Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist
SOTW: Episode #34- Flying High Steele
by Xenos1981    (Fri Jun 15 2007)
Here we go...Tonight's episode is "Flying High Steele"...Not to be confused with season one's "Steele Flying High". It's the circus episode, not the bald eagle episode.

Post away...


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by judithmoose-2    (Fri Jun 15 2007)
My first SOTW installment - hope no one minds...

This episode struck me on several levels. First, we'll dispense with the Xenos portion - the shots of Remington hanging upside down in Laura's loft in the white jogging pants. I love Michael Gleason and the rest of the crew to pieces but Jerry Sklar (wardrobe coordinator for the men in the second season) really should have found a less revealing color of jogging pants to put Pierce in.

That said, my next observation has always been "just how high are the ceilings in that loft?" We know Pierce is over six feet tall and the trapeze had to be at least five or more feet off the floor, so did Laura make out like a bandit and get at least 12 foot ceilings?

On the plus side, Doris Roberts makes the perfect bearded lady and for that particular episode, Mildred actually could have passed for Laura's mother. Particularly in the carnival booth while Zapata was trying to seduce Laura to his establishment.

Pierce's fire-eating was exceptional and was actually brought about by his hormones. "I did it because I was involved in a theatre company, a street performing company where someone said, 'I'll teach you how to do fire-eating tomorrow in one of the workshops.' This was 1969 or something like that. I didn't particularly want to eat fire, but there were a lot of girls in the workshop, and some of them had to take their tops off for some of the exercises, and, well..."

Stephanie got to show off a little of her gymnastic ability and we got to learn a little more about Laura's past. Who would have figured her to be a circus person? Granted, we knew she enjoyed cotton candy, but a desire to be a trapeze artist? Who knew???

Overall, the storyline wasn't one of my favorites, but it certainly wasn't the worst episodes either. No offense, but the prize for that would be "Blood Is Thicker Than Steele". Even Stephanie said so... "We were told by the network that we were over budget and they (the powers that be) wanted to do the show with the RV as a way to stay under and appease the network. I suggested that instead of filming the episode, Pierce and I should just sit on stools in an empty set and simply tell the viewers what would have happened that week if the network weren't complaining about the show being over budget."

Really can't remember any overly memorable lines from the episode. Steph looked wonderful in the leotard during the trapeze performance and once again, Pierce in tight white pants. Xenos, take it from here...

by dragonflygreen11    (Sat Jun 16 2007)
Hi ladies (and XenosHubby)! I just introduced myself on the "Who are we?" thread, but I love this show, and have been enjoying your weekly episode discussions.

I liked this episode quite a bit. I loved the trapeze practice scenes in Laura's loft and the implied trust that Laura has for Mr. Steele--she knows he wouldn't drop her! Also, interesting to find out that Laura was a gymnast in college. The circus obsession was an interesting addition, but I think it fits with her personality.

How cool is it that Pierce can actually eat fire? And Mildred as a bearded lady (and Laura's "mother" to boot)--LOL! But Steele's fake moustache? Terrible!

by everglade68    (Sat Jun 16 2007)
Thanks Judy, it was a pleasure reading your first SOTW, and I hope you have time to participate in future ones.

As to the worst episode comment, I don't know if I agree with you that it would be "Blood Is Thicker Than Steele", in my opinion, there are quite a
few episodes that would tie for the worst-one award.


by dtalley    (Sat Jun 16 2007)
I've always liked this episode a lot. I loved that Christy was once an idol of Laura and it was
fascinating to learn of Laura *and* Remington's past associations with the circus. I can just
imagine Laura pretending that her father ran off with the circus. Remington looked riveted
by the news Laura was imparting about her father and her past. She wasn't the only one who
wanted to hear about someone's past. Remington doesn't go around asking Laura about her
past, but he relishes learning the little tidbits she occasionally imparts.

The montage in the loft where Laura and Remington practice on the trapeze is one of my
favorite scenes in the entire series. Laura's trust of Remington is so obvious . . . and it's
so great to see them having *fun* together!!

I liked the character of Christy so much that I used her in my fanfic "It's Steele Just Child's
Play." I could see her (and her future husband) being friends with L and R. I always felt
that L and R needed some friends, and I thought Christy would be a good one.


P.S. Without question, I consider "Springtime for Steele" to be the worst episode ever.

by pianoRose    (Sat Jun 16 2007)
Judith it was fun to read your review.

Appreciated reading Stephanie's comments about the other episode. Very funny.

I do think the best part of this ep was the loft scene while practicing.

The worst ep for me is You're Steele the One for Me. The guy who played Mike ruined it for me. Springtime I can tolerate because she's supposed to be bad.

by everglade68    (Sat Jun 16 2007)
I have to agree with pianoRose that the best part of this episode was the
loft scene in which Laura and Remington are practicing. I especially like
when Laura and Remington drop to the floor mattress, they seem to be enjoying themselves.


by Xenos1981    (Sat Jun 16 2007)
Oooooooo! New posters...And some who've been quiet for a while! Yay!!! Don't know if the XenosHubby will post on this one or not. He watched it with me (what a guy!), but he's at a convention all weekend. I'll tell you the parts he commented on though: Pierce's firebreathing act and Stephanie's beautiful leotards. (He made a very lascivious comment about the shot from behind when A Martinez and Steph were on the scaffolding. Won't print it here, but you can imagine. He was very appreciative of Stephanie's "assets" shall we say.) The XenosChildren also watched this episode. The XenosSon (who's nine) LOVED Pierce's firebreathing ("Awesome!!! Did he really do that?!") and the XenosDaughter (who's six-and-a-half) thought Remington was very handsome and Laura was very pretty. (She's got exquisite taste, what can I say?! I give the XenosSon a few years and then he'll start noticing Laura.)

OK, so Judith threw down the gauntlet. Can we talk about Pierce in his tight white pants?!?! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Actually, I LOVE that whole jogging suit...The undershirt/tank I could have done without...Covered him up too much. Shame on wardrobe! A chest like that should be shown proudly and often without cumbersome shirts. How many times do I have to say it: Less is more!!! And those tight pants... *panting* Is it hot in here or is it just him?!?! And the circus outfit he wore when doing his act...Gaudy and circusy but oh-so appreciated!!! That chest!!! OMG!!! Did I ever mention that before?

Well, getting past how HOT Pierce looked...This isn't one of my favorite episodes. As a general rule, I hate circuses. (I also hate parades...But that's another topic all together.) So, I don't watch this one very often. It does have some nice elements, though, despite the lack of romance...

1) Mr. Steele in tight pants. Did I mention that?
2) Laura in nice leotards. (She certainly is a bendy little thing!)
3) Michael McGuire as Fresco Zapata. This is the second time we've seen Mr. McGuire in RS. The first was (ironically) in "Steele Flying High" as the intriguing Harry Swan. Great actor!
4) Mildred as the bearded lady. HA!
5) Remington and Laura in their black break-in clothes. Hot, HOT, HOT!!!
6) Remington WET!!! (A thing of beauty!)
7) Learning about Laura's past as well as Remington's!
8) Mr. Steele breathing fire. (Though I truly hate seeing Pierce do that. Hated it in RS and hated it on The Muppets. What if he'd have an accident?!)
9) Laura and Remington "flying" in her loft...and landing on the bed. But HELLO?!?! Neither took advantage of that situation! What the heck?! They could have at least smooched a little!!! And, holy crap...Was it just me or did they look like they were teenagers in that scene?! They looked so YOUNG!!!
10) WONDER BUNS!!! Ain't THAT the truth!?!?!
11) The music was particularly eery. LOVED it!!!
12) The second appearance of Nigel Woolsey ("Vintage Steele")...But what happened to "Lindsay"/"Lentel"?!
13) LOVED the end scene with Laura resting her head in Mr. Steele's lap!!! They looked so comfortable and at ease!!! N-I-C-E!!! And Laura grabbing Mr. Steele's lapels and kissing him!!! Yeowsa!!! LOVE it when Laura's the aggressor. (Can't believe she didn't just jump him one night!)

Well, there we go. Not a great episode, but not the worst...Though it is in my bottom ten. Oh, well.


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by MickeyBoggs    (Sun Jun 17 2007)
Memorable Stuff

- Remington actually arriving at the office before Laura and Mildred. Not the only time, but a rare occurrence indeed. And what does he get for being on time? A klonk on the head.
- Love the expression on Mildred's face as she explains about the seance.
- Laura's glee & Steele's reticence at joining the aerial show
- Laura trying to squeeze those hand-strengthening things (though I can't believe she couldn't do it. Even I could do those in high school!)
- Mildred's guesses at what Mr. Steele wants her to do undercover: harem dancing (hahahahaha!), bareback riding (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!), lion taming (much more down her alley!)
- Mildred's bearded lady with the hugely long fingernail
- Mr. Steele's fire breathing
- Mildred "yelling" through the floor, trying to figure out what's going on down in the basement
- Love watching our duo puzzling out the Nickerson connection to the missing Bible. They're so in sync with each other professionally. (So why can't they get in sync personally!!!!)
- Enjoyed watching them figuring out the catching routine in the loft. Who knew this would be the only time we'd see them bouncing around on Laura's mattress!
- Fresco advising Steele to "live while you can, 'cause luck runs out fast".
- Love the tag scene! Mr. Steele should have made note as to how circuses affected Laura's libido and made use of that more often!

Character Development

- Steele's irked that Laura's worried about the scatter papers instead of tending to his head.
- Another clue to Mr. Steele's past surfaces when he catches Guy from falling off the Ferris Wheel and he tells Laura about his fire-breathing.
- And a clue to Laura's past: she and her adored father used to love going to circuses together
- Laura was a gymnast in college. (Anybody check to see if Stanford has a gymnastics program)

Favorite lines

L: Mildred's a seance freak, I'm a circus freak.
R: Professionally I seem to be surrounded by freaks. Somehow, I feel at home.
L: You wouldn't try to exploit a girl's secret desire, would you?
R: Only if I were desperate
Guy: You've got an accent, your sister doesn't
R: I'm adopted
Delilah: Forget it Wonderbuns! You think'cause you got a great profile and a flat stomach I'm gonna spill out my guts to you?

Hair & Clothing

Nothing really stood out to me in this ep except Mr. Steele's dark suit at the end. (I'm discounting all the circus outfits!)

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- Wonder if all the circus stereotypes they show would be allowed in today's PC environment?
- Michael McGuire (Fresco) is back. He was previously seen in the similarly named "Steele Flying High".
- What happened to the red clock that's usually over Laura's file cabinets, right next to the door to Steele's office?
- Yummy A Martinez (who I knew from "Santa Barbara") does a nice job as Guy Nickerson
- Another soap vet, Joy Garrett played Patch's mom on DOOL 

by TeenSteele    (Sun Jun 17 2007)
Xenos, your kids are 6 and 9? Aah omg, those are like the BEST ages!!! Lucky you. Seems like just yesterday I was turning the big "one-zero" (that's ten lol) and I was trotting along with my life, oblivious to the fact that people grow up.

(my personal opinion is that kids under 3 are useless because they're just lumps that can barely walk and talk.. and kids over 12 are monsters because puberty comes and just swallows up their niceness and innocence. Therefore kids between 4 and 11 are considered to be in their 'prime'. And yes, I realize that I fall into the latter category.. but I'm almost past the stage where my parents are horrible people who want me to fail at everything and ruin my life lol)

Anyways, I'll be posting a bit later. I was going to just now but I forgot that I'd yet to re-watch this episode :S... ah well, it's summer, my brain is allowed to be dumb.

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
BoaW 08/07

by everglade68    (Sun Jun 17 2007)
TeenSteele, I love your description of kids over 12. BTW, how old are you?


by TeenSteele    (Sun Jun 17 2007)
Haha I think it's sad but true... (have you seen bratz dollz? *shudders* dont EVER buy your children that or I will fly to your home and kick you... its appalling! They look like prostitutes and dominatrixes and I think they encourage impressionable young girls to dress like that, which some do! MTV is disgusting. No, it's not cool or "hip" to take off your clothes and wear a skirt that is small enough to be a glove. GO PUT ON SOME CLOTHES, YOU'RE FOURTEEN!... anyways..)

How old do you think I am? I'll post my age with my SOTW review :P

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
BoaW 08/07

by everglade68    (Sun Jun 17 2007)
Well, if you are still in high school you must be 16 or 17. Either way
you are too wise for your age, which makes me wonder why is that so. Maybe you are the oldest of several children which tends to make you more mature. You
are a very good writer, I hope you are thinking of going to college.


by Xenos1981    (Mon Jun 18 2007)
Heh-heh-heh! TeenSteele, I've said it before and I'll say it again...You are wise beyond your years! My guess is 18...Though in some respects I think you're more mature than I. LOL! By the way, I totally agree with you about Bratz and MTV...Though you probably shouldn't know what a dominatrix is at your age...19 perhaps? PLEASE tell me you're not 16.


by lissa_erin14    (Mon Jun 18 2007)
Teensteele if memory serves me right you are fifteen. And I TOTALLY agree with you about the Brats dolls! If any of my sisters ever came home with one, I'd smack her upside the head and promptly

Alright coming out of my lurkdom...

This episode in the scheme of things was pretty bad...Steph's comment made me laugh. But hey if they did that, then they'd be David and Maddie not Laura and Remington.

I liked the opening scene...the raid on the office...and the plop. Everything else...i could have done without. I did like Christy though I can see how Debra could use her in fanfic.

But there's my two cents.


by Xenos1981    (Mon Jun 18 2007)
Oh, Lordie...15?!?! You're an old soul, TeenSteele...An old soul!

Lissa...Glad to see you're out of lurkdom. Momma's happy now! Oh...If you think Acapulco was fun...You ain't seen CHICAGO yet! Heh-heh-heh!!! (And just WAIT till MILWAUKEE!!! I'm saving up for bail money!)


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by MickeyBoggs    (Mon Jun 18 2007)
Lis, honey. I think the same person who spell-checked your t-shirts also spell-checked your tag line.

I think you mean "AH CA POOL CO.", don't you?

Of course, I wasn't *there* so I could be wrong!


by TeenSteele    (Tue Jun 19 2007)
Alrighty, here I am.

I gotta say, above all else, this was a cute episode, light and fluffy not really too much to think about and nice things for your eyes (and I don't just mean steele haha).
The beginning with Mildred reminded me of when my friends *made* me play ouija board with them. Gosh, I'm like the biggest skeptic, it was SO boring and lame, and one of my friends kept jumping, so I took the liberty of discreetly, casually and very meanly, poking her side every ten or so minutes and scaring the wits out of her ("OMG YOU GUYS... Damn you teensteele!" of course she didnt'say teensteele, but you get the message)

Confession time - I laughed at Mildred when she said "please don't laugh" and admitted to liking seances.
Anyone else think it was weird that they had a circus full of people hanging 'round yet it was Steele who had to climb the ferris wheel to save Guy? Hmm...

Anyone else strangely turned on by the fire-breathing, mustache-wearing, ear-pierced Mr.Steele? I know I was hahaha.

Gotta say, liked the loft scene. Refer to my second sentence ("light and fluffy"), it was so cute and ... well just cute (and sensual).

Did Turk in the lurk (teehee) remind anyone else of Zorro?!?!!?! LoL

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for.. Drum roll please!

I turned seventeen in March, making me (in two weeks) 17 and a third years old lol.

Everglade, I'm actually the youngest in my family, by a landslide. Two older brothers who graduated high school in the 90's (yeah thats right, the 90's..), making one late 20's and the other EARLY early early 30's. And of course they don't live with me anymore (and not married for any of you with daughters around that age..... I want some nephews or something! And my mom wants grandkids lol!)
I believe I was late 15 when I started posting on here, and I'm going into grade 12 in september. So, that's pretty much me... any other inquiries and feel free to ask.
Oh, and I do plan on going to university :) Not sure for what yet (story of your lives??) but I do know that I quite enjoy English (big surprise) haha

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
BoaW 08/07

by lissa_erin14    (Tue Jun 19 2007)
I know how to spell it!

And yes Turk totally reminded me of Zorro.

"Mom, usually your hair looks sort of frazzled."

by everglade68    (Tue Jun 19 2007)
TeenSteele, nice post. Now to important things, wow, you are 17! I do hope
you enjoy your last year of high school (some people do). Don't worry about
your major in college, just get there and yeah, I say English might be something you will like studying.

Thanks for participating in SOTW, I think you are our youngest.


by picac    (Tue Jun 19 2007)
Anyone else strangely turned on by the fire-breathing, mustache-wearing, ear-pierced Mr.Steele? I know I was hahaha.

Raises hand. You can keep your white leotard and trapeze outfits and give me the fire breathing open red/gold vested Steele every time. Ooh la la. I even get a kick out of his fake greasepaint mustache and eyebrows and you have to LOVE the earring. No clip ons for our Mr Steele. I wonder if Laura wondered or asked when he got it pierced. ;)

My favorite bit outside the actual fire breathing was the bit with the snake lady, what she was suggestively doing with that snake and the way his stomach was flinching as she tried to get it close to him might be the most outlandishly suggestive sexual thing ever on this show.

OK, while you can keep the white leotards I do love the the loft scene -- playful and fun and should have ended in some playful and fun rolling around the mattress.

And yes being on the gymnastic team is not exactly enough to days later flying through the air but it's a more plausible back story than saying Laura has former trapeze experience. As for her difficulty with the hand grips that we also see in the Pitkins story, hand grips come in different tensions and strengths and what's easy for Steele wouldn't be easy for Laura.

We get a time line for the first time on Laura's father leaving. And her remark that she wonders if he ran away to the circus always reminded me of a man -- more than a bit of a dreamer -- that just couldn't deal with the responsibility of family life who escaped rather than left. Which is why he not only leaves Abigail but the lives of his daughters.

Interesting different perspectives on circuses between Laura and Steele. Hers as an outsider is romantic and more so because it's tied to her father -- his as someone that worked at one for his livelihood is far more practical and ergo unloving. It's damn hard work -- no matter the size of the circus and I've seen small ones (even in NY).

The plot of this episode always feels straight from a Scooby Doo episode -- that darn Turk, who's that masked caped man, oh wow -- it's Turk -- let's all run and get 'em!

The carousel is indeed beautiful and should have been displayed in Laura's loft (where ceilings are usually closer to 20 than 10 feet and very nice for trapeze)

Steele should never come in early again -- it gets him pain and lack of sympathy, except from Mildred. Interesting how Laura's concern for his physical well being runs pretty hot and cold depending on the episode. It's usually played for humor and plot points but really the man should be taken to the Dr. every time he's knocked out and by the fourth season he probably should be dribbling in a cup somewhere from an overly bruised and dented brain. Then again this is the man whose broken legs magically heal between episodes. Mr. Steele is an Immortal. (cue Highlander crossover story)

There's a cute fan fic story of young Laura running into the young Great Savini somewhere out there.

by MickeyBoggs    (Tue Jun 19 2007)
There's a cute fan fic story of young Laura running into the young Great Savini somewhere out there. 

Yes there is. It's called Steele Holding on to the Past: Destiny and it's on Angie's site. She co-wrote it with Melissa:

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