Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist
SOTW: Episode #47- Second Base Steele
by Xenos1981    (Sep 14 2007)
Tonight's homework...Second Base Steele. (Though if you ask me, they should've been "Steeling Home" by now!!!) Watch and post, ladies...Mr. Steele is shirtless in this one! Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by auroracat-1  (Sep 14 2007)
It's just a wild guess, but I am guessing that Xenos hubby likes the red bikini?
by MickeyBoggs  (Sep 14 2007)
The Mickey Boggs episode at last. I've wondered if the character name is a combination of Rick Mittleman's favorite ballplayers - Mickey Mantle and Wade Boggs?

Memorable Stuff

- Mr. Steele's bafflement at the whole baseball fantasy camp concept. Laura telling Ralph that, sadly, Mr. Steele has never played baseball. Mr. Steele's rush to defend himself - he *could* do it, if he wanted to.
- Laura making faces at the "boys" as they razz her in the locker room.
- Love how Laura rolls her eyes when enters the hot tub room and neatly handles Dr. Ridley's advances.
- Laura, Mildred and Mr. Steele puzzling over the Marge/Vera/Sam triangle and Mr. Steele concluding it's as confusing as his relationship with Laura.
- Mr. Steele sitting down at the far end of the dugout by himself and Doc giving him some "chew"

Character Development

- Mr. Steele is still trying (thank goodness) to break through Laura's Cannes agreement by coming on to her in the locker room. Just wish Chubby hadn't interrupted them!
- The tag scene is almost unfair as it gives us false hope of a thaw. Sigh.

Favorite lines

Ralph: A game? Baseball's more than just a game; it's a way of life! It's America. (Having grown up in a baseball/softball household, I agree! Too bad it's not that way anymore...)
L: Throw the ball to second base!
R: I know what to do, Laura, I'm just savoring the moment!
L: Hi, what have you been up to?
R: I believe it's called "catching". Although "chasing" would better describe my experience.
R: That's what I love about you Laura. You keep narrowing down the case to include everybody.

Hair & Clothing

- Bad quality ball caps don't look good on any of the ball players
- Bet SZ liked getting to wear a ponytail in so many scenes
- SZ looks great in that red bikini
- Liked seeing both of them in the casual blue shirts & blue jeans
- Love Laura's hair in the tag

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- As a lefty, Laura would not play shortstop. She'd be at first, or more likely - since she has speed, in the outfield. 

by auroracat-1  (Sep 15 2007)
Ah, but Short Stop is the "thinking" position:)

Me living in Cal Ripken land and being a big Orioles fan makes me like this episode more than I think I would have otherwise.

Love how RS is totally winded from "chasing" but then proceeds to use the work out bench:) Also love his concern when LH almost gets creamed by the mirror.

The whole hot tub scene in the red bikini with Doc is a riot!!!

Peach short outfit for LH is great too! Shows off her athletic build. Wish I looked that good!!!!

Love all the casual clothes this episode.

by picac  (Sep 15 2007)
I haven't re-watched the episode yet but I must weigh in on baseball issues. ;)

I guess I've never really paid that much attention to the actual baseball in this episode before (except Steele in the batting cage - heh). Does Laura still field and throw as a lefthander or just hit as a lefty? Because you'd have to do more than your share and everyone else's of thinking and have much more speed and arm strength than any other shortstop who ever lived to successfully field and throw as a lefty. It would be far more believable if she was a catcher, even though they're called the tools of ignorance they're the complete opposite and you get to control the game. :D But I guess they didn't want her face behind a mask - even though that would fit into the unidentified woman and all the work none of the glory persona very well.

The name Mickey Boggs may be a combo of both those names but the idea that someone had two favorite players -- one a Yankee and one (then) a Red Sox is unfathomable!

I know they're older than in their playing days (and players have got bigger since then) but still it's rather shocking to see RS (so so so thin--looks rather like a pipe cleaner in that stretchy uniform) so much taller than Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford.

by MickeyBoggs (Sep 15 2007)
    Does Laura still field and throw as a lefthander or just hit as a lefty?
Yes she's an all-around lefty. I've seen lefty shortstops in slow-pitch softball rec leagues, but never in baseball. I played softball for almost 30 years but it was still a shock the first time I tried to throw a baseball all the way across a full-sized diamond. It's MUCH further. And that Laura could bump Slats from his position is not realistic at all. Yes, Steph was in fantastic shape, but chances are that Slats, just by virtue of having a man's stronger muscles (and right-handed), would be much better equipped to play short. Though, of course, that would wreak havoc with our storyline as we need Holt & Steele to be our 2B/SS combo!
by dlxauburn (Sep 16 2007)
Ah, Baseball and Remington Steele, two of my best escapist passions all rolled into one event. How do they manage to arrive at the 11th floor at the same time on 2 separate elevators? The magic of television I suppose.... I loved Steele's description of Ralph outside the office as a uniformed extortionist and Laura's glee at the thought of working undercover at a baseball fantasy camp.

Doris as the tough EEOC lawyer! She really has the no nonsense government agent role down, but gives each one enough of a different spin to seem unique. And her outfit with the hat looked good on her. But alas, we soon see a return to the blue sheet dress.

The locker room humor and various shots of the requiste spitting in the mitt are worth it for the gratuitous shirtless Pierce scene, especially when comparing him to his less then eyecandy teammates. His funniest scene was arguing for the third strike with the umpire!

Steph does wear the heck out of the red bikini. Two episodes in a row of showing off the ever physically fit Stephanie Zimbalist. But I really loved Laura putting Doc in his place in the hot tub the best of all. And I really dislike the 'librarian bun' she sports in a few scenes. It looks quite painful!

I can't believe the camp goes on even after Ralph gets murdered. Some Friends!

Love the resumption of the flirtation in the office at the end.

And under favorite lines and headscratchers:

"Like they was all umpires, didn't see a thing."
"My complusions are an endless source of amusement for you."

Pierce taps his bat on the plate when he first gets up to the batters box, before we learn of the epoxy explosive inside the bat.
No romance, but the baseball lingo flirtation, despite it's lack of finesse is still humorous to watch. All in all, not horrible. 

by auroracat-1 (Sep 16 2007)
And I really dislike the 'librarian bun' she sports in a few scenes. It looks quite painful!
Having been a "bun head" for many years, still am when I compete, I can tell you from personal experience that unless you have a head ache they actually are pretty comfortable. Also, they are ideal when you want to keep long hair and keep it out of the way and you eyes. (Just had to "defend" the bun heads in the world).
picac (Sep 16 2007)
I've never been a bun person, since my hair has to be wound too tight in order to stay in a bun and that is painful for me.

Pain aside it's one of Laura's worst hair looks (vying with the skyscraper too much hairspray dear god we know it's the 80s now 3rd and 4th season dos she's occasionally afflicted with) The bun makes her look severe and pinched because she usually also pulls all her hair away from her face. Pair it up with one of those suffocating high neck blouses from the 1st season and it's almost the cliched picture of repressed old maid librarianism. All she's missing are the horned rimmed glasses. ;)

by queenheadintheclouds (Sep 16 2007)
This was a fun episode. Usually the ones where they're not in the office have a different feel to them. And 8 still remains my lucky number and apparently Pierce's (or someone in wardrobe but I prefer my take) :D.

Pierce Brosnan didn't need blue mankini trunks to be Bond.

by Xenos1981 (Sep 16 2007)
Pierce shirtless?!?! Steph in a red bikini?!?! Sorry, ladies...The XenosHubby and I are STILL trying to get through this episode. [[winkgrin]]  I'll post my thoughts tomorrow...


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! VERY happy!

by Xenos1981  (Sep 16 2007)
Ah, yes. Second Base Steele. Never realized how much I really LOVE this episode! We get to see so much of Mr. Steele’s wonderful chest!!! Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!! He does love to tease me!

Actually, the storyline is pretty intriguing…Old friends, old wounds, old secrets…And then some “accidents”. Not a baseball nut like some of you. Played on a softball team for about five years as a kid – at both shortstop and second base – but lost interest. And watching baseball for me is kinda like watching grass grow. But seeing Laura and Mr. Steele in their uniforms makes up for it. Laura looked so cute with her ponytail…and she sure can wear a hat! But, oh my gosh!!! Quick! Someone get Mr. Steele a cheeseburger!!! Was it just me or did he look like a string bean? Looked to me as if he should’ve been playing basketball. The hat on him was too funny. Stuck way too far up in the air. But watching him in action – albeit baseball and not the kind of action I would have wanted – was an absolute joy. So, so funny!!! Steph was right in the commentaries when she said that Pierce has a real gift for physical comedy.

So let me just get this out of the way…Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to whoever dressed Mr. Steele for this episode. The monochromatic suit he’s wearing when he gets out of the elevator at the beginning of the episode? Yeah, baby! His workout suit? Scrumptiously worn with the zipper WAY down!!! (God bless him!!!) His jeans and shirt? H-O-T!!! Again, thank you, Mr. Brosnan, for not buttoning up! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! And, my favorite outfit of all – Mr. Steele in just his uniform pants. Mamma Mia!!! Yummy!!! Again, the same question as every week: How could Laura resist?!?! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! And the XenosHubby was VERY inspired by Laura’s little hot pink shorts and tank top and (of course) the red bikini. Hell, if I had a body like Laura’s/Steph’s, I’d walk around in a bikini all freakin’ day long!!!

Great Lines: "I have to make it appear to be lusting after you, Laura…to justify touching base, as it were.” There’s that word again – LUST! I said it before and I’ll say it again…HELLO...Laura?!?! Such a waste of such a wonderful emotion from such a beautiful creature!!! What the heck?!?! And “touching base”?!?! *fanning myself* Love that Mr. Steele is still trying. Darn it, Laura! Enough already! The end scene is wonderful, too…

    Laura: I think I have another baseball convert on my hands.

    Remington: Oh, indeed. As a matter of fact, I thought I might give you a few pointers in making contact.

    Laura: Are we still talking baseball, Mr. Steele?

    Remington: Oh, I'm sure we'll get around to it eventually…Batter up, Miss Holt?

    Laura: Batter up, Mr. Steele. 

And this episode would have been the perfect time to be able to yell, “SCORE!!!!” Darn…Another missed opportunity.

Loved the scene where “Mickey Boggs” and “Brendon St. James” are getting the dirt on the spouse swap. LOL! Stephanie and Pierce were SO good there!!!

Question: If Ralph Kelsey hired the Steele Agency and he’s now dead…How did they get paid?!?!

FINALLY…Laura and Remington are showering together!!! YES!!! Well, no…Darn it! But it had potential. Might there have been a SueJue scrap scene perhaps?!?!

Other Great Bits:

* Mr. Steele referring to the little leaguers as “extortionists”. Hee-heeeeee!!!

* Mr. Steele asking, “When do we kick off?”

* Mr. Steele saying to the proctologist, “Very good with the glove, I presume.” Eeeewwwwww! *shudder*

* Laura’s “Mickey Boggs” introduction…Nice hand shake!!! LOL!

* Mildred’s tough-as-nails lawyer impersonation. HA!!!

* Remington savoring the moment of catching his first ground ball and Laura screaming, “THROW THE LOUSY BALL!”

* The whole locker room scene with Laura getting her own space to change and Remington try to “score” as it were…Too freakin’ cute!!!

* The hot tub scene? Hee-heeeeee!!! Had to re-watch that a coupla times…XenosHubby.

* When Mr. Steele finds out his bat is loaded with explosives? Again…Physical comedy. Brilliant.

* LOVE that Laura carries a picture of her and Remington in her wallet. (Though I would have had a wallet sized pic made of the “itchy” photo to carry around. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!)

* Poor Chubby! But I love how happy he is when he thinks he must have lost ten pounds!!! Good for you!!!

Icebox Question: How did they get it so that the baseball loaded with buckshot curved toward the batter – TWICE!?!? Hmmmmm…

OK…So certainly not my favorite episode. But it’s better than I remembered. Mmmmmmm…Chest hair!!!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan…Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by Xenos Hubby (Sep 17 2007)
So I like the red bikini... Somehow X thinks that equals the ogling she gives RS. Pa'leeaze! That remark about making the picture perfect by adding the hooker boots and fedora was a mistake though. X won't let me live it down and brings it up whenever I mention the restraining order PB has waiting out there for her.

Even so, the red bikini shot is the best one of Laura in the whole series. Even better than Acapulco, and that's saying a lot baby! OooGa!!

So on to the episode. This one is pretty fun. PB is great at physical comedy and does a great job at looking both completely out of his league and inexplicably lucky at the same time. Laura was very, well, athletic. And that's how she should be. Very bendy. God Bless Her... She can yell at me anytime. (LH, not you X. Stop reading over my shoulder.)

The episode's mystery was as nasty (in a good way) as I've ever seen, despite being disguised in all the comedy. I mean a husband and wife conspiring to off the wife's rich ex-husband while the husband seduces his rich ex-wife/present wife of his wife's ex-husband, (breath) who was offend, remember? The husband and wife then plan to divorce, the husband then marrying his rich ex-wife, who the husband and wife then plan to off. The now rich husband then will marry his wife in crime and the two will live happily ever after. Right? Is this right? Because even if it's not the two didn't seem too worried about collateral damage either amongst the other ball players, which make them pretty despicable. A spike to the groin or a pole to the head is no joke, and don't even get me started on exercise bikes. Those things are murder even if no one's trying to kill you.


"Acapulco, baby!"

by everglade68  (Sep 17 2007)
XenosHubby, nice post. You are one in a million. Xenos has really made you
a RS fan, eh? I would love to see you two watching an ep of RS together. I am sure that it would be priceless.

Thanks for posting.


by Xenos1981  (Sep 18 2007)
    I would love to see you two watching an ep of RS together. I am sure that it would be priceless.



Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by edr1109  (Sep 19 2007)
There were so many great posts this week, I have little to add. This episode was fun. It was low on romance but light and very entertaining. It is also nice to get a break from feeling compelled to write a serious analysis on the current state of their relationship!
Loved the scene where “Mickey Boggs” and “Brendon St. James” are getting the dirt on the spouse swap. LOL! Stephanie and Pierce were SO good there!!!
I agree totally! This my favorite scene in the episode. Laura seeems like the Laura from Season 1 as she tries not to chuckle out loud at the spouse swapping. She is amused rather than being shocked and judgemental. Even Steele(who I assume has been in some very interesting romantic situations) is surprised and amused by this one. LH and RS are completely in sync in this scene as they are in most of the episode. IMHO this shows how the "break" is helping develop their friendship.

The scene where Chubby is stuck on the exercise bike is too funny. Gasping for breath and flailing wildly and then stating proudly that he thinks he lost 10 pounds. I feel for you Chubby!!!

Too bad Steele doesn't get to see Laura in that bikini. That could have made for some priceless and racy dialogue between the two of them.

Only one more SOTW before my favorite episode of the whole series!!

by angietitus  (Sep 19 2007)
Just wanted to add a little bit as this is my first post to a episode of the week thread. I really like this episode for some reason. I'm not sure why, but every time I watch it, it makes me, I'm very prone (and have been for about ten years, since I became a Steele fan) to saying "What do you mean by us, kimosabe?" (Okay, did I just butcher the spelling of that?) There were several cute scenes and quotes in this episode too. And I like the whole switching of the bats thing.

Anyway, that's it for my first time out. :)

by everglade68 (Sep 19 2007)
Thanks Angie for sharing your comments on SOTW with us. It gets easier to post the more you do it, so in no time at all you will be a pro at it.


by sugarjilly (Sep 19 2007)
Hey Angie!!

Welcome to IMDb! Thanks for posting your comment. Feel free to start a new topic if you have any questions or have something that would be fun to post about!! The members here know everything!!

I don't usually post on the SOTW cause, as it turns out, a friend of mine is watching the whole series using my DVD's and it just so happens that she is on season 3. The season that SOTW is on now!! Always happens that way!! :(

I don't know if you've done this or not yet so just ignore me if you did, but there is a post somewhere on the board to let everyone know what your RS story is!! We would all love to hear it!!

Again welcome to the board!!


by eusuf987 (Sep 19 2007)
I just saw this episode and thought I might as well comment on the lack of anything palpable in this episode. The most important thing that I took away from the episode is a series of scenes in which our favorite couple walk towards the camera attired in all new clothes every time. Granted the leads are great looking people. But to turn them into fashion models is taking things too far though I have to admit they look hot in those clothes. But that doesn’t help the story-telling does it? The wonderful wardrobe has to help the plot along. In this case it doesn’t and sticks out like a sore thumb. This episode is a pretty standard whodunit with the leads doing whatever it is they are supposed to do. The guy working out frantically was pretty good though I couldn’t enjoy it that much considering the level of physical exertion the actor or the stuntman had been put through to create that scene. Anyone throwing himself around like that should experience serious physical pain which I thought was high price for the sake of a laugh no matter how good. Laura getting into the suds with the other guy was also pretty desperate on the part of the writers. The funniest thing about the episode was probably unintentional: the sound of the saw working on the bat. I thought that was very funny but I am not sure if it was meant that way.

The romance going on in the background is pretty forcibly impressed upon us with the two technically perfect scenes showing the lovers holding and necking just right. Laura has good eye-sight. For her to be able to see the end of the bat at that distance, and the bat never staying still at that, was pretty incredible. Laura’s eye-sight is matched only by Mr. Steele’s aim as he makes the doctored bat land just right. And Mr. Steele’s aim is matched only by the criminal couple’s stupidity in trying to outrun everyone in a golf cart especially as there’s no reason to suppose that the woman at the wheel should be any good at it. So the ending is full of revelations each of which invites detailed criticism. But this is neither the time nor the place for it as this isn't SOTW and as some of the earlier posts might have done justice to them already. I can’t find anything Remington Steele-ish in the episode. Where’s the banter? Where’s the denial? Where’s the focused energy? Ultimately, if this hadn’t been Steph and Pierce looking their usual selves in spite of everything, I would seriously dispute that Second Base is the same RS tv show as the one in season 1.


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