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SOTW: Episode #56- Stronger Than Steele
by Jill    (November 19 2007)
Hey Everyone!! I'm new to posting on SOTW, but thought I'd give it a
try this week. I won't be able to do much though as I'm still lending
out my S3 DVD's. I got them back for this week only to do this post
and now am thinking about keeping them another week so I can post on
next week's SOTW. It's a good one!!!

well here goes:

Stronger thant Steele wasn't that bad of an episode really. There
were a lot of good lines and funny stuff happening. There's a few
themes or ideas that I seen happening throughout this whole
1. Role reversal between Laura and Remington which was great!! Some
really nice lines that made me laugh.
2. The subject of heros in context to what Max needs to maintain and
what Laura needs.
3. The acutal mystery of trying to find out who did it with a couple
of scenes that bring the viewer into a feeling of the old Atomic Man
shows. (didn't care for that much).

Things I didn't like:
1. Didn't partcularlly like the viewer knowing who done it right
away. I like to figure out who done it. But it makes sense in this
episode to do it like this.
2. Didn't like the scene at Detective Jarvis' office. I thought this
scene was like the old Atomic Man shows. Which was, in my opinion,
suppose to be done that way. I just didn't like it. It made it seem
silly. I did like the stuff RS and LH were doing in the background,
but felt that it was too obvious that Maxwell kept looking back and
no one caught on!!!
3. Maxwell saving Laura at the carpet place and then saying...My
Hero...thought that was a little stupid...but it goes with her
obession with Atomic Man I guess!!!

Things I liked:
1. Steele catching Laura in her office watching Atomic Man! Great
2. Steele and Laura walking into the Atomic Man convention and Steele
teasing Laura about where her costume is!!! too funny.
3. the whole role reversal thing. Very nice stuff there. For
example...Steele bailing Laura out of jail and him pressing it in
with stuff that she would say...too funny.
4. The black break-in clothes...I know everyone has mentioned this
already, but they look soooo awesome in them especially PB!!! LOL
5. The scene with Laura and Maxwell at Mooney's Carpet when she tells
about her father and her watching Atomic Man.
6. Maxwell telling Steele you don't have to worry cause you're really
RS. I'm just an actor...too funny!!

Some lines I like:
L: Atomic Man is wanted for murder.
R: I didn't know the penalty for bad acting was that high in

R: "I'll occupy Huckleberry Finn of homicide."

R: "Mind your hands miss holt."

There are more lines, but didn't write them all down. I only made
notes of these, so they might not be exactly right, but you all get
the idea. :)

All-in-all I liked this episode! I think that Atomic Man was suppose
to represent something like the old Superman TV shows and the
creators at RS did capture that well. All of the different themes
(mentioned about) going on in this episode was really good and the
way that the murderer was proven guilty was good.

Until next time. Thanks for reading.

by MickeyBoggs   (November 19 2007)
The first of the Lenhart-Sakmar scripts brings us some insight into
Laura's past and gives us a nice twist on Mr. Steele's movie obsession.

Memorable Stuff

- Nice job with the opening credits, making them fit the old black &
white tv show
- Very ingenious of Laura to figure out a way of communicating with
Donahue via Mooney's live TV commercials!
- The role reversal is fun. Laura quoting TV series that resemble the
current situation. He becomes the logical one and she's running on
intuition this time.
- Nice diversionary tactic by Mr. Steele to get the "Tommies" to
surround Jarvis
- I like the conversation between Max and Mr. Steele regarding
typecasting and the nature of heroes. Nice to see the wheels turning
in Mr. Steele's head as to the role he's taken on.
- Good touch of giving Max the undercover name of "Officer Kimball" -
after the character in The Fugitive.
- LOL at Mr. Steele climbing up the trellis into Spooner's office?
- Maxwell's "confession" - just hilarious. What a great story-telling
job he does!
- When Mildred & Laura are watching the 2nd tape, I crack up at Doris
watching Steph and leaning forward & leaning back as she (SZ) does
while she's watching the tape.
- Love the tag scene!

Character Development

- Who knew Laura was such a closet tv show addict?
- Sweet scene where Laura and Max talk and she tells him about
watching "Atomic Man" as a child.

Favorite lines

R: (watching "Atomic Man") Hmm. Wonderfully dreadful.
L: (snatching the tv away) That show is timeless.
R: A fan are you?
L: I used to watch it as a child. It purported all the values that my
mother wanted me to adopt: goodness, truth, justice...
R: Chastity?
R: What do you say to a nice little American shag? Hello little
American shag! What's wrong Laura?
L: Atomic Man is wanted for murder!
R: Really? I didn't realize the penalty for bad acting was that stiff
in this country.
L: Throw a towel on Mr. Steele, Mildred. We're going to make minced
meat out of a murderess! (Wait, you're assigning that task to
MILDRED?! Are you NUTS! Apparently a night spent watching Atomic Man
has totally addled your brain, girl.)
R: Television, Mildred. It deadens the mind and corrupts the soul.

Hair & Clothing

- Love Laura's red top. She looks really good in red.
- She looks wonderful in that fuscia outfit in the tag scene too.

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- Why doesn't Laura wear gloves when they break into Davenport's office?
- SueJue's excellent PAXed scene:

By Xenos
Haven't done my homework yet on this episode...Wasn't really looking forward to
it actually. After all, who on earth would ever let a television show -- one
from their childhood, nonetheless -- become so important in their lives?! Who
would ever be so silly as to speak in code, eh?! (St. Costello, ladies, but
that is *really* geeky. Thank goodness it doesn't apply to any of us here.) It
just boggles the mind that Laura would act like that!!! Sorry I'm getting so
worked up over this. *icy calm, Xenos, icy calm*

But now, after reading 36auburn's and Isabel's posts, I'm actually looking
forward to watching it again! And knowing that Laura feels Remington
up...WOW!!! Count me in!!! YOU GO, GIRL!!! (Hope she got a handful!)


By Isabel
"Stronger than Steele" is not up there in my favorite list, but it was a good
episode nonetheless. I love Gary Frank so having him back as Det. Jarvis was
a big plus for me.

Love the reference to "The Fugitive", Richard Kimble and David Jansen. I was
a big fan of this show and watched the complete series when it originally aired.
Heck, I think half of the country saw the last episode when the one-armed man
was caught. Television does more than "deaden the mind and corrupt the soul", it
provides common ground for a very diverse group of people.

As always, it is great to learn a little more about Laura's past. When she
talks to Max about watching his show with her father as a young child, her
eyes watered and we see that the pain is still there. Nice performance by SZ in
this scene.

Wasn't "Heaven Gates" a big flop as a movie? I think so and yet Mr. Steele
would rather see it than another episode of Atomic Man.

It is nice to see Laura and Remington in their black break-in clothes. I noticed
that it must have been a cold night when they filmed this scene as you could see
Pierce's breath.

Favorite lines:

Laura: "Atomic Man is wanted for murder."

Remington: "Really? I didn't realize the penalty for bad acting was that stiff
in this country"

I hadn't noticed it before but this episode is dated by two things. The director
talking about doing a remake of Atomic Man for the 80's and Laura's reference to
remote controls as handy gadgets.


By Judith
""Mind your hand Miss Holt!" Indeed! I don't think she minded at all!"

This could be chalked up to Pierce's ability to ad-lib. The position of that grab wasn't in the script - LOL!

By Auburn

Stronger Than Steele, written by Lenhart and Sakmar, better known as
the gimmick guys, is a reversal episode. Laura goes abit squirrely
and Steele stays levelheaded. We also get the TV series references of
Columbo and Quincy from Laura instead of the obligatory movie
references from Steele. Even the cleaning woman's name of Hazel is an
oblique reference to a TV show.

Shades of Susan Baskin, we also have an episode that delves further
into Laura's past. Her warm memories of her father further our
understanding of the hurt she suffered when he left without the
normal bitterness that is usually attached to this aspect of her

I think I like this episode so well because I identify so completely
with Laura's love of Atomic Man. So many of us share this trait with
her, through Remington Steele. I just love the scene of Laura
watching AM on her small portable TV in the office and her
embarassment at getting caught by Steele. Reminds me of sneaking a
small radio with TV audio band to work to listen to RS before I had a

The plot is good, but the presentation leads us to know the identity
of the murderer from nearly the beginning. So the only mystery is
seeing how Laura will figure it out. So that's a little weak.
But the dialog and humor save this one completely for me. So many
great lines delivered with superb comedic timing. "Laura, no costume
this year?" "Hello nice little American shag" (BTW, this has new
meaning for me since Austin Powers!). Mildred mimicking Laura on the
coach, trying to infuse the ability to deduce a clue by body
position. Conrad Janis performance with Gary Frank in the staged
confession scene was great! "The Huckleberry Finn of Homicide" is so
passionate about getting the confession and just as honest in his
earnst desire to get the real murderer. Steele and Laura breaking
into Javis' office at a crowded police station, that's a real bit of

The closet bit of romance we get is Steele's attempt to distract
Laura on the sofa. Although, it could be argued he just really didn't
want to watch an AM episode. And then there's Laura getting handsy
with Steele while pulling him into the window at Spooner's
office. "Mind your hand Miss Holt!" Indeed! I don't think she minded
at all!

No romance, very little mystery and yet I liked it alot.

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