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SOTW: Episode #58- Springtime For Steele
by Auburn   (December 3 2007)
"Springtime for Steele" or the lesser known working title of
the "Rocky Horror Show". Well, I'll go out on a limb and say I
absolutely love this episode. Definately a #2 on the top ten list,
behind Vintage. It's a great plot, with wonderfully caricatured guest
stars. All it really needs is for someone to actually shoot at Laura
and Steele to get them to kiss a little.

Okay, here we go from the beginning, or should I say, ah 1 and a

2...I believe it impossible to actually drive a tour bus into LA with
a 12' cardboard cutout of Rocky on top. How many people think Michael
Gleason took the liberty of later driving that bus under an overpass?
Show of hands please?

The usual dapper Mr. Steele's handkerchief is uncharacteristically
askew in his opening sequence. Perhaps, he had been distracted by the
oh-so-elegantly dressed Laura in the back of the limo. No doubt this
was the romantic scene that was edited out for time, as the plot
wouldn't have made any sense if the accountant didn't tell us "I am a
desperate man" for the 6th time. Our first mention of Marty's in San
Francisco. But apparently Laura didn't get her own memo declaring the
Cannes agreement null and void as she wants to fly back after dinner?
It's friday night Laura!!!The Thaw is on!!! Hello??!! Hot looking
guy, romantic dinner in a romantic city... (shaking head in
disbelief)...What would XXXenos do in that situation I ask you? WWXD?

Rocky's hair and costume budget in this one must have been $20 with a
coupon to Great Clips for a 1/2 priced style. Are we sure Rocky's not
a blonde? How can you not only forget they changed the sequence of
the songs in the opening set, but she relentlessly continues to
warble on despite the bands efforts to get her on track. But Rocky
gets the best line of the episode, "I feel like I'm gonna throw up."
Wow what a coincidence, so do we. Speaking of singing, why do I want
to break out into a song of my own when the ever evil Vincent Nash
appears? Something along the lines of...."Here comes Santa Claus".
Next best line comes from Clint Overton, "Rocky honey, you don't
sound too good." What's the matter Clint? Not used to hearing her
sing solo, without the chorus of howling, tortured dogs backing her

Next we come to ...(you may want an air sick bag for this) Rocky
after her shower at the loft. What is with the alabaster white face
and perpetually tan towel-clad body? Is this some sort of veiled
reference to Al Jolson's Jazz Singer? Because a veil would have

The scene where Rocky overhears Arthur "I am a desperate man"
Reynolds telling Buddy he's on to the scheme is hysterical.

Apparently Max Factor hadn't invented waterproof mascara yet. She
ends up looking like Rocky Raccoon stumbling down the hall. No doubt
looking for Mr. Steele to smear some more stuff over his gorgeous
face. And this clearly gives her an alibi. Because by the time Laura
and Steele question everyone about Brian's murder she had washed up
and reapplied another coat.

I'm genuinuely surprised to find out Betty Overton is the killer. I
mean had she really looked at Clint? Geez what an ugmo! By the time
we see Betty and Rocky rolling around the floor of the loft, Norman
has a "Go Betty" pennant held firmly in his paw, waving it madly. I
join in chanting "Kill Rocky, Kill Rocky,..."

Last bit of wondering has to do with our leads as they exit the stage
after Rocky's plea for the crowd to give them a hand. Why is Laura
seemingly swatting Mr.Steele? And what did he do to deserve it? Hmmm
need to go back and look at it. Heck, I may as well watch the whole
thing over again. It's desperately fantastic!

by MickeyBoggs  
his is not my favorite episode. I get the concept, there's just
something missing in the execution and I'm not sure exactly what's
missing or where it's missing. And since we're now in the thaw, I was
hoping we'd get a bit more romance, though Mr. Steele does give it a
good shot.

Memorable Stuff

- "Memorable" describes Rocky's "Hooray for Hollywood" in the opening.
And not in a particularly good way - though I recognize that's how
it's supposed to work.
- Mr. Steele telling Laura it would "ease his suffering considerably"
if she'd have supper with him after the show. And then his glee ("I'm
incorrigible") when she accepts and he makes reservations at Marty's.
Wonder if this was an intentional set-up for "Steele Trying"?
- Rocky writing her set list on her hand
- Love how expressive SZ's eyes are when the accountant has his hand
over her mouth on the bus
- Funny scene of Rocky & Mildred running around the loft. Rocky does
an impressive job of leaping around considering those high heels she's
- Line the suspects up on the stage, make 'em talk. LOL! "Step
forward, tell us your name"

Character Development

- Laura questions Mr. Steele's idea of having a late dinner in San
Francisco - but she doesn't say no, either!
- Kudos to Mr. Steele for giving Rocky a pep talk even when he can't
stand her singing.
- Kudos to Laura for suggesting they catch that plane to San Francisco

Favorite lines

R: On the contrary, Laura. Two hours of listening to Rocky sing "Who's
Sorry Now?" is too much to ask of anyone! (Amen, brother)
L: Of course we'll have time to see the show, fly up there, have
dinner, fly back...
R: Who said anything about flying back? (Big grin)
R: (calling after Laura) I'll call Marty's, shall I?
Rocky: Who's Marty?
R: Patron saint of missed opportunity.

Hair & Clothing

- Love both of their outfits when they go to see Rocky. Her hair looks
great throughout.
- Though SZ looks good in red, I don't care for the cut of her red dress.
- Don't care for Mr. Steele's suit at the end of the show. The blazer
reminds me of the "Steele Threads" blazer.

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc

- The first of Don Gordon's (Vincent Nash) three appearances
- This episode completes what I think is the only husband-wife team to
guest star on the series: Judith Light ("Dreams") and Robert Desiderio

By: Xenos
OK, speaking as one of those who wet her pants...This was my reply...

First of all...Auburn!!! ROTFLMAO, girlfriend!!! Thank goodness I wasn't
drinking anything while reading your post!!! Good Lord!!! *bowing to the Master
of Laughter*

WWXD?!?! Hee-heeeeee!!! Well, "X" would definitely had let Mr. Steele get to
third base on the way to the airport. Then, she would've become a member of the
Mile High Club...TWICE!!! And Marty's would just have to wait as I'm sure we
would have ordered room service and fed each other in bed and in the bath tub.

Second...Mick!!! You're too kind!!! Love your posts, babe!!!

Nothing much to add...My momma always told me, "If you don't have anything nice
to say, don't say anything at all." (Unfortunately, I pick and choose when I
decide to listen to dear ol' momma.) I view this episode as John Wirth's attempt
to kiss Michael Gleason's a** and secure a full-time job in the process. In that
case, job well done, Mr. Wirth. In every other case, YICK!!! Where's the
romance?!?! ESPECIALLY POST THAW?!?! Where's the comedy? "I'm a desperate
man"?!?! SERIOUSLY?!?! *shaking head in disbelief* I think Mickey hit the nail
on the head when she wrote: "I get the concept, there's just something missing
in the execution and I'm not sure exactly what's missing or where it's missing."
It's just...a dud!!! It didn't have the classic RS feel to it. It could've been
an episode from any other non-descript show. And Ace was right about the
wonderfully sweet scene between Rocky and Mr. Steele...Perfection! Both Pierce
and Stephanie looked exceptional in this episode!!! Oh...Wait...IS there an
episode where Pierce doesn't look exceptional?!?! Ah...Nope. So, I guess I'm
stating the obvious.


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

By Ace
As bad as Rocky's singing is and it is nails on a chalkboard bad that's not the worst thing about the episode or even what makes it bad. She sang in Elementary and yet it was a very enjoyable episode.

While the idea of the plot is fine (see the brilliant Producers) the execution is awful. The plot holes are enormous, all characters are boring cardboard caricatures who exist just to act in the most nonsensical plot driven ways, the dialogue is for the most part flat and unfunny. Even Steele admits he can't be clever all the time and while that line is funny it's an all too telling remark on the writing of this entire episode. It's pacing is dire and draggy and there aren't even any substantial Steele/Laura moments let alone scenes of note. The episode manages to both blow and suck and is only rivaled (though not surpassed) in it's sheer craptitude by Chips.

"You know, Rocky, there have been times in my life when I've felt
as though I couldn't go on. As thought I had nothing to live for
anymore. When everybody I seemed to trust failed me," he tells her,
crossing the room to her side.

"Rocky, we're not always able to anticipate or effect the way
people treat us. I suppose that's what makes life exciting- and
frightening at the same time. But still- there is ONE constant we can

She looks up at him. "Yeah? What's that?"

"You. No matter what happens, you can be the best Rocky Sullivan
there ever was. And no one can do a thing to stop you. Now come on.
Put a smile on your face and be bold. Please."

That is the ONE good scene in the episode. The writing is tighter and more mature than in the rest of the episode and Mr. Steele is being so damn sweet and encouraging in the teeth of his own personal feelings about her singing. He believes that everyone should believe in themselves even when no one else does. It's Steele once again identifying with the underdog and Pierce really sells the scene and makes it work even though it's about Rocky and her bad bad bad singing which she should doubt.


By Xenos:
"The episode manages to both blow and suck..." Yes, Ace, I got all excited...I really hoped you had an alternate NC-17 edition of this episode!!! (Hey, it WAS the first episode to follow The Thaw!) But alas, "...and is only rivaled (though not surpassed) in it's sheer craptitude by Chips." *sigh*

A disappointed XXXenos

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