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SOTW: Episode #42- Hounded Steele
by Xenos1981    (Aug 10 2007)
OMG, Ladies! Haven't been on IMDb for a WEEK now!!! Too much going on!!! I feel so out of it. Just popping in to post tonight's SOTW -- Hounded Steele. (And I haven't even posted on Woman of Steele yet! Shame on me!) I'm hoping to catch up on all the threads this weekend. But for now, I'm off to watch Hounded.

Have a great night, everyone! Looking forward to reading your posts...

A Much-Too-Busy Xenos

Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 

by DCZinger    (Aug 11 2007)
A great "Mildred-centric" episode. Doris has lots of fun and does a great job as always. You do get a sense of how lonely Mildred's life is away from her "kids".

Great scenes/Lines: The opening scene where Steele's entire day is RUINED because Mildred is not there to have his coffee and paper just where he expects them. A nice demonstration on how much they DO need maintain order in what would otherwise be chaos!

Steele: "Walkies!"

Steele's comment on Laura's coffee: "Taste's like a hot cup of the Thames".

Mildred's take on Laura and Remington: "You do seem to have each other".

I'm definitely with Doris that Mildred should have had an affair!


"It takes two to bicker, Laura. A daddy-bickerer and a mummy-bickerer."

by everglade68    (Aug 11 2007)
Zinger, nice to see you posting again in SOTW, we missed you.

If I had a list of worse RS episodes, "Hounded Steele" would easily
make the list.

I did like the break in to the Museum to steal the jewels. Always like it
when Laura and Remington wear their black thief outfit. They look so sexy
in them, don't they?

Thought it interesting that Kevin Masters after stealing for so many years
now lives in a trailer park and seems to be a solid citizen.

I also liked Mildred's bowling friends and their pink jackets.

The dog joke was a little too much for me.


by auroracat-1  (Aug 12 2007)
Not one of my favorites either, but a few memorable things, in no particular order....

Tom Baker as villian - for those of us who are Dr. Who fans, this is a treat.

At Kevin Master's home when LH admits she has a soft spot for charming men with a mysterious past.

RS collecting larconies:) LH being intrigued by this but not necessarily upset by it. Also shows that RS had had his personal effects sent in from somewhere (London?) and that he is planning on staying.

The fact that LH goes along so readily with stealing the diamond. Shows she is beginning to trust RS more. RS being willing to put it back so quickly.

Yes, the dog gag went way too far. But then again, I am not one for small useless walking mop kind of dogs. (If it's not a Border Collie, then it's just another dog:))

Do like the exploration of Mildred's life in this episode. And as already mentioned - You two do seem to have each other speach in Steele's office.

Opening scene is the office with coffee, paper, etc. is great comedy. Canary yellow pads anyone:)

by MickeyBoggs   (Aug 12 2007)
Our first episode with Mildred as a star and the introduction of the Dragon Ladies.

Memorable Stuff

- Love how lost R & L are without Mildred around the office
- Mr. Steele roping Mrs. Clairborne into making the coffee
- Mr. Steele rushing to catch Mildred before she faints, then waving his handkerchief at her
- Everyone climbing back and forth between the trees in the office lobby
- Mr. Steele sympathizing with Laura over having to keep up the charade of covering for her colleague - then patting her on the back and telling her to keep up the good work!
- PB imitating Barbara Woodhouse trying to train the dog

Character Development

- Mildred inflating her own importance with the Dragon Ladies
- Like Mr. Steele, I'd never thought about what Mildred did outside the office either
- Mildred flirting with Kevin Masters
- Mildred admitting she wants to feel important sometimes too and Steele & Laura realizing they don't always do a good job of showing her how much she's appreciated.
- Laura's pleased Le Renard retired and has settled down. It's what she wants for Mr. Steele, yet she loves the excitement of the break-in and it confuses her how she can want two such opposite things, I think.

Favorite lines

R: Where's Mildred?
L: Question of the hour.
R: The newspaper wasn't on my desk, the coffee is toxic, my morning karma's been shattered, Laura, utterly shattered.
L: Bear up, Mr. Steele. This is the first time Mildred has been late. I'm sure she'll be here soon to restore order to our universe!
Mrs. Clairborne (on the phone): ...and they've asked me to stay on the rest of the day. I mean, can you imagine, Carol, me working! Actually, it's not nearly as unpleasant as I'd always imagined it was.

Hair & Clothing

- I like Laura's royal blue blouse and the light-colored hat looks smashing on her
- Mr. Steele's brown suit is quite nice too
- And they both look good in the basic, break-in black
- Her royal blue silk suit and his black suit also look great on them

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- Today, I don't think they could get away with Mildred yelling at the taxi driver about his green card.
- Laura mis-spells Mildred's last name on the phone!
- They couldn't spring for another pic of R & L for Mildred's mantle? They had to use a promo photo from S1? LOL
- Laura didn't have her hat on when she left the office, had it at Mildred's then it was gone again when she returned to the office. Does she leave it in the car?
- JD Cannon's second appearance on the show
- Kudos to the stunt guys for the slide-for-life between the two buildings. My palms get sweaty just watching them!

We've all noticed the lack of romance in this episode. Fortunately SueJue went digging around the PAX offices and found this scene that had been scrapped: Thanks so much for doing that SueJue! 

by everglade68 (Aug 12 2007)
Thank you Mick for that link to that wonderful scene. It sure makes a
difference to this episode, eh?


by sugarjilly    (Aug 13 2007)
Thanks for the added scrapped scene Lea! I found that quite interesting.

Could someone explain to me what PAX is? Is it a TV station? :)


by MickeyBoggs  (Aug 13 2007)
It's a TV network. It used to be The Family Channel then they renamed it PAX, but I don't know what that stands for.

Since the show was syndicated at the point when PAX was airing it, they often cut scenes for time - and often for what they deemed as "questionable" content. I never saw the show on PAX, but from what I understand, sometimes they cut scenes with information crucial to the development of the storyline, which made the conclusion a real headscratcher sometimes. We also question their choice of "questionable" content. Was the foot-rub scene in "Threads" really so sexy it needed to be cut? And there were some entire episodes, "Blushing" and "Service", that I think they never aired.

SueJue has a wonderful collection of "PAXed" scenes that she "rescued from the cutting room floor". They're on the KrebsFiles

by sugarjilly   (Aug 13 2007)
Thanks Lea!

Another question for anyone...Is it my imagination, but I don't think I've seen that cut scene of hounded steele on the DVD's...I could be wrong, I haven't seen Hounded in a while. So, what happened to it on the DVD's if this scene originally aired? Did PAX cut the scene before the DVD's were in production? Or am I totally confused about this? :)


by MickeyBoggs    (Aug 13 2007)
You're confused [[smile]]

SueJue made up those "PAXed" scenes. Those are some of her fanfic contributions! Though I'd read them so many times, when I re-watched the eps, I kept waiting for her scenes to appear and then was disappointed when they didn't show up!

by sugarjilly   (Aug 13 2007)
LOL OOPS!!! You had me going there for a minute Lea!! :) :)

I am no longer confused...LOL Thanks!


by Xenos1981  (Aug 13 2007)
Before I get started on Hounded Steele, I have to make a comment about Woman of Steele. (By the way…This episode always makes me so sad whenever I watch it…Sad for Remington…Sad for Laura… *sigh* …Though it does have a happy ending, thank goodness.) OMG, ladies!!! That kiss Laura and Remington share when he goes to her loft after seeing Anna at the restaurant…OMG, OMG, OMG!!! It’s practically perfect in every way…Except that it didn’t last nearly as long as I would have liked. (Even the camera work was great…A close-up over Remington’s shoulder, focusing on Laura’s surprised face…Oooo, la-la!!!) I LOVED how he walked over to her and cradled her face in his beautiful hands. OMG, even his shoulder motion was sexy, SEXY, SEC-SAY!!! Yeah, baby!!! And you just KNOW his body was pressed oh-so-very-close to hers. *fanning myself* And I can just imagine where her hands were. (I know where mine would be!!!) Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!! Such a delicious treat that kiss was!!! YUM!!! *smacking my lips*

OK…On to Hounded Steele. Not one of my favorites. In fact, I do believe it made my “Bottom Ten” list. No offense to Mr. Melvoin or any of the wonderful actors…In actuality, it was a nicely-written mystery and also delved into Mildred’s personal life…And the opening scene of Mr. Steele’s and Laura’s morning being shattered by Mildred’s absence was an absolute JOY to watch…But, gol dang-it, I NEED MY ROMANCE!!! Nothing better than watching Remington and Laura do their thang…Well, except for maybe Scene 17…Unrated version…Widescreen edition. Heh-heh-heh!

I guess I have a different view than most of you have – including Remington and Laura – about Mildred’s personal life. I don’t see Mildred as being particularly lonely. Yes, she’s single. No, she doesn’t have children. Yes, she lives alone. But that could easily sum up about 50% of society. (OK, so I don’t have the exact statistics to back up what I’m saying…But you know what I mean.) And I don’t believe that single people are any more – or less – lonely than married people. Mildred? Lonely? Nah! She’s got the Dragon Ladies…real honest to goodness friends to pal around with and go bowling with. And seems to me, Mildred had a couple of “hot dates” during the course of the series. (You go, girl!) And you just KNOW that if the fifth season had played out Tony would’ve become Mildred’s boy-toy. LOL!

Best thing about this episode? Remington in his black break-in clothes! Yes, YES, oh-ho-ho yeh-heh-HES!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Scrumptious!!! Delectable!!! Delightfully gorgeous!!! OK, I’ll stop now…It’s getting a little hot in here.

Other Noteworthy Things:

* The whole bit with Mrs. Clairbourne. Loved that Mr. Steele persuaded a CLIENT to make him coffee and answer the phones! And her comment about working not being as unpleasant as she had thought – HYSTERICAL!!!

* J.D. Cannon is a delightful actor. Always nice to see him on RS. Loved his portrayal of an ex “dog burglar” in his golden years. (I know we were supposed to draw parallels to Remington had he not become Mr. Steele…But somehow I can’t imagine Mr. Steele being alone with a dog after retirement. That man would ALWAYS have female companionship, I do believe.) Too bad they didn’t bring Kevin back periodically to romance Mildred.

* Laura and Remington in their black break-in clothes!!! DAMN!!!

* Nita Talbot as Shirley the dog groomer – fabulous!!! What a riot!

* Loved how Doolittle kept growling at poor Mr. Steele and pulling on his pants. (Wait a minute…That’s starting to resemble some of my dreams! Hmmmm…) Hated, however, that he kept pissing on him. WAY overdone. (And totally not in my dreams.)

* Loved the slide from building to building. Totally cool!

* Loved how the episode comes full circle with Mildred taking charge and restoring order to the office and Laura’s and Remington’s lives. Nice.

Great Lines:

Remington: In matters of this nature, Miss Melisch, I find it advisable for subjects to focus on the initial stages on their narrative and then to proceed chronologically.

Shirley: What'd he say?

Laura: He means, start at the beginning.



Mildred: But you two. You're so young. You're admired. Your lives are important. And I don't even pretend to understand your relationship…but you do seem to have each other.

*sigh* (Unfortunately, the only speck of anything remotely romantic in this episode. Couldn’t they have at least smooched a little while they were in the vent and maybe have Doolittle interrupt them?! Come on!!!)


(As I mentioned before…)

Mrs. Clairbourne: And they've asked me to stay on the rest of the day. I mean, can you imagine, Carol. ME, working? Actually, it's not nearly as unpleasant as I'd always imagined it was…


Remington: You know, Laura, I hadn't realized until this moment just how frustrating it must be for you to pretend that I'm the head of the agency.

Laura: It's about time.

Remington: I mean, for over a year now, you've had to put up with countless charades, and indignities of the sort that I've just experienced for a brief moment, and yet found quite demeaning even at that. It's truly remarkable the way you've been able to keep your emotions in check while I take the glory for all your efforts. Truly remarkable. Yes. Keep up the good work.

(Hee-heeeeeeeeee!!! Poor Laura!!!)


Laura: How do you know so much about Blaylock, anyway?

Remington: Because, for a while, Interpol thought I was the Fox.

(Not really any great or astounding writing there…Just had to mention that line because it’s so prophetic…Especially in the 80s when women actually referred to hot, good-looking men as foxes. LOL!)


Laura: Let's just say I have a soft spot for charming men with mysterious pasts.

(Don’t we all, Laura…Don’t we all!)


Final Thought:

Is it just me or was Pierce’s chin dimple really, really obvious in this episode and Woman of Steele?!?! OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, O…M…G!!! *drooling*

That’s it for now, ladies! Thanks for reading!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan…Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 


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