest. Just enough to get our imaginations going ( and does it ever get going!). Oh, yes...the jeans. YOWZA!


"It takes two to bicker, Laura. A daddy-bickerer and a mummy-bickerer."

by Xenos1981    (Mon Apr 9 2007 15:06:02 )
Ace, Ace, ACE -- and everyone else!!! PLEASE tell me that SOMEONE saw Desperate Housewives last night! (Guilty pleasure, sorry.) There was a scene in there that in some ways mirrored the "tonight if you asked me" scene...And it proved my point about sex/intimacy/men and how romantic the RS scene really is. Follow...

Edie (the neighborhood slut, for lack of a better word) was "itchy" because she hadn't had sex for over three weeks. Carlos (Gabby's ex-hubby), who took off his shirt while playing basketball, was looking mighty fine to Edie and she did her best to seduce him. Carlos refused her saying that she wasn't what he was looking for and it would ruin their friendship. Nice guy. But then the next night, Edie went over to his house and started taking off her clothes. And as she was doing so, she talked to him about how her bra held up her slightly sagging breasts and how her panties hid her c-section scar until she was standing there naked and vulnerable in front of him. He held her in his arms and hugged her. So I'm thinking that this guy is Remington-like. I'm thinking he really cares for her. Uh-uh. Next scene? He boinked her.

So, although you might not care for the wordage, I think our "tonight if you asked me" scene is STILL romantic as hell...Whether it's about sex or intimacy or friendship.


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by picac    (Mon Apr 9 2007 15:48:12 )
The difference is that Edie is a bit of care free nympho and her big trauma was that she hadn't been laid recently. Edie's house didn't just blow up and I assume she wasn't a quivering, blubbering, tear stained, probably snot sniveling emotionally traumatized mess either (ooh that sounds sexually appealing -- how could Steele resist?) I bet if Laura was all playful, and lusty and started taking her clothes off because she was horny Steele would have jumped her bones -- hell that's probably his dream scenario! LOL
by Xenos1981    (Mon Apr 9 2007 15:55:19 )
*sigh* OK, I give up. (But, just so you know...Edie wasn't bubbly and seductive while she was taking off her clothes. She was a tragic figure in this scene.)

Xenos (who STILL thinks it's romantic)

Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by dtalley    (Mon Apr 9 2007 17:52:00 )
No need to give up your opinion, Xenos. I think that scene is the most romantic one in the entire series.


by JuleanJS    (Tue Apr 10 2007 14:39:49 ) 
Wow! You people are GOOD! 

Here's my two cents:

I'm always amazed at how easily they can sip such full glasses of champagne without spilling. When they arrive at Laura's house, Fred stops pretty abruptly.

I love the close-up of the kiss on her doorstep. How can their kisses, which are so strictly PG, be so fantastic?!

Love the "Tonight, if you asked me..." scene. Sorry, Ace. I can see your points completely, but it still makes me sigh every time I watch. I think I mentioned before that the syndicated version I recorded as a kid cut those two most important lines. For years, I didn't know what I'd missed. Romantic or not, it's very key to their relationship.

Just one personal antidote: As a kid, my mother forced me to take piano lessons. After a few years, I stopped practicing and came to dread the weekly chance for my teacher to discover as much. Then Laura played that song (not sure if I'm remembering right, but is it Prelude in E minor?) and I just happened to be working on it for my lessons at the time. My mother and teacher couldn't believe how well I learned that piece. Too bad it didn't carry over. I still quit lessons soon after.
Anyway, loved the episode start to finish. Isn't there a fanfic out there about Laura's reaction to the piano when she next sees Remington?

by everglade68   (Tue Apr 10 2007 18:36:31 )
Red Holt Steele is probably my favorite episode of the show. It is not because it is the best written or the music is better because it is not. It is my favorite episode because it makes me feel the underlying emotions between Laura and Remington much more than any other episode.

Steele's love for Laura shines through in RHS. In countless ways, he shows his love for Laura and not only is he aware of it, he is not afraid of his feelings. Laura too is much more emotionally and for once is able to let her feelings show. During the storm scene, Laura cannot help but really, really allow Remington to get close to her. Just watching her looking at Remington while he tells his Marcos story is extremely powerful. The look of love is in her face the whole time he is telling his fantastic story. The palm kiss, which is my favorite, makes me catch my breath every time I see it.

My two favorite lines, were both Remington's. "Then you're going to have the unprecedented honor of sleeping in my bed - pajamas optional...while I keep company with the couch". And the very best is "think of the possibilities". Too bad that the possibilities I thought of were not written into the show.

Oh, this is the only episode title of the entire series to include Laura's last name as well as Steele's. Just this makes it so very special.


by whoizzitt    (Tue Apr 10 2007 21:09:16 )
Don't give up Xenos, I agree with you (as do most fans) that this was a very romantic scene and the 'if you asked' words worked perfectly. I loved that she was all teary and vulnerable and he turned her down. Perfect. One of my favourite scenes of the entire show. Loved your post. Thanks for sharing it.
by picac    (Wed Apr 11 2007 00:19:17 )
Most of this episode has been covered but here are some points, many redundant which is why I skipped most of the choice quotes because most go without saying and have been said. ;)

We see Steele with an easel and a painting off to the side as part of his cover – alas we do not see him paint. It’s not until Season 3 that we find out he has actual artistic ability in Steele Illustrated.

During that time PB took up cigars and voila he introduces it here though Steele rarely smokes them in the series again.

Steele may be harsh about Thorpe’s inferior tailor but he’s awfully generous about Thorpe only needing to lose 10 lbs. ;-)

There's no way those men should have been able to get that close to Laura unless she developed cramps. Laura bends her knees getting into the car and you can see her shift to where she’s almost sitting up and then leans back (quite wonderfully) on Steele, so there isn’t some cut where she lands face first edited out.

Laura reading The Great American Movie Book – I think it’s the only time we see someone reading on screen in Steele for pleasure. A great touch that she’s trying to get closer to Steele—and builds on her comment in Steele Away With Me that in order to communicate with him she's going to have to learn his language -- movies.

Very funny how Laura takes Nero’s place on the piano and hisses like a cat. Steele seems rather non plussed by her position – as if it happens all the time.

Laura is walking awfully stiffly when they first meet RJ – like her shoes are stuck to the floor or she’s stepping over invisible things. Hmmmm- -- maybe her feet hurt from running in something flat and comfortable like sneakers. ;)

Laura covered in soot after the blast and Steele who covered her with his body and who’s actually raking though the debris is immaculate in a white shirt no less! Is he teflon coated?

Steele seeing Laura’s expression when she looks at her piano and knowing from that how much it means to her. Then there’s his palpable panic (with a cute little spin around) when he can’t find Fred when she leaves in the rabbit. The man really does need his own car.

Barbara Cason as RJ is fantastic. That single line reading about the addresses of her grandchildren conveys all her strength, horror and fear.

Steele's growing frustration that laura can't admit that she's shaken and needs to depend on someone -- on him - and then Laura's little soft "sorry" when he leaves knowing that she just shut him out when he was trying to help.

I assume Steele has a double locking door; it can be locked from within or without. If so I’m surprised Laura hasn’t tried it to keep tabs on him – then again Steele can pick any lock and he could also go through the window. ;-)

“My my my, I approve of your tailor” – how complimentary of him. ;-) In Pierce’s 2000 GQ ‘Most Stylish Man of the Year” Award they showed clips from his films and used this Steele clip to wrap up his video introduction.

I always think Laura would be much less in a snit if he’d opened the door before he put on his sweatshirt. Because--- Oh MY GOD!

As for her line about the tacky stunt, it doesn’t make any sense since she should say it was a tacky stunt to keep her there not get her there. It also doesn’t make much sense because we’ve never been privy to any tacky stunts to get her up there in any previous episode.

When does Laura think he had the time to make a gourmet creation? And yes as someone asked soup can indeed come in little foil packets. I think Liptons did and maybe still does.

I like that Steele comes out when he hears her crying but after the day of her pushing him away he turns away because he probably thinks she doesn’t want him to see her that way and doesn’t want his comfort. Then even after she asks him not to go he makes small talk about sleep and coffee and waits until she actually goes into his arms and then he soothes her and strokes her hair tenderly but still rather tentitively.

It’s an extremely superficial thing to say about such an emotional and intimate scene but Laura’s hair looks fantastic– that is when I can tear my eyes away from Steele’s open robe. ;-). Interesting that Laura sleeps in Steele’s white shirt and not any pajamas. It’s not as if he’s wearing his top. :D

Not only is Steele a first rate energetic storyteller but the accompanying music behind the Xenos story – from playful to serious to hopeful is great – as is the segue into Laura’s theme in the “Tonight if you asked me” as she kisses his palm.

I wonder when exactly Steele was Xenos. It sounds like he’s young but how young. At 14 he met Daniel in London but then by around 20 he was boxing in Argentina. I’d love to see an official timeline of his life.

Laura is still wearing the same Steele outfit the next day – she is aware he has a closet full of clothes isn’t she? :D I notice she still wears heels – and I think Laura kept the high heels for her Claudette Colbert moment – sneakers wouldn’t have made quite the same impression. But Steele has a pair of nifty white glow in the dark sneakers that look enormous.

Steele’s pronunciation of saxophonist – delightfully un-American. ;-)

“It’s a filthy warehouse with the single luxury of a toilet”

“I’ve always made a point to move up the ladder in the process”

So he considers being Steele a move up. I’m surprised Laura didn’t latch onto that though she was too busy trying to figure out if Xenos is his name. I’m surprised the summa cum laude though didn’t know Xenos meant stranger in Greek what with it being the root for xenophobic (fear of strangers).

Laura hits so hard she does the Steele-like flexing the wrist after thing.

A cat on a piano next to a glass vase with a flower and the vase is still on the piano and not on the floor? Nero is one in a million. As is Steele (especially if he didn’t charge the piano to the company credit card).

Steele with the toothpick, walking alone on the dark street in his trench coat as Chopin plays in the background – very noir. And I’ve never noticed before but Steele does a little skip over the corner that’s perfectly in sync with the notes.

It's simply one of the best tags of the series, the most unique and one of the most romantic even though they’re not together. That Steele had Fred drive him there to make sure Laura was OK was just the last in a series of acts in this episode that show how protective he is of her and how deeply he cares about her safety and her happiness.


I like Laura’s leopard print blouse and the brown skirt. Much dressier actually than the striped blue dress she goes out on the town with Steele in – though that oddly has leopard spots on the arms as well. Maybe it's a cat theme? If so I’m surprised Nero isn’t covered in them instead of being black. She looks good in Steele’s clothes but the white shirt looks a little tight and the legs don’t look like they’re rolled up enough to actually be his clothes. The tie as belt is completely cute but it doesn't look like any tie Steele's worn.

The shirt dress – alas it won’t be the last it’s seen. Not knockout city but what else are Mildred and Steele going to say about Laura’s dress? Her house and all her belongings just went up – she’s proud of her purchase – even if they hated it friendship compels them to lie and compliment it. :D

Mr. Steele’s navy suit— beautiful spotted tie, gorgeous wine silk handkerchief. But nothing compares to Mr. Steele wet and dripping from the shower and shirtless in blue jeans – not even the beautiful pattern opened robe. The trench coat at the end – rarely has a man done so much for a trench coat.

by Xenos1981    (Thu Apr 12 2007 08:11:37 
Great posts, ladies! Isabel, I'm glad you enjoyed this episode so much! I love it, too. It's just so lovely! The whole scene where Laura is crying and Remington is comforting her is simply sublime!

Ace...I'm beginning to think you might like Pierce a little bit, eh? LOL! He certainly was teasing us in this episode with his nice, tight shirt...wet hair... *Steelegasm* Whoops! Sometimes they just sneak up on you. Yeah...He looked GREAT in this episode! (Though when doesn't he?!?!) *sigh*

1. Is Laura reading the same book (The Great American Movie Book) that Mr. Steele brought with him in his suitcase in "License To Steele"?
2. About that 2000 GQ "Most Stylish Man of the Year" Award video, Ace... *coughisitpostedsomewherefordownloadcough*


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

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