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SOTW: Episode #53- Breath Of Steele
by Xenos1981    (October 26 2007)
OMG, OMG, OMG, ladies!!! "Breath Of Steele"!!! LOVE this episode!!! Better than "Love Among The Steele"; better than "Vintage Steele"; and for my money, better than "Red Holt Steele"!!! I suspect we will garnish a gazillion posts on this episode! Can't wait to read what everyone thinks! Post away, ladies!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by auroracat-1   (October 26 2007)
Please tell me you are kidding Xenos - It's one of my least favorites.....
by trailgrrl (October 26 2007)
by picac (October 26 2007)
I detect a certain level of sarcasm here. Though it is much better than Chips, and Springtime and even In The Air and Blue Yonder! Go Breath! :D
by Xenos1981 (October 26 2007)
Hee-heeeeeeee!!! Had you going there, didn't I, Denise?! The best thing about this episode is how delectable Pierce looks. (But, then again, when DOESN'T he look great?!?!) We've got him in a tux AND a gorgeous three piece suit!!! YUMMY!!!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by sugarjilly (October 26 2007)
You know what Xenos, you had me going for a little bit too!! I read your post and was like, WHAT!! Xenos, can't be serious!! I went and looked at the screen caps...and said WHAT!!! and then I said, Xenos must be a little out of it this week :) Boy!! you had me worried there for a second!

That was funny!! Nothing like a little scare to get a post going, eh?


by everglade68 (October 27 2007)
I just finished rewatching "Breath of Steele". I found it to be a silly episode with poor writing, no romance and even PB didn't look that great with his short haircut. Sorry Xenos.

I was wondering if this is the only time SZ got hit with a cake in the face? I am sure someone else knows this bit of information. Also, why was it that they could not sing "Happy Birthday"? I don't think I ever understood the reason that the song was changed in the DVD.

What I found interesting in this ep, had nothing to do with RS. Toni (Alice Cadogan) and Teri (Kathy Maisnik) must have represented the thousands of young women that go to Hollywood each year to make it big. They both had short careers and hopefully found worthwhile employment elsewhere.


by auroracat-1  (October 27 2007)
Yes Xenos - for a moment there I really did think you had lost your mind. I will say I don't mind the WWII flying episode so much as some others do (sorry, title escapes me right now) but that is probably because I accidently minored in history in college. Yes I said accidently:)

I also like John Laraquette (sp?) so he is fun to watch. But not to much else redeemable about this episode.

It does seem as the Laura might be softening on the Cannes agreement a bit. Bithday wishes, birthdays rolling around year after year, etc.

The scene in the lab was pretty funny, with Steele watching Chip and the girl and Laura searching for the ingredients for the poison.

Mildred - what were you thinking unleashing those two on Steele!!!!

All the characters in this episode were over the top and very slap stick comedy - that part was kind of fun. But I definitly missed the deeper writing of most of the other episodes.

This is all from memory so sorry if it rambles a bit.

by trailgrrl  (October 27 2007)
I liked the scene when Steele wakes Laura(feet first!)and her cute little outbursts over the phone and her clothes! "We were up til 5am talking about the bizzzzzzz" I wondered what her imput might have been with this biz business!
by dlxauburn  (October 27 2007)
"Breath of Steele" - Good Title, such promise, I think to myself. Perhaps this episode will be the one where he finally whispers those three little words to Laura. WHAT? A giant pair of lips? Holy Rolling Stones Batman!
OOOhh wait, it's Mr. Steele's made up birthday and we all know what he'll wish for when he blows out those candles.... Hey, someone is shooting at them, but they weren't even kissing!!! (Nevermind, the office is 11 floors up, I'm sure there was a window washing platform or an assassin with a jetpack right out there.) Apparently the cake can double as a hat to see if the bad guy has any bullets left.

Okay am I the only one who think's Laura deserved the cake in the face for the strange facial gestures to Steele moments before?

By 13 minutes into the show, we know just about everything about who killled Myron Flowers and why Toni and Terri are in danger. What we have to wait for is if writer John Wirth refunded his pay for this awful script. Has anyone else been so disappointed by this episode? Because of the lack of a credible mystery, I finally notice the synthesized music from hell. Damn network executives with their stupid suggestions to make the show more hip....Idiots!!!!

Okay, Laura and Remington are interogating the women chemist, who's name I forget, only the sound editing is soooo bad...I don't care if they get any info from her, just shut the door and stop the typewriter noise from the next office. Or perhaps that was Michael Gleason trying to furiously rewrite this mess before the shooting deadline. AAARRRGGHH this is torture....

So on to the impeccable guest stars, oh nuts... except for John Larroquette this might be the worst assemblage of *cough* actors in humankind. I think Molly LaPlata owes her check back too. Although I 'm surprised John actually found work again if he showed this clip around town. And as long as I'm dissin' on John, what's with the powder blue suit and sweaty upper lip? And the wardrobe of all the other guest stars? Wardrobe and make up owe their checks back too.

Mr. Steele has just summed up this episode around the 30 minute mark, "This case has been deceptively irritating." A truer phrase has never been uttered on the small screen.

How convienant, Steele and Laura happen into the lab and find the poison ingredients and get a motive from the ever amorus Chip and Nancy all at the same time. Was this script written and shot the day after the Remington Steele Set Christmas Party? It's as if they stole a script from another show, like Riptide and tried passing it off as Remington Steele. Maybe this is the Glenn Caron script he needed to write to get out of his contract. Wirth found it and said "What the Heck, maybe I'll get a deal with another network too?"

Only thing I found funny was Mildred getting the address by pretending to be from the William Morris Agency. And I think I know what Fred did after he quit chaufferring; he invented Mapqwest and became a millionaire. The mans knows every address in California.

Okay the big finish at the giant lips, just looks like a Batman set they reused. Set Decor guys, you owe your checks back too!

Personally, Laura and Steele should have just shot Toni and Terri and did us all a big favor. This is unquestionably the worst of all RS episodes, nothing worked. Makes Season 5 look emmy worthy.....

by everglade68  (October 27 2007)
Auburn, yes! I found something good about "Breath of Steele", your post. It is so funny, thank you so much.


by picac  (October 27 2007)
I haven't had time to do my homework, or maybe my cat ate it --- OK I'm procrastinating. (Nothing to how I'll drag my feet when we get around to Chips and Springtime though)

Interview with: John Wirth - Television Writer/Producer
by Writers Store Staff


John Wirth is writer and executive producer of ‘Nash Bridges’ starring Don Johnson and Cheech Marin. He serves on the board of the Writers Guild of America west on its Television Writers Council. He graciously took time out to tell us about his career and advice for the young writer who wants to be in television.

[I'm leaving this bit in just so we know his career did not end with this script! So all you wannabe writers get cracking -- you too can overcome!]

'In fact I wrote 25 screenplays before I got my first job: I sent a spec script to Remington Steele. Lots of people say don’t send spec scripts of the show you want to pitch to, but sometimes it does pay to break the rules. They not only accepted that spec script, they eventually hired me to be on the staff.'

'I remember going to the set one day and the crew was readying a huge billboard for Pierce Brosnan to climb up. I turned to him and asked if he was excited to do it and he replied matter-of-factly, 'If it’s in the script, I'll do it.'

'Then, I realized, it's in the script because I wrote it that way!'

'It was absolutely thrilling to see and hear that first script come alive on television.'


Pierce Brosnan: Professional

....who had to be thinking

"Three years of the grueling Drama Centre, years of repertory theater, a stint at the Glazgow Citz, hand cast by Tennessee Williams & Franco Zefferelli, a year plus at the Lyric opposite Dame Joan Plowright... dreams of coming to America and working with Scorcese... and I'm crawling into a huge pair of bleepin' lips! Yeah -- excited that's the bloody word!"

by attagrrrl  (October 27 2007)
It's so funny that everyone hates this episode. It makes me want to watch it, because I don't remember it being that bad--except that it makes NO SENSE with all the stuff cut out on the DVD version.
by dtalley (October 30 2007)
Thanks for taking the time to critique this less-than-stellar episode. It made me laugh, and since I'm recovering from foot surgery, that laughter is like medicine! I think I'll have to rewatch this ep, now, cause your post made me remember how ridiculous and funny parts of this episode are!

A murderer getting hit in the face by a cream pie thrown by 2 singing telegram girls!!??

Remington singing 'happy birthday' (at least, in the original version) and not even knowing whose birthday it's supposed to be??!!

Remington crawling on the office floor and holding a cake up to the window to see if someone shoots at it??!!

Laura sitting in the back of the limo with her face, hair, and gorgeous gown covered with meringue scowling while R is trying his best not to laugh??!!

Remington trying to wake up Sleeping Beauty's feet??!!

The killer having trash can lids thrown at him during a madcap romp through and around a mansion??!!

The killer being indignant about shooting the dead man and not poisoning him, and then being mortified to discover he shot a dead man???

Remington's embarrassingly short haircut???!!! (Oops, sorry - that's sad, not funny.)

Gotta admit . . . parts of this episode are just over-the-top funny. I do, however, think we might have liked it better if PB's hair had been longer.

At least "Breath" has some funny stuff in it, so it doesn't knock "Springtime for Steele" out of the bottom place for me. Alas, "Springtime" is just plain BORING.


by MickeyBoggs  (Nov 3 2007)
When I think of this episode, I think of John Larroquette, breath spray and the annoying Toni and Teri. Even with that, it's a shame the way the DVD was butchered to omit their version of "It's Not Unusual" along with Laura & Mildred singing "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Steele.

Memorable Stuff
- Shooting a man (twice) who's already dead, getting hit in the face with a cake by singing telegram girls, then losing the grip on the gun as you chase them. All in all, not a good day for Nathan Fitz.
- Steele as Milo Minderbinder getting punched and falling back into - the ficus from his own apartment? Dang that ficus is good at finding its way around town!
- Nice comic work by both PB & SZ with the punch/pie/limo ride scenes.

Character Development

- Go Mildred! For once she butts OUT instead of IN! Despite the silly Cannes agreement, her "kids" need time alone. Sadly, another promising evening finds yet ANOTHER way to be disrupted.
- Poor Laura. Sitting up most of the night with T&T only to have them blasting away doing aerobics first thing in the morning. It's amazing she didn't kill them herself. Also nice to see Mr. Steele waking Laura up and listening to her tale of woe.
- This time Mildred doesn't have to be persuaded to use her "IRS persona" when chasing down T&T by calling Petula on the phone.

Favorite lines

M: THAT Myron Flowers?
R: You know him Mildred?
M: Doesn't everybody? He's the Colonel Sanders of breath spray.
R: Unfortunately sex is the one thing sorely lacking in this case, Laura.

Hair & Clothing

- Mr. Steele in a tux. Twice. Sigh.
- I like Laura's sparkly top too.
- I *still* like Mr. Steele's short hair - though apparently I'm in the minority.
- Laura's nightgown - understandable with T&T there - hopefully she'd have worn something sexier if she'd know Mr. Steele would provide an in-person wake-up call.
- I like Laura's classy blue suit.
- Mildred in a shower curtain - not much more unflattering than some of the other "tents" they dress her in
- Love Laura's dress and hair in the tag scene.

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- Was this episode originally intended to air earlier in the season? If not, then Mildred found paperwork indicating Mr. Steele's birthday was in December. So why then, in Steele Searching Part II, did they give him a passport with a September birthdate?
- So did the shots come from inside the building our outside? Since there's no broken glass on the carpet (there is confetti that T&T showered on R&L during one of the DVD's deleted scenes) it appears the shooter was inside the building - but if so, how did he miss them? If the shooter was outside, WHERE was he standing? And where's the broken glass on the inside?!
- How did R & M open the door to the loft on "aerobic morning"? The loft locks from the inside when the occupant is home.....
- I had previously noticed the photo of Laura & Abigail on her coffee table, but had never noticed the photo of Abigail on Laura's chest of drawers.
- Here's an episode that just cries out for a continuation of the tag scene. Fanfic writers, please tell us what happens after T&T and Mildred leave the loft! Maybe the thaw could have happened sooner? 

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