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SOTW: Episode #27- A Steele At Any Price
by Xenos1981    (Fri Apr 27 2007)
Another week come and gone! Tonight's episode -- A Steele At Any Price! (Ya' know...We're really on a roll here with all these good episodes!) A VERY NICE smooch...Purloining...Mr. Steele in black break-in clothes...What more could a gal ask for?!?! Post away, ladies...


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68    (Sat Apr 28 2007)
I saw this episode last night and again noticed how different Laura is here as from most of the rest of the series. WHAT HAPPENED? Last week in Steele
Framed we get a caring, nurturing Laura and in this ep we get an adventurous
Laura who obviously is ready to jump Steele. Why, oh why was her character
turned in another direction?

Chores are calling my name. Will post more later.


by pianoRose    (Sat Apr 28 2007 14:07:54 )
I love Laura in this episode! Purloining...I just adore that scene.

Will try to watch tonight and post later.

Life is rather like a tin of sardines - we're all of us looking for the key. 

by Xenos1981    (Fri Apr 28 2007)
Have to share a quick story with you before I post my thoughts...The XenosHubby asked what my "homework" was this week. I told him "A Steele At Any Price". He asked which one it was (after all, they all have "Steele" in the title). I said it was the one with the Pitkins. To which he replied, "I've been STOLEN!!!" Let's hear it for hubbies who are supportive of our obsession and are willing to watch with us!!! On to the story...

I SO love this episode!!! That KISS...Mr. Steele in black break-in clothes...Laura's flights of fancy...that kiss...Mr. Steele's gorgeous black suit...purloining...that kiss...Mildred's "hard bitten dick" speech...Mr. Steele in black break-in clothes...Did I mention that kiss or Mr. Steele's black break-in clothes?

I like how the story begins with two mousey people -- Richie and Molly -- competing with three obviously shady characters to buy some gawd-awful "art". All right, so it doesn't make sense that these art thieves/connoisseurs would stop bidding and give the painting up. What, like they didn't have the money?! But, we need a mystery for our dynamic duo to solve, so all is forgiven. (Suspension of disbelieve, people!) Love Laura's line: "The Conant Gallery has practiced its share of felonies. Their prices are highway robbery, their arrogance is criminal, they should do hard time for some of the artists they represent...but kidnapping doesn't seem in their line." Also love how wonderful Remington is to Richie when he finally tells him that he won't forgive himself if anything happens to Molly. It's the whole Steele/underdog thing. *sigh*

This whole scene outside the art gallery is so great..."Laura. Must I remind you that only a couple of years ago I was appropriating the finest works in Europe." Laura loses her smile. "I do my best to forget that." She looks to the driveway by the gallery as Joanne Pitkin puts a large canvas in her car. "The artist herself. Nice wheels for a struggling artist, hey?" "Makes you wonder who she's been struggling with." "Perhaps I should look into that one. Do you think you can penetrate this bastion of culture alone?" Laura points to the gallery. "Oh, of course. Laura you've changed my life. I'm actually looking forward to going through the front door." Hee-heeeee!!!

Equally enjoyable is Laura's, "We do believe that obscureness is the avenue towards revelation with a sharp left turn, of course at referential analysis." LOL! One thing...Joanne Pitkin hardly looks like an artist. She looks more like she's gonna clean her house! (Wardrobe must have been having a bad day.)

LOVE how Laura is concerned that Mr. Steele stole the Bordeaux Tryptic. "Of course not," he assures her. "Oh, thank God." "I got there too late." Hee-heeeeee!!!

"Be gentle with him, Inspector Krebs." Richie -- Helpful Harriet, the Homemaker's Friend. The Housewife's Kierkegaard. Ha! One thing...If Richie was so good at getting stains out, then why did he have one on his trench coat?!?!

I know some won't like that Laura is still suspicious of Remington...That he might actually steal the Bordeaux Tryptic. But I think it's rather cute that she wants to act as his conscience. Riddle me this, though...WHY would you wear a skirt to a break-in?!?! What if you had to run away quickly? And did I mention that Pierce looked FREAKIN' HOT in his black break-in clothes?!?! *fanning myself* Mmmmmmmmmm!!!

Another great line: "Laura, I'll admit I've been trying to lead you astray, but this is not quite the direction that I had in mind." [[laugh]]

Love Laura's zest for purloining!!! Reminds me of the "wild" Laura from "Vintage Steele". And OMG!!! OMG!!! Her kissing Remington's neck?!?! Sssssssexy!!! Wouldn't you just LOVE to do that?!?! And THAT KISS!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! It had the potential to rival the kiss in the wine cellar if Richie hadn't interrupted so quickly! Nice lip action by Pierce!!! Yummy!!! [[iloveu]]

Other things of note: (Sorry, I'm writing too much. I'll cut back now.)

LOVE the finder's fee angle!!! [[hehe]]

Mr. Steele in black break-in clothes!!!

Louis Grummand was a nice touch!

HATE the ugly, hairy hands they pretend is our Mr. Steele's. Like anyone would buy that!!! Pierce's hands are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Such a travesty using those icky fill-ins.

"I paint what I feel, and well, I feel what I paint." Good Lord, lady!

Remington never identified himself to Koji Isuto, Vic Snyderman or Monica Haddon. So how do they know where his apartment is?!?!

"I know it's tough to believe, but I wasn't always a hard bitten dick, ready to lay my life on the line for a hundred a day plus expenses." LOL! Go, Mildred!

Laura quotes a movie!

"I've been STOLEN!"

Pierce looks delectable in this episode!!!

"Harriet, that was NOT helpful."

"A masterpiece," Louis pronounces. "Every one of them." All three are pleased. "And we have?" Laura asks. Louis stands up. "The kind of forgeries that only a true artist could paint."

Did this episode remind anyone else of The Thomas Crown Affair?!?!

OK, I'll shut up now.


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 

by MickeyBoggs    (Sat Apr 28 2007)
I really like this episode. Laura's enthusiasm for "purloining" makes her very animated in this ep.

Memorable Stuff

- Does anyone do "snide" as well as Jeffrey Jones? He's so good at it.
- Nice little exchange in front of the gallery about Steele's past and going through the front door. I like that Laura jokes about it - it shows she's starting to trust Steele more.
- Taking the limo to break into the museum!!
- Mr. Steele who "thinks of everything" remembered the ski masks but forgot to wear gloves?!
- Love the expressions of both R & L when Richie comes back in from his walk. (WHY did he have to come back?! aargh!)
- Laura's hilarious antics as she's rushing to the party trying to prevent Steele from talking to the greedy buyers.
- Laura diving underneath the Pitkins in the back of the Rabbit
- The two of them on the same wavelength, plotting to give the forgeries to Conant's henchmen

Character Development

- Mr. Steele's expertise comes in handy again - the knowledge of the Bordeaux Triptych proves a vital link
- More than a bit of the old "wild Laura" comes out along with the break-in. When her adreneline starts flowing like this, it's much easier to picture her as the fan dancer. Steele isn't sure what to make of her, so it's interesting to see his reaction as he knows that the adreneline will wear off after awhile.
- Ah who knows what character development we'd have seen if only Richie hadn't interrupted!
- I like the playful, affectionate Laura seen throughout this ep. A nice change from the sometimes frozen Laura we see in other episodes.

Favorite lines

L: We do believe that obscurness is the avenue towards revelation with a sharp left turn, of course, at referential analysis
L: Believe me after awhile it gets just as predictable as any other job. Find a body, find some clues, find the killer....
R: Ah yes, by the time afternoon rolls around, we're watching the clock like everyone else
M: I know it's hard to believe but I wasn't always a hard-bitten dick ready to lay my life on the line for 100 plus expenses
Joanne: I've made the big time; I've been stolen!

Hair & Clothing

- I can only assume (hope) that Laura's burglar outfit is a *dress* so that if they were to get caught, she could try to say she'd just been locked in? But, of course, Steele in black leather is always a visual treat.
- Not crazy about Laura's blue/purple shirtdress, but I do like the color on her

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- Second appearance of Michael Cornelison. First one was in "steeling the Show"

by everglade68    (Sat Apr 28 2007)
      I like the playful, affectionate Laura seen throughout this ep. A nice change from the sometimes frozen Laura we see in other episodes. 

I agree wholeheartedly Mick, why is it that in some episodes Laura not only appears very distant but also tensed. Heck, I could sometimes feel the tension in my family room. Yet, in other episodes, she comes across quite tender and caring towards Remington. It is somewhat confusing, and I am not referring to Season Five which was in a class all by itself.


by everglade68    (Sat Apr 28 2007)
This is another good episode from Season Two.

I like how the more you watch RS the more interesting things you notice. For example,
do they ever work on more than one case at a time. It always seems that they are just
waiting for the client to appear at their office. Just like Steele is a one-woman man,
so it appears that RSI is a one-case agency.

Another thing that I realized while viewing this episode again is that the four letter word in
Hollywood has to be HAIR. Laura's hair is just beautiful, it seems lighter in color and it
really suits her. Remington, of course, also has fantastic hair. I bet that hair is the main
criteria the agents used when signing up clients. If you have lousy looking hair, your chances are good that you will be returning home to Iowa or Georgia.

This episode gives us an enthusiastic, carefree and adventurous Laura. It is such a treat to see this side of Laura's character. Unfortunately, we don't see much of it in future episodes.

Laura and Remington are just so very good together here, their chemistry just bounces of the screen and hits you. There is a new, exciting bond between them and it is fun to watch. For example, when Steele is using hand grips, Laura takes it away from him, tries it and
returns it.

I love Laura's singing, she has a lovely voice. Back at Remington's apartment after the excitement of stealing the paintings she sings, "You and the night and the music, fill me with FLAMING desire, setting my being completely on FIRE". It is certainly an appropriate song for the occasion.

The kiss that Xenos went on and on and on about is quite sexual for our couple. I definitely would rank it up there with the top five of the series. What I particularly liked was the dialog around the kiss. "How would you like to hold another woman you've been waiting for? Laura asks, kissing him. "And they say crime doesn't pay," Steele tells her when the kiss ends." It does tonight," Laura assures him, and they start to kiss again. Nice touch but it is only to tease us because AGAIN nothing happens as Richie comes in after taking the shortest walk on record.


by nan008    (Sun Apr 29 2007)
OMG ONE OF MY FAVOURITES! I like everything in this episode even the stupid artist Pitkin is not bugging me! But I will start at the begining:

Remington and Laura are superb in this. Their lines are witty and they both look so lovely.
As somebody said before me maybe the plot is questionable at first when they are taking Molly - but who CARES? I won't repeat everything after Xenos so

My favorite lines:
-"Exposing what? A shocking lack of talent?"
-"find a body, find some clues, find the killer"
-"Harriet that was not helpful"

Loved scenes:
Did you notice how blue R's eyes are in the scene when he is saying "You were investigating the gallery?"
The "you and the night and the music scene" with LAURA KISSING REMINGTON - damn Richie walked in! again lost occasion damn it!
-Laura and new aspect of their work
-Nose touching with Laura as he did with Mrs.Holt in Sting Steele

They both look gorgeous, clothes and hair styles. R look wonderful in black break in number and black suit when he has argument with Laura over knocking the gallery again. But as I said before He will look good in a potato sack or even without clothes (yummy). She look amazing in the opening scene and the black break - in golf and skirt very impractical but nice

Head scratching Questions:
- Why Molly act as person who is not be able to think herself at the beginning of the episode? If a person who is a critic even third grade should have some sort of sophistication in theirs behaviour
- Was this necessary for this horrible woman Mrs. Haddon to repeat every time we see her that she killed some young boy? I mean we got it SHE IS DANGEROUS!
- Yeah the infamous break - in skirt? why Laura wore a skirt as burglary outfit? to outline she is a woman? and I notice that she is in high heels is she thinking straight?

Did I forgot something?

Nan - "Think of possibilities, Xenos"

by TeenSteele    (Sun Apr 29 2007 15:21:09 )
I watched this episode last night, and I really liked it. Had all the elements to it that just made it so.. just so remington, and therefore good.

Before I give my short little analysis (I didn't take notes, too tired), I must add this: HOLY COW, every time I watch this episode I always think of Ferris Bueller's Day off, and how that guy (jeffrey jones is it?) got busted for child porn. I do so very love Ferris, I mean it's a classic, so I find I sometimes get a little distracted when that guy's on screen... Anybody else?!?

Mental Notes I Made While Watching:

Did anybody else find the idea of blasting somebody's ears with loud music a complete joke? That's not how you torture someone. I mean, that's how you give somebody permanent damage to your ears.. but that's pretty much it.

The Pitkins reminded me almost of a Jackson Pollock painting... the random paint splatters..?... anyone?...

I could go into great detail about how stunning and astonishing Remington looked, but I see from the above comments that it's been discussed in great detail, so I will leave it with "oh dear, he looked real foxy. Real foxy indeeed."

I enjoyed seeing this semi-wild side of Laura, reminiscent almost of Vintage Steele and shouts of "Acapulcooooo!!!!"

Another thing I picked up on was Mildred giving her "advice" to the clients again, and then he or she turns around and does something 'most unhelpful' to the situation.

Wow, I just had a total mind blank on the rest of my notes.... hmmm, well I guess I just basically wanted to say it was a good episode and they both looked fantastically gorgeous (pierce moreso though...) but the case could have been a liiiittle bit better, but oh well

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
BoaW 08/07


by Xenos1981    (Sun Apr 29 2007 18:15:30 )
Heh-heh-heh! Love all these posts! Foregone conclusion...Pierce looked HOT!!!

    I just basically wanted to say it was a good episode and they both looked fantastically gorgeous (pierce moreso though...) but the case could have been a liiiittle bit better, but oh well.

LOL, TeenSteele. Was there a case in this episode?! Didn't notice. Too busy looking at Mr. Steele! (And, yes...I DO think of Ferris when I see this episode!)


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by gardentraveler    (Fri May 4 2007 19:12:45 )
Maybe I'll catch up eventually...?

I had trouble believing the loud music through the headphones torture, too, TeenSteele. Maybe because I think of hard rock being more commonly used to annoy the heck out of prisoners. And, yeah, other than "I've been stolen," Ms. Pitkin is pretty annoying, isn't she?

Loved the "Harriet, that wasn't helpful." line too.

Really like Laura's wild side.

And Mr. Steele ain't bad looking, is he? (Has anyone else noticed that?) :)


by picac   (Sun May 6 2007)
I'm cheating. I'm just cutting and pasting my post from when w did this as an Underrated Steele of The Week (since that topic left the board before it could be saved)
"I've known people who have achieved an almost sexual satisfaction because they possessed something the rest of the world couldn't have. No matter how secret they had to keep their treasure."


"I prefer to think of it as - purloining," she tells him, smiling.

"Even though it's in a good cause, should you be quite so happy about it? I mean - you ARE a private detective."

"Oh, believe me, after a while, it gets just as predictable as any other job. Find a body, find some clues, find the killer." She takes a sip of champagne.

Steele looks at her. "Ah, yes. By the time afternoon rolls around, we're watching the clock like everyone else." He removes the backing, and Laura is in raptures as she looks at the painting he's revealed.


"Oh, my heart's going a mile a minute. I can't seem to stop it. The rush is INCREDIBLE!" He removes the covering, revealing the painting. Laura gasps as Steele is stunned.

"The Bordeaux Panel," he tells her. "I finally feel as though I'm holding a woman I've been after all my life," he sighs.

"Conant's giving a party tomorrow," Laura tells him. "In honor of Joanne Pitkin. She invited me." She laughs. "I think we stole his appetizers."

"Sounds like the perfect setting for a swap meet," Steele decides.

"How VERY bold you are, Mr. Steele," she says. Steele smiles. She moves closer. "How would you like to hold another woman you've been waiting for?" she asks, kissing him. They lean back on the couch, the kiss lengthening.

"And they say crime doesn't pay," Steele tells her when the kiss ends.

"It does tonight," Laura assures him, and they start to kiss again, only to freeze and move apart as the door opens and Richie returns.

This is a great reversal episode – with Laura being the wild card and Steele holding her back and being sensible. There’s also Laura doing movie references -- Laura is the one that comes up with the movie quote/ solution— Charade! She also later brings up The Sting.

Laura's also the one putting the sexual moves on Steele. I wonder how far that would have went if they weren’t interrupted. Laura seemed rather revved up -- and she said it "does tonight" not just the next 10 minutes. ;-) Speaking of kissing (as we were in another topic) -- that's one very nice kiss on the couch.

The entire dialogue during the cutting away of the painting scene is great and just delivered so well. Laura looks like the cat that ate the canary when she says "purloining" and Steele's offhand "watching the clock" bit as he's intently cutting away the painting -- just great.

Steele seems to be more turned on by the actual art and Laura by the theft. That’s something that’s pretty consistent about Steele – he seems to take great pleasure in the gems and art he steals or gets his hands on – just watch his eyes light up when he sees lavulite or diamonds or the 5 Nudes of Cairo. Yes the monetary thing is also a thrill – witness the dream of rolling around money that he mentions at Fed Reserve break in and his finders fee – but his desire for the objects themselves is always quite palpable. Like a cat that likes shiny things. ;-)

I do so love to watch Steele break and enter – it’s a thing of beauty. The ski masks were a nice touch – gloves would have been a good idea though. It’s also a great touch that he almost instantly knew exactly what painting that was from the measurements and what the plan was for the painting down to the auction house giving them legitimate papers to get past customs.

Steele very sensibly suggests they try the front door at Pitkins, he’s her editor and they need the paintings for the magazine profile. Laura though runs away and breaks in just for the kinky thrill of it. Steele’s alias—Adam Canfield – one of Cary Grant’s from Charade. Laura is a very enthusiastic but rather noisy burglar. :D The running with the paintings scene – Steele with the big painting over his head and Laura’s dive into the back of the car is some great physical comedy. And Steele’s right – she’s gone berserk.

Funny how “Steele” grows up to be Thomas Crown – one of the kinky rich who steals a painting just to look at it alone in his townhouse. Though Crown does return it and the theft is also about the thrill.

So funny how easily he squeezes the handgrips and then Laura picks one up and she’s straining or later using two hands to push it closed.

That ugly branchy thing is still hanging over poor Mildred’s head in this episode. I wonder when it finally goes away? Mildred is wearing one very large metal butterfly/bat like thing necklace – quite distracting.

Why do they care of Conant who kidnapped and tortured Molly has a set of paintings? But if they were going to -- why not break up the sets to at least assure there’s at least one or two that are the real deal? And they should still be assured of a finder’s fee for tipping off customs anyway. Can’t they let Steele get one just once? So unfair.

Monica the buyer is a very scary and good character – like the Cruella De Viille of the art world – all she was missing was a coat made of puppies but her outfits were eccentric enough without that. I wonder if Steel was actually the other buyer for the guy that wound up in the canal or it was just insider info he knew about from the art theft scene?

The actress playing Pitkin is also very good- as is the character and the entire art vocabulary/scene that's tossed around in this episode. "I've made the big time. I've been stolen!" Her appraisal of Mr. Canfield is also very well done -- she stands just that half foot too close as to be predatory.


Steele wears a gorgeous suit at the garden party, and here the polka dot tie with appropriately sized polka dots makes it really work instead of just being distracting like that one in the 4th season.

The black break in clothes are of course great and sexy. I do wonder why Laura wears a skirt this time and wonder if it’s just so later in the episode when she’s seducing Steele that she’s in a skirt.

I’m usually not that fond of Laura’s shirtdresses that they introduced in the 2nd season but I liked this blue one and especially the material. The grey checked one with the pleats and shoulder wings though - yucky. 

by Xenos1981    (Sun May 6 2007)
I'm glad you cheated, Ace. LOVE your post! One thing I want to mention...About that delicious kiss (what, did you think I was gonna talk about Harriet?!)...I LOVE how Mr. Steele flips Laura's hair back when he's kissing her. I just find it so damn sexy! Don't know why...I just do. I also like how he will oftentimes put his hand on the back of her head and press her closer to him when they're kissing. (Best example: Forged Steele. Go watch it. Hot, HOT, HOT!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68   (Sun May 6 2007)
    I do wonder why Laura wears a skirt this time and wonder if it’s just so later in the episode when she’s seducing Steele that she’s in a skirt.

Ace, I am glad that you mentioned the skirt during the break in. I too thought
the same thing, as during the kiss, Laura's skirt is moved up some, making it a
more sexual scene.


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