Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist

SOTW: Episode #48- Blue Blooded Steele
by Xenos1981    (Sep 21 2007)
Yay!!! Blue Blooded Steele!!! I LOVE this episode!!! They actually make it to the bed!!! But, as always, no "cigar". But it got my hopes up again for a little romance between the two. Post away, ladies...


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by clervaux   (Sep 21 2007)
One of my favorite Season Three episodes as we see the return of Daniel Chalmers and Myrtle Groggins. So much to love here with even a roll in the bed kissing scene for Xenos. Always love the interaction between Efrem and Pierce and this episode is no exception. One of my favorite little moments between them occurs after the chandelier has fallen and they have all gathered in Remington’s bedroom and Daniel makes a comment like “you should be safe here tonight” and says it very cavalierly. Pierce’s/Remington’s reaction to that statement is just classic (check it out). And the scene between Laura and Daniel when they are sparring over custody of Harry/Remington is wonderfully played by the father daughter duo. And I laugh every time Bunny enters the drawing room with an eye to redecorating it like Sherwood Forest. The roll in the bed scene is also very well choreographed and well executed by the actors. Love how Remington thinks he is finally going to get lucky and begins to remove his watch in preparation for the big event. The lasting impression this episode leaves with me is that everyone had a lot of fun filming it.
by MickeyBoggs  (Sep 21 2007)
I'm biased. I love this episode. It has lots of comedy, Daniel, and a nice dose of romance make for a great mix. Seems like this episode should be post-thaw.

Memorable Stuff

- I love the "Daniel & Harry" scenes. PB and EZ work so well together, they're just a joy to watch. If one didn't know better, they'd think Harry learned his use of eyebrow raises from Daniel!
- Mr. Steele walking on his knees as he drags Daniel to the bedroom to hide. LOL
- Nice job by PB, portraying the near-to-tears Mr. Steele
- Nice comic bit by SZ, jumping when Mr. Steele shouts that no, she shouldn't join him in going to London.
- Reminders of air travel in days gone by: non-passengers going to the gate, cigarette smoking on board, peanuts, Pan Am, transferable airline tickets
- Mr. Steele trying to explain to the cousins that he's not "the" Reggie Whitewood
- Mr. Steele shining his shoes on the back of his pants legs as he prepares to meet Penhaligon
- Myrtle Groggins. Bwahahahahaha! SZ looks like she's having a ball.
- Mildred tucking the napkin into her top!
- The Daniel & Laura scene. Always good to see those two work together. I love how confident she is of Mr. Steele's loyalty. And I love Daniel's suggestion that they team up!
- Mr. Steele using Pookie's arm to wave goodnight to Angus & Archie
- Love our our pair preparing to face the unknown: Laura grabs the candlestick & Mr. Steele gets his fists up
- The sweet scene on the bed. Love how hopeful he looks, even after they sit back up - and the expression on his face when she tells him they have a safe to crack - so crestfallen. Love the bit with the watch.

Character Development

- Mr. Steele is quite adamant about not joining Daniel. Until the 12M pounds figure is mentioned. Even then, he only considers it momentarily.
- Love how Daniel knows Harry well enough to realize he wouldn't leave Laura and invites him to bring her along.
- Laura's genuine concern for Mr. Steele when she hears how ill Daniel is.
- Laura seems a lot more possessive of Mr. Steele vs. the last time we saw Daniel. I think the fact that Mr. Steele would go to London to work with Daniel scares her just a little.
- When Laura tells Mr. Steele why Daniel thinks he's still hanging around Laura, it's good to see his reaction. It confirms he's committed to her (despite enjoying Gwen's attention just a bit tooooo much) for herself.

Favorite lines

R: And by the way, the name's Steele, Remington Steele
D: Of course, Harry, whatever you say
R: You're being excruciatingly understanding Laura.
L: I know.
L: His days with you are over, Chalmers. He's with me now.
A: (holding the broken chandelier cable) I trust you won't be needing this any more, your grace?
R: Not tonight, Armstrong.

Hair & Clothing

- Nice suit with the blue shirt Mr. Steele wears to London
- Like the color, but I'm not crazy about the style of Laura's champagne-colored dress. But her hair looks great.
- Love Mr. Steele's long leather coat
- I like Laura's suit with the red blouse and she looks great in the hat, of course
- Mr. Steele's bow tie is too big, esp. when compared to Daniel's, Angus' and Archie's
- Mildred's tiara! LOL
- Both R & L look great in the tag scene

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- Just where was the shooter who hit the bottle of champagne? The only buildings we see outside Mr. Steele's window are much too far away. And, of course, in real life there's a golf course across the street from Mr. Steele's apartment building.
- David Byrd (Penhaligon) played Giovanni in Steele Among The Living
- Didn't the cousins and Nanny wonder where Myrtle's accent went?
- Irene Tedrow (Nanny Perkins) was in the same episode of "Centennial" as Stephanie
- In the script, Laura's alias is spelled "Mertle"

by sugarjilly   (Sep 22 2007)
Boy I sure wish I could post more to the SOTW thread!! But I just couldn't resist on this one. I really liked "Blue Blooded Steele."

Going from memory (cause of course my S3 is being lent out), the scenes that really popped out in this episode for me were:

the scene when we get to see LH and MK take on different characters. They played those very very well. I was really laughing and by the time MK comes in as LH's mother...Well, she just nailed it and that just did me in!!

The other scene that I recall that made a big impression on me was the scene with SZ and her father when they are both competing, lets say, for RS. It was great!! There were some very good points made in that conversation...Daniel mentions to LH something like...go with us and he points out that she has it in her cause she made RS all up! (That was paraphrased of course, but you all get the idea.) It was great!! I think LH avoids or changes the subject..doesn't she...cute!! :)

Of course the romance is always a plus and needless to say that's already been mentioned so nicely. Of course, Xenos hasn't posted yet, so who knows!! :)


by dlxauburn  (Sep 23 2007)
I really enjoyed this episode, so much in fact I watched it twice. It had a lot going on, advancing the characters' storyline, and the plot was not only funny, but also a fair mystery.

MMM Steele shaving.... lovely. Does he have the hottest tap in all of LA? and no XXXenos that's not code for something else. Although It does sound a bit naughty!!

I like that Steele's tread on the straight and narrow is given a slight jostle by the 12 million pounds that Daniel dangles so enticingly in front of him.

RS: "....Sitting duck."
DC: "Duke..sorry."

Oh those two play so very well together!

LH:"He was like a father to you, wasn't he?" Were they already planning Daniel's S.5 revelation?

I liked the airport scene also. Their goodbye revealed so much. His guilt, all be it short lived, for lying to her again a mere month after the south of France debacle. Laura's concern for Remington possibly losing someone close to him, right up until they separate at security. Then realizing he's played her again!

Laura's coach seat from hell! I think I fly that same airline everytime I travel!!! And doesn't the guy who's hitting on her look similiar to the neighbor Steve from "Married with Children"? Maybe they're brothers or something. And the other guy looks similiar to the murdering sleep clinic insomniac?

Poor Laura, sleeping on the hard, plastic chair row in customs... My back aches watching it.

Despite Steele's occasional wordiness for a humorous laugh, the dialogue in the show has always appealed to me.

R:"It does strain incredulity, Laura"

L:"Spare me the oblique explanation, Mr.Steele."

The argument, in front of Daniel, pushing Laura to become very understanding regarding Cannes in a very visible manner. But I love her unabashed glee in continuing to use him as very visible bait for the murderer as revenge for it. The introduction of Myrtle Groggins as a poke right back at Laura. Iloved the mother daughter bit with Mildred. The paste tiara and large cotume jewelry, the obnoxiously funny accents and off putting dialogue, distract the suspects nicely.

Bunny!!!! I can't believe someone hasn't latched on to that for a screen name yet!

Loved the revolving door of suspects routine in Steele's bedroom. The attempt with Gwen to make Laura jealous hinted at payback for Laura rolling around the bed with the South African playboy on the yacht.

The scene with Laura and Daniel staking there claims so directly, while Steele's not around, is great! You can tell Efrem is really enjoying the heck out of this role.

Finally 32 minutes into the show we have the first dead body, although I think Pookie had it coming! But then the whacking factor picks up and Archie and Angus fall in short order. And Archie is definately the love child of 'Addams Family' Lurch and 'Mr. Bean', don't you think? He's just... just so icky!

The scene at the chipper where R throws the fake documents in, reminds me of "The Quiet Man" where John Wayne tosses the dowery into the boiler.

Hey, when Efrem picks up the gun and says "Relax" is that from one of his tv character from past? Always seemed like it was to me, but I couldn't begin to know from where.... 

Well that about it covers it.

by picac  (Sep 23 2007)
You can tell this is still during the Cannes agreement. They don't behave at the start as if they're in a romantic relationship. She takes care of him as a friend but she doesn't see him off at the airport or in his apartment as a boyfriend. There isn't that kind of physical intimacy. Hugs but no kisses except a good bye one on the cheek. The later rolling around on the bed must be one of those slips Mr. Steele references when they break the thaw.

Mr. Steele's tux is only surpassed by Mr. Steele wet in a robe - especially one open at the chest that keeps swinging open at the legs. Mmmmmm. Mr. Steele shaving -- lovely. And proof that he has to shave again at night because his stubble grows in so fast.

If EZ Jr. was once 6 feet (as listed on the IMDB) he's significantly shrunk by the time of RS. Pierce is about 4 inches taller. Daniel is a blast of a character -- cheerfully and almost completely amoral and so delightful because and not in spite of it. He works beautifully with Pierce and of course Steph.

"Who's Daniel?" Wow Laura, way to remember the important people in Steele's life. :D Though she is very sympathetic and comforting when she finds out he's ill.

Steele lies to her, but my stance is so what? (Yes I know I'm terribly partial) He's not planning on doing anything illegal, just the opposite. It has nothing to do with his professional life as Steele and Laura has no hold on his personal life. She made the rules. Now of course she doesn't trust him not to do something illegal so she dogs his steps. If he'd told her the truth she'd have probably dogged him anyway. For this mistrust she deserves to suffer in the coach trip - get another bag of peanuts - from hell. I love the juxtaposition between their flights -- and oh to fly for once like Mr. Steele and Daniel.

This episode was filmed in L.A. unlike the other European episodes that year but they're on some beautiful grounds. The walk after Laura finds him is quite amusing physically. Steele is walking smoothly in long strides while Laura's legs and arms need to churn after him to keep pace (it shows how often he's shortened his strides to walk along with her before) as Daniel brings up, almost nonchalantly, the rear.

Mr. Steel makes note of his "occasional side strips". When did he have these and why didn’t we get to see them? Sure there was Cannes but she was with him so does that even count?

Laura being conciliatory is obviously more for Chalmers benefit than anything she really believes. Which is evident when her plan is to use Steele as bait.

Laura and Daniel fighting over who Steele "belongs" to while highly entertaining (as always between Laura and Daniel) is rather disturbing. He's a man not a puppy or a piano. Neither have a claim to him in that manner though both seem to think the other thinks he "owes" them and they own him. The man does have free will. At least Daniel acknowledges he's a one of a kind unique artist.

Then both having the nerve to risk his life (and he'd be dead a couple of times over if it wasn't for dumb luck) for their own ends; Daniel's for the money and Laura to catch the killer and punish Steele for having the nerve to lead his own life without her permission (if he died would she then feel better? Rather doubtful. That's some serious game playing). If I was Steele I'd take the $12m pounds and the gorgeous elegant Gwen and ditch them both. :p

I do love love love Daniel calling Laura on being a conwoman. A direct and palpable hit that Laura tries to brush off and ignore the absolute truth of.

Steele's look when Mildred comes in -- he leans over and just stares in disbelief -- priceless!

Pookie and Pussycakes! LOL!!! Then the way he nuzzles Pookie when Nanny shows up with it and then uses the arm to wave goodbye.

If Mr. Steele was trying to make Laura jealous he was doing a far more realistic and believable job of true lust and enjoyment with Gwen than Laura did with Freddy. There's nothing very comical about his interest, while with Freddy there might as well have been cartoon music playing in the background. Then again the other party in this instance is far more believably an object of lust and interest. Too bad for him he didn't get to roll around with Gwen -- if he really wanted Laura seriously jealous he should have pretended not to see Laura's hand rolling. ;-) But then he does get a nice view of her in the tub -- so funny that he covers Laura's eyes and not his own. LOL

As lovely as the kiss, roll over and watch removal is does Mr. Steele really think of all times that this would be the time? The time he leaves town after a lie, he avidly flirts with another woman, and she thinks he's trying to leave her for 12m pounds? Then again all those things might explain why Laura seems amenable- to a point (always that point) - even though they're in the thaw. She's actually afraid he might leave. She fears what Daniel thinks is true that he's staying around just until he gets her bed and maybe worries with that off the table after Cannes there's nothing holding him to her anymore. She has to know that's not true by the complete confusion in his face when she brings it up. And if she ever needed proof that he wasn't sticking around for a quick con or a roll in the hay I think turning down about $25m (again -- he did it in Steele Away with Me) would be enough. Being Mr. Steele hardly pays as well and no one turns down that kind of money for another notch on the bedpost.

Where oh where did Mildred and Laura get all these tacky clothes? At the airport customs shop? Mildred's tiara, headband and honking huge necklace -- too funny.

Laura's hair as Bunny -- her nickname should have been Poodle. Yikes! The shoulder padded white dress and the rope around her waist - it looks like she's wearing a curtain. Also who's idea was it that shoulder pads were a great thing. It can't all have been Joan Collins' fault. They mar her beige outfit in the opening scene which would be very nice and flattering if not for the obtrusive shoulder pads. I like Laura's red blouse and the vest with skirt-- especially the vest. That's about it from this episode.

Gwen's clothes are lovely - soft, elegant, subdued, elegant but not flashy. Her black and silver dress is gorgeous -- but then with that face and her hair swept back it would be hard not to look lovely. Beautiful simple black dress as well and her make up and hair is never overdone (it would be gilding the lily). And now that's a nightgown - Laura should take note. ;-)

Steele's long leather coat - nice - I guess he didn't have the opportunity to wear it in L.A. As usual he has magnificent suits, especially the gray three piece that's very fitting for England. The tux is lovely and once again it proves that the tux with tie undone is infinitely sexier on Pierce than it done up. Oh and the robe, I mentioned it but it needs to be mentioned again. Mmmmm.

Daniel also has some very nice suits, particularly the black one when he enters Steele's apartment. 

by everglade68  (Sep 23 2007)
    Steele lies to her, but my stance is so what? (Yes I know I'm terribly partial)

You think? But I love your post anyway, Ace.


by MickeyBoggs  (Sep 24 2007)
 Hey, when Efrem picks up the gun and says "Relax" is that from one of his tv character from past? Always seemed like it was to me, but I couldn't begin to know from where.... 
I've wondered this myself. I've not seen Efrem on either of his TV series but the phrasing and the manner in which that line was delivered seemed out of character for Daniel, making me think it was tribute of sorts to another character.
by edr1109 (Sep 24 2007)
This is a great episode for a lot of reasons-- each character has some great lines, there is romance and Daniel is in it. It also foreshadows the final episodes of the series with Laura’s comment that Daniel is like a father to Remington and Remington inheriting an estate. I didn’t pick up on this when I originally watched the episodes 20 years ago.

LH and RS are consistent with their game playing but it’s done in an entertaining way and seems less a sign that their relationship has some serious issues. Steele deceives her again and she is reactive, but a little less judgmental than usual. Maybe she has given some thought to Steele’s criticism of her in Cannes? I’m sure competing with Daniel plays a big part in her toned-down reaction but it isn't the only reason.

I don’t subscribe to the notion that Steele should get a free pass when he cons and deceives though. Laura’s behavior should not be held up to higher degree of scrutiny just because she is quirky and seems crazy for not having sex with him. No one denies that she has issues but if she was that terrible, why would we all be enjoying this show 20 years later?

A couple of head scratchers, etc:

How come these very perceptive detectives don’t notice the ridiculously obvious eyes watching them from the paintings? The eyes were a cute touch but come on!

Laura’s hair when she is Bunny is some of the worst hair I’ve seen on her in the series. What made Mildred think to grab a curling iron for Laura as she dashed to the airport with Laura’s passport? Or if Mildred didn’t, did they sell curling irons in Heathrow Airport in 1985?

Also IMHO Steele's royal blue and red robe is a rare fashion mis-step for him. Was that an homage to Rocky (Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, United Artists 1976)? I like the burgundy one he wears so much better. 

by Xenos1981 (Sep 25 2007)
I know it’s late, but I want to throw in my two cents worth about this AWESOME episode! One of the best from Season Three. One of the best of the whole series, actually. I truly love this one from start to finish. Here’s why…

First, I have to say how freakin’ awesome Efrem is as Daniel. Such a joy it is whenever he’s guesting on RS. And the chemistry between him and Stephanie is every bit as wonderful as it is between him and Pierce. I don’t know what it is about the Zimbalists that spark so well with Pierce, but whatever it is, it’s phenomenal! Lightening in a bottle, baby! The sparring between Laura and Daniel over Remington is priceless…As is the easy, father-son relationship Daniel and Remington have.

OK…Now I’ll start at the beginning. OMG! Mr. Steele in a silk bathrobe opened way down revealing his beautiful chest and stomach…Ooo, la la!!! I never realized just how erotic shaving could be! My heart skipped a few beats there. Mmmmmmm. And when he was chasing Laura into his bedroom?! Did you notice how he had to hold his robe shut?!?! Wish he hadn’t!!! Grrrrrrrrr!

But getting past Mr. Steele in a silk robe (which is very hard for me, you know)…I LOVED the set-up. Daniel coming back to drag Harry back into an old scheme they concocted years ago before he became Remington Steele. Nice. Even nicer, Harry being tempted but realizing that his life is really with Laura now…Even after that blasted Cannes agreement. (It’s love, I tell you…LOVE! *sigh*) Loved the physical comedy when Remington – still on his knees – ushers Daniel into the bedroom. Stephanie was right…Pierce is WONDERFUL at physical comedy. (He does the same thing in Diced Steele. So, so good!) I think the “Daniel? Who’s Daniel?” line is so funny. Seriously, I think it was written as an inside joke as if to say, “Efrem? My dad? Who’s that?” rather than a plot point. I mean, seriously…Would Laura really forget who Daniel was? Especially after he wooed her mother? Nah. Highly unlikely…Especially for a woman who makes her living paying attention to details. And such a funny scene, too, with Daniel in the closet as a “crying” Remington tries to steer Laura away from finding him there. I laugh out loud every time I see that scene.

I must add that the XenosHubby really liked Laura’s beige dress. He commented on it TWICE!!! It was rather lovely…And I’m usually not a fan of beige. But Steph looked great in it. (See…Watching RS is a win/win situation, ladies! Heh-heh-heh!)

OK…The airplane scene? Hee-heeeeeee!!! Poor Laura!!! “You gonna eat your peanuts?” And that geeky Romeo! *shudder* ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS FOR A GLASS OF WINE?!?! (Auburn…Let’s take a plane trip on that airline…Anywhere, I don’t care!!! We’d be drunk by the time we hit altitude!!!) And all the while Remington and Daniel are lounging comfortably in first class! Again…Poor Laura!!!

And, oh my gosh, the cousins!!! Were they great or what?!?! The gorgeous Gwen and unattractive Angus and Archie (who looked like they got hit with the ugly stick). So, so great!!! My heart went out to Gwen, though…How would you like to find out that Reggie Whitewood, that gorgeous specimen of a man, was your cousin?!?! (Yes, yes…I know…They weren’t really cousins. I’m just kidding. But it really must suck to be a woman and related to Pierce – other than Keely, of course.) Notice how it didn’t stop her though.

I just have to comment here that it’s funny that the two people who love Remington the most (other than me, of course) are so willing to put his hide on the line. (I’d NEVER do that…I have much better plans for his hide! Heh-heh-heh!)

Then comes one of my favorite non-romantic moments of all time…Laura’s entrance as Reggie’s fiancée. ROTFLMAO!!! Stephanie should have gotten an Emmy for that scene alone! Everything was perfect – her hideous hair, the accent, smacking her gum!!! Hee-heeeeeeee!!! Steph looked like she was having a ball playing “Bunny”. BUNNY!!! Good Lord!!! And when Remington says, “You're supposed to call me ‘Your Grace', take three steps back, and curtsey" I just about wet my pants. And Doris was a hoot as Myrtle’s mother. “Duke schmuke!” I can’t say enough about that scene.

Nanny Perkins questioning Reggie about his childhood…The expression on Remington’s face as he tries to punt – “…And bake a little red hen.” – Geezo peezo! Funny stuff! “Oh, Reggie!” Could her voice get any lower?!?! So freakin’ great!!!

The “Psst! We need to talk” scene between Laura and Daniel is GREAT!!! Efrem raising his eyebrow as if to say, “Oh, this is gonna be fun” before he and Laura battle it out for Remington is just a great moment. Defines his character so well. You can see from whom Remington learned all his panache and elegance. Always a joy to watch father and daughter bicker on screen.

And then the first bedroom scene…The entrance of Nanny with Pookie (“Lucky bear, that one.”), Archie with a port, Angus with a shot of malt and Gwen with a cookie and milk. I just wish Remington hadn’t been so quick to try to get Gwen into bed. Rather wished he would’ve done it more to make Laura jealous…And I wish Laura would’ve been more upset, realized just what a wonderful man she was missing out on and made mad, passionate love to him all night long!!! But, alas, my hopes were dashed.

The second bedroom scene was more to my liking! They actually made it onto a bed!!! Woo-Hoo!!! So smooth Mr. Steele is as he pulls Laura back into the room and maneuvers her onto the bed to “thank her”. OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, O…M…G!!! If I were Laura, I would’ve let him thank me all night long!!! The whole conversation was great from beginning to end…Well written and performed to perfection by Pierce and Stephanie. LOVED that Mr. Steele took off his watch. So silly and yet so great!!! And the look on Remington’s face and his body language is PRICELESS!!! Like he was trying to retract his periscope. (That shouldn’t happen to someone so good looking and so wonderful!!!) Poor Mr. Steele!!! And an added “OMG” here just for good measure.

OK…This is getting long. Quickly now…I love how the mystery unfolds. Love how well Laura and Remington work together and piece the puzzle together. “The Fuller Brush Man”…Funny! Enjoy the scene where they try to throw Daniel into the chipper. Love how his voice changes an octave when he’s scared. LOL! And I especially love the end scene between Remington and Daniel…And Daniel going away with Gwen. Everything wrapped up nice and neat (kinda) and Laura and Remington going home together. As it should be. *sigh*

Thanks for reading!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan…Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by picac (Sep 25 2007)
I don’t subscribe to the notion that Steele should get a free pass when he cons and deceives though. Laura’s behavior should not be held up to higher degree of scrutiny just because she is quirky and seems crazy for not having sex with him. No one denies that she has issues but if she was that terrible, why would we all be enjoying this show 20 years later? 
Quirky is not a word I'd use. But I guess one person's quirky is another's highly controlling neurotic. ;-) And that his nothing to do with her being "that terrible" but just what I consider an aspect of her personality and because I enjoy and like Steele as a character more and find him the more reasonable character doesn't mean I think Laura is terrible, unlikeable or unenjoyable. (as there are those that prefer Laura as a character to Steele who give her more slack because of it)  In fact many of their disparities are what I think help to create a lot of the frission between the characters, what keeps the chemistry alive.

My point here though is that they are supposedly is a strictly professional working relationship now -- her choice. It simply isn't any of her business where he goes and why outside of work. I'd say it was completely wrong of him to deceive her with an unfounded sob story that played on her feelings if I didn't think that simply telling her the truth or just saying he needed to leave town for a few days for personal business would have still got him lectured and followed. Again he's acting like that errant school boy he complained about being treated as in Cannes and again she treats him like one by following him (if she really trusted him she wouldn't follow even when she was he was with Chalmers -- she'd trust him not to do anything wrong) -- but which come first the chicken or the egg?

I don't think she initially trusts him any more than during Cannes and her tones when telling Steele she understood in front of Chalmers verged on the phony treacly tones she used on the kids in Blood Is Thicker Than Steele. She's really tamping down her anger and then lets a bit of it off by suggesting to use Mr. Steele as bait. Her first reaction to seeing him is a banshee wail and she's still screeching and doubting until she realizes that Chalmers is soaking it all in. She's not going to give Chalmers the satisfaction of thinking there's a rift and maybe she thinks her screeching isn't going to make life in L.A. with her look more appealing than life on the Riviera with Chalmers and millions of dollars. This leads into her sparring with Daniel later over who Mr. Steele belongs with.. She's staking her claim but she's also afraid it isn't enough. She needn't worry though, Steele seems to like the ringing in his ears as much as the lilt. ;-)

Oh and there's no seems about it, She IS crazy for not having sex with him. Stark raving mad in fact. :D

by sugarjilly   (Sep 26 2007)

Nice post as always Xenos as are everyone's this week. This is a very popular episode with the IMDber's!!!
I can't remember if Gwen was coming on to RS because she knew that RS really wasn't the duke and that the whole family was really playing along with the idea because they wanted the inheritence. ..or were they going to get anything? I can't remember, but that could be an explaination as to why she didn't think twice about coming on to RS and them being cousins and all. Just a thought.

Does anyone have any suggestions on that?


by picac  (Sep 26 2007)
They could have been second cousins or even further removed -- then all fair in love and war. ;) Then again cousin laws vary from country to country (and I think in the US state to state) - not to mention time. There used to be a time when marrying one's first cousin was pretty common.
by sugarjilly  (Sep 26 2007)
Nice comments on the cousin thing. Thanks for posting picac!

Yes, I do believe that marrying your first cousin was pretty common at one time. My great uncle married his first cousin many years ago as it was still legal in the state of PA anyhow. :)


by Xenos1981    (Sep 26 2007)
LOL!!! Didn't mean to spark a debate over inbreeding! [[winkgrin]] As I said at SteeleWatchers...I think she was coming on to him because he was FREAKIN' HOT!!! And seriously...If you're a woman, it would SUCK to be related to Pierce. (Keely being the lone exception.)


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

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