Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist
SOTW: Episode #49- Steele Away With Me
by Xenos1981    (Sep 28 2007)
Another great episode this week, ladies...Steele Your Heart Away! Looking forward to your posts.

FYI...Those of you who are lucky enough to be in LA this week to see Steph in "A Little Night Music" are NOT exempt from posting. (Ahem, Mick and Auburn.) We look forward to your posts AFTER YOU RETURN!!! [[winkgrin]]


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by auroracat-1  (Sep 28 2007)
OK - Before everyone watches this - the scenes I made reference to in earlier posts where I said they were my favorite for a totally different reason are......When LH & RS are in the Rolls following the TARA van and get blocked by the herd of sheep and again when they are in the horse drawn cart and LH shooes the sheep to block Mrs. Armsdale's car. Watch for the 3 Border Collies who are really doing the moving of the sheep.
by MickeyBoggs  (Sep 28 2007)
I assume I don't have to wait until after I return, do I? I did mine last night [[tongue2]]  so here it is:

Another strong episode! I love this one too. Wish Brian Clemens had written more episodes (besides this one and Puzzled Steele).

Memorable Stuff

- The actress who plays Mrs. Armdale is just so deliciously evil. She does a great job playing it just over the top. Not a redeeming quality to be found in her!
- Love Mr. Steele's reaction after getting "held up" by the cardboard cutout. After discerning he's not in danger, he glances around to be sure nobody saw that! Great job all around by PB playing the woozy Mr. Steele.
- Only Mr. Steele would get amnesia and decide he was Otto Preminger!
- Love how Laura sidestep's the doctor's questions about Mr. Steele's real name.
- Mr. Steele assuming Laura doesn't remember ever detail about "the boss". Like how she grits her teeth when he mentions that!
- Laura can't just yell "no, don't drink that", she's got to body-check Mr. Steele into dropping it. LOL
- Love Mildred trying klonk Mr. Steele on the head!S
- Mr. Steele's recounting of the scene from Casablanca is a hoot. He's so excited that he may have remembered something!
- Poor Mildred - left at the hotel (the IRISH hotel) with a wet head. Sounds like Doris has a cold too.

Character Development

- Finally, some romance! Glad to see Laura's willing to "sacrifice" for "research purposes". Some things are undeniable, no matter who they think they are.
- Teamwork in action without a word spoken: Choking the guard just long enough for him to pass out and making a run for it. Well, once they decide which door to get out of the car! It happens again when they climb into the hayloft: Mr. Steele the human ladder!
- Kudos to Mr. Steele for calling Laura on their attraction to each other. He doesn't realize she's cutting him some slack as they're in a freeze period, so he does his best to exert all his charms on her. THIS is the chemistry we missed for so much of the third season!
- Nice to see Laura exuberant driving extends to traps too!
- I like that Mr. Steele wants Laura to be there when he finds out who she is. I'm proud of her for giving him the moment to enjoy it for himself.
- I really love the last few lines and how much they say with so few words. It gave me such hope for the rest of the season.

Favorite lines

Mrs. A (re: the shotgun): This was Mr. Armdale's favorite. How he loved his hunting. Sneaking up on the little creatures and blowing their heads off. Think of our intruder as a mallard whose time has come.
L: ..... I'm an associate of the Remington Steele Detective Agency
R: Ah! Thank heavens!
Doc: You remember that?
R: No, but I mean, a dectective agency sounds exciting, don't you think? I mean, glamorous? I might have been an accountant.
L: I think I should get Mildred.
R: Mildred?
L: The other woman in your life.
R: The other woman? And you don't mind?
L: (grinning) We have an arrangement. We share you!
R: (baffled) Share me?! If only I could remember what a good time I've been having!
R: You mean to tell me that after all these years, the time we've been together, you don't want me as much as I want you? Hmm? You're awfully silent.

Hair & Clothing

- Love Laura's jacket with the plaid skirt
- Mr. Steele's dark suit he wears most of the episode is fabulous

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- Frank Kelly (Willard) played PB's father in "Evelyn"
- Mr. Steele mentions "Wait Until Dark" with Audrey Hepburn and Alan Arkin but leaves out EZ Jr!
- In the tag scene, in the close-up shot just before Mr. Steele walks across the street, he adjusts his tie and his fingers are ring-free. In the long shot, he adjusts his tie again and we see PB's wedding ring.
- PB's mum and stepdad are in the wake scene at the end of the episode

by angietitus   (Sep 28 2007)
Just a little post because I'm not used to doing episode commentary. I will say that this is one of my very favorite episodes. It's both hilarious and warm at the same time. I love the episodes that touch both our funny bones and our hearts. I mean, the handcuff scene has me in stitches still, and I've seen the episode more than ten times...and the ending always leaves me feeling *sighy* in a sad but good way. Oh, another thing I really enjoy is Mildred trying to clonk him on the head to get his memory to come back. :) This episode is definitely top ten for me...possibly even top three or four.
by Xenos1981    (Sep 28 2007)
Another great episode! Steele Your Heart Away! Delightful in every way!

I remember seeing this episode for the very first time and being disturbed by the opening scene at the Irish wake. Didn’t understand how people could dance and play music while the dead man was just lying there on display clutching a rosary. And I really felt for the little girl who seemed so traumatized by the whole thing. I was, too. Funny how things change when you “grow up”. I hope they’re dancing and partying at my funeral…Though I want to be clutching a bottle of wine in one hand and a chocolate bar in the other. Now THAT’s the way to go!

Then there was poor Mr. Steele waking up on the floor next to a dead man. YIKES! Talk about your great set-up! How intriguing! Couldn’t wait to see what happened next! Kudos to Brian Clemens for an all-around great script.

I could go on and on from scene to scene talking about everything I loved about this episode, but it’d take too long and no one would read my ramblings. So I’ll just hit the highlights.

First…Mr. Steele with amnesia. How great is that?!?! Normally, I roll my eyes with that tired gimmick. But it really worked this time! Pierce was SO great at playing utterly befuddled and playfully sexy all at once. And Steph was marvelous at portraying genuine concern and undeniable temptation. Yeah, baby! Mr. Steele still having the hots for Laura even not knowing who he was – *sigh*. It’s love, I tell you…LOVE!!! (Two weeks in a row I’ve said that now!) The attraction there is undeniable. (Lightening in a bottle, baby!!!) The whole scene where Laura goes to “claim” her man at the hospital is a delight. Her hemming and hawing about his name and his past is so much fun to watch. Remington looking her up and down lasciviously then making his move – smooooooooth!!! (How could Laura resist?!) LOVED the kiss! Laura looked so shocked (yet you could tell she was diggin’ it). Remington smacking his lips as if the taste of her kiss might jog his memory – too cute! Love it that he went back for seconds!

Chuckled at Mildred wanting to klonk Mr. Steele on the head to get his memory back! Too, too funny! And in the end, she was right! Let that be a lesson to us all.

Also loved that even without his memory, movies were still an integral part of Remington’s subconscious. Looking for Orson Welles. Thinking he was Otto Preminger. Recounting the famous scene from Casablanca. Now THAT’s funny! I guess some things are just ingrained in us no matter what.

And that hayloft scene was indescribably sexy! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Remington had such a sparkle in those incredible blue eyes and Laura had that dazed “what the hell was I thinking with that damned Cannes agreement” look. And notice how Laura’s allergies didn’t seem to bother her? Maybe a good roll in the hay was all she needed! LOL!

Can’t go on without mentioning the handcuffs. Heh-heh-heh. Oh, come on! Be honest. How many of us haven’t had a fantasy about Mr. Steele/Pierce in handcuffs?!?! Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!! LOVED how they still argued about who was in charge and who was going to lead…EVEN WITH AMNESIA!!! Hee-heeeeeee!!! Yet they still remained in perfect synch when they really needed to be. So great! One of the funniest moments was when they were hiding behind a hill and peering out to see if the “cops” were still there. Remington pushes Laura down and her feet fly up. Makes me laugh right out loud every time! As great as Pierce is at physical comedy, we shouldn’t sell Stephanie short either!!!

And as for the guest stars…Let’s give it up for the delectable and diabolical Mrs. Armdale!!! Woo-hoo!!! Was she great or what?!?! And so funny to realize that “Willard” played Pierce’s father in Evelyn.

Before I wrap this up, as always, I have to say how FREAKIN’ HOT Pierce looked in the episode! OMG, OMG, OMG! That suit he wore throughout most of the episode was oh so very nice! He looked absolutely magnificent in it! (Though, to be honest, I’m hard pressed to find something he doesn’t look marvelous in.) I don’t mean to slight Stephanie – she’s a very beautiful woman and I would LOVE to look like her – but, come on…LOOK AT HIM!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! God’s Most Beautiful Creature, indeed!!!

So, there you go…An all around great episode. Well written, nicely shot, perfectly acted. What more could we ask for? (Other than an “I love you” and great sex?!?!) Thanks for reading!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan…Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 

by queenheadintheclouds    (Sep 30 2007)
This just sums up the whole show, doesn't it:

"Remington Steele," he muses, then shakes his head. "No, somehow that doesn't fit. No, I'm sure that's not my real name."

I can't believe that for nearly three years I haven't- you know- I mean, WE haven't- you and I . . ."

"You mean to tell me- after all these years- the time we have been together, that you don't want me as much as I want you?"

Yes, Mr. Steele, three years and we still don't know if you and Laura have or haven't. :D

Pierce Brosnan didn't need blue mankini trunks to be Bond.

by TeenSteele    (Sep 30 2007)
Gonna watch later tonight but let me say this,
this is in my top 5 for favorite episodes. The hay scene, hello! Handcuffs, Ireland, Mr.Steele... what more could a girl ask for? lol

Loved your posts Xenos and Mickey. You guys never fail to amaze me the things you catch in the eps. That's why I like to read your posts first then go watch, and "re-live", if you will, what you were talkin bout.


"Who watches the watchmen?"

by everglade68     (Sep 30 2007)
Queen, you are so right, these three lines from Remington does sum up the whole series.
"Remington Steele," he muses, then shakes his head. "No, somehow that doesn't fit. No, I'm sure that's not my real name.   I can't believe that for nearly three years I haven't- you know- I mean, WE haven't- you and I . . .. You mean to tell me- after all these years- the time we have been together, that you don't want me as much as I want you?"
Wow, what a catch.


by edr1109    (Oct 1 2007)
I love this episode. It is my favorite which is funny because it isn't set in LA and I don't usually prefer the episodes set outside of LA.

There is so much to like about this one but my favorite thing about it is that it starts to tie up some loose ends and things about our mysterious Steele start making a little more sense (to us and Laura).

PB is hilarious as the confused but ever classy amnesiac. He lets Laura and Mildred shuffle him around without complaint and seems throughly entertained by it all.

I love how Steele is so trusting of LH and Mildred even in his condition. He has such a good heart despite what he has been through in his past.

I love how Laura's name and contact info. are in Steele's wallet.

I love how the amnesia-inflicted Steele is drawn to Laura even though she is a stranger to him.

The multiple movie references are terrific and fit perfectly into the plot.

Laura's girlish excitement about Gone with the Wind in the hayloft is funny and unexpected.

The scene in the car during which Steele informs Laura that he didn't ever know his father nor his own name, is classic. You can practically see a lightbulb going on over her head and practically hear her give a huge sigh of relief. She finally understands that he wasn't holding out on her all this time.

I love when he regains consciousness in the back of the carriage and says that he sadly remembers that they were just good friends and Laura shrugs and smiles. It seems like a "we'll see" shrug. The start of the thaw??

I love how Steele wants and expects Laura to accompany him into that house at the end and that she realizes that it is a defining moment in his life that he should experience alone. It shows how important they have become to each other.

Headscratchers, etc:

Either Steele's gorgeous suit is wash and wear or he was able to find a very fine tailor when he was in the hospital following his fall into the water.

Laura's outfit is not my favorite although it fits into the style of the episode. They seemed to do this a lot with SZ's wardrobe when the episodes were filmed abroad. Some outfits were ok and some were just plain awful and frumpy.

Seems like flying Mildred to Ireland was a wasted expense considering she stayed at the B&B the whole episode.

by everglade68   (Oct 1 2007)
Nice post edr, I could tell how much you loved this episode. I too liked how Remington was attracted to Laura even though she was a stranger. It just shows you that the heart really does rule.

Thanks for sharing all your comments with the group.


by dlxauburn   (Oct 5 2007)
I'm a little tardy with this, but whadda ya gonna do, spank me? No, I might like that!

I love Mrs. Armdale. Very rare that we get a character so incredulusly fun and evil at the same time. "...sneeking up on them and blowing their little heads off."

Apparently, RS is also drunk in addition to waking up with amnesia. Looked a bit Mr.Peppler-ery while wandering around Dublin.

Loved Laura's Eye-rolling reaction to Mr.Steele's attempt to jog his memory. Apparently he had been holding back a bit in previous efforts. Put your back into it ol' sport!

This episode may have set the highwater mark for movie references with 8. Steele's desparation to find out who he is and was, is so genuine. No wonder Laura fails to enforce TCA (The Cannes Agreement).

MMM Finally handcuffed together, oh boy this could get really good! All they need is a romantic spot like a hayloft.... Wait, nooooo... don't stop! Shoot!

Poor Steph, she really got pushed around a bit with those cuffs on! Speaking of which, Laura why the heck would you hide from the police along the creek bed in the bushes and then run out where they can see you???? and shoot at you???

Loved two lines from Steele: "This is worse than being married!" (And how would he know that?)
"We can't put'im in the Rolls, he'll play havoc with the upolhostery."

Very telling ending with Laura, so damniably curious about Steele's past, but not going into the house to find the answers first hand with him. She wants to hear it from him. Speaks volumes about how far apart emotionally they currently are.

by picac  (Oct 5 2007)
I don't think Laura not going in has to do with them being far apart emotionally. She realizes it's a seminal moment in his life and an intensely personal one. It isn't about Laura, it isn't about their relationship, it's all about Steele and he should deal with in his own space and alone. There's always later for her to be included. I think it's very emotionally generous of her as opposed to her earlier very selfish, highly inappropriate and bizarrely gleeful "A man without a father is a sad and lonely man and best of all vulnerable" Yikes!

Laura trying to lead with handcuffs cracks me up because it's so Laura. She wants to lead and be in control and yet she has no idea where they are or where they should be going. Steele may have amnesia but he obviously knows the landscape and what roads lead to town etc. They're on his home turf and still she thinks she knows best. Now her continuously popping her head up and trying to charge out when the coast isn't clear is jut silly. It makes for funny visuals but makes no sense.

Steele for once acts like he's actually been concussed. As opposed to taking the usual blacked out nap then bouncing up like the energizer rabbit his coordination is shot to hell and he's completely disorientated. Maybe the accumulation of all those blows to the head is what resulted in amnesia. It's surprising by the end of the show he still has a fully functional brain. Or maybe he doesn't and it explains the holes in his plan to get married by the hour for 2 years.

One really stray point -- the hayloft scene proves once and for all that pantyhose are UNSEXY compared to garter belts and stockings. Just the mere mention of them puts a damper on Mr. Steele's hopes of Laura pulling a Madeline Carroll from The 39 Steps.

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