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SOTW: Episode #37- Elegy In Steele
by Xenos1981    (Fri Jul 6 2007)
Friday again...Tonight's episode is "Elegy In Steele"! The Major and The Minor are in this one penned by one of my faves, Brian Alan Lane. Post away...


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by MickeyBoggs  (Fri Jul 6 2007)
Ah, the return of Major Descoine. It's almost too bad they caught him as he's one of the better villains of the series. Great script by Brian Alan Lane.

Memorable Stuff

- Watching Mr. Steele attempt to recreate the drink he found in a quaint little bar on Mykonos. Having recently explored the island, I can say that virtually every bar there is quaint by US standards, so I couldn't determine exactly which one he meant.
- Their caseload must be low if Laura has time to watch him creating this drink
- The whole running-for-our-lives premise. Another way to force some "together time" (as we'll see again in Beg, Borrow).
- Our duo in perfect sync - Laura pretends to trip so Steele can disarm the cop
- R&L cuddled on the couch while waiting for the air to clear

Character Development

- I believe this is the first mention of Mildred's bowling hobby
- Steele commenting that Descoine is trying to end his life just when Steele's beginning to make something of it
- Laura's call home. Even when she thinks it's "the end", she and Abigail just have a hard connecting, even when Laura tries to find common ground. (I would have loved to have seen all the rest of the conversation that was filmed but cut.)
- The talk in the back of the cab: the control freak and the wanderer. Each with something to teach the other.
- The flirting in the trunk of the cab
- Apparently Laura's now an electronics expert - she can reverse the fan on the a/c with the mere swapping of a couple of wires

Favorite lines

Minor (so sweetly, so innocently): Oh you don't have to worry about my father, Miss Holt. Once he kills the two of you he's through being a criminal, he promised!
R: Thank you Miss Holt. For protecting me from myself.
L: Any time, Mr. Steele

Hair & Clothing

- Don't care for Laura's gray jacket
- Steph finally gets to escape running in high heels - only to have to run in bare feet!
- Love Laura's hair in the tag scene

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- Bel-Oaks Country Club right across the street from the twin towers? I don't THINK so!
- Quinn Cummings was in "The Babysitter" with SZ, and SZ guest starred on Quinn's show "Family".
- Mr. Steele's infamous now-you-see-it-now-you-don't vest. He takes it off to smother the fire coming under the door (and leaves it there) but when he's shown swinging on the kitchen door, it's magically reappeared.
- Where did Laura's diary come from? Did he steal it before her house blew up? Or from Abigail's house in CT?
- The return envelopes didn't come postage paid, and neither R nor L put a stamp on their envelope.

by everglade68    (Sat Jul 7 2007 )
Oh, I just love this episode, it is up there in my list of favorites. I continue to be amazed that the more I watch RS, the more I think that this is
just such a unique show. And, I find it so hard to understand how others cannot see this. Oh well, their loss.

Mr. Steele actually shoots his gun in this episode. I cannot remember but I know this is a rare occurrence. I don't understand, how is it that there are
headstones in a golf course? Also, I did not know that there was so much
room in a taxi's trunk because Laura and Remington looked awfully comfortable in there.

The physical activity required of both Stephanie and Pierce seemed very demanding, all that running, swimming, etc. I think that they definitely earned their salary that week.

I found it touching and sad that Laura fearing for her well being, calls her mother, yet finds it hard to say, "I love you Mom".

My favorite line was in the beginning of the episode when Laura is trying to read some information from Major Descoine's scarf. Remington appears amazed at her skills and says, "ah, the wonders of a university education, eh?"

Love how Laura makes chewing gum an art.


by auroracat-1    (Sun Jul 8 2007)
Watched my DVD copy of this episode yesterday.

I love the revealing of RS's character when they are on the golf course and he says, "just when I was starting to make something of my lift" and the ensuing but short conversation with LH. (Another example of why there would be a RS in the 6th season.)

I too wonder about where Des Coine got the diaries unless he stole them in the 1st season, because as we know Laura solved the Martin case before RS was "real". Which would mean that DesCoine was planning for a long time. But at that time he would have thought it was Steele and not Holt.

Speaking of things Red Holt Steele - some of LH's clothes in season 2 are from season 1 "oops". Also what about her Atomic Man Memorbilia in the trunk? I suppose she could have had it at her mom's.......

I suppose the writers didn't realize there would be so much analysis of their storeis:) LOL

Back to the episode. Love the conversations in the cab, both the back seat and the trunk. Love the humor when the cabbie gets out at the car wash and LH says "But it's so much more exciting this way". A little of the "old" Laura?

Playing in the run off tunnels as a child - more of the old Laura:)

Too bad they didn't do another episode with Minor (would love to know what her name was). But I guess that's what fan fiction is for.......

by dragonflygreen11    (Sun Jul 8 2007)
Pretty fun episode...gotta love it for the sheer inventiveness of the number of ways the Major doesn't quite kill our heroes. I also just love the goofiness of the fully furnished Victorian sitting-room inside of a burned-out abandoned building. And I just love Minor Descoines--such absolute innocence of expression, at all times!

In general, I find both episodes featuring the Major to be entirely implausible and silly--maybe I love them not in spite but because of it.


by attagrrrl    (Sun Jul 8 2007)
Yay! I watched this week. I really love this episode. It's nice to be outside the "solve the case" framework. Is this the only episode in which there is no murder or mystery to solve? It's mainly just a lot of running around, but it's highly entertaining to see all the little tricks the Major pulls out and how our dynamic duo handles them. Nice to see them working in sync so well. Lots of great action. And I love that Laura gets to kick the Major in the stomach. She so rarely gets to do any of the fighting.

As already mentioned in the previous posts, this is also a great episode for character development. All the little things that Laura and Steele let come out because they think death is imminent are quite touching. The math major/wanderer talk in the cab has to be one of my all-time favorite scenes.

However, this has to be the most unrealistic episode of Remington Steele ever. The whole country club sequence is just bizarre. And not only does the Major mysteriously manage to find Laura's diary, but from the words she wrote as a child he somehow surmises precisely where she will go to hide some 15 years later? Either the Major is a mind reader, or Laura is the most predictable person in the history of the world. There are so many "head scratchers" in this one, you can't just suspend your disbelief. You really have to throw it out the window. The whole episode feels like Laura and Steele are making their way through some sort of weird fun house. They're like Alice down the rabbit hole. Obviously the move from the ghetto buildings into the Victorian living room is supposed to feel disconnected and surreal, but the whole episode feels like that--as though it's not occurring in any real place or time. Maybe that's the feeling the director was going for, and verisimilitude just fell by the wayside.

Still, it's an extremely memorable and fun episode. I, too, wish they had done a follow-up with Minor in Season 3. She was cool.

by Xenos1981    (Mon Jul 9 2007)
Oh, how I love this episode!!! Anything with Major Descoine in it ROCKS!!! Don't know why I love that guy so much...He's twisted and demented and has the creepiest laugh (next to Vincent Price, of course)...But I love him! Maybe because he always seems to catapult Laura and Remington into a deeper level of their relationship. The first time around, Laura's scared to death that The Major might have killed Remington, so when she finds him alive, she gives him one of the most delicious kisses, runs her fingers through his hair, sucks on his neck (OMG, OMG, OMG!!!) and tells him how worried she was about him. Such a major confession from our Laura. And now this episode leads to not one but TWO wonderful talks between our duo...The first in the back seat of the cab (The Mathematics/The Wander speech culminating in a beautiful "teach me" line from both of them that makes me misty every time I watch) and then in the trunk of the cab ("Wouldn't have been such a bad way to spend our last hour." and "Thank you, Miss Holt...for protecting me from myself."...Though I have a bone to pick with Laura about that. I'll elaborate more later.)

Yes, as attagrrrl pointed out earlier, you not only have to suspend your disbelief but also throw it out the window...But I'm ready, willing and able to do so because of the charm this episode exudes. From beginning to end, I'm totally enthralled...By The Major's relentlessness, by The Minor's sticky sweet badness, by Laura's strength, and by Remington's...EVERYTHING!!! OMG, ladies!!! Is there anything sexier than a wet, dirty and determined Mr. Steele?!?! OMG!!! Major Steelegasm, my friends...MAJOR!!!

Other things of note:
* LOVE Mr. Steele trying to concoct a "Tropical Itch"...and Laura's and Mildred's reaction to it...Laura as if it's really important and Mildred as if it might explode. LOL!
* Interesting how Mildred can announce that she's leaving the office for a couple of hours...For a DATE, no less. WOW! What great employers Laura and Remington are! I NEVER could do that...even after working for the same schmuck for ten years!
* LOVE the flare and panache with which The Major announces that he plans on killing Laura and Remington.
* LOVE that Remington gets to say "bugger" not once but FIVE TIMES!!! (I guess Captain Jack Sparrow must have ripped a page from our Mr. Steele, eh?)
* This is the episode that Pierce contracted Bell's Palsy. SCARY!!! (I wouldn't have minded nursing him back to health, though.)
* HATED Remington putting the gun in the front of his pants. It's bad enough that he put it in the back...We wouldn't want a bullet to accidentally get lodged in his cute rear end. But think of the damage it could have done in the front!!! Good Lord!!! Laura should carry it.
* LOVE Mr. Steele's three piece suit...And love it even more as he begins to shed it!!! And with all those buttons un-buttoned...Gggggrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
* LOVE that Laura played in the sewer tunnels as a kid. (I did, too!)
* A little miffed at Laura for "saving Remington from himself". She should have "given of herself", IMHO.
* This is the second time that we find out Laura is good with science/electric things. First in "Steele Framed", she created a magnet using a car battery and a shot gun. And now when she reversed the air conditioner to suck instead of blow. You go, girl! (That sounded dirty, didn't it!? Sorry.)
* LOVE how Laura and Remington collapse against each other on the couch in his office. They exude such a togetherness in that one little moment. NICE!
* LOVE our trio's get-ups in the post office scene. Afros galore!!! LOL!

Well, there you have it. My stupid little musings for this week's episode. Until next week...


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 

by jrdedrick    (Wed Jul 11 2007)
I agree with Xenos about Major Descoine. Both the episodes featuring him are my favorites, all though, I will admit that I like Steele Framed a bit more than Elegy. But both episodes are clever and have good, if somewhat unbelievable, scenarios.

Sounds like it's been covered pretty well so I won't go back into it, but I'll try to be a bit more diligent on the eps.


by pianoRose    (Wed Jul 11 2007)
Major Descoine---so fun to watch our pair in peril! Even though I "knew" that in both eps all would end well for our pair I still found both eps suspenseful--even now when i watch and know what will happen next --I still find myself thinking oh, no I don't want to see them in danger!

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