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SOTW: Episode #38- Small Town Steele
by Xenos1981   (Fri Jul 13 2007) 
Holy crap! It's Friday already! Tonight's episode is..."Small Town Steele"! Post away, my friends...


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by Xenos1981  (Sat Jul 14 2007)
All right, I'll start. Despite the appalling lack of romance (what's wrong with Laura?!?!), I rather enjoy this episode. I guess seeing Mr. Steele wearing jeans and all sweaty with his shirt unbuttoned makes up for it!!! Grrrrrrr!!! Is there a more beautiful site, ladies?! Seriously!

Poor Pierce...Suffering from Bell's Palsy during this episode. (You can tell they shoot out of sequence by the difference in his face from scene to scene.) Such a great work ethic he has!

My "second favorite" scene has to be when Mildred and Professor Thickett are in jail and Laura "pops in" to tell them they're gonna break them out...

    Mildred: Well, Artie, no one's gonna keep us in stir when we've got a story like that to tell. Let us out, you dirty screws!
    Professor Thickett: What are you doing?
    Mildred: I saw this once in a James Cagney movie. Let us out!
    Laura: SHHHH!! You'll wake the entire town!
    Mildred: Miss Holt!
    Laura: Arthur Thickett?
    Professor Thickett: Hello?
    Laura: Hello.
    Mildred: What are you doing?
    Laura: We've come to save you! I've always wanted to say that!

Laura just looks so joyful there! Shades of "A Steele At Any Price" when she's high on the feeling of stealing the Pitkins! Too bad the lynch mob pulled a Richie and squelched those feelings...Maybe Mr. Steele would have gotten lucky! LOL!

My "first favorite" scene, of course, would be when Remington rides in on a white horse (bareback, no less!), rescues Laura from the mob, and rides out of town with her FACE-TO-FACE!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I hope the ride was long and leisurely!!! O...M...G!!! How could you NOT jump him after that?!?! OMG!!! (Oh, to have been Stephanie!!!) *fanning myself wildly*

Other comments/observations:
* Some of those townspeople looked like inbreds! LOL!
* GREAT guest stars!!! Paul Gleason as the sheriff (any relation to Michael?!)...Ben Slack as Winslow (who was also the security guard from "Thou Shalt Not Steele")...Jacques Aubuchon as Professor Thickett...They were all excellent!
* LOVE that Laura got kicked out of the Girl Scouts for demanding an electric blanket on an overnight! HA!!! That would've been me, too!
* Did I mention that Mr. Steele looked delectable all sweaty?!?!
* The poor Rabbit!!! Now it's been drowned, too!!! But it takes a licking and keeps on ticking as it's back to normal in next week's episode! Dang! Wish my car were that durable!
* Enjoyed all the movie references.
* Loved that Mildred has another "hot date"! And I love that she's at the office reading a romance novel! HA!
* Did I mention that I loved the horse scene?!?! OMG!!!
* Nice touch by the prop department (or whichever department did it) using the cockpit as the front of the restaurant.
* What's with Mr. Steele and dogs, eh? First this little crapper and then in a few weeks, Doolittle from "Hounded Steele"!!!
* Love (and hate) that Mr. Steele knows he's not gonna get any and let's Laura drone on and on about the case as he settles in for a good night sleep.
* LOVE that Mr. Steele buys two tickets to the ballet at the end. PERFECT considering her city girl/cultural confession to him at the beginning.
* Poor Laura with all her allergies! Funny, she didn't seem to be bothered at all when she was running through the park in "Love Among The Steele". (Though it would've ruined that wonderfully sexy moment by the tree if she had sneezed all over him.) I do believe they continue with the allergy theme in the less-than-stellar "Corn Fed Steele", though.
* Felix Hillenbrand?!?! Yikes! That's as bad as Myrtle Groggins!

OK, I'm done. Whew! Anyone else?! As always...Thanks for reading!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves u

by auroracat-1  (Sun Jul 15 2007)
Well Xenos, you took all my points, but I will reiterate no particular order:

I too was wondering about RS and dogs. I have seen pictures of PB and family (with Cassie) and if I recall there was a Golden Retreiver in the pictures. Love of dogs is one thing, I think, that PB & SZ have in common. (Me too!) Just wait to we get to Steele Your Heart Away (in Ireland) and the sheep. Then I get to go on about the Border Collies:) (I have 3)

Loved LH hanging upside down at the jail. Shades of the wild and crazy Laura.

I know I would be more than willing to cuddle with RS to keep warm:)

I'm with you and Laura about the electric blanket, but of course if you had RS you wouldn't need an electric blanket!

Horse rescue was great but by oh so logical hubby had to point out why would there be a horse without a saddle but conveniently has a bridle?

Yes I think Felix was payback for Myrtle!

RS and the ballet - I am so there for that, even if Swan Lake is not one of my favorite story ballets.

Does anyone else wonder how many times LH has had to get new ID? Car in the river......Also, none of the "good guys" ever seem to take their keys out of the ignition.

Why did RS try the beef? Didn't he believe the guide book?

Glad that the writers were consistent with the hayfever and LH's character. At least this is one area where they paid attention.

OK episode for comedy - yes missing the romance!!!! I do like Mildred's role in this one a lot though.

by everglade68  (Sun Jul 15 2007 )
It must take repeated viewing to appreciate this show, because this time around it wasn't that bad.

Oh, wow a man that actually admits it. Remington to Laura, "I got it, we are lost".

Ah, the good old days when gasoline was not too expensive. Laura puts in $5.00 worth of gas in her car, that gets you about a gallon and a half today.

I noticed that there really is a big height difference between Stephanie and Pierce. Stephanie is wearing black loafers with some heels and she is still
way shorter than Pierce.

Again, I was impressed with Stephanie's physical abilities, she goes up that rope in the jail extremely well. And she knows how to whistle, I could never learn how to whistle like that no matter how much I practiced.

Okay that rescue scene with the horse is very unusual. Don't you always put the person that you are saving in back of you? By the way, that was a beautiful horse.

I know that I have written this before, but what the heck is wrong with Laura?
You are outside, it is a cold night, the guy next to you obviously cares about you, you also care about him, and all you do is talk all night long about the
bank robbery? There is something definitely wrong with this picture.

Xenos, now you have me noticing Pierce's hands. The hands that are hot wiring the sheriff's car have blond hair.

The network must have still been complaining about the show's budget because we see only one location and I am sure that the people in wardrobe took vacations.


by sweetnes3485   (Sun Jul 15 2007)
"I know that I have written this before, but what the heck is wrong with Laura?
You are outside, it is a cold night, the guy next to you obviously cares about you, you also care about him, and all you do is talk all night long about the
bank robbery? There is something definitely wrong with this picture."

How about STDs, pregnancy, and the fact that it is cold outside and they are being chased. Perhaps, she has not shaved her legs yet! That is always a damper. Hmmmm?

It has been a long time since I have viewed this ep, but as I recall it was never one of my favorites. Though I did like watching Laura get a bit wild with the jail breakout scene. There was just very little chemistry with much of anyone in this ep. It just sort of fell flat. Just MHO, who has not watched an ep in nearly a year.

Rocket J Squirrel
"Hokey, smoke ... well, they don't call him Wrongway Peachfuzz for nothing!" 

by everglade68   (Sun Jul 15 2007)
    Perhaps, she has not shaved her legs yet! That is always a damper. Hmmmm?

Jen, just got to love your sense of humor.


by picac    (Mon Jul 16 2007)
This is a nicely constructed mystery which is it's strong suit but it's pretty low tier Steele for me since there's not a lot of comedy, sharp repartee, romance or character development. It's not bottom of the barrel but low enough I could easily name 70 or so episodes I'd rather watch. But like all Steele it has it's moments.

Where was Laura's hay fever when they were rolling around in the hay in Steele Your Heart Away?

The sweat on Steele, Laura and the sheriffs shirts is just little too even -- as if it had been sprayed on. I'm not sure how I feel about Steele having armpit sweat stains. It's actually rather upsetting -- though having the shirt unbuttoned that much makes it a little easier to stand. ;-)

Yes, PB is a dog man - as many as five at a time from some interviews I've read. Though Steele as a cat burglar might set off some doggies' hackles.

Could the town people make themselves look any more suspicious?

Laura shouting over the phone line when Mildred first picks up -- does she think the phones to LA are connected by tin cans? Of course if this was now they'd have cell phones -- but then their batteries would conveniently die or they couldn't get a signal.

The rabbit is not built for speed, neither is the Auburn usually (though Mildred seemed to do 75 easily) -- nor the limo. That's 0 for three in the speed dept. In the visual stakes it's 2 white cars (one of them conspicuously unique and classic) and one huge limo with the name of the agency on the back. These are not cars for tailing or chasing. There have to be more practical cars for a detective agency.

Mildred doesn't think that speeding and then revealing who she works and then telling the sheriff she has evidence may not just be the smartest thing to do in a town where all the phones have conveniently gone dead while her bosses are here on a case?

Nice how Mildred has $500 on her -- where was the emergency shoe money in Beg, Borrowed & Steele when they needed it?

"We've come to save you. I've always wanted to say that" -- one of Laura's best lines and SZ best line readings -- It's so gleeful.

"This is the first time I've ever broken into a jail" Which begs the question -- has he broke out of one before?

Pierce's Bell's Palsy is most evident in the jail scene -- not just when talking but when he tries to grimace when Laura sneezes on him. Its bad enough being shot up with cortisone so you can move part of your face -- being sneezed on constantly by your co-star is just insult to injury. :p

Climbing rope in gym class -- finally a purpose!

Towns people with actual torches! What, no one has flashlights or lanterns in the late 20th century? Isn't that also a little dangerous in a town that looks like it was made entirely of wood?

Steele is running so comically there which assures his feet would wind up entangled. It's usually the woman in horror films that trips and falls -- nice switch -- and save by Laura. At least he wasn't a complete cliché and didn't sprain an ankle. :D

Steele to the rescue on a white horse-- speaking of clichés -- but it's more one out of fairy tales and it's such a visually beautiful one.

OK, I might buy no sex because of non shaved legs etc but not that Steele doesn't have a condom or two in his wallet. Laura has turned him down in much more convenient places so she hardly needs a new excuse for the venue. I wasn't expecting sex but a little more cuddling wouldn't have hurt and does she have to turn her head obliviously when he tries to kiss her after she thanks him for saving her? Feh.

Still it's funny that Steele is resigned to Laura just not letting go of it and settles into the tree. He's right -- there she is still talking to herself out loud hours later as if she doesn't realize he's not listening and is asleep.

How are those idiots with the shotgun not arrested for attempted murder? Do the people of the town actually think shotgun blasts and being chased by torched wielding loons down a street is a no harm no foul situation once they get their money?

Steele clutching his wad of cash and then casually tucking it under his arm only for Laura to yank it away from him. Like stealing a teddy bear from a baby. :D

Steele in jeans is always lovely but oh my that rich chocolate suede jacket is to die for. Also, love his shades that I think he keeps for quite a while. Beautiful suit and tie at the end. 

by auroracat-1  (Mon Jul 16 2007) 
In Steele Your Heart Away they are in Ireland - it's raining so the pollen and such has been pushed to the ground and they have "different" pollen across the pond:)

I don't have any allergy trouble in Scotland - can't say the same for home!

Thanks for mentioning the cash scene - met to put it in my post but forgot. Love the way PB plays that larcenous side to RS all the way through the series.

by picac   (Mon Jul 16 2007) 
True but still it's very amusing that she's rolling in actual hay with no issues at all. Of course she's rolling around in the hay with Steele so what issues could she possibly have? :D
by auroracat-1  (Mon Jul 16 2007) 
None other than they are "just good friends" at this point - silly woman :)
by MickeyBoggs  (Sat Jul 21 2007) 
Yes, yes, I'm late. But here are my thoughts for whatever they're worth...

Life in a small town where the residents are all money-mad. Ain't life great?! Actually Jeff Melvoin does a good job building the suspense at the beginning of the episode. From the pilots fighting to save the plane to Prof. Thickett trapped in the library (and to this point, I'd never thought of a library as a sinister place) the tension builds.

Memorable Stuff

- A $5 gas fill-up. Wow, I can barely remember that.
- The Cockpit Diner. Nice touch. I remember the first time I saw this episode that I noticed how often they showed the diner's entrance, but I never put the pieces together with the plane from the episode's opening. Duh!
- Love it as Steele tries to win over the local folks. He's just so puzzled when they don't act like the folks from small towns that he's seen in the movies!
- High-speed u-turns are "basic survival skills" in Los Angeles? Is that on the driver's test there? :)
- Those fools in the pickup truck look like they're related to the weasel-faced man, Mel, in Corn Fed Steele
- I have to admit, I chuckle at the perverse glee the sheriff takes in telling Steele & Laura they can't bail Mildred out or even visit her until 9 am Monday. You can see their tempers flaring and he just gets a big kick out of baiting them. Although, if he wanted to get rid of them, why not let them take the Auburn back to LA? By the time they returned to De Nada the 24-hour period would be up and the money would be theirs.
- Laura hanging upside down, telling Mildred & the professor to be quiet. Her delight in "We're here to rescue you! I've always wanted to say that!".
- Poor Steele. He gets full body contact with Laura as she slides down the rope - only to have her sneeze all over his shoulder.
- The stunned Laura just staring at the approaching torch-carrying mob. Steele running from them but then coming back to drag her with him.
- Yes, the white horse rescue is cliche, but fun and a nice romantic touch.

Character Development

- A man who's willing to admit it when he's lost. Yay!
- "Felix Hillenbrand" - I agree with whoever said that's Laura's payback for "Myrtle Groggins"!
- What's Laura thinking? One minute she's flirting with Steele, thanking him for saving her, but the next, as he moves in for a kiss, she starts thinking through the case. Aargh! Love the resigned look he gets on his face as he realizes her mind's totally off on that topic and the night won't be getting any warmer.....

Hair & Clothing

- Not much in the way of costume changes in this ep. Glad to see that Steph got to run in flats for at least one episode! I must find some of those trousers the two of them wore. They get soaked in the stream but look pristine later on in the episode.
- Steele's dark suit in the tag: yum! I'm not crazy about that dress Laura wears in that scene. We see it again in, I think, Woman of Steele.

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- Guess Laura only developed her hay fever after their last jaunt into the countryside in "Steele's Gold". If she's allergic to dust, it seems like it would have been far worse in those dusty streets and on the floor of the one building (when they're in the sleeping bag) of the ghost town than just out driving along a highway. And if you'd told me in advance that one of our pair enjoyed the great outdoors and one preferred city life (country clubs, cocktails by the cabana), I'd have reversed the roles as they're portrayed here.
- Apparently "small town" means "virtually no air conditioning" as everybody's sweating like crazy. So why does Winslow wear a corduroy sport coat?! 

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