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SOTW: Episode #62 - Illustrated Steele
by Xenos1981    (December 28 2007)
Typing quickly...The kids are bound and gagged and locked in the closet, but I can hear them starting to gnaw their way through the restraints. Illustrated Steele is the next SOTW!!! Mmmmmmm...Near "walkie-talkie sex" with Mr. Steele...Mmmmmmmm!!! 

Crap! Gotta go! They've been watching Remington with me and they're working on the lock! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68
I view all the episodes with an open mind, but I had a hard time warming up to this one and I just didn't care for this episode. But of course, this episode is from Season Three, my least favorite Season (I'm not even thinking of Season Five). 

However, I must admit that I liked a few things about "Illustrated Steele". It was a pleasure to see Laura so excited about going on vacation with Remington. I don't remember this type of excitement in any of the other episodes, but I may be wrong. 

I loved the back and forth conversation on the walkie-talkie. It was actually kind of sexy. 

My favorite one liner had to be Remington to Laura "your idea of a vacation is coming back late from lunch". It's neat that he knows her so well. 

The psycho scene along with the music was pretty good. 

The look that Steele gave Laura when he found out that Mildred was going with him on the skiing trip was just wonderful. 

I also liked Remington's brown coat, Laura's black coat, and the skiing outfits. And of course, PB with the red sweater looked awfully good. I wish that I had a quarter, no make that a dollar since it's not worth what it used to, for every time we all write that PB looked good. 

I disliked several things about this episode. To begin with I hated the doll face name, as it was yucky seeing how Laura appeared in the comics. The plot was not a bit of interesting to me and the co-stars were so unappealing. In fact, Arte was extremely annoying. I felt nothing when he died and it seemed that neither did Remington or Laura. 

And I hate to say this, but even the chemistry between Remington and Laura was off. It must have been one of those days in the RS set and I don't mean just for the writers of the episode. 

The entire episode was just kind of disappointing. 


by Neneithel 
I've always seen cartoonists as a bit creepy, so it's rather nice to have an episode showing one as a murderer and another as an egotistical loon. 

I loved the scene with the walkie-talkies, especially the fact that Steele had equipped himself with all possible comforts. Laura might have been a little less eager to flirt with him had she seen his heater. 

Can't agree, Isabel, on the lack of chemistry. One of the scenes I have to force myself not to use in every single songvid is the "Gaslight" one. Look at the way they look at each other and tell me there isn't enough chemistry there to blow up the world! 

I love so much about this one, level-headed Laura getting spooked by a house, Steele assuring her it wasn't like Psycho just before being dramatically proved wrong, Laura's eagerness for a holiday and Steele's nervousness. Laura even turns his safe fantasy of a group of people in a ski lodge into a very unsafe scene involving just two people. 

Steele exhibits a very good understanding of Laura, especially when he makes the trip to Aspen a dare. Laura's dress in the final scene is one of my favourites for her, but they both look great throughout. 

I found the idea of women wanting to mother Artie very odd. Add an S and I can imagine women eager to smother him, but then I have always had a low tolerance for creepy blokes who spend all their time drawing their fantasies. 

Laura's claim that her sister took her to see Psycho when she was four seems very odd. How would a four year old get in to see a film like that?

by picac
I'm cheating. We did this last year as part of Underrated Steel and I'm reposting. So if it sometimes seems as if I'm responding to previous posts that aren't here, I am. ;) 

Illustrated Steele 

This is a turning the tables episode in a couple of respects and that’s the main reason I enjoy it. I usually always enjoy those. It's not a Top 20 episode but it's not bottom 20 either. Then I'm not sure I have a bottom 20 -- more like a bottom 3 or so. 

Dashing Dave & Dollface are very 1940s private detective noir names – as is the style of the comic strip. And yikes, those blanks eyes are right out of the Little Orphan Annie playbook. I agree that Steele’s drawings of them are better than Arte’s – with or without the creepy dead doll eyes. 

As concerns the vacation, Steele is playing hard to get. He's deliberately provoking Laura's interest by pretending not to be interested and not believing she'd ever actually go away with him so why get all excited which is in turn making her more proactive to prove that she's indeed interested. He's tried the chasing her around and this time he decided to stand still and see if she'd do the chasing and she does -- she basically asks herself along and then starts to make plans. 

There's also the neat twist on their usual roles where Laura is being very protective of the client -- maybe too much so while Steele is the one that becomes suspicious and won't let it go. 

Arte is too unbelievably puppy dog eyed/pouty lipped and the fact that all these women fall for his line is a bit much. But I guess we’re surpassed to see that he brings out some maternal (sometimes sexual – yikes) feeling in women that makes them want to protect him. Then again his male editor/publisher is also suckered in. 

First Steele thinks it’s open and shut and then Laura wants to still investigate, then after Kelly is killed it’s Laura that thinks it’s closed and Steele is suspicious. It’s similar to one of their earlier episodes Etched in Season One. But here it’s added to in that Steele is also delaying their trip (one he’s longed for for years) to do more investigating – questioning witnesses, poking holes in Arte's story, figuring out who was the real Blaster creator, putting together a timeline and actually putting off a willing and eager Laura. 

And how does Steele know, because the blue pencil on the panels doesn’t make sense– and how does he know – he’s had a spot of commercial art training. I love that they used once again one of their leads talents in the show. Steele knows about commercial art because once upon a time Pierce was a commercial artist. I’m just wondering how Steele’s dabbling with commercial art fits in his time line – did it come before or after boxing, fire breathing, gold prospecting or smuggling? 

I love the walkie talkie surveillance scene– from Steele using their comic strip names and Laura starting to and then stopping herself – to Steele’s wandering binoculars and convenient space heater to their little talk about the future scenario at the ski lodge. 

Laura pulls out a movie reference with the Psycho House (though it’s a stretch to believe that she could name the studio) and they wind up tumbling down the stairs at the hands of a woman with a knife just like the detective in the film – although Laura is lucky to just hurt her foot -- poor Martin Balsam in the film broke his neck. 

This is a rare episode where we get 3 film references -- Psycho, Gaslight and How To Murder Your Wife. I wonder what the record is in one episode? Yuliya probably has it in Counts Of Steele on her site. What's even better is that none are tenuous -- they’re all very appropriate and fitting. 

In the end though it sadly turns out as it always does, they don't go away together though Laura makes sure to saddle er generously provide him with a chaperon who'll chase off any ski bunnies er keep him company. Couldn’t she have gone to the lodge and just sipped hot buttered rum (a tradition but yes it sounds disgusting) in front of the fire with Mr Steele? Who needs to actually ski? This entire episode is proof positive that diligence and hard work never pay off – if Steele had ignored his suspicions and need to tie up details and be the great Remington Steele he’d have finally prevailed in the vacation sweepstakes. ;-) 

SOTW Archives

by MickeyBoggs
Our second Sakmar/Lenhart script also has an unusual plot device. 

Memorable Stuff 

- Very clever opening sequence with comic art imitating life - or is it the other way around? I like the way this device is used throughout. 
- LOL at Mildred's gracious offer "If you'd just let me put these on the computer...". Yeah, you and what army? It would take MONTHS to get all that stuff entered. 
- Cute sequence of R&L reading The Blaster together. Though if it hadn't been pointed out to me, I don't think I'd have thought of R&L just from looking at Dashing Dave & Dollface. 
- Is Mr. Stubin (at the cartoon syndicate) a cousin of Ron, the director of the Stanford Alumni Glee Club?! 
- Sweet conversation about après ski in Aspen. Sigh. If only we could have seen them go! Love all the niceties of home that Mr. Steele brings with him. 
- As toy murders go, Raymond's had an awful lot of blood. 
- I like the scene where Mr. Steele is puzzling over the case, Laura claims it's over and accuses him of cold feet (regarding the vacation) and he quickly decides to pack up & leave. 
- Is it just coincidence that Artie is referred to as being an "indentured slave" to Raymond and his contract is for seven years - paralleling the length of contracts of many actors in series TV? 
- Mary Beth Evans will, to me, forever be sweet Kayla Brady from DOOL so I just laugh to see her playing a murderer. 

Character Development 

- I'm a little surprised at Laura's unwillingness to put the agency's files on disc. Nothing says you can't keep the paperwork too. I thought it was Mr. Steele who didn't like computers. Laura's used them enough that it shouldn't be an issue. Plus, having the paperwork on disc would allow them to move older cases to offsite storage - freeing up space for the newer cases. Though I do chuckle at her "You hit a wrong button and you bring a whole new meaning to Gone in 60 Seconds". Movie titles infiltrating everyday speech don't seem all that odd anymore, do they Miss Holt? 
- Mr. Steele's apparent nonchalance at the Aspen snow report. I love the way he knows that the way to interest his "impossible challenge" is to give her an "impossible challenge" of her own. 
- Love how Laura responds to the challenge by producing the airline tickets to Aspen - with an open return, no less! 
- Like Laura's not-so-innocent inquiry that reveals that Mr. Steele had a dash of commercial art training - and how she grins when she's found out. I like that she just tucks that bit of info away and doesn't press further. 
- For once Laura's more excited about the vacation than Mr. Steele. They've got airline tickets. They've got a place to stay. She's bought the lift tickets (all done on AWFULLY short notice!) She really looks like she can't wait to go! 
- Murphy and Laura may have had their alphabet shorthand (C&D, E&F), but Mr. Steele and Laura have developed their own: he says Gaslight and she knows what he means. 

Favorite lines 

L: It seems Aspen has just received 5 inches of fresh powder over an 8-foot packed base. (words any skier loves to hear!) 
R: Your idea of a vacation is coming back late from lunch! 
Sid: A couple of months back he came to me with an idea for a strip that was great, just great! Of course, I had to turn it down. 
L: Why? 
Sid: This isn't television, Miss Holt. We don't change our shows like dirty underwear. 
R: Laura, your slap-dash approach to this case is absolutely unfathomable! 
R: Yes, well. Another missed opportunity Miss Holt? Looks like we're never gonna get together, doesn't it? (leaves) 
L: (looking at the Dave & Dollface drawing) Don't bet on it Mr. Steele. (This line gave me SUCH HOPE when during the series' original run. Sigh.) 

Hair & Clothing 

- Mr. Steele's suits, as usual, look perfect on him 
- Love Laura's ski jacket & hat. Walking around in what appear to be the ski boot liners is a bit odd, though! 
- Love the red sweater w/the blue turtleneck on Mr. Steele and his ski jacket brings out the blue of his eyes. 
- Mildred looks so cute in her ski gear! 

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc 
- Frances took a four-year-old Laura to see Psycho?! From various timelines I've seen, Frances would only have been about age 10 herself. Somehow I just can't see Abigail letting the two of them go off to a movie together! 
- For other SMK fans, the Speedy Express guy also played Ernie, the geek who could pick certain faces out of surveillance tapes 
- I think this is the only time we see our duo wear their seatbelts 
- SueJue's lovely PAXed scene: 
- And with a nod to our prolific archive-keeper, her story that's appropriate for both Aspen and Christmas: 

A few notes about the skiing items in this episode that I notice now - but didn't notice originally as I wasn't a skier then: 
- "8-foot packed base" - normally ski resorts would report this as a 96-inch base. I think that's just 'cause it sounds bigger! 
- I'd never just throw the skis loose in the back seat of the car and then expect the airlines to carefully wrap them up! But I suspect it's more a visual effect than anything else. 
- Unless you know somebody, getting last-minute accommodations in Aspen is next-to-impossible. But then again, maybe the name "Remington Steele" can open some doors that my name doesn't! 
- As a beginner Mildred would NEVER have skis that long, even in the 80s; her skis would be about as high as her shoulder. But the comic visual effect of her with skis twice her height is great. 

by MickeyBoggs

This is a rare episode where we get 3 film references -- Psycho, Gaslight and How To Murder Your Wife. I wonder what the record is in one episode? Yuliya probably has it in Counts Of Steele on her site. What's even better is that none are tenuous -- they’re all very appropriate and fitting.

A more tenuous connection is Arte's statement When Dick Darkside was chased by killer Dobermans and the next day a strange dog came at me like Cujo, I didn't even get the connection. 

And yes, if Laura just wanted to sit around the lodge and enjoy the fireplace, she'd likely have plenty of company. But if she couldn't ski, I don't see Mr. Steele spending much time on the slopes himself. And it's not like she was in a body cast! They could have found plenty of ways to, um, keep themselves entertained, I think! 

by Neneithel
I don't find Laura's reluctance odd at all. Computers then were notoriously bad at keeping data. I was doing computer studies at the time and our teacher continually told us to have multiple copies of everything and it was standard practice in most businesses at that time to have both paper and computer copies of everything. I remember someone complaining that widespread distrust of computers for data storage had meant that the "paperless office" that had been predicted was further away than ever as people printed out more and more copies to ensure nothing was lost if the computers went wrong. It was five or ten years later that computers began to be taken seriously by most people.
by edr1109
I have just a couple of quick thoughts on this one. It is better than I remembered it with several twists and turns and great role reversal. 

I love that Laura and Remington have more secret talents i.e. illustration and downhill skiing. These have got to be two of the most talented people ever. Feel free to add to the following lists. I know I've forgotten a ton of stuff: 

Laura: downhill skiing, gymnastics, swimming, singing, running, biking, piano, golf, tennis, baseball, thwarting Remington's advances 

Remington: illustration, picking a lock, tennis, burglary, sailing, skiing, polo, horseback riding, cooking, gambling, keeping his libido in check 

Despite the ending I really do think Laura was planning to go through with the trip and maybe with finally giving into Remington's advances. Two properly working ankles would not have been required for that. But then again, Wilson suggested that Laura was pretty wild in the sack and after waiting all this time, maybe she wanted to be on her "A" game. 

Mary Beth Evans will, to me, forever be sweet Kayla Brady from DOOL so I just laugh to see her playing a murderer.

LOL. By the way she and Patch are back on Days according to a commercial I saw recently and she looks almost exactly the same. 

Headscratcher: How on Earth did Laura and Remington pull off suspending a grand piano from a building by themselves?? 


by Neneithel
I wondered about the piano too. 

I agree that Laura meant to go through with it. It was Steele who seemed nervous and likely to back out. However, with a damaged ankle, she couldn't pretend she was there to ski and there was no way she could let him know before they set out that she was only going there for more romantic reasons. Laura, like Steele, always needs a way to save face if things go wrong.

by everglade68  

It was Steele who seemed nervous and likely to back out.

Did we see the same episode? 


by Xenos1981
Cheating! From our previous discussion... (Sorry if some of it doesn't make sense now!) 

Ladies, ladies, ladies. I have to get here sooner. You've all said everything that needs to be said. TeenSteele..."That man has some fine motor skills, which he may feel free to use on me." You sound like me! LOL! TOTALLY agree with you! 
Like everyone else...I LOVED the walkie-talkie (almost) sex. (And there was something else you could have substituted for the missing "kiss" at the end of Remington's attempted seduction!) 

Really enjoyed the "Dashing Dave" and "Doll Face" thing. Very noir-ish. Cute!!! 

Loved the role reversal...As I've stated tirelessly before, I LOVE it when Laura's the aggressor in their relationship! Yes, Remington tricked her into it, but GOOD FOR HIM!!! Love the body language between the two when they're in the limo...a sign of EXCELLENT acting. Turn the volume down and you can still figure out the dynamics of the two and what's going on. 

One thing that hasn't been mentioned are the clothes. This isn't one of my favorite episodes for nice clothes, but I have to say...Stephanie looks GREAT in red. OK, the outfit was totally 80s, but that's definitely her color. And Pierce ALWAYS looks freakin' hot in a blue dress shirt (which normally I'm indifferent to)! It brings out the blue in his eyes (as if he really needs to). Is it getting hot in here?! Oh, and I loved when Laura was in her little ski bunny outfit sitting on his desk. How cute was she?! And at the end when Remington is leaning over her desk with his ski jacket on...WOOF!!! 

I also thought the episode was shot well...the cartoon/reality back-and-forth was a nice touch. 

HUH? Moment: How a little thing like Cindy was able to push a stone gargoyle off the roof. Yeah. OK. Suspension of disbelief. 

Good episode all around. (Sorry, Isabel!) 

AND NOW FOR A COUPLE OF NEW COMMENTS: This is now the fourth appearance by a Days of our Lives alumni. (Patsy "Kimberly Brady" Pease was Shari, Murphy's girlfriend in "Steele In Circulation"; John Ingle the most recent "Mickey Horton" was the convention announcer in "Steele Sweet On You"; Wortham "Cal Winters" Krimmer was Everett Blaisdale in "Diced Steele"; and now Mary Beth "Kayla Johnson" Evans as Cindy in this episode...Whom I just wanted to slap silly for being such a wuss. But then she was the killer! Whoa! Kayla!!! LOL!) 

I didn't see Remington being nervous about going away with Laura either, Helen. What scene are you talking about? I'll need to go back and watch. 

Can't say enough about how FREAKIN' HOT Pierce looked in that ski jacket! OMG, OMG, O...M...G!!! That man could melt that five inches of fresh powder over an eight foot packed base in a matter of seconds!!! Good Lord!!! *fanning myself wildly* 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 

by Neneithel

It was Steele who seemed nervous and likely to back out. 

Did we see the same episode? 


Apparently not. I'm not sure we ever do. We so rarely agree on anything. 

He seemed positively relieved at the end, until he realised he was heading off with Mildred. 

Steele is often as nervous as Laura. Frankly, I'd like him far less if he wasn't. 


by Neneithel
Steele actually did some detective work to put off having to leave and then, when Laura's ankle prevented her from going, he was practically rejoicing (until landed with Mildred). For all his clever plotting, he hadn't really expected Laura to go through with it. 

If the ankle hadn't intervened, I have no doubt they would have gone away together, but I bet he would have been a bundle of nerves. 


by picac
It's not the first time Steele has done detective work nor is it the first or last time he was right and Laura was wrong. Steele didn't trust Artie and he knew that the clues were not adding up which Laura ignored when he presented them to her. Just because Laura said he only asks her on the jaunts because he knows she'll turn them down doesn't make it so. At no time did Steele appear nervous that Laura had accepted him, but rather he was preoccupied with solving a murder when she wanted to close the case. There's really no reason for Laura still not to go with her ankle except she wouldn't have the excuse that they went there to just ski when it's obvious that wasn't why they were going in the first place. He's amused in the end tag because he knew she'd find an excuse in the end for not going and less than amused when he gets saddled with Mildred and any chance of flirting with snow bunnies dies a quick death. :D
by Neneithel
By this stage, Steele isn't interested in snow bunnies. The fact that it's obvious they're not going for the skiing doesn't mean she doesn't need that excuse and that is the only reason she backs out with the ankle. She was seriously intending to go through with it. Look at the way Steele gulps when she shows him the tickets. It's not the look of a man delighted, it's a look of fear. 
by picac
I don't see any gulps or nervousness from Steele in that scene. I don't see any fear by Steele for having sex EVER. If Laura wanted to go she'd have gone, there's no valid excuse for her not to go. The bad ankle doesn't cut it. She could easily sit in the ski lodge with him in front of a roaring fire and then make love if that's what she wanted. As for snow bunnies, Steele likes to flirt whether he carries through or not, it's delightfully part of his nature. Being saddled with Mildred at the lodge and on the slopes is a definite crimp in his style and Laura knows it and that's why she saddled him with Mildred. She's a built in guard dog. She surely doesn't do it to make Steele happy otherwise she wouldn't have sprung it on him at the last moment and given him no choice.
by Neneithel
Of course she sends Mildred to keep him in line, but she has nothing to worry about. I must confess, I find it funny that when he flirts you find it delightful, yet when Laura flirts, you're furious with her. 

Steele is not afraid of sex, but of his feelings for Laura. There is a lot more than sex going on between them. He frequently tries and tries to get her to go away with him or stay with him and then is anxious or even desperate for a way out when she goes along with it. I haven't actually done the count, but I'd say their avoidance of consummation is about equal. 

Laura needs to be able to say she is only going to ski, even if she knows he won't believe it. Therefore, the ankle does prevent her from going. I am sure she would have gone otherwise.

by picac
Well I could say that Steele is more charming than Laura and that he also flirts more naturally but that would not be a point grounded in right and wrong, just in personal preference and enjoyment in watching him. ;) Actually I am not furious when Laura flirts (and she does it with supposed old beaus and friends at times). Flirting is natural even when in a relationship as long as it's within bounds. But when someone sticks her tongue down another man's throat on her honeymoon on several occasions I tend to find it in bad taste. 

I've never seen Steele anxious or desperate for her to turn him down. He's more than willing even when they're not "together" and in the middle of being stalked by a murderer (see Blue Blooded). Quite the opposite. Whereas I can could find a multitude of times for Laura turning him down for a multitude of different reasons. If it's Monday it's worry she can't keep him in line after, if it's Tuesday it must be fear he'll leave town the day after, if it's Wed it must be losing her independence, if it's Thur it's she needs words not deeds, if it's Friday she's just too tired, if it's Saturday it's her ankle -- if it's Sunday she probably hasn't shaved her legs. 

That Laura would need to say that to save face or play games rather than do what she wants --- to go away on a vacation and make love -- would makes her a bit of a boob. If she's too afraid to out right say that's what she wants to do then she's too afraid to do it. She doesn't want to go, she's not ready - otherwise she'd have gone numerous other times which she doesn't. Heck there's not even need to go away, they both have apartments and a big office desk. 

by Neneithel
Neither of them is ready at this stage. It's lucky she did injure her ankle, because it buys them both time. 

The two of them are involved in a courtship dance, one advances and the other retreats. I like it like that. It's better than him behaving like some kind of stalker towards a woman who isn't interested.

by picac
Laura's interested but she's scared (and in the beginning IMO rightfully so - just much less so as the years went on). As a result she makes a plethora of excuses to delay the inevitable, her mind refuses to get in sync with her heart or libido. She lets him into her life, she wants a relationship, she's just not ready to advance it sexually. That he's more blatantly and honestly interested in a physical relationship and wants that sooner than she does would not make him a stalker. To quote Pierce Brosnan, "he wanted to jump her bones". That's perfectly healthy. Sex wasn't an all or nothing thing for Steele as regards Laura as it seemed to be for Laura as regards Steele. It of course meant more to him as the relationship went on, there was a definite emotional connection, but he didn't need iron clad gaurantees, he didn't believe that sex would demand huge changes (but hell he'd already changed to be with her, more than she did to be with him). He wasn't as afraid of what came next.

by Neneithel
I think that holds good for the first episode, maybe the first couple, but when they kiss, things change. Everyone always notices her confusion after the kiss but misses the look on his face. He's scared precisely because he didn't think at first it would be such a big deal. I would say he soon becomes more scared than Laura, because he has far more things in his past that lead him to be afraid of needing someone. 

By the way, I don't know if you ever got to see the songvid I did for you. It's at 

by picac
I think Steele by rights should be completely scarred by his childhood and much of his adulthood, it's Dickensian. He has every right to be completely screwed up, to be angry, to be dark, to be scared of life and love -- but as a character I don't think he is. When the writers give darker elements to his life it seems more for plot points than characterization because they rarely follow through in any depth. It's Pierce that gives more depth and soul to the character - that lets the glimmers of darkness show as something real and substantive under what is overall a character of so much joy, pleasure and light in how he's played and written. But while he should be afraid he's a bigger risk taker than Laura, his whole life as Steele is a risk. Laura takes risks with the agency and her career but it's not on the same scale. I think staying there for years, reshaping his entire existence is far riskier than having sex. Physical intimacy just doesn't seem to be a big roadblock to him, it's part of a what's a much bigger package -- it's not the line in the sand that defines before and after as it does for Laura. Yes it would mean more the longer he stayed and was with her but he didn't need gauruntees or to make gauruntees to want and pursue physical intimacy. 

Thank you so much. I haven't seen it and I'll go and download it now. :)

by Neneithel
I agree that the actual sex is not as big a deal for him as for Laura, at least in his estimation, but I also think he's aware that after he has slept with her, he will find it far harder to walk away and he is afraid of what else may happen between them as part of the whole package. His reluctance to say "I love you" is part of that. He knows that, this time, he would mean it and the sex would be more than mere physical interaction. 

I think Steele was written as a pretty dark character, but Pierce definitely brought out that side of him a lot more. No lesser actor could have done such a good job. 

by edr1109   
I totally saw that nervousness from him too. Panic almost.
by Xenos1981  
OK, Helen and Emily. I'm totally confused. I watched the end scene again. I see Remington excited that he's FINALLY gonna get to go on vacation with Laura (and looking unbelievably HOT in his ski jacket)...I see Laura backing out...I see Remington disappointed (and looking unbelievably HOT in his ski jacket)...I see Laura torturing Remington (who looks unbelievably HOT in his ski jacket) by having Mildred join him instead of her...I see Remington flustered and pissed (and looking unbelievably HOT in his ski jacket) that he's going with Mildred. Where is he nervous about going away with Laura? Help! 

A confused Xenos 

Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by Neneithel  
Look at the scene in the car where Laura shows him the tickets. Look at his face (always an easy assignment, eh?). He looks like a man about to go to the dentist or to an execution. I notice, because he always looks so adorable when he's scared.
by dtalley 
At no point do I see him looking scared about going away with Laura. He seems surprised that his 
ploy is working, but I don't see him looking scared about it. I see him playing a game with Laura, 
acting a bit uninterested because he's sure she'll back out. He knows how she loves a challenge. 
I just see his behavior as a challenge. 


by Neneithel  
Yes, in the office, it's the same thing. It's definitely fear.
by judithmoose-2
The only time I've observed him having anything remotely resembling emotional fear when it came to Laura was when they were locked in the casket during "Dreams of Steele" when he was hesitating about asking her if she'd ever had dreams about their relationship. (I've left "Steele of Approval" out on purpose) Believe me, if he had thought that he was really, truly going to get to "cross that line, turn that corner, and take advantage of all of the other euphamisms for going to bed with someone" he would have picked her up and carried her out of her office. No, that look of his was the bitter disappointment of knowing that he'd be living as a monk for quite a while longer and that she'd sent Mildred as his watchdog. Remember Mildred's reaction to the possibility of him flirting with another woman in "Steele Eligible" ("Nothing's getting sampled tonight except the duck."). So by her going along, he knew that not only would he not being enjoying Laura's company, but no one else's either even if he had wanted to.
by Neneithel  
I still say his look in the car is a look of fear. I've watched it many times, trying to see how it could be anything else and it just isn't.
by judithmoose-2
Well, I've got the script sitting here and the look calls for one of dread. If Pierce did something other than that then you're obviously the only person in the "Steele" world who saw it.
by Neneithel    
Dread is a synonym for fear, so it looks like I'm right, doesn't it?
by TeenSteele
Okay, I too am cheating, and am reposting my review. Interestingly enough, this was apparently my first SOTW ever, and re-reading it, you can clearly tell that it was heh heh... 

Well, it's a neat intro, but we can HEAR Arte braking when he's riding down Malibu Canyon. And really, who on earth has THAT many files?! Typical Steele behaviour, tells Mildred not to disturb him when he's merely reading comics. Seriously, who laughs out loud, THAT loud, when reading newspaper comics? They must have really been funny because Mr.Steele has good taste, and most newspaper comics aren't that good.! 

Orphan Annie eyes lol! and dashing dave? more like stupendous steele with his "steeley blue eyes" *sigh* so true, you can say that again. Aww, Laura was Junior Downhill Champ when she was 10. And I LOVE Remy's Rayban glasses. I went out and got myself a pair after I saw him wear them for the first time :) 

"We're here to see Raymond Kelly, not Norman Bates" Hehe, I liked that quote, very cute and Steeley. 

I really loved how Laura showed she was a step ahead of him by handing him (with a smirky face) the "open return" tickets 

"Dashing Dave to Dollface. Come in Dollface" Oh my gosh! I loved the walkie talkie scene! "..Big warm *ACHOO*...handkerchief" That's pretty much the closest thing to phone sex we'll ever get between them lol. 

Arte sure is nice for being a murderer. What with drawing his detectives a picture of them all while taking time out of his busy killing schedule to do so. Also, he should consider a career in acting! I mean did we not see him fake cry not once, but TWICE! First time after the "accident" when he kills Ray, then the second time at Ray's funeral. 

Those were UBER good drawings that Remy did to give to Arte. That man has some fine motor skills, which he may feel free to use on me. Also, even though I knew it was coming, that 'Pyscho' scene on the stairs still made me jump lol, but I WAS sitting in the dark... 

All in all, I do enjoy watching this episode occasionally. Perhaps though, the reason is because I really do have a soft spot for all things cartoon, or uh, "graphic novel" I should say. Nice R/L interaction, but not very much of it :( 

I can't believe I wrote that when I was "almost 17 years old" because now, I'm almost 18 years old! Dang, time flies when you have Steele. 
Oh, and looking back, I'd like to think that my critique writing has improved a lot since I was 16... I used a lot of very very teenage phrases in there. 

"Who watches the watchmen?" 

by everglade68
Almost 18 yrs. old, TeenSteele, you are right time passes quickly. I know 
you are now older and wiser, so where is the post for this week's SOTW? 
Have a great year, enjoy these last teen yrs. 


by TeenSteele
Scary isn't it? roughly 60 days until I hit the big one-eight. 
Can't believe I've been posting here for so long!!! 

"Who watches the watchmen?" 

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