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SOTW: Episode #33- Steele Eligible
by Xenos1981    (Fri Jun 8 2007)
Ladies (and now gentleman, I guess)...

For your viewing pleasure...Steele Eligible!!! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!! Post away...


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by TeenSteele    (Fri Jun 8 2007)
Hey, looks like I'm the first poster this time. Neat stuff. (Staying home sick gives you a lot of time on your hands... Dangit, I have 2 days of school left then all my finals, NOT a cool time to be getting sick. Ugh)

Onto the Ep!

There's something less satisfying about the writers identifying the killer to us viewers 45 seconds into the episode. However, it does make for good dramatic irony whenever we see Laura talking to Janoff. Having said that, I suppose it would have been terrifyingly obvious who the killer was, and I'm slightly relieved that they didn't pull another "gloved killer", where only the gloved hands of the killer are shown.

I enjoyed seeing Laura go into the "Lion's den," so to speak, when she visited the homes of the 2 bachelors, unaccompanied, and late at night. Really now, what was she expecting?.... Hmmm.
And was it just me, or did nobody else find the other bachelors even mildly attractive? Because I know I took one look at them and pretty much when "um, ewww. If those are LA's top bachelors then I shudder to think of who the top ineligible men are. Yuck!" Also, this may be another device used by the writers (or the casting people) to make Steele stand out and seem even more gorgeous than he is.. but HELLO, you don't need to because he already does!!

I thought the Steele/Mildred kitchen conversation was pretty revealing as to his true feelings, but then it confused me. If he is openly admitting to really caring about Laura, then why is he cavorting around with the bimbo cheerleader? Surely not simply to "meet his needs" because I simply refuse to view Steele as another self-gratifying-man-who-does-whoever-he-wants-because-the-one-he-wants-wont-do-it-with-him.

Anyways... I think getting run down by a car is enough punishment for his straying away :) (and boy, did he sure look hot in his white tux.)

OH yeah, back to Mildred. I love when she plays the sort of babysitter/mom character, where she defends her territory with L&R, making life anything but pleasant for those who try and disrupt the course of L&R's relationship (whatever it may be...).

Lastly, some favorite lines of mine, that are not verbatim because I didn't write any of this down :)

Laura's "And guest? Unidentified woman I could handle..." whatever she says

Laura with Arnold, "You mean like graffiti?" yeah, way to keep your cool there, because it's SO hard to NOT be attracted to some slimy, second rate man making the moves on you when you work side by side with Steele everyday... Please!
Laura and Milicent, "Stay close... but not too close" Oh, look at that, Laura verbally claiming her territory.
When Laura comments on Steele's chest (yeah Xenos, I bet you liked that, didn't you!) and he becomes all shy...
Steele had some good lines too, but I was too busy looking at him to remember any of them haha :) (that's why all the quotes are of Laura lol!)

EDITED IN- I remembered a Steele line, albeit very vaguely, When R&L are at the poolside and Steele says something about "meaningless, casual seh-ex" (he says it like that!!) while his eyes tell a different story, wandering about the women in the their bathing suits.

OH, one more thing:

liked when Laura goes back to check on Steele and thinks she's caught him and Milicent in the "throes" so she goes out and slams the door, comes back in and slams in again, then bursts into his bedroom only to find him sleeping (and the relieved look on her face).

Liked it when Milicent kisses Steele and after a moment he looks at his watch. To me, that signified a "hello... don't got all day here missy, can I go now?" kind of action, I dunno, maybe that was just me.

Loved it when Steele was trying to get out of his apartment and kept hitting this, and how he later fell down the stairs, capturing Arnold in the process.

Anyways, I think I'm done... I must go now, still sick. In my defense though, I've rested all day, nothing can keep me away from watching Steele, and my computer is less than a foot away from my bed lol! *cough cough* :D

PS. I just KNOW that I've forgotten some fantastically awesome point about the episode, but oh well, I'll read about all your comments later and hopefully the light bulb will go off.

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
BoaW 08/07

by picac    (Fri Jun 8 2007)
Surely not simply to "meet his needs" because I simply refuse to view Steele as another self-gratifying-man-who-does-whoever-he-wants-because-the-one-he-wants-wont-do-it-with-him.

Um, it's been a year and a half. It's hardly a matter of being impatient or self gratifying. Even Mildred thinks Steele and Laura are lovers until Steele has to tell her otherwise because that's far more believable than the alternative. These aren't two high school kids, and neither of them are virgins. I'd find it exceedingly odd if Mr Steele didn't at least have certain thoughts and needs when it came to sex, especially when confronted with someone very attractive that was very interested and willing. Of course even thinking about another woman (even denying her -- Okay after letting himself be kissed quite a bit) gets him a broken leg and then another for good measure while saving Laura, which I think is rather a cheap shot by the writers -- as if years of unwanted celibacy isn't punishment enough. :D

But you have to love that last shot of the episode looking up to Mr. Steele past his cast in plaster legs. Remarkable though how by the next episode he didn't even need a cane. Ah those TV characters and their regenerative powers. ;-)

by MickeyBoggs    (Fri Jun 8 2007)
Halfway through Season Two already! Seems like we just started this a few weeks ago...

Lots of good stuff in this episode. I'd forgotten just how much. I seem to remember (the first time I watched it) being slightly disappointed by the ending, hoping we'd have a much more romantic one. But that was not unusual!

Memorable Stuff

- It cracks me up that for our first glimpse of R&L this episode, the "unidentified woman" toiling in "mole-like" anonymity pops up. Not for the first time, Dr. Holt is wondering about her "creation".
- Steele going on about "only doing this for the good of the agency" and the look Laura gives him letting him know she doesn't buy that for a minute.
- Mariah and most of the other women virtually walking over Laura to get around at the bachelor reception
- Steele and Millicent "playing tennis" together. LOL And the shots of her hitting the ball have been sped up a bit.
- Butch leaping out of the pool to rush to the hot tub and dripping all over Laura. Even poolside she's STILL invisible!
- Chip & Arnold trying to impress Laura with wine, music and mood lighting.
- Mildred imitating Mariah, blowing Mr. Steele a kiss.
- Laura the cat burglar - but she's STILL not wearing gloves at Janoff's place, though she does wear them for B&E at the arena.
- Steele trying to get a wine glass down with a broom handle.
- Steele trying to leave the apartment when he realizes Laura is in danger. (And the maroon sock, which of course matches his robe, put over the toes on his broken leg)
- Laura sliding down the banner-thing and knocking out Millicent to save the day.

Character Development

- Steele is so sidetracked when he arrives at the bachelor's shindig that he forgets to open the car door for Laura. Very unlike the usually gentlemanly Mr. Steele, but it fits with the scene.
- Once again we see Mr. Steele shine his shoes on the back of his pants leg.
- Steele's description of his ideal woman as "someone who he can work with and play with". And then flirting with Laura in front of everyone, though no one else realized it.
- Mildred taking it upon herself to keep Millicent away from her Mr. Steele
- Mr. Steele admitting to Mildred he does care for Laura. The whole kitchen conversation regarding his relationship with Laura. It's reminiscent of her conversation with Laura in "Love Among the Steele".
- The first (and second) broken legs for Mr. Steele since we've known him.
- Laura's genuine concern upon arriving at the hospital. But as concerned as she is for him, she's still thinking about how it impacts the case.
- Steele's chagrinned look when Millicent mentions to Laura that "Remy" asked her to spend the night. Laura's fake smile at that news. Later, in his bedroom, he keeps trying to convince her of that fact, but she keeps putting him off.
- Laura telling Millicent to stay "close, but not too close" to Mr. Steele
- The relief on Laura's face when she realizes not only are Steele & Millicent not "getting too close" in his bedroom, but that Millicent isn't even in the apartment.
- We learn Mr. Steele hates pills.

Favorite lines

L: Quite an accomplishment. Honored for being unable to make a commitment.
R: Oh, I'm only going through with this to generate some publicity for the agency. I mean, do you think I enjoy this shallow adulation? Being flung into the world of hot tubs and saunas, surrounded by women, subjected to casual, meaningless sex? How do I look, eh?
M: Hi, I'm Millicent Fairbush
R: Hmmm, yes, of course you are.
L: I'm not particularly interested in having my tastebuds tingled, thank you.
Mildred: (re: Millicent) I never leave anything around that can cause problems.
R: I was engaged in a game of "follow the bouncing ball". I played the part of the ball.

Hair & Clothing

Steele: 2 words - Dinner jacket.
Laura: Love the royal blue suit and her hair in the tag scene

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- When Steele and Mariah are making one another's acquaintance, Laura first looks hopeful at being introduced, then bored as the pleasantries go on. But at one point SZ kinda sticks her tongue out of the side of her mouth. What's up with that?!
- Richard Backus (Chip Carstairs) was previously seen in "Steeling the Show" as the reporter who got killed
- What was the deal with "The Prophet"?
- This was a women's event, so why did we have women in tuxedo jackets & bikini bottoms? At least it made sense for women (and men) in swimsuits at the pool.
- Hockey teams do NOT have cheerleaders!
- Steele indicates "The ABC Murders" was never made into a movie, but he's wrong! The film version was known as "The Alphabet Murders". (Tony Randall, Anita Ekberg, MGM, 1965)
- If Laura was so worried about something happening to Mr. Steele, why didn't she lock the door when she left to go see Arnold? She comes back to his apartment and opens his door (twice!) without a key.
- Why was there no crime scene tape at Janoff's apartment? That allowed Mariah & Laura to walk right in.
- I think the ficus Laura hides behind in Janoff's office is the same one from Mr. Steele's aparment.

by everglade68    (Fri Jun 8 2007)
My goodness, Mickey and TeenSteele, your posts were fantastic. I think that
you both deserve A+.

TeenSteele, sorry you are sick but I am glad you invested your time wisely.

Mickey, you forgot the kitchen sink. I mean your post was so complete that
you only left out the kitchen sink. Great job.

I have yet to rewatch this episode but will get to it this weekend.


by everglade68    (Sat Jun 9 2007)
This is not one of my favorite episodes, but I did enjoyed it.

I noticed that there are two things that date this episode. First, the remark made about Jimmy Connors, the tennis player. I remember seeing him in numerous tennis tournaments during the late 70's and early 80's here in South Florida. He was great to watch.

Second, when Mr. Steele is in the emergency room, Laura comes in a rush and takes the telephone from the nurse so that she can ask her about Remington. If she did that today, she would have security people around her in minutes.

I also noticed that the show does not end with Laura and Remington together. How many times does this happen in the series?


by XenosHubby    (Mon Jun 11 2007)
She won't leave me alone. And will she watch even 10 minutes of Lord of the Rings? Hell no. I'm supposed to take notes now, thank you very much. Whenever we go anywhere from now on I'm introducing X as "guest" or "unidentified woman."

Soooo, Steele Eligible. So-so in my humble opinion. I'm betting the writers were working out some issues. This one was theraputic rather than gripping.

First off it's got sterotypes of all the jerks us normal guys hate, because, well, they're JERKS! YA got yer Rich Kid, your Dumb Jock, a Pretty Boy and the Weasel. AND THEY ALL DIE! (Except for the Weasel, but jail's even better for the likes of him.)

Looks like they also took it out a bit on RS himself, but anyone that can get all bashed up and still come to the rescue is okay in my book. Besides, PB is good at physical comedy. The boy's got a future.

The pool scene at the beginning was pretty good. Saved the episode really. Important to the plot... This really was a good episode when you rewind a few times;)

Oh yeah! Fairbush! You'd have thought Ian Fleming wrote this. Gleason's got a big set of cahonies to cast a blond...Beautiful.

In conclusion, RS and LH have been racing the train since episode one.

Xenos' Hubby
Acapulco Baby!

by TeenSteele    (Tue Jun 12 2007)
Ah, uncharted (for me..) territory - the male perspective.

Glad to see you back again, husband of Xenos. I find your posts to be a breath of fresh air simply because there are really no other guys posting here (not that I know of anyways lol)

You bring up good points about the stereotypes of men.. only in this case, I thought it to be more of a satirical portrayal or what makes the 80's the 80's.

I don't know, maybe I'm too young but to me, the 80's strikes me as a time when women were really finally going places in the workforce, and outside of the house. It wasn't really shunned as much to be a working mother as it was, say in the 50's. So to see the classic portrayal of these "modern, macho men" who try to woo Laura (well, all except for the jock because he kick it a little too early to make his move), I find it comical and a clever reference on the writers part to the spawning of a new era. The independent woman.

I mean heck, if there wasn't all that sexism to begin with, there would never have been a Remington Steele pilot anyways, because Laura wouldn't have needed to create a superior!

Maybe I'm just rambling now, I dunno, its like one in the morning and I'm deathly tired so i'll just quite while i'm still ahead.

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
BoaW 08/07

by everglade68    (Wed Jun 13 2007)


thank you for your interesting post. btw, i went to watch all "lords of the rings" movies with my husband. wouldn't watch them more than once, but it was ok.


by everglade68    (Thur Jun 14 2007)

It is Thursday, where is your post to this episode?

At least lets hear how hot Pierce was.


by pianoRose    (Thu Jun 14 2007) 
Glad to find Xenoshubby came back for another post!

My oldest 2 daughters love LOTR. I watched once with them (I don't have the time to sit thru all of it again) But they've watched all 3 movies several times. They even went to Master and Commander (they were the only girls in he theater that day). I guess they'll make some guys very happy some day!

by TeenSteele    (Fri Jun 15 2007)
eh, rings was okay. I'd still take star wars or indiana over them any day :)
Actually, gotta say, if I can't watch a james bond, its gotta be DIE HARD!!!

And... i just couldnt watch master and commander, maybe its the russell crowe thing haha (but one of my friends loves it, she even reads the books!)

BTW, anybody seen Hot Fuzz? aaah, so good, makes me smile with joy.

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
BoaW 08/07

by Xenos1981    (Fri Jun 15 2007)
Hot Fuzz, TeenSteele?!?! Never heard of it. Hmmmmm.... On to my post (finally)...

First things first...I bought the XenosHubby the damn LOTR trilogy for Christmas...What more does he want?!?! So, he bought me all the RS DVDs the day they came out...And he's promised to buy me Pierce's James Bond boxset when it comes out...And he watches RS with me ALL THE TIME. Is that worth the torture of watching LOTR?!?! At least when he watches RS with me, he has Steph to ogle. Who do I have to salivate over in LOTR?! 006? A blonde Orlando Bloom? A short little Elijah Wood who is in desperate need of a pedicure? Puh-leez!!! I must say, however, that I did love the Jack Black version of LOTR that aired on MTV...Now THAT was entertaining. Sorry, hon...You're on your own with that.

Also a bit peeved with his "so-so" review. So freakin' so, dear?!?! I LOVE STEELE ELIGIBLE!!! Makes me laugh...Makes me cringe...Makes me drool. (OK, so every episode with Pierce in it makes me drool.) And the reason it's so funny is because of the stereotypical bachelors...And, let's face it, there are a LOT of guys out there who act exactly like them. (XenosHubby excluded, of course!) And wasn't Miss Fairbush a stereotype, too -- the dumb blonde cheerleader who boinks all the jocks? Hmmmm...

OK...Great things about this episode:
1) Pierce looked freakin' H-O-T (but that's a gimme). Mr. Steele in a robe?!?! Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!! (Loved how his chest hair was peeking out...just waiting to be played with.) Why, oh, why didn't he get to take it off before Butchy got fried in the hot tub?!?! Trunks or Speedo...What do you think, ladies? I'm betting trunks...Though I wouldn't complain seeing him in either. The jogging suit looked GREAT on him. Not many men could pull that off...But he did it exquisitely!!! Grrrrrrrrr!!! The white dinner jacket?!?! Good God!!! Is there anything more beautiful than Pierce in a tux?!?! Seriously!
2) Poor Laura having to endure the indignities of being the "unidentified woman" yet again. And then having to watch her as those icky men tried to seduce her. *shudder* She should have thanked her lucky stars and jumped Remington...broken legs and all. (What self-respecting woman wouldn't?!)
3) God bless Mildred! Watching out for her kids the way she does. What a hoot, our Miss Krebs! And the lovely talk she has with Remington in the kitchen. *sigh* LOVED the peck on the cheek that Mr. Steele gives her. So sweet!
4) The lemon chicken scene...Hee-heeeeee!!! How on earth did Stephanie get through that scene without laughing?!?! KUDOS, Ms. Z!
5) "I hope you don't think I'm piggy, but I would love to devour your duck." ROTFL!!! I would, too, but I don't think I'd put it quite like that!!!
6) Mr. Steele checking his watch as he's kissing Miss Fairbush. HA!
7) "Spring Allegro" from Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons". Who knew what a cliche that score was! LOL! The nuclear love crap was hysterical, too!
8) Laura's reaction to thinking she's walked in on Remington and Miss Fairbush in the throes of ecstasy! LOL! Again, KUDOS to Stephanie.
9) The fight with the ficus. Nuff said. *snicker* (Pierce, if you're reading this...You need to do more physical comedy. So, so funny!!!)
10) "He strings me along for eight years and then runs off and marries that pom-pom girl! What the hell am I supposed to do now? I'm thirty-six years old!" She corrects herself, "Thirty-two." That's OK, Mariah...I'm still 29 and holding.
11) Laura kicking Miss Fairbush's...butt. You go, girl!!!

Things that pissed me off about this episode...
1) "In that case, will you marry me, Laura?" Um...HELLO?!?! The answer is, "YES!!! Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!!"...And then you jump on him, Laura. (Only one broken leg at this point...and a couple of ribs...But you could work around that!)
2) "I never invited Millicent to spend the night." Remington is being so sweet and so honest here...And Laura just blows him off!!! What the hell?!?! (Pardon my French...But geezo peezo, woman!!!)
3) "All I want to do is stay at home with that special someone." HELLO?!?! EARTH TO LAURA!!! ARE YOU NUTS?!?! I tell ya'...Sometimes I just want to smack her!!!

Things that made me go "hmmmm"...
Gotta ask this. Someone with zoom and slow-mo ( know who you are) please check a scene for me. When Remington is careening down the stairs in his wheelchair and falls into the chairs...Is that Pierce? And are his jammie bottoms split along the side? DARN this old DVD player! Can anyone help?!?!

OK...I'm done. Thanks for reading!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

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