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SOTW: Episode #55- Gourmet Steele
by Xenos1981    (Nov 9 2007)
Tonight for your viewing pleasure...Gourmet Steele! Good episode. LOVE it when they're jealous!!! Looking forward to your posts!


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by judithmoose-2   (Nov 9 2007)
Well Xenos, one thing you'll notice about me is that I rarely rush into a post in reference to a Steele of the Week. I'll check back in later...
by trailgrrl  (Nov 9 2007)
by attagrrrl  (Nov 10 2007)
This episode is a big favorite of mine, up there with Diced Steele and Steele Trying in Season 3. It's the only episode that actually took advantage of the possibilities set up by the freeze between Laura and Mr. Steele. Rather than tying it all up by having them back together (except not) though, I wish they had continued dating other people. The jealousy theme is so extremely entertaining and could have been milked for so much more.

The plot for this ep is a big cheese-o-rama--the restaurant fight scene, the over-the-top restauranteurs, the dinner party reveal scene a la The Thin Man ... again. But I love that Dick L'Orange is a little old lady on a crusade against the restaurant industry. She is so delightful.

One of my all-time favorite RS lines is in this episode:

"You go to parties?"
"Of course I go to parties."

I don't know why that makes me laugh every time, but it does.

This episode actually has quite a few lines that crack me up:

At the post office: "He has to be the strong, silent type." "I'm silent." "Shhhh." (I also just noticed the weird editing in this scene. Laura says she wants a man who can discuss Shaupenhauer, and the post office guy replies, "my brother drives one.")

At the restaurant: "I love when a man does that[pulls out a chair], don't you?" "Not really."

Mildred: "It's bad enough to be kidnapped, but to be returned?!"

Does anyone else think that Laura's line, "I didn't realize you were so interested in the big board" has some kind of sexual innuendo? I don't exactly get it, but I feel like it has some double meaning.

by everglade68  (Nov 10 2007)
Attagrrrl, you are so right about the jealousy theme being so entertaining in this episode. In fact, this is also one of my favorite episodes of Season Three.

Both Pierce and Stephanie do a fabulous job of acting jealous and I love their interactions in the apartment scene. Laura looks at the train book and so casually asks Mr. Steele about Eloise. Remington plays with his puzzle and
inquires about Bill. They are both experts at playing games and it shows.

My favorite lines:

Remington: "Well, we'll uh- what do you Americans call it?-we'll double-date."
Laura: "No, no. This American calls that planned lunacy."
Remington: "Laura, you'll love Eloise. She'll love you. I'll love Bill, and he'll love me."
Mildred: "Sounds like a love feast,".

I also loved the whole dinner scene. Mr. Steele ordering for everyone, both Eloise and Laura calling him "Remy" and Laura snapping her napkin.

The ending was just perfect. Laura and Remington confirm what we already know, Eloise is too sweet for him and Bill lacks the mystery that attracts


by MickeyBoggs  (Nov 10 2007)
I do like this episode! Nice to see them try to have romantic lives without each other and realize that it's just not the same when they're with other people.

Memorable Stuff

- LOL at Mildred interrupting Steele's phone call with Eloise - then he does the same with Laura
- "Fun things to do with whipped cream" - c'mon Laura, doesn't that give you any ideas? It sure gave some to Mr. Steele.
- Laura distracting the mailbox guy with her potential personal ad.
- I get a kick out of watching Mildred watching R&L debate the double-date issue
- One thing I remember about Michael Young (Bill) is he was cute, sweet and had waaay too many unresolved issues
- Still trying to figure out what was "wrong" with Eloise. I think her only fault was that she wasn't Laura.
- Sign of the times - Bill's car is a "Datsun" Z
- Who knew kitchen plates could be used as frisbee weapons?!
- Mildred struggling until the kidnappers call her "Grandma" - and then she REALLY puts up a fight!
- This time instead of the limo, we get a high speed chase in the Auburn
- Would have been nice to milk this type of jealousy a few more times during the S3 freeze.

Character Development

- Laura trying to make Mr. Steele jealous with Bill's phone call.
- Love how L&R gently pry about Bill and Eloise - trying to see how alike and/or different those two are from R&L
- So very different the way R&L handle being "stuck" without a reservation at L'Ornate
- Nice to see them getting closer again in the tag scene

Favorite lines

R: Who's the lucky fella?
L: Bill. I met him at a party.
R: YOU go to parties?
L: What about home cooking?
Phyllis Lewis: Oh it's still done, in the ... frumpier homes. (Should be a great relief for Laura, eh?)
M: I'm 42 for gosh's sake! (R&L shoot her a look)
L: The one we're looking for is the one who doesn't try to kill you!
R: That's very comforting.

Hair & Clothing

- Love Laura's red outfit and her hair too

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- The newspaper Laura checks before they head into the mailbox place has a huge headline "Bachelor Bash of the Year". Could it be Mr. Steele didn't make the list this year?
- SZ's cuckoo clock makes yet another appearance, this time in Mrs. Dix's apartment
- The bottle of wine from the Italian restauranteur looks an awful lot like a bottle of St. Jacques du Par 1978
- Not one but two PAXed scenes in this episode. Fortunately SueJue rescued them:
- Laura tries to decide what to wear on her date:
- Continuation of the episode: 

by MickeyBoggs  (Nov 11 2007)
 At the post office: "He has to be the strong, silent type." "I'm silent." "Shhhh." (I also just noticed the weird editing in this scene. Laura says she wants a man who can discuss Shaupenhauer, and the post office guy replies, "my brother drives one.") 

That's the point. The PO guy thinks it's a car, but Shaupenhauer is a philosopher. That's why she says "Oh, you were sooo close!"

And I too laugh at the "strong, silent type"/"I'm silent"/"Shhhh." exchange

by myrtlelauragroggins  (Nov 12 2007)
Well, one thing you’ll learn about me, I’m flexible about how I feel about this episode. I haven’t seen this episode in years. Before I watched it for SOTW I would have said I didn’t like it, because they were dating other people. But as I watched it again I found it rather enjoyable, especially because they were dating other people.

I loved when Laura was on the phone with Bill and said “some idiot spilled punch on my dress” and then discovered it was him! Oh, how many times have I stuck my foot in my mouth! LOL!! And then she agrees to go out with him!! But of course that is to make Mr. Steele jealous. I found it so interesting that she wants to make him jealous when the Cannes agreement was her idea.

I liked Laura’s food related line “Can you give us a tiny hors d’oeuvre of a lead?

I remember once in an interview Stephanie said that one of the differences between she and Laura was she has freckles and Laura doesn’t. I found Steph’s freckles to be very obvious in this episode. Nothing wrong with that, of course, being a bespeckled gal myself. LOL!

I chuckled at the fact that Bill drove a Datsun Z.

Mildred is 42? Nuf said.

I loved Laura red dress, but the longer I watched her in it, the more it looked familiar. So I popped in “Steele in the Chips” and sure enough, it’s the same red dress. Another link to SITC: The cuckoo clock in Anna Dix apartment is the same as the one in Walter Munzingers’ apartment. I remember in the Baking of the Chips commentary, Stephanie said that it was her cuckoo clock.

(A side note. When I went back to Gourmet Steele, I went to the scene selection and the scene for Anna Dix apartment is called “Feeding the Kitty.” Does anyone besides me find that to be a strange title?)

I loved how Laura wore the collar up on her green dress. So 80’s.

Okay, the tag scene. When he opened the door to his apartment I thought, “What is on her head?” Then I realized it was her hair!! LOL!! I thought she gave up buns in Season 1. Also, did not love Mr. Steele’s vest, especially next to her plaid shirt. But I loved the rest of the tag scene, especially the dialogue. Right after she enters the apartment she checks him up and down. Then he returns it, but more obviously.

L “Where’s Eloise?”
R “She’s very sweet, very willing, easy to please. But that kind of takes the fun out of it, you know?”

Oh yes we know!! He loves the challenge of Laura!!

And then Laura didn’t invite Bill because she realized he was lacking “Tacky mystery!!”
Love it!! They both know that they want each other. This episode is screaming for a Fan Fic continuation. Has anyone written one? This would have been a great thaw episode.

One other observation. Laura didn’t invite Bill. Was she planning to be the third wheel? That doesn’t sound like her.


by attagrrrl   (Nov 12 2007)

    At the post office: "He has to be the strong, silent type." "I'm silent." "Shhhh." (I also just noticed the weird editing in this scene. Laura says she wants a man who can discuss Shaupenhauer, and the post office guy replies, "my brother drives one.")

    That's the point. The PO guy thinks it's a car, but Shaupenhauer is a philosopher. That's why she says "Oh, you were sooo close!"

You know, I thought about whether or not that was supposed to be the joke, too, but it's not very funny, so I decided it's an editing thing--mainly because Laura says something like "must be able to *discuss* Shaupenhauer," so why would the guy reply that his brother drives one? It makes no sense. Shaupenhauer doesn't even sound like a car name.

I seem to remember from long ago that she does mention a specific car, and so the joke is that her requirements are getting more and more narrow as she tries to get rid of this guy (which to me is funnier than the guy being stupid).

I was thinking that they may have had to edit out the car's name because it was a brand name. That happens sometimes--like in the DVDs of the 70s sitcom Soap, they cut a line about the magazine Cosmo. And in A Streetcar Named Desire, Southern Comfort, which is mentioned in the play, got changed to some fake drink name.

On the other hand, I have no trust in my memory. So, can any other RS experts settle this? We need a third opinion.

by myrtlelauragroggins (Nov 12 2007)

Thanks for the links to SueJue's story's. I didn't read your post until I had posted mine.


by picac (Nov 12 2007)
It's not editing, just the guy misunderstanding. From the originally aired episode via Nancy's transcripts.:
Laura is still reading. "Must be a black belt in karate, break-dance," she says, and the clerk nods. "Love to discuss Schopenhauer."

"My brother drives one," he says.

Laura sighs. "You were SO close," she tells him. 

by attagrrrl  (Nov 12 2007)
Thanks for the confirmation that my memory is shot. I still like the version that I made up in my head better, though. :) 
by picac  (Nov 12 2007)
Still trying to figure out what was "wrong" with Eloise. I think her only fault was that she wasn't Laura.
The same thing that's wrong with Bill - both are intelligent and sweet but they're both too darn pliable and easy. Mr. Steele wants a challenge, he wants some friction and bit of the chase. (a bit mind you - a few years seems to be grinding him down) I know the running joke is pre Laura he always used to date bimbos but that doesn't show in his past lovers who are all very smart, albeit dangerous to varying degrees, non pliant bombshells. He may have gone for easier going or even dumb in his one night stands during his "staggering array" of women but who's to know since we only ever meet two from that earlier array pre dating Laura and one was a "piranha" and all we know of the other is that she dressed well, sounded refined, liked a neat non dead body filled room and wanted to jump Mr Steele's bones. ;)

Bill's problem wasn't that he has too many issues (does he really have more than Laura or Steele?) it's that he was OPEN about all those issues. An openness Laura says she wants from Steele but really doesn't. She likes the mystery (after all it's why she became a detective) and the challenge of finding things out. She doesn't want to be given it all on a platter. He's also like Eloise too pliable and too willing to let others make decisions for him or take the initiative. Though Laura may try and seek to control Steele she wouldn't be interested in him if she could. She acts as if she's annoyed about how Steele takes charge in the restaurant from reservations, to chair pulling to ordering all their meals but she's more annoyed that Bill couldn't do any of it - not to mention as effortlessly as Steele.

While I'm here, I must put in my absolute LOVE for the plate tossing kitchen escape scene. It's a brilliant bit of physical comedy done with swashbuckling panache.

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