Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist
SOTW: Episode #35- Blood Is Thicker Than Steele
by Xenos1981    (Mon Jun 18 2007)
Because Mickey Boggs will be indisposed of this next week and won't be able to post her thoughts on Blood Is Thicker Than Steele at our usual time, I thought I'd start the thread early. Take it away, Mick...


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by MickeyBoggs    (Mon Jun 18 2007)
Yes, I'll be out of pocket next week and I hope we can keep the posts going. Seems like we've lost several folks along the way. Please feel free to jump in at any time folks. We really do love to hear what you think! Ok, on to my post...

Not one of my favorite eps, but like most of them, it seems to have its moments.

Memorable Stuff

- The first thing that gets my attention in this ep is that L&R are leaving the office together, in the Auburn and she's driving. Would love to see some fanfic speculate on where they might have been going. Nothing wrong with Laura driving the Auburn, it's just something we don't see very often.
- Angel turning up her nose at $5 in pocket money. Holding out 'til daddy adds a $20.
- Chris turning on the charm when he introduces himself to Laura and not even glancing at Steele as he says hello.
- R running across the tabletops to rescue Chris
- All 4 of them leaning around the corner to see where the bad guys are
- Chris not giving up and hitting on Laura again on the stolen bus. "Let's go party on my yacht!" and he's not even 16 yet!
- Love Steele's method of turning the bus over to the police. What a way to get out of it!
- Laura sure does a great job handling an RV for the first time.
- Chris seeking advices from Steele on picking up women
- It's sweet watching Mr. Steele letting Angel sit in his lap & drive
- Laura also does a good job at making Chris feel good about himself after trying to be a hero and attacking Niemeyer.

Character Development

- R&L don't even have to consult with each other when breaking into the Gallen estate. They split up and each instinctively knows what the other will be doing.
- The whole exchange in the limo about the girls in 4-East raising families. It's a theme we'll see explored again in the next episode and something I think lots of single women think about when they're Laura's age.
- Laura's dad left when she was 16. The story about the Johansens and their kids and how it affected her when her dad left. Wish we could have explored this aspect some more. Hurray for the fanfic that did!

Favorite lines

Angel: My bags are in the house
R: Won't they be lonely without you?
R: It takes two to bicker, Laura. A daddy-bickerer and a mommy-bickerer.

Hair & Clothing

- Mr. Steele in plaid - twice within 3 weeks! But I don't mind it this time and I'm sure PB enjoyed getting to wear jeans for most of the ep.

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- One of the very few episodes where we don't see inside the offices of RSI or in either R or L's apartments.
- Bridgette Andersen (Angel) died of a drug & alcohol overdose when she was in her early 20s. And she really was 9 years old in this ep.
- I kept thinking Barbara Frick looked familiar. Just *now* realized it's Patty Wetting! 

by dragonflygreen11    (Fri Jun 22 2007)
Not one of my favorites, either, what with the constant bickering and the annoying kids. That said, I was amused and slightly touched by Chris's crush on Laura (and how fearless he was in pursuing her!), and especially by the scene where he asks RS for advice on picking up women. The look of pure discomfort on RS's face is priceless!
by picac    (Sat Jun 23 2007)
Laura and Steele leaving in the auburn together. Hmmm

Mildred get's a "good night my love" from Steele.

Pretty scary the way Laura was handling the Auburn -- it's shaking, bouncing and weaving like crazy. I'm shocked Steele let's her drive it. She's considerably better later with the RV.

    "Service entrance?"

    "If they have any class."

LOL! Love this line and the entire way they work together to break in using very few words.

The look Steele gives Laura when she says "Mr. Steele adores children". He can tell she's up to something that isn't just about the case.

    "Oh, the quandary of the independent woman. What am I missing and who am I missing it with?"

    "Time is passing. Pleasantly enough, but it's passing."

    "Why do I get this neurotic impulse to apologise for that?"

    "I don't know. You're certainly not suggesting - that I'm suggesting - that you should?"

    "Oh no no no. How could I possibly suggest a suggestion like that?"

Run away! Run away! LOL!

    "My bags are in the house."

    "Won't they be lonely without you?"

Bwahahhahahaha!!!!! The way he looks down at her and the delivery -- so delightfully deadpan. And thus begins the start of a beautiful "friendship"

Steele Tours. Oh yeah, that's incognito. I guessed it was that they wanted to use the limo and didn't feel like changing the plates - but when the clowns are in front of it the plates are not the Steele plates.

Mr Steele might condescendingly refers to it as their gourmet lunch awaiting but he appreciatively sniffs the pizza when he goes to get it.

Mr Steele does a great job escaping the bus but I'd assume there would be some followup to the tall thin gent with the Brit accent when they find out there's no General inside.

    "I must say Laura, I never thought I'd see the day when *you'd* bring two kids to the house. Even somebody else's."

    "Thank you."

    "Actually, Laura's *wonderful* with children. Of course, Laura's *wonderful* with everyone. So, um, so tolerant."


    "Two lumps, yes," replies Steele before turning to Laura and mouthing a sarcastic, "Love her."

Mr. Steele defending Laura against Barbs barbs but soon to be on the end of Laura's and her critiquing of his child skills.

    You expect *me* to travel in *that* with `The Bad Seed'?"

LOL! Speaking of the Bad Seed, she initiates one of my favorite exchanges in the series and easily the best of the episode.

    "That wasn't funny love! Right step. You pull a stunt like that again and you won't sit down until you're eligible to retire."

    "Boss, you're a role model!" Mildred is shocked.


    "You *threatened* me. I'm going to have my Daddy RUIN you!"

    "Give her a minute. Let her *cool* down."

    "Let her cool down? I'm the one that's boiling."

    "She's a child! You're an adult."

    "Thank you Miss Holt for that *startling* bit of information."

    "And what's *that* supposed to mean?"

    "Be my guest."

    "All right. Obviously, the child in you is a bit overwhelmed by the child in HER"."

    "If the child in you takes one more shot at the child in me - You didn't take this job just to see how YOU function with children, you took this job to see how *I* function.

    "Why would I POSSIBLY care?"

Steele in plaid driving an RV -- "Oh yes. Love it. Open road. Crisp, clean smell of gas fumes . Nauga-hide." It's just so wrong. :D

    "You know, when John Ford was directing, `Stagecoach', someone asked him, 'Why don't the Indians shoot the horses?', and he replied, 'Because then we wouldn't have a movie.'"

One of my favorite director quotes -- too bad the henchmen are not movie buffs.

The bickering returns. I admit, I like the bickering. It not only gives us some great lines but it often reveals some hard truths.

    "She's *only* a child."

    "Are you sure about that?"

    "This isn't our most demanding assignment."

    "I don't remember one where we bickered quite so much as this."

    "And what does that tell you?"

    "What's it supposed to tell you?"

    "If all goes well, we'll be *off* this case by tomorrow. But imagine yourself as a full-time father."

    "It takes two to bicker, Laura. A daddy-bickerer and a mummy-bickerer."

    "I haven't lost *my* temper."

    "Ho ho ho. Are you telling me that those kids haven't gotten to you? Who are you trying to fool with all those treacly tones and those kind of frozen smiles, hey? Ask them."

    "Treacly tones? Frozen smiles? I'm not competing with you, YOU'RE competing with ME. Ask THEM!"

    "Ask them what?".

    "I don't know, it was your idea. Oh my God, I just got the most awful feeling, and it's all your fault."

    "What feeling? What's my fault?"

    "Suddenly I want MY mother." 

Steele is right, her tones are treacly and her smiles are frozen. Those children would try anyone's patience and humor. Laura realizes she's been trying too hard and forcing it and blames it on The Johansens.
    "They lived next door to us when I was a teenager. They were the *perfect* family. They lived in a house with a *white* picket fence around it. Clean white. They never argued with each other. They never complained about each other. They never even raised their voices."

    "How long before the mass murder?"

    "As far as I know, they lived happily ever after. I'm sure their kids all live in houses with *white* picket fences, and their kids never raise their voices. The year my father left, I couldn't look at the Johanssens for six months."

    "That's not family life, Laura. Not that I'm much of an expert. Always being bounced around from aunts to cousins and then back again. But even sitting on the outside of things, I've learned that any family that doesn't argue once in a while can't be flesh and blood. And I prefer flesh and blood.."

It's a very good heart to heart scene, and a payoff to all the bickering where we find out not only more about Laura's childhood when her father left and how it affected her but a bit about Steele's childhood.

The Steele/Angel exchanges are just the gift that keeps on giving:

    "Okay, steady now," says Steele reaching out to the steering wheel but Angel flicks his hand away. The motorhome loses control and swerves. Steele picks up Angel and stands her next to him. "Whoops. My turn chief. Out you get."


and then later

    Angel tugs on Remington's sleeve. "You saved my daddy's life, didn't you?"

    He picks her up. "And what if we did?" Angel whispers in his ear. "Are you sure you're only nine?"

Bwhahahhahahha! The look on his face and the arched eyebrow is priceless.

by Xenos1981    (Sun Jun 24 2007)
All right...I admit it...When I watched this episode when it first aired, I didn't like it much. No smooching, no romance. Watching it as an adult, however, I really like it...Smooching or no smooching. (Though we all know I would have preferred smooching!)

LOVE the bickering...They're so good at it! (I need to take notes for the next time the XenosHubby and I have a fight.) Ace quoted all the great dialog already, so there's no need to re-post it.

LOVE that Angel called Mr. Steele a tyrant and a coward. LOL!!! Could you imagine that little wiseacre as a teenager?!?! *shudder* Can you say, "Paris Hilton"?!?!

LOVE the fact that Laura was "testing" Remington with the children. Shows that she's really thinking about a future with Mr. Steele. The fact that he's so wonderful with kids (as is Pierce) just makes him that much more sexy! Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!! (Hose me down, ladies!!!) Seriously, though...How many of us have "tested" a guy about children? (Though, I must admit, the XenosHubby brought up the subject of kids first. Wait...What the heck?! Was HE testing ME?!?! Holy crap!!!)

LOVE the scene with Mr. Steele and Chris when he's telling him about his first time. (How classy was that?!?! Great writing, great acting!)

Don't jump all over me now...But I LOVE Mr. Steele in plaid!!! So rugged and handsome!!! The only thing better would have been if he had a day's worth of stubble!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!!! (Again...Get out the hose, ladies!)

LOVE Chris crushin' on Laura...Sweet, smarmy and so teenagerish!!! If he doesn't look out, he may end up like Clay Platt!!! *shudder*

LOVE Laura playing chicken with a semi. Ballsy!!!

LOVE the whole "You remind me of my mother" scene. *snort*

LOVE all the scenes between Laura and Remington...So poignant (despite the lack of smooching).

I'm confused about Judith's comment in a previous post. She stated that they used an RV to save money because they were over budget. How were they originally supposed to travel to Arizona?

Overall, a really good episode! Not in my Top Ten, but not in my Bottom Ten. (If I posted it as such, I'll have to revise my list.) Oh yeah, one more thing...



Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 

by everglade68    (Sun Jun 24 2007)
Xenos, someone from the Guinness book of record will be calling you. Hope you don't mind that I gave them your phone number. It seems that they have a
category for saying/writing : "PIERCE LOOKED FREAKIN' HOT" and they think that you might hold the record.

Can't wait to see you as a record holder.


by judithmoose-2    (Sun Jun 24 2007)
"I'm confused about Judith's comment in a previous post. She stated that they used an RV to save money because they were over budget. How were they originally supposed to travel to Arizona?"

This wasn't the original episode that they were planning to film. The original episode had nothing to do with this storyline and would have put them over their weekly budget by over $150,000.00. So the network flatly refused to let them do it and the writing staff was told to crank out one of the most inexpensive storylines they could imagine for that week. It was when Pierce and Stephanie got the script that she made the suggestion of she and Pierce sitting on stools in an empty studio and just telling the viewers what would have happened in the original episode instead of filming this one.

On a side note, this is also the episode that made Pierce want to get a RV and prompted Stephanie to jokingly lipstick her infamous little note on his dressing room mirror.

by auroracat-1    (Sun Jun 24 2007)
With regards to the "Goodnight my love" I watched the DVD with the Captioning on and RS says "Goodnight Mildred. Goodnight my love" and I think that's meant for LH but that dosen't make sense to me since they leave together. Unless Laura was planning on going to her car and gets in the Auburn instead to chase after Mildred. Also explains her driving the car. (they seem to leave their keys in the ignition an awful lot on this show. Guess it saves time)

I will take a second look to see it the Rabbit is also in the lot. Which would make this plausable. Of course that would mean the set people were really paying attention to detail.

What famous little note?

by picac    (Sun Jun 24 2007 )
"Goodnight, my love" is meant for Mildred. Laura gets in the Auburn before Mildred is even snatched -- the driver's seat no less, which is remarkable in and of itself. Also if I recall correctly and we did an entire topic on this once - Steele never refers to Laura that way - just Mildred, strangers and computers and only Mildred gets the "my" in front of love. ;)
by Xenos1981    (Sun Jun 24 2007
JUDITH...WHAT INFAMOUS LITTLE NOTE ON PIERCE'S MIRROR?!?! Oh, and Isabel...Pierce looked freakin' HOT in this episode. Did I mention that?!?!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by picac    (Sun Jun 24 2007)
There was a lengthy discussion about this on Steelewatchers several years ago (where I pulled this text from). From a 1989 interview with Stephanie here's the quote in full context.
    "Growing up in California's San Fernando Valley, Stephanie was often
    behind whatever shenanigans the neighborhood kids were up to. She
    could usually be found directing them in theatrical productions of
    her own devising. "I was bossy. I still am, sometimes," she
    says. "Before Remington, I really thought I was infallible. I was
    pretty hard on myself. So, of course, I was hard on others. I'm now
    much more accepting and understanding of others, because I'm easier
    on myself.

    Was her overzealous self-assurance perhaps the cause of her reported
    run-ins with Brosnan? "I don't think that was the problem between
    Pierce and myself. I like to rib my leading men and some of them have
    a sense of humor and others don't. I remember once, when all Pierce
    could talk about was getting a motor home, I wrote in lipstick on his
    mirror, 'Mozart didn't have a motor home, Shakespeare didn't have a
    motor home, Picasso didn't have a motor home, but Tom Wopat does.' He
    was not amused."

    Of Brosnan's forays into film acting, Zimbalist claims not to have
    seen his latest, The Deceivers, and will say only, "We really did
    like each other. He offered me some good advice, too: 'Stephanie,
    some days you eat the bear, and some days the bear eats you.' I
    didn't understand what he meant at first, but I now know that you
    can't control everything all the time. And for a control freak like
    me, that's been an important lesson to learn." Even so, when she
    finally does come face-to-face with that bear, you can be sure she
    won't be able to resist the temptation to tell it just how to go
    about its business."


I guess snob humor (written in lipstick no less) is not everyone's cup of tea. Tom Wopat's been nominated for a Tony, has SZ?  ;-)

by Xenos1981    (Sun Jun 24 2007)
Thanks, Ace! Should have known you'd have the answer!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by auroracat-1    (Mon Jun 25 2007)
Thanks! One has to figure that they really did like each other - too hard to work that closely together for 4+ years otherwise. I also can't imagine working with anyone for 70 to 80 hours a week without there being the occasional flare up. I certainly have co-workers that I like but we still have our tiffs. Also their characters have the competition built in and I imagine that could have spilled over as well.

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