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SOTW: Episode #43- Elementary Steele
by Xenos1981    (Aug 17 2007)
Friday again, ladies...Time for our SOTW. "Elementary Steele". It's also the last episode of Season Two. (Funny one to end on, IMHO...But, oh, well!) Post away...


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68  (Aug 18 2007)
I agree Xenos, this is not how I wanted Season Two to end. However, at the time I did not know that I had just finished watching my favorite Season.


by MickeyBoggs (Aug 18 2007)
Hard to believe we're already at the end of Season 2! I remember being disappointed "things" hadn't turned out as I'd hoped but thinking that SURELY during the next season.... boy was the joke on me. Anyway, on with the episode and, uh, the introduction of Rocky Sullivan. Sigh.

Memorable Stuff

- I must say, kudos to both the stuntwoman and Lynne Randall for the whole motorcycle stunt scene while wearing a towel!
- We all think R&L tailing folks in the limo is laughable - now we have Holmes & Watson tailing the limo in a ca. 1930 Rolls-Royce!
- Mr. Steele on the back of Rocky's motorcycle. LOL! (I do wish he'd worn a helmet)
- I do think this is Lynne Randall's best episode.
- The whole Johnny Todd persona. It's just as funny the second time around.

Character Development

- Laura seems just a trifle too impressed with the secret admirer's flowers. Does she really not suspect they're from him? She sure enjoys rubbing them in Mr. Steele's face, which makes me think she suspects. Though the tag scene seems to indicate otherwise.
- Steele does do a good job of being irritated by the secret admirer
- Steele pushing Laura's buttons by "threatening" to take on the case alone. He certainly has her number in that respect.
- The nice scene in the Rabbit where Mr. Steele confesses his jealousy
- Mr. Steele complimenting Winston just before he's shot. For once, he actually is the more experienced detective and he wears it well.
- Not unprecedented to see Mr. Steele lose it when an underdog is killed. Very unusual to see him get so rough with a woman.
- First time Laura refers to Mr. Steele as her partner

Favorite lines

R: If there's anything I can't stand, it's someone who won't reveal his true identity.
R: Aren't you in the least intrigued by grown gentlemen playing at detective?
L (grinning): Not in the least. You forget, I live with that every day.
Rocky: When you run with swine, you begin to resemble a pork chop. (and she even said it with a straight face!)

Hair & Clothing

- Laura's dark jacket & coffee colored shirt are a great look for her and Mr. Steele's double-breasted dark suit in the same scene looks good on him too.

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- Was that chief stunt guy Ernie Orsati playing Fred?
- When Geiger calls Lucas uses the pay phone, he doesn't put any money in it before dialing.

by auroracat-1 (Aug 20 2007)
Additons to Mickey's wonderful observations.

I wonder if LH suspected the flowers all along and the tag scene is her indignation at the fact that he charged them to the agency?

Who did send her the flowers in the tag scene?

Headscratchers addition:

How did RS know where Vince Pappas lived? They had the information about where he worked (the Limo service) but how did he get address. Didn't see him check VP's wallet before he walked off from the limo.

Lines: LH - Dash of Personal Concern

First instance of the working together rule?

by edr1109 (Aug 20 2007)
I remember thinking the same as Mickey. How can the season end on this note-- a forgettable episode with little romance??? And the most cruel part of all is that Rocky manages to come back in Season 3. That is a headscratcher unto itself.

Also a headscratcher, how come actors keep coming back as different characters even though they look exactly the same as they have in previous episodes and no one seems to miss a beat? Certainly their faces should ring a bell to the brilliant RS and LH. (I guess this was another perk of being married to PB and MG)

About the flowers, very nice sentiment from RS but selecting arrangements that look like they belong at a wake and then charging them to the agency?? Not his usual classy self. And Laura's gushing about said flowers gets a tad annoying too.

I was also taken with how rough RS gets with Rocky. I remember when I saw the episode for the first time (20 years ago) thinking this said something about his past and that he had some scary skeletons in his closet. Seeing it this time around I don't see that so much.

Woman of Steele would have been a much better way to end season 2 IMHO. 

by auroracat-1 (Aug 20 2007)
Forgot to mention one memorable line:

RS - Send her a red wood. (Can't remember the entire text....but I'm sure everyone knows the scene I am referring to.)

by Xenos1981 (Aug 20 2007)
Ah, yes. “Elementary Steele”. All the detective greats together in one show…Mr. Moto…Philip Marlowe…Miss Marple… Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson…Remington Steele and Laura Holt. Way cool, way fun premise. But they had to throw Rocky Sullivan in the mix, didn’t they?! LOL! No offense to Lynne Randall (who did an obnoxiously wonderful job of portraying the annoying third-rate singer/actress Ms. Sullivan) or Michael Gleason for casting his then-wife in the role. I WILL, however, bitch and moan about Rocky coming back in “Springtime For Steele”. That was just freakin’ HORRIBLE!!! And I must say, I enjoyed Lynne’s portrayal of Randi from “Steele Trap” a whole heckuva lot more. Too bad Randi didn’t come back for an encore instead of Rocky. And after reading Judith’s kick-butt book, all I can say is thank God Mr. Gleason had the good sense of casting Janet DeMay as Bernice and not Lynne. Could you IMAGINE our Miss Wolf being played by Ms. Randall? YIKES!!! *shudder*

On to the episode…I really enjoyed the mystery. It was well-crafted. (Duh…It was written by Michael Gleason! How could it not be?!) However, I must say that I loved the whole secret admirer subplot even more!!! SWEET!!! Love this little exchange:

Mildred: Any signature this time?
Laura: Same as before…Your secret admirer.
Remington: Humph…If there's anything I can't stand it's someone who doesn't reveal his true identity. What's it say? [HA!!! SO, so funny!!!]
Laura: I'm afraid I can't tell you. It's FAR too intimate…Mr. Steele!
Remington: This is close to pornography.
Mildred: Pervert!
Laura: One man's pornography is another man's poetry.

First Lord Marchmane, now spicy little love notes!!! Damn!!! Suave, sophisticated, freakin’ gorgeous and a little naughty to boot!!! Mmmmmmmmm!!! He SO turns me on!!! *fanning myself wildly*

Oh, and Michael Gleason is right when in the commentaries he says that Pierce does a flawless piece of comedy when he parts the flowers to answer the phone. NICE!!!

Also LOVE this scene in the Rabbit:

Laura: He's playing a game. But then, so are you.
Remington: Oh?
Laura: Don't think I don't know why you're so anxious to pursue this non-existent case. You just want to keep me occupied so I won't discover who's sending me those beautiful flowers.
Remington: You're sure you're not playing a game of your own? Pitting your phantom lover against me?
Laura: Are you suggesting that I'm trying to make YOU jealous?
Remington: Well, aren't you?
Laura: Absolutely not!
Remington: Oh. Pity. Because it's working.
Laura: I don't know that I can handle all this honesty in one sitting.
Remington: Laura, this - this poet of the obscene might be a blessing in disguise. He's made me understand how very much you mean to me. Come here. *smooch* [Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!! Screw the mystery…Time to go to the nearest motel!]
Laura: Would it be in bad taste to raise a toast to my secret admirer?
Remington: Only if I'm not there to share it with you. Come here. *more smooching* [That’s it…time to jump the hubby!] 

LOVED the expression on Laura’s face when they came up for air…That distinctive “just-been-kissed-really-well-and-am-totally-turned-on” look. NICE!!! Good Lord, that woman has an iron will, though! What the heck?!?! Remington looked absolutely tasty in this episode!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! *panting*

Other Things Of Note:

* Another wonderful appearance by Johnny Todd!!! LOVE this character!!! So greasy…So slippery…So tacky…So why does he turn me on?!?!

* The scene where Remington goes to Laura’s loft to get the truth out of Rocky makes me uncomfortable. Remington being violent towards a woman (albeit Rocky) shocks me every time I watch this episode. It was very well acted by all three…But it just seems a bit out-of-character to me. (Ace, care to help me change my mind?)

* Laura’s preoccupation with her secret admirer and trying to make Remington jealous – HA!

* Great casting again!!! Not a bad one in the bunch!

* Remington is a freakin’ gorgeous work of art, eh? (OK, OK, Isabel…I guess I AM the “Id". LOL!)

Things That Bugged Me:

    Remington: Laura, where's your sense of adventure? Your taste for mystery? Your desire to – to find the truth?
    Laura: Back at the office.
    Remington: Don't worry…I'm sure you secret admirer isn't going anywhere.
    Laura: Well, I just want to find him before he's too old to do anything but admire.

I KNOW she said this to tease poor Remington, but COME ON!!! He’s been wanting to do more than “admire” for TWO FREAKIN’ YEARS and she’s given him bubkis!!! Are we really to believe that Laura would “go for it” with someone who’s sent her flowers rather than with the incredible man she has right in front of her?!?! COME ON!!!

More Notable Quotes:

Rocky: Don’t you just love it? The wind on your face, five hundred cc’s throbbing between your legs! [By now, you all know me well enough to know what I was thinking, so I won’t even say. Besides, this is a family forum.]

Remington: Yes, well, quite frankly, Miss Sullivan, I prefer my hogs in the form of bacon. For God's sake, slow down, will you? This isn't Death Race 2000. 

Remington: This – CASE you're working on…

Sherlock Holmes: Ah, it's completely invented, but nonetheless wonderful. It's filled with sex, blackmail, suicide…

Laura: All the things that make life worth living. [Hee-Heeeeeeeee!!!] 

 Remington: Well, aren't you intrigued by grown gentlemen playing at detective?
 Laura: Not in the least…You forget, I live with that every day. [OUCH!!!] 

 Rocky: When you run with swine, you begin to resemble a pork chop. [ROTFL!!! That’s one quote I MUST use before I die!!! So freakin’ funny!!!]


As always…Thanks for reading!!!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan…Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by auroracat-1 (Sep 4 2007)
The used quite a few actors twice in different roles. JD Canon comes readily to mind. I think RS was one of the last "studio" shows, where they used a stable of actors that they had under contract or just liked working with. Not "big" names but steady good actors.

Yes, I agree, Woman of Steele would have been a much better ending to season 2. Elementary Steele seems out of order, the way Steele in the Chips was.

by MickeyBoggs (Sep 4 2007)
Forgot to mention the PAXed portion of the episode that SueJue "rescued" from the cutting room floor. It sure makes for a better end to the season than what we got!

by sugarjilly (Sep 4 2007)
That was a much better ending! So cute. :)

Thanks for posting it Lea.


by Xenos1981 (Sep 4 2007)
Yeah, thanks for that Mick...And SueJue. (LOVE her stuff.) YUMMY!!!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!


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