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SOTW: Episode #59- Steele in the Family
by Xenos1981    (Dec 7,  2007)
It's Friday night -- FRIDAY NIGHT!!! Time for Steele In The Family! Our first glimpse of Clarissa, The Love Broker. Watch and post!

(And thank you, Isabel, for reminding me that it's Friday!)


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by Neneithel 
Bernard and Clarissa are adorable. Their faith in Mr Steele to sort everything out is touching. Interesting that Clarissa uses a cigarette to make a
corpse inconspicuous, just like Steele did in Thou Shalt Not Steele. 

I also like Myrtle, a kind of budget Lady Macbeth. 

There's plenty of romance in this one. "Catalina? Whirlybird?" Laura is as enthusiastic as Steele (and his haste to depart before fate gets tempted
to interrupt is very sweet). Steele's awkwardness around the half-dressed Clarissa and his unsolicited declaration that he's waiting for Laura are
great and Laura does jealousy so well. 

Steele's smile at Bernard on finding the body in his bathroom is beautiful, as is Laura's suspicious look as she leaves. 

I love the way the assassin compares himself to a doctor. I think of doctors the same way. Laura is very good at dealing with men with guns. Also
impressive when she warns Steele, Clarissa and Bernard that something is wrong when she is outside the hotel room with the assassin and Steele
realises that she is giving them a warning, not making a mistake. 

Another great scene is Mildred with Bernard 

Steele gets his only unattractive disguise in this one. The wig and moustache briefly render him almost undesirable (although he is saved by his
exquisite eyes). That disguise is the only bad thing about the episode. 

It's interesting that Clarissa says, "In for a penny, in for a pound." I didn't realise that the phrase was used in America. 

by dtalley
I like Remington's disguise. He'll look quite handsome when he goes gray in the future. And I like the moustache. 


by MickeyBoggs
We finally get to meet some of Mildred's family - along with the 3rd Clarissa of the series. 

Memorable Stuff 

- The whole cheerleader-football star thing - scary to think there probably ARE people out there doing that! 
- I like Clarissa's take-charge attitude in the face of Bernard's "we're doomed!" mentality 
- LOL at Myrtle & Morty threatening the hit man when there's no proof of Delanian's death 
- Bernard's back on his game when he orders up the steamer trunk and calls the courier service to ship the body back to Santa Barbara! 
- Not real bright move on Laura's part to pretend to be Clarissa though at first I'm sure it's her innate curiosity driving her as she's realized
Clarissa is not a Latin tutor. But she makes an excellent recovery by crashing the car into that truck! 
- "The Mildred Krebs Endowment for the Advanced Study of Latin" bwahahahaha! 

Character Development 

- Laura setting aside paperwork at noon on a work day? Hurray! Wish they'd had that discussion about 15 minutes earlier so they'd have been
out the door by the time Bernard showed up. 
- Poor Mr. Steele! He KNOWS something's going to interrupt them he just doesn't know what. And for the second episode in a row Laura lets
duty take over as they accept the Sinatra tickets. At least Sinatra won't ruin their eardrums like Rocky. 
- I understand why Mr. Steele hides Delanian's body from Mildred. But this is another instance when he tries to hide stuff from Laura and it
irritates me because there's no reason to hide it from her. His "I didn't want to implicate you" excuse doesn't work for me here or in "Bonds". 
- We learn Mildred's ex-husband's name was Walter, they were married for 9 years and she couldn't have kids. But Doris does a wonderful job
in the scenes with "Bernard". 

Favorite lines 

R: Now Laura, before you go blowing this whole thing out of proportion... 
L: Blow this out of proportion?! I came here to find out what was going on behind my back and I barely escaped with my life. Now I find this
gymnast here, waltzing out of your bedroom, with your pajamas on! How could anybody possibly blow this out of proportion?! 

Hair & Clothing 

- Don't like Laura's hair when she's in the red top. I'm not crazy about her whole outfit though she certainly can wear that mini-skirt. 
- LOVE that blue sweater on Mr. Steele! 
- That wig looks like a dead animal! LOL! It's just BAD before they comb it. 
- I like Laura's flowery shirt and her hair looks fabulous in that scene. 

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc 

- When Harold is shot, in the brief scene of him falling to the ground, the film is turned backwards. You can tell because his jersey number is 12,
but when he falls to the floor it appears as S1. 
- Jill, the blonde hooker, reappears as Alessandra Henry in Bonds of Steele. 
- I'm not positive, but I don't think that's our Mr. Steele who parks the Auburn and walks through the garage. 
- SueJue's PAXed scene that stuck in my mind so well that when the DVDs came out I kept searching the disc trying to find out where that scene was!

by dtalley
The girl that played Alessandra Henry in "Bonds" was also in "Love Among the Steele" as the bride, but she's not in this episode. 


by MickeyBoggs
You're correct. I'd blame it on Auburn keeping me up laughing all weekend but I wrote this before we met up this weekend. 


by Neneithel 
One thing strikes me every time I watch this one. Laura says she'll pay if Fred is caught speeding. Now, over here in the UK, every time you speed, you get (in addition to the fine) points on your license and at a certain point, you lose it. Does America have a system like that? If so, poor Fred could soon be out of a job.
by sugarjilly  
Yes Helen, there is the same point system here in America. 


by Neneithel 
Thanks. I thought there must be. Poor Fred!
by Xenos1981  
Sorry this is so late, but... 

1) Brad Kern!!! Wonderful job!!! Shades of Susan Baskin!!! Slapstick humor, but not over-the-top...Fun storyline...Learning about Mildred's past...Great dialog! EXCELLENT!!! Which brings me to my next point... 

2) "He sees an opening, he slithers to the line, and then he penetrates the hole! There he goes! He scores! YAY! You won! Harold, are you ready to put it between the uprights?" O...M...G!!! How did they get that past the sensors?!?! Seriously!!! Good Lord!!! LOVE IT!!! 

3) Mick wrote... 

     The whole cheerleader-football star thing - scary to think there probably ARE people out there doing that!

Um...Mick...Don't knock it till you try it, babe. (Though my favorite is playing the spunky, all-American, girl-next-door detective who falls for the freakin' hot, roguishly handsome con-man who ends up stealing her heart instead of the gems...Except we scratch that itch in no time flat!!! Heh-heh-heh!!!)  

4) Pierce looked unbelievably sexy in this episode...even in that horrific wig and mustache!!! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by Neneithel 
I'm often amazed at how dirty the dialogue can be at times. We think of American society as pretty puritanical. There was trouble with Blake's 7
over there because it contained the word "bitch". 

I suspect they were just too sophisticated for the censors. I can imagine some innocent censor looking at that and saying, "They're talking football,
that's wholesome!" 

It shouldn't be possible to look sexy with that wig and moustache, but he still managed it. The man just never lets us down! 


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