Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist
SOTW: Episode #26 -  Steele Framed
by Xenos1981    (Thu Apr 19 2007)
We're off to a great start with season two...Steele Away With Me, Red Holt Steele, Altared Steele and now...Steele Framed!!! Another winner!!! Ladies...Start your posts...


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 

by Xenos1981    (Thu Apr 21 2007)
All right, ladies...Where are the posts? Guess I'll be first. But it won't be detailed yet. I'm typing this frantically as I have a prior commitment that won't allow me to take the time I need to do a proper post. So you'll get a quickie until I can REALLY post something tomorrow. Here goes...

Two words...Major DesCoine!!! LOVE this character!

Three words...Brian Alan Lane!!! LOVE this writer! One of my favorites. And how cute is he?!?! Watch the second season featurettes! How could you NOT want to... Oh. Wait. TeenSteele is here. Better just leave it at that.

Thirteen words..."Couldn't you treat me like this at times when I'm less near death?" CLASSIC!!!

OK...Gotta run. More tomorrow! Promise.


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 

by TeenSteele   (Thu Apr 21 2007)
    How could you NOT want to... Oh. Wait. TeenSteele is here. Better just leave it at that. 

Hahaha, nice save there! 

by jrdedrick    (Sun Apr 22 2007 )
I wasn't gonna but don't have a choice at the moment. I'm gonna have to pass on this one. I LOVE it, but I have a few things I have to do first. Sorry.


by picac    (Sun Apr 22 2007 )
I think what's holding so many people back from posting is the belief that a) they have to re-watch the episode first and/or b) have to write a tome about all their impressions. Just a few lines and over all thoughts/impressions are fine to get discussion going, as is just responding to points made by other posters. It's also fine to post on an episode after the first few days or even a week or weeks later.
by Xenos1981    (Sun Apr 22 2007)
Hello (hello, hello, hello)...Is anybody there (there, there, there)? I'M ALONE!!! Guess I'll just post for myself... (Unfortunately, the RS Episode Guide site is down, so I won't be quoting.)

How freakin' freaky is Major DesCoine? God bless his warped little mind! LOVE this guy!!! Wish he would have terrorized Remington and Laura many more times during the series run. Could you have imagined if instead of bringing in The Rat the last season they would have brought back the Major?! Think of the possibilities! (I smell a fanfic story...Anyone? Anyone?) Does anyone else get the feeling that he's a cross-dresser? I mean, what was the purpose of dressing up as a woman if he was just calling Mr. Steele over the phone? Kudos to the make-up department. They did a nice job -- especially seeing as though it was "only" TV and this was the 80s. I felt sorry for the actor who played DesCoine, though...Did you see his skin when he was taking off the old man prosthetics? OUCH!

In my second post, I mentioned that I love Brian Alan Lane. Yup! Such a great writer. Great mystery, intriguing characters and lots of comedy. And he writes VERY WELL for Laura. He always seems to humanize her instead of making her "tough as nails". Loved how she comforted Remington when they got back to his apartment after he seemingly killed a man. So sweet. Nicely played by Steph, too. Then having her accompany him to the coroner's office. Down in the underground tunnel. And, my favorite scene, rescuing Mr. Steele as he's running towards the acid bath. (OMG!!! Remington with stubble...running...sweating...and then kissing Laura!!! OMG!!! And Laura running her fingers through his hair!!! OMG!!! I'm SOOOOOO jealous!!! OMG!!!)

OK, I'm getting ahead of myself. Loved how the episode started...With Remington and Laura toasting the anniversary of his coming into her life. The evening was filled with such promise...and then the let-down. Computer class. Poor Mr. Steele. Loved how he fixed his tie while checking his reflection in the computer. So funny. So Steele. Loved the mysterious phone call and the accident. Very well written, acted, shot and edited. And in the process, Laura learned that her Mr. Steele had never killed a man before. (You know that probably crossed her mind at some point, him being a thief/con and all. Heck, Murphy wondered about it. Good thing that Mr. Steele laid that question to rest.)

All right. Everyone brace yourselves. I have a criticism regarding how Pierce delivered a line. Did I lose anyone? I thought I heard a collective "thud" as everyone fell out of their computer chairs. Rest assured, however, that this is the ONLY time I'll be posting something like this. Everything else Pierce has done has been PERFECT...Absolutely perfect!!! *sigh* (Ace, don't hate me, babe!) The line (and I'm paraphrasing here because the RS Episode Guide site is down and I didn't take proper notes), "It's a good thing you invented me because I don't think I could have imagined anyone quite like you." bugs me. He emphasized "invented" instead of "you" and "me". I blame the director. [[winkgrin]]

Once again, Mildred shined (is that proper grammar?) in this episode. Her no-nonsense IRS persona...LOL! Doris ROCKS!!!

Love Jimmy Jarvis. Again, it would have been nice to see him in more episodes.

Loved the heart-to-heart talk between Laura and Remington down in the tunnel. Lord, he looked freakin' hot when he delivered his line about not wanting to be known as the man who tore her life into little pieces! (Someone hose me down, please!) And Laura's reaction to it...AWESOME. Not even the slightest hint of hesitation. Just a "it's out of the question". *sigh*

The scene between Mr. Steele and DesCoine in that old truck (where on earth did they come up with that wreck?!?!) was great! Man, that DesCoine is a sick SOB, eh? LOVE IT!!!

Pierce running...Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmmmmm!!! (If you know what I mean!) Pierce sweating...*fanning myself wildly*!!! Pierce with stubble...Grrrrrrrrrr!!! When Laura pulls over to pick Remington up...Go, Laura! Go, Laura! Go, Laura! Run those fingers through his hair!!! Kiss him hard and deep!!! OK, I'll stop now. TeenSteele and all.

The scene at the acid bath...Very cool...Though highly unlikely. But I'm not complaining! Totally unique! And we get a science lesson, too. So remember, the next time someone throws a key embedded in ice into acid, hook your shotgun up to your car battery! (By the way, the XenosHubby, who taught science for three years, says it would really work. In fact, when we watched the episode together for the first time, he shouted "hook it up to the car battery" at the TV!)

Enjoyed the end, too. DesCoine getting away! I think he's the only one who did on RS. Am I right? But he got caught the next time around. Would have been great if the Minor would have made another appearance, too...But that's an entirely different post.

So, I'll end it here. Must leave some stuff for others to comment on. Hint-hint!!!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68    (Sun Apr 22 2007 )
Ah Xenos, you know what I like about your posts, you enjoy writing them so
much, don't you? I can sense your enthusiasm, it's like you are watching the
episode for the first time.

Two words describes this episode "just excellent" from the very beginning to the end, it is non-stop enjoyment.

I like them celebrating the first year anniversary of Ben Pearson entering the RS agency. My first thoughts were its been a whole year and she still hasn't gone to bed with him, how is that possible. Sorry, I just threw in that line because Xenos forgot to mention it in her post.

I just loved Laura in this episode, she is so concern about Steele after the
car accident. She is there for him, touching his shoulder, looking at him so
tenderly and offering to stay the night with him to play cards just so that
he wouldn't be alone. Also liked how when she leaves his apartment, she tells
him, "my phone is by my bed in case you want to talk".

Xenos is right, Brian Alan Lane, writes well and he obviously "loves" Laura. He gives her the lines but of course it is Stephanie Zimbalist who gives Laura the qualities we all wanted to see. Mr. Lane focused on Laura's character and her feelings for RS. During the exchange in which they argue over who, in his
past could be trying to frame him, you see Laura's eyes watering and again when he wants to leave so as to not ruin her life. Laura's emotions are so real and right there for him to see.

I really liked how Laura mouths the word "homicide" in the office when Detective Jarvis leaves, and later on when she is talking on the pay phone to Mildred and tells her "soooooooooooooon Mildred soooooooooooooooon", she is so enthusiastic.

The graffiti on the walls with MK and LH is pretty neat, but hard to believe that the wall was not painted in what over 15 years.

Loved Laura's lines "Jimmy Dean made it safe for all us rebels". Was she really a rebel as a teenager? And "I hope high school science has a place in real life". Maybe so, but that ice took an awful long time to melt.

This kiss scene though hurried was great mainly because not only does Laura
initiates it, but she kept on running her fingers through his hair over and over making it soooooo sexy. Of course, she had though that he had been shot or whatever, but who cares, the end result was that it was a wonderful kiss.

I really liked Laura's long hair in this episode. She looks so good in a casual blouse and she certainly likes her hats. The first thing she does while looking around the dead guy's office is to put on that black hat. Later on she uses a red one to escape from the detectives and even Mildred gets to
wear a hat this time around.

I noticed for the first time that Laura's heels are very high and I have no
idea how she can run so fast with these heels. Hopefully, SZ had good medical
insurance while filming RS.

What is interesting about this episode is that Major Descoine was after RS but not our Mr. Steele. He was really after Laura for she was the one responsible for his incarceration. Maybe, that is why Laura is the main star in this episode and not Steele. It is too bad that we get the Laura we always wanted in an episode where Mr. Steele's role is somewhat neglected.

Gary Frank and Guy Boyd were excellent and it would have been fantastic to see them in many more episodes. But it was Stephanie Zimbalist's performance that was outstanding.


by MickeyBoggs    (Sun Apr 22 2007)
    I mean, what was the purpose of dressing up as a woman if he was just calling Mr. Steele over the phone?

I almost said something about this too, but then realized that "Mrs. Spellman" tells Steele that that police had just left her, so "she" had dressed up for them. Otherwise you're right, it's just a bit overboard.

Great script by Brian Alan Lane! A very good mystery for our duo and two wonderful guest stars.

Memorable Stuff

- Laura teasing Steele about a "new experience", knowing full well what he'll be thinking. PB makes just a minor facial adjustment the second she mentions Mildred and you can actually see the wind taken out of his sails.
- R using the computer screen as a mirror
- Our first visits from Det. Jarvis & Major Descoine
- Nice reference to prior ep by having Steele use Ben Pearson as an alias
- Mildred back in IRS-mode, complete with hairdo. Steele's admiration for her as she cons the bank employee.
- Laura pawning off Jimmy on her mother! LOL! And a recipe for "shrimp mousse"? Ugggh. I like how she sits back with her feet propped up, laughing at him stuck talking to Abigail.
- Great job by both leads in this ep. Both of them do a great job showing the frustration of not being able to figure out who's behind the scheme
- Mildred desperately wanting to know what's going on - Laura's "soon, Mildred, soon" answer
- Who says high school science isn't useful? And wasn't it handy that the wires just "happened" to be long enough to reach the car?

Character Development

- I think L knew R well enough by now to know he wouldn't want to go to computer class, but it was fun to see her wind him up in the attempt to get him to go
- L offering to stay with R to help ease his mind
- Descoine is very clever in planting evidence so that even Laura starts to doubt him - even though she doesn't want to. Good acting by SZ that allows us to see the internal struggle she's waging.
- The infamous Marty Kloppman reference
- Once L realizes it's Descoine, love how she throws everything she has into find R and making sure he's safe and clearing his name. Nothing says "I'm sorry" like jumping from the car, running into his arms and giving him a big ol' kiss!

Favorite lines

R: I've always had a soft spot for stimulation.
R: I don't want to be remembered as the man who tore your life into little pieces.
L: Thank God you're all right! When I found that shotgun on the road...
R: Couldn't you treat me like this at times when I'm less near death?
L: The key to your innocence, locked in my heart?
R: Think of it as an anniversary present, eh.
L: Only if it comes with a promise.
R: What's that?
L: You will never again leave me for my own good.
R: It's a promise.

Hair & Clothing

- I like Laura's blue silk blouse and Remington's grey suit. The bright blue pocket square is a colorful touch.
- Laura's black blouse & brown skirt look very good on her
- Don't care for that black & white dress - the shoulders peg it as 80s right away
- The maroon hat looks good on Laura, not so good on Mildred
- Steele wears a plaid shirt! Though it's much classier than anything poor Murphy ever had.

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- I crack up at Mildred getting soooo excited about her new TRS-80 (or "trash 80s" as we called them, even back then)
- I think this is the first time the Rabbit gets abused - broken windshield
- SZ appeared on "Family" with Gary Frank before RS; afterwards they co-starred in "Prison of Secrets"
- Tiny goof: Steele exits the truck and Descoine rolls the window all the way down. When the camera angle switches back to Steele's POV, the window has risen about an inch. 

by everglade68    (Sun Apr 22 2007 )
Good Lord Mick, how can you see that the window has risen about an inch?
I'm lucky that I get to see the car window well.

Xenos, a criticism of Pierce? You want to give me a heart attack?

And just for the sake of discussion, how would Season Five have been if
Mr. Lane had been the writer? Oh, just think of the possibilities!!!


by picac    (Sun Apr 22 2007)
It’s a great touch that they’re toasting to their one year anniversary but if Laura’s idea to celebrate that is with a computer class well pfttt. Stimulating my arse. And as humorous as it is to see her actively and expertly jerking Steele's chain why wouldn't she want to spend their anniversary together?

Interesting that Mildred deals with Mr. Steele’s checking account since it’s evidently his private one.

Mr. Steele’s antipathy toward computers – we see this later in have I Got A Steele For You – where he finally conquers it after he gets past the concept of the enter key. Though in this episode he seems to have mastered that later on. I guess he forgot since it was almost 2 years later. :p

Steele at the accident site and later alone in his apt is convincingly and appropriately shattered. When Laura leaves and he sits down he looks completely wrung out.

I don’t agree that there’s an incorrect emphasis of the sentence. Me shouldn’t be emphasized and ending the thought on an upswing by emphasizing you seems emotionally wrong for that scene. I love that Laura is so tender and careful with him, though she should have insisted to sleep in his bed er on the couch. ;-).

The "shouldn't be that cold up there" and the body temperature dropping are noted by the morgue guy but not a cop? It’s impossible to believe that Huckleberry Finn wouldn’t catch that if he’s supposed to be a semi competent policeman and after Laura later gives him the information to completely discount it makes him look like a moron or someone on the take wanting to find guilt where the evidence clearly states there isn’t any. Key or no key that case wouldn’t have held up for 3 seconds before any competent cop, D.A., judge or defense lawyer.

"Spellman. Custom Hatters For Heads of Distinction."

Descoine has a way with words. :D

When Mildred says she cracked Steele's checking accounts Laura says she has a right to the info since she's in charge. That wouldn't scan if it was his personal account. So does he have another just for the company and with just his name? The operating finances of this agency never cease to confound me. :p

What are the odds that Descoine frames Steele with an "Infamous Jewel Thief Found Dead" headline and connection?

Though Mr. Steele would never bother with a measly $100,000 heist, especially having to split that with a partner. Peanuts. It's actually insulting that Laura even for a second thinks he was involved. Not to mention if he wanted to steal gems then he’d have swiped the lavulite easily for a couple of million – no partners or dead bodies required.

Logic aside it’s also not dramatically honest albeit dramatically charged and well acted. Yes, she says she believes he was clean but then why is she accusing him in the first place with details that Jarvis wouldn't know about if she's just playing Jarvis / police advocate? I think the spectre of her disbelief is there for Steele and the audience to wonder how much she doesn't trust him – for her to then quickly say she does trust him.

"All right, all right. So I put a few noses out of joint in my time, stepped on a few toes, made a few enemies, but I can't think of *anyone* who I've crossed so badly that they'd go through all of this to put my head on a platter!"

We revisit this theme in Cast of Steele when he tries to find out who’s trying to kill him from his past. Similarly, the answer is no one.

    "It's illegal. Unprofessional. And I refuse to be a party to it. Oh, please. Don't make me do this. I don't work for the IRS anymore. And impersonating an agent- oh, we could go to jail for this."

    "Mildred Krebbs, IRS. I gotta pick up that Spellman box and have it in court in exactly one hour. So stow the chatter, shred the red tape, and cough up the keys, dearie."

The switch that Doris flips from frightened almost meek Mildred to no nonsense IRS battleaxe capable of slicing and dicing is a marvelous thing.

Mildred asks should they take the money and Steele just glares at her. He must be feeling trapped because it’s not like him to pass up $50,000 just lying there for the taking!

    "Excuse me, didn't you mean to write 'P.S. please *don't* ring the silent alarm?"

    "On the contrary. You see that young man in the corduroy jacket standing behind me? Well, he's armed and dangerous, and forcing me to commit this heinous crime against my will."

LOL. I love this bit so much. So clever and funny and the interplay with the all too helpful teller is priceless. By Steele Searching part II he's advanced to actual bank robbery in an attempt to stop bank robbery. In both cases though I wonder why there weren't some repercussions. Though in the 2nd he has Scotland Yard and the Duke probably helping him out.

Jarvis stuck on the phone with Abigail. Ha!

Mildred calling Laura -- "Quisling" -- LOL!

Do Mildred and Laura just happen to have matching outfits on hand and no matter how shapeless and flowing that top is who’s going to confuse the two?

The scene in the underground tunnel shows us that Steel is willing to run away for Laura’s own good and Laura wants him to stay no matter what happens -- each willing to sacrifice for the other.

Descoine’s first name is Percy. That explains so much. *snort*

"Couldn't you treat me like this at times when I'm less near death?"

Ah the running, the panting, the sweating, the kissing, the fingers raking through his hair. I gather Laura was regretting her previous idea of scintillating entertainment with Mr. Steele when she thought he was dead. ;-)

The application of high school science – how gratifying. Now if they could have only convinced me that high school math would be of use. Sign cosign tangent. Please. :p 

by Xenos1981    (Mon Apr 23 2007)
Excellent posts, Isabel and Mickey!!! Glad I wasn't the only poster...I was getting worried for a while there. Whew! And thanks for pointing out the reason Descoine was in a dress, Mick. LOL!

Just for the sake of discussion, Isabel...I think the entire fifth season would have been funnier as a whole with Brian Alan Lane at the helm along with the great Michael Gleason. Granted, season five started out funny and had endless potential, but IMHO the episodes got less and less funny and more and more frustrating...So un-Steele like. (Don't get me started again!!!) But as I pointed out -- and you agreed -- BAL writes very well for Laura/Stephanie. He brings out Laura's softer side without taking her strength away. In that regard, I think Laura's and Remington's "marriage" would have been more palatable in that she'd be more willing to accept their situation and try to make it work rather than just be pissed off and develop feelings for The Rat. It also would have been great if BAL had brought The Major and The Minor back for season five. I find those characters MUCH more appealing and intriguing than any of the characters we got. (Disclaimer: Shannon was actually an OK character, though. She made me laugh. They could have kept her and worked her in somehow.)

What does everyone else think?


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by picac    (Mon Apr 23 2007 )
I really like Brian Alan Lane's work but I wouldn't say he was my favorite RS writer or among the very top tier. I think they had some excellent writers over the years (Zlotoff and Caron were brilliant the first years), and some of the best written episodes were in the 3rd and 4th seasons. I think Melvoin, Kern & Mittleman the later seasons wrote some of the best episode and best scripts dealing with the relationship and characters from Steele At It, Diced, Steele Of Approval, Have I Got A Steele For You, Beg Borrow or Steele, Steele Sensitive, Forged Steele etc. And with most of these people you're also talking about their capacities as story editors, supervisors etc who had input into dozens of scripts. They knew these characters and this series. The other shows most of these writers were later involved in show their talent in writing for intricate plots, characters as well as snappy dialogue - MacGuyver, Moonlighting, Now & Again, Medium, Brisco County, Northern Exposure, Picket Fences, Alias etc -- most of them also with great humor and whimsy.

I wouldn't have hired Bernham though. Not only did she only have her hand in two scripts but while Coffee & Tea is good and has some moments - Chips is oy (I really dislike the characterizations of Steel and Laura and not because they're apart - Gourmet showed how you could do that great)-- and neither of these episodes showed she could actually write a serious relationship for Steele and Laura let alone marriage. But the main problem is that not only did many of their best writers leave after the cancellation but the production was rushed and their hands were tied in what they could actually do and where they could do it (after they lost their sets in L.A. and they had to rebuild). I love Michael Gleason and his writing but it was HIS idea to bring in Tony (not for his originally planned 5th but the desperation 6 episodes) and he was still overseeing the show and all the scripts so the tone of the show and the characters was under his control -- as much as he could have with trying to appease NBC at the same time.

by Xenos1981    (Mon Apr 23 2007)
OK, Ace, this is really weird. So, I'm chatting with Isabel and start talking about how I'm surprised you didn't post anything about the SOTW. She told me you did...Twice! "What?!?!" Now, OK...I could have been having a blonde moment and missed a post by accident...But TWO?!?! I think not! So my question is this...

Is anyone having problems with IMDb posts not showing up until later? Yikes!!!

Also...Ace, are you SURE Tony was MG's idea and NOT NBC's?!?! I might have a coronary if you're right!!! PLEASE say it isn't so!!! *hyperventilating*


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by picac    (Mon Apr 23 2007)
As far as I can recall MG said it was his idea is some recent interviews. That it wasn't what he'd planned originally for the 5th season pre cancellation but that it was the Tony idea he used as the hook for the born again 5th. I think Scalia was NBC's idea.
by Xenos1981   (Mon Apr 23 2007)
*THUD* (Yep, me falling out of my chair!) Oh, Michael...MICHAEL!!! Oh-ho-ho, no-ho-ho!!! So sad...So disillusioned!!! I wish you were wrong, Ace...But, alas, I know better than to question your Steele authority.


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by attagrrrl    (Mon Apr 23 2007)
Ah, Xenos, you lured me back in. It didn't take much, did it?

I love this episode. It's so much fun for the many reasons already mentioned. Descoine is probably my favorite RS villain. The premise that Laura has even bigger enemies than Steele works quite well. Everyone assumes his past is the only one that can come back to haunt them, but it makes sense that Laura's Mr. Steele would have plenty of people out to get "him" as well.

    I mean, what was the purpose of dressing up as a woman if he was just calling Mr. Steele over the phone?

Heehee. That made me laugh.

The emotional arc for both characters is great in the episode. I always enjoy it when Laura is tempted to doubt Steele but then proves to be true to him. It makes me happy when Steele says something like "I think I may be in real trouble" and Laura answers, "Yes, I think we are."

    I think the spectre of her disbelief is there for Steele and the audience to wonder how much she doesn't trust him – for her to then quickly say she does trust him.

Yes, I think the emotional reaction we're supposed to have is not to doubt Steele, because we know he is telling the truth, but to doubt Laura.

Wow, they get away with a lot of really illegal stuff in this episode. I guess Jarvis decided not to press charges, but he could have had them on all sorts of obstruction of justice charges--stealing evidence, misleading police. And forcing Mildred to impersonate an IRS officer--not nice!

A question: Does anyone know what movie Steele is quoting right before the faux bank robbery? (I assume it's a movie.) It sounds like it would be from something like Bonnie and Clyde or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but for once Steele doesn't cite his source.

I enjoy it when the plot draws on Laura's intimate knowledge of LA. The scene in which Laura and Mildred switch off to mislead the police is well done. But those outfits are hideous! They look like they're graduating. Also the line "You owe Marty Klopman a box of kisses for Christmas" has always gotten on my nerves.

Another silly thing: Steele and Laura hiding evidence behind their backs for almost an entire scene in the hat shop. Smooth.

Best line: "Why can't you treat me like this when I'm less near death" (my quotes are approximate). I, too, am quite gratified that the car battery thing could really work. I guess I missed the day in high-school science class when we made magnets out of guns and car batteries.

Fun epi. Now I want to go back and catch up on the ones I've missed.

by everglade68    (Tue Apr 24 2007)
    Does anyone know what movie Steele is quoting right before the faux bank robbery?

Attagrrrl, glad you are back and enjoyed reading your comments. I don't think Steele was quoting from a movie, though I can see someone saying something similar in "Bonnie and Clyde".


by gardentraveler    (Wed Apr 25 2007)
My absolute favorite scene is Mildred at the bank, alternating between demanding IRS employee and highly reluctant co-conspirator. Well, that and the "can't you treat me like this when I'm less near death" scene.

I'd also gotten the cross-dresser vibe, Xenos, but mentioning the police sort of absolves the Major of that. He is an awfully good villain, though, isn't he?

And handing the phone to Jimmy Jarvis so that he can talk to mom is genius. Funny how you can clearly picture Mrs. Holt at the other end of the phone when she was only in 2 episodes.

The matching outfit gimmick is silly and unlikely, but I like it anyway.

I have to think of MacGuyver every time I watch the car battery trick at the end of the ep.

I know I had more to say, but it's way past my bedtime.... I'll try to get back here later in the week.


by sweetnes3485    (Wed Apr 25 2007)
Oh, my, I will have to actually take at a stab at this at a later time, but I just want to say that I LOOOOVVVEEEEEEEEEE this episode that I nearly wore it out when I first got a VCR. I really concentrated on that near death kiss scene and really hoped that I could get a good kiss in like that when I got older!!!

So many scenes to discuss, such great acting, especially on Ms. Z's part, great writing, fantastic chemistry between the two leads, wonderful guest actors and the greatest RS villian to date played by the great Guy Boyd. I have watched him in everything else he has done on TV after that.

Oh, but OMG, that kiss. Whaaaa ... Phew. Fanning myself. Mmmmmm. Xenos, I was right there with you saying, "Go, Laura, go Laura, go Laura, GO LAURA ... rips his damn clothes off right there and jump him!!! They looked SO HOT together. Sorry, TeenSteele, you'll have to learn at some point. I mean I learned from RS ... hee, hee. You can, too. Wink.

Anyhoo, I REALLY enjoyed these posts and fondly recalling THAT kiss. Thanks guys, you made my night!

Rocket J. Squirrel


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