Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist
SOTW: Episode #63-  Steele In The Chips
by Xenos1981    (Thu Nov 9 2006 06:24:01 ) 

Tomorrow's episode is "Steele in the Chips", kids! Get out your notebooks and start taking notes. (This means you, Neeney!) Also, it would be helpful if everyone listened to the commentary on it, too.

CHALLENGE: Picac, you need to find something good about it (other than "Pierce looked damn good". That's a given!) LOL!

Happy posting,

by jrdedrick  (Thu Nov 9 2006 07:56:05 ) 

Yes MA'AM!!! I'm planning on it. I'm gonna watch it once with the commentary and once without it.


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by picac    (Thu Nov 9 2006 08:53:44 ) 


That adult is hiding in a closet or words to that affect scene -- I love Steele's unconcealed contempt and disbelief. Obviously he can't believe Laura would stoop that low either -- Clay the weasel makes Butch Beamis look like a prize. Steele's Groucho walk to make Geena Davis look even taller. That poor astronaut shilling stuff at at the supermarket-- it's sad because it's close to reality. 

Um that's about it. Other than Pierce looking good of course. ;-)

by dtalley    (Thu Nov 9 2006 09:55:01 ) 
I've already written my "Chips" thoughts . . . when can I post them?


by picac    (Thu Nov 9 2006 10:08:49 ) 
When it hits Friday -- post away.

Debra, since you won't say it I will. Your story "Steele In The Mood" with the cola is immeasurabely funnier and better written. Everyone go read it. :)

by DCZinger    (Thu Nov 9 2006 13:13:58 ) 

The scene that still steams me up is the one where Laura and that idiot Clay Platt ( how's THAT for a character name...) are having lunch and Clay tells Laura that HE made 36K to her 24K at Havenhurst...AND he got a company car too! Grrrrrrrr!

Is THAT a good motivation for our Miss Holt to invent a superior and take control of her destiny? And THANK GOD her destiny decided to walk and talk and came with a killer pair of blue eyes. 

What she saw in Clay, I'll never know. 


by dtalley    (Thu Nov 9 2006 14:30:16 ) 

I don't think she ever saw anything in Clay. I always thought she was just trying to make R jealous, to get back at him about the tennis player (whose name I can never spell!)


by picac    (Thu Nov 9 2006 14:45:17 ) 

I always get the feeling that they did burn some midnight oil together because of the way they act toward each other even when Steele isn't around. Besides why would Laura think Clay would make Steele jealous? He's repulsive. It just makes Laura look like she has bad taste or a brain hemmorage. Really, since SZ was writing this script you'd have thought she'd come up with someone better for Laura. That and Butch Beamis -- all in the same season -- it's just too much to take.

It's actually sickening to see the very lovely and damn good sport Ms. Dalrymple walk off at the end with that sleezeball. That's another thing I like in the episode, the casting is quite good but then it usually is with RS. 

by murtlegroggins    (Thu Nov 9 2006 18:33:14 ) 

My favourite part is when Remington pulls Laura off Mildred as she strangles her and in doing so he grabs Laura right around the boobs!!! (listen to the commentary too - it is funny!!!) Sigh!....if only that was me....
by jrdedrick  (Thu Nov 9 2006 19:02:55 ) 

Ok, Xenos. I have my notes. Now if I can just make heads or tails out of them, I'll post them. Hopefully by tomorrow.


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by Xenos1981    (Thu Nov 9 2006 19:37:47 )

OK, first...Murtle, you're starting to sound like me! Heh-heh-heh!

Second...Neeners, you seem to be getting a jump on us, babe! It's only Thursday. Most of us aren't watching until Friday night! But don't let me discourage you. Post away!!!

Third...I'm glad you're planning on posting, Debra! You're always so positive...I'm sure you can help me defend Steph and "Chips"!


by jrdedrick  (Thu Nov 9 2006 19:50:58 ) 

Well I planned on watching it twice anyway, once with the commentary and once without, to round out my notes. So I have another viewing and it'll give me time to read and sort my notes. 


Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to! 

by dtalley    (Thu Nov 9 2006 20:32:14 ) 

"Chips" isn't a favorite of mine, but I'm going to stand up for it. You just need to look at it as slapstick comedy. Even the music is pure slapstick. When I need to be entertained by something silly and fun, this is a fun episode for me to watch.

The original script Stephanie and Robin wrote was much better than what was filmed, but the network nixed one of their storylines at almost the last minute. I've read their original version and it's really funny. Remington buys a bag of aphrodisiac cookies at Lila's Delights and keeps feeding them to an unsuspecting Laura throughout the episode. If anyone has read my fanfic "Steele in the Mood", you'll recognize that Thekla and I were inspired by Steph and Robin's original idea.

Also keep in mind that SZ and RB were given a specific time period to write for--notice PB's extremely short hair, and you can tell this was one of the earliest shows filmed 3rd season. It was supposed to take place soon after the Cannes decision, but NBC kept delaying it and delaying it until even SZ wasn't sure they were even going to air it--and when NBC did finally air it, during the sweeps period, it was *totally* out of context because R & L had already recanted the Cannes agreement and the thaw was in full swing

Things I love about "Chips":
-R on the tennis court with Ms. Dalrymple. He show us right off that *he's* the desperate man in this episode. Loves the way he comes up with an expanding 'company slogan'.

-L and R's double-take when they show each other the picture of their missing guy and realize it's the same person.

-The Agency getting ransacked numerous times and their reactions each time. Can't help laughing outloud when R takes off running into his office yelling "Ms. Dalrymple! Ms. Dalrymple". I think this is when he accidentally steps in an empty cardboard box, shakes it off and just keeps going, like the Energized Bunny. 

-The fact that Ms. Dalrymple threw up on the Agency carpet. R's busy comforting Ms. Dalrymple and L just ignores that whole situation and gets down to business on the phone getting the coroner's prelimenary report.

-The entire bomb scene is a riot and the music is just perfect! Love how they all play Hot Potato with it before L leads R into the corrider towards the elevator, physically hurls the innocent bystander out of the elevator, and then they all throw themselves on top of each other for protection from the bomb blast.

-Love how R follows L to La Boheme and seeing her kidnapped, comes up with a clever plan all on his own to rescue her. Go, Remington. Love him saying, "Julio Inglesa no es en la casa." (I don't see that phrase in Nancy's transcript, but I remember hearing it.)

-The escape in the Auburn from Varicorp after L is rescued and L jumps onto the running board and starts kicking at the bad guys chasing them.

-L holding tight to R to keep him from attacking M, and the L doing the same to him a moment later.

-Everyone running around the outside hallways of the school and the everyone meeting in the boys room. (SZ was showing us some of her scatological humor here.)

I didn't rewatch the episode before writing this, so feel free to correct any misremembrances.

Xenos, thanks for saying that I'm 'always so positive'. I do try to look for the good and not get hung up on the negative.

Ace, Thank you for the compliment about "Steele in the Mood". The story also has a lot of in-jokes based on some of the tabloid gossip columns that came out during the run of the show. Those made the story even that much more fun to write!

Re: Steele In The Chips
by Xenos1981    (Fri Nov 10 2006 06:29:16 ) 
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Debra, thank you for your post. I will keep all of this in mind while watching "Chips" tonight. Regarding... 

The original script Stephanie and Robin wrote was much better than what was filmed, but the network nixed one of their storylines at almost the last minute. I've read their original version and it's really funny. Remington buys a bag of aphrodisiac cookies at Lila's Delights and keeps feeding them to an unsuspecting Laura throughout the episode.
WHAT?!?! You can't keep us hangin', babe!!! Did the cookies work? Did Laura throw herself at Remington? How far did they go? SPILL, Debra!!! My, my, my...My mind's in overdrive now. THINK of the possibilities, eh?


P.S. I, too, have read "Steele In The Mood". Heh-heh-heh...VERY funny indeed!

Re: Steele In The Chips
by attagrrrl    (Fri Nov 10 2006 08:01:26 ) 
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Yes, please do tell us scriptless folks more about these aphrodesiac cookies and the storyline that ensued from that. It sounds like it would have completely changed the episode. Stupid WOLF.
by dtalley    (Fri Nov 10 2006 10:34:05 ) 
by dtalley    (Fri Nov 10 2006 10:34:05 ) 
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It was NBC that nixed the aphrodisiac cookie subplot, not FOX. Those scenes were never filmed.

Here's an excerpt from MysteryNet regarding the early draft of "Chips". It was written by Susannah.

>At one point, Steele buys some aphrodisiac cookies from Lila's Delights, with which he plies Laura throughout the episode. At one point, they go back to Munsinger's apartment to look for clues. Laura searches and suddenly announces, "I want to go to bed, now!" Steele can't believe how fast the cookies are working, and his good fortune, as he follows her into the ransacked bedroom and closes the door. Then, to his dismay, Laura displays several electronic bugs that she'd found in her search. (He looks like he wants his money back on those cookies.)

Also, the guy from Hayvenhurst, Clay, is not anyone Laura is happy to see again. When they are trading info at the restaurant, he gets drunker quicker, and his questions, and Laura's answers, more hilarious. Laura asks about the case; he answers. He asks her, "How big are your ****** ?" She replies, "38D." She asks about the case; he answers. He asks, "Are you wearing any underwear?" She replies, "No," and, delighted, he falls face down into his plate. She pulls him up by the hair and asks him another question about the case. He answers.

Later on, the no-calorie cookies and the aphrodisiac cookies get mixed up.<


by jrdedrick  (Fri Nov 10 2006 10:38:40 ) 

Now that sounds like a plot that would have been WORTH seeing! 


Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to! 

by attagrrrl    (Fri Nov 10 2006 13:15:00 ) 

I try to blame WOLF for everything. 

Hmm. That plot does sound interesting. As long as the cookies didn't actually work, which would be silly.

by remingtonsteele-2  (Fri Nov 10 2006 13:40:10 ) 

Judith just sent me a message about this topic and says she'll share stories with us later but in the meantime had one observation to make. "He asks her, "How big are your ****** ?" She replies, "38D."" - In what lifetime and/or by way of how many boxes of tissue cause 38-D she definitely is not!
by attagrrrl    (Fri Nov 10 2006 13:42:50 ) 

I assume she was being sarcastic.
by picac    (Fri Nov 10 2006 13:45:46 ) 

I think the joke is that she's most definitley not. Heck if she said 34C it would still be a whopper of an untruth. Laura is jerking his chain and Clay is obviously so drunk he's lost all concept of reality and measurement. :D
by picac    (Fri Nov 10 2006 13:54:34 ) 

You know, $24,000 right out of college -- even 2-3 years out in the late 1970s is a pretty OK salary. The shocking thing is that anyone would pay Clay $36,000 for anything no matter how long he'd been at the agency (and he looks several years older than Laura)

But how did Laura manage to not only buy a house but open an agency on that kind of salary? And how did she manage to open Remington Steele after her first agency made no money (and probaly cost her money in rent and expenses)? How did she exist being in the red before Steele came along? What was she fending off the creditors with?

by Xenos1981    (Fri Nov 10 2006 15:02:30 ) 

Now THAT episode (the one Debra described) sounds delightful!!! (Even though I don't have too much of a problem with "Chips" as it is...though it lacks ROMANCE!!! Pffft!!!) I'm glad you wrote your story, Debra!


P.S. And if Laura is a 34D, I'm a 34F!!! LOL!!!

by remingtonsteele-2  (Fri Nov 10 2006 15:14:47 ) 

The answers to those questions are in Judith's book under the original treatment by Michael Gleason.
by everglade68    (Fri Nov 10 2006 20:11:46 ) 

I am posting tonight as I won't have time tomorrow. I saw the episode twice, with and without the commentary. As I had said before, this is not a favorite episode of mine. But I must admit that I found it more amusing this time around.

Yes, the episode is silly at times but also quite funny. The cookies looked awfully good, almost made me go buy some. I liked Laura's shorter hair and her casual clothes. The red dress, was quite lovely, that is a good color for her.

The commentary with Michael Gleason and Stephanie Zimbalist was a show in itself. Just loved all the juicy information that they gave us, like how Stephanie's pants split in one of the shows and she had no underwear. I found it interesting that SZ pointed out how PB had grabbed her boobs in this episode, and how she then found it important to let us know that it was the first time he had done that and that it never happened again. I didn't think it was necessary for her to have to explain that to us.

I noticed that it is hard for me to really like an episode when there is no meaningful scene between Laura and Remington. I wonder if SZ and her friend wrote this episode with that in mind.


by dtalley    (Fri Nov 10 2006 20:31:40 ) 

Steph and Robin were assigned a specific time period to write an episode for - and that was the period soon after the Cannes decision. The lack of romance between R & L wasn't a choice of the writers. Unfortunately, "Chips" was aired way late in the season- after The Thaw in "Have I Got a Steele for You" - so it feels terribly out of place.


by everglade68    (Fri Nov 10 2006 21:09:35 ) 

Thanks Debra for the clarification, I had missed your post. Isabel
by attagrrrl    (Fri Nov 10 2006 21:29:28 )

I'm not a big fan of this episode, but I don't think it's horrible. It's just overly silly for my taste. Even though I love "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World," that kind of slapstick humor doesn't translate particularly well to RS. I also find the premise a bit silly. Maybe it's because there are so many low-calorie, low-fat, low-carb snack foods around today, but I just don't buy that people would pay millions of dollars or commit murder over a cookie recipe.

The fact that Steele and Laura are in freeze mode is not one of my problems with the episode. It's amusing to watch Laura's jealousy over Ms. Dalyrimple (sp?) and Steele's jealousy over Clay. It's subtle and I would have liked to see more, but it's definitely there. 

I don't see any sign that Laura really cares for Clay at all, and I get the feeling they are both insinuating more about their nights burning the midnight oil at Havenhurst than what actually happened. She flirts with him first to make Mr. Steele jealous and later to get information out of him, which is okay because he's an obnoxious jerk. Mr. Steele, on the other hand, does seem to have a genuine crush (which he plays up to make Laura jealous) on Ms. Dalyrimple, but who can blame him? I love Geena Davis and get a kick out of seeing her in such an early role. And I love that she throws up on the rug!

A couple of things I find odd in the episode: Why is an astronaut selling protein bars or whatever in a grocery store? Don't they give former astronauts jobs at NASA training future astronauts and developing the space program? It seems like that the astronaut gig would be easy to parlay into a pretty good job. So was this a reference to some unemployed astronaut or something that was going on at the time that I don't know about?

Also, did I miss something leading up to the final lines of the episode about "two consenting adults alone at last"? It seems like there must have been some early reference to "consenting adults" that was edited out. Or maybe it was there and I just didn't hear it??? Someone please enlighten me.

I guess that's all I have to say about this one. I haven't had a chance to listen to the commentary yet.

by brenda_grace2u    (Sat Nov 11 2006 07:01:40 ) 

I AM a fan of this episode. Mostly because it was written by Stephanie and Robyn and I for one would love a grocery list written by Ms. Zimbalist!!!

I think a lot of people had problems with this one because of how horribly out of place it was. As was ALL of Season 3! We were all ready for some post thaw romance and instead got the whole jealousy thing. Which was played very well IMO. At any rate, here is what I got from my notes.

This episode had probably the most amazing guest cast of the entire series. Yes, I'll say it again...Geena Davis AND Jean Smart in the same episode. How can you lose??

I loved the whole cloak and dagger beggining. The secret meeting in the park on a dark and windy night all for the purpose of a cookie! The car with one headlight out and the music. I don't know who did the music for this episode, but they totally captured the mood of the show.

The physical/slapstick comedy was great for me. Areobics in the office, running though the ransacked office, the bomb, 6 people in and around a school bathroom stall...all very funny. Mildred and the whole "Toes and knees, toes and knees, cookies please", and the "Danger is my life". They really gave Mildred some great lines. 

Did anyone notice how many times they said some variation of "Good Lord" in the episode?? By my count it was 5. I'd like to think that was Stephanie's input, but of course, I don't know.

And finaly, and this is kind of "out there" but it's in my notes, so I'm gonna mention it. At the end when they are all running around the school, Laura and Remington are discussing/figuring out the case as they run. To my knowledge, this was the first example of the "walking conference" perfected by the folks at "The West Wing" (another, more recent NBC show). 

Ok, that about does it for me...except for one nagging question that I have asked before and no one seems to know. It's not about this episode in paticular, just a general question. Stephanies ring....what is it??? I know daddy Zimbalist has one also, and I have never been able to get a close enough look to see what it is. Maybe Judith knows??

In closing, I DO love this episode. It definatly pushed the "silly" envelope a bit, but I thought they pulled it off nicely. But again, I would love ANYTHING that SZ wrote.


by everglade68    (Sat Nov 11 2006 07:29:08 ) 

Nice post, Brenda, very nice. Did you see the commentary, if so I would love to read your comments on that. I found it more interesting than this episode.
About Steph's ring, I swear I read something about it in this board, but right now can't remember. I will try to find the info for you.


by dtalley    (Sat Nov 11 2006 08:09:41 ) 

PB's Russian wedding ring has been mentioned, but I don't recall ever reading anything about SZ's ring.


by brenda_grace2u    (Sat Nov 11 2006 08:11:55 ) 

Are you kidding me??? YES I have done the commentary....4 maybe 5 times. LOL As well as the "Baking of Steele in the Chips". I didn't however, watch it last night. (long week, very tired).

Here are my no paticular order.

I really like how Michael and Stephanie seem to be good friends. I love how he calls her "Stephie". I wonder how many people in her life call her that. 
I loved it when she talked about how skinny she was then and how fast she moved then. She was SKINNY!!! What I would give to have EVER had that body! And then Michael saying how skinny she still is. What a guy!

Did anyone else notice how her voice changed when she talked about her "daddy". I wish they would have talked more about that.

I appreciated her kudos to Pierce. And she is right...he does use that body well!!! And how she didn't even realize until now that he "felt her up". I'm glad I wasn't drinking when I heard that. I hate it when liquids comes out my nose.

Oh, and all the tidbits about Stephanies things being used in the show. IE: the fadora's, the clock, her house. It is my goal in life to own the perfect fadora!!

Thanks for looking for the RING info...I anxiously await your digging Isabel!!

by Xenos1981    (Sat Nov 11 2006 10:36:24 ) 

Just popped in to say "hey"! Unfortunately, I have to go again. Don't have time to post. Brenda...LOVED your comments. I, too, really enjoyed this episode. *ducking, Ace* Out of place, for sure, but on its own as a stand-alone episode, it was lots of fun. (Brenda, if you liked this episode, watch "Rat Race"...Laughed my butt off! So screwy and stupidly funny. Lots of fun!) 

Just two quick comments...Pierce as a cleaning man -- HYSTERICAL!!! Doesn't get better than that! Pierce grabbing Steph's boobs -- AWESOME!!! Doesn't get better than that! Wish it was me!

More later,

by lissa_erin14    (Sat Nov 11 2006 12:12:16 ) 

Buenos Dias, Ma'am, buenos dias!

It sounds like a bomb!

I can't go in there!

by pianoRose    (Sat Nov 11 2006 17:16:47 ) 

I enjoyed this episode. It made me laugh.
by Xenos1981    (Sat Nov 11 2006 17:29:20 ) 

Alright...I just realized why I like this episode so much. Two words -- PIERCE BROSNAN!!! (Not that I don't list him as the #1 reason I like all the other episodes, mind you.) Pierce is absolutely BRILLIANT in this episode. BRILLIANT, I tell you! He is truly a master at physical comedy (for which he is often under-rated and over-looked) and this show highlights his talent perfectly. Just watch how he runs through the office, gets his foot stuck in a box and shakes it off. Watch how he totally changes his persona when playing the cleaning man. Watch how he acts around Gena Davis. Watch how he carries the bomb out of the office and puts it in the elevator. (Stephanie was very generous in writing such wonderful comedy for Pierce to play. Kudos, Steph!) 

And speaking of Stephanie...She did a marvelous job of writing some very funny stuff. Loved the scene when Laura and Remington are in Walter Munzinger's apartment and Clay is hiding in the closet. Again, we see Pierce's great comedic timing when Clay is obviously flirting with Laura and Remington pushes him back into the closet. His "be quiet" comment ALWAYS makes me laugh right out loud. Also love the skin-crawling scene between Clay and Laura in the restaurant. To take a cue from Mildred's colorful language...That slimeball!!! Wonderfully written and acted, though I would have LOVED to hear Laura say that she wore a 34D bra! Hee-Heeeeeee! How funny would THAT have been?!?! Loved that Remington kept expanding on the agency's motto. Loved that Mildred was tempted by the cookies and did exercises to try to curb her appetite. (Sorry, I'm jumping around here. Stay with me. I don't have time to organize it in chronological order...I'm just typing from memory. I didn't take notes. *ducking, Neeney*) Loved the impassioned speech Mr. Stockman gave to Laura about how cities would collapse because of the introduction of this no calorie cookie. (Remember, this was the 80s...They didn't have any real good low-cal food back then. And in my humble opinion, they still don't. But I digress.) And the ending was pure fun! Poor Mildred...She probably got more exercise on that episode than she did in years!

Yep. It was a very good episode indeed. Not in my Top Ten, but truly enjoyable. 


by jrdedrick  (Sat Nov 11 2006 18:08:07 ) 

Don't duck! I haven't thrown anything yet have I? That's pretty good for not taking notes. Maybe one of these days I'll do that.......LOL

I'll post my notes later I suppose.


Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to! 

by judithmoose-2  (Sat Nov 11 2006 18:49:07 ) 

You know, I have sat and looked at that ring for close to six hours and can't remember what it is. She wears it only on her right hand and has been since she was about 16. From what I do remember, it's a crest that has something resembling either a three or four leaf clover on it. 

Ah the heck with it. I'll ask her about it while we're talking on Monday and report back in with her response.

by Xenos1981    (Sat Nov 11 2006 18:52:37 ) 

Too cool, Judith! Thanks, babe!


by attagrrrl    (Sat Nov 11 2006 19:08:58 ) 

The "be quiet" line and the part where Steele runs through the office and gets his foot caught in the box are probably my favorite parts of the episode. Those incidents alone make it worth watching. To me they are typical RS kind of silly, whereas the speech about a cookie recipe bringing down the entire economy is just too silly. Maybe if there were a better mystery to hang all the silliness on, I would be able to get behind this episode. As it is, everyone's comments have made me appreciate it a little more.

I also would have loved to hear that 38D bit. Only a slim, flat-chested woman would write such a joke, which is why you almost never hear small boob jokes on tv. Well, the writers for Will & Grace did a lot of them, so maybe gay guys get it too. I have that body type, and I sometimes wear a "Yes, they're real" t-shirt.

by brenda_grace2u    (Sat Nov 11 2006 19:28:24 ) 

Oh Judith!! I can not thank you enough!! This has been eating at me for more than 20 years. 

Not to be stalkerish or anything...but it is really cool to have you as a "six degrees of separation" kind of thing going here. =)

Thanks again!!!!

by jrdedrick  (Sat Nov 11 2006 20:27:01 ) 

Ok, and now the moment you've all been waiting for, Neeney's notes for this episode (oh wait that's Judith's latest installment of her story that we're all waiting with bated breath for!) OOOOPPS, sorry 'bout that.... 

Anyway, whether you want them or not, here are my thoughts on this insightful and often over looked episode of Remington Steele--Steele In the Chips. (Doesn't that just make you want a chocolate chip cookie REAL BAD?)

This is NOT one of my favorite episodes but I've gotten a new found appreciation for it lately and enjoy it more and more with each viewing. First off, love all the cloak and dagger stuff over a CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE that's moist and delicious and best of all ladies and gentlemen (drum roll please) HAS ONLY ONE FRICKIN CALORIE! Or is that no calories? Well whatever it is people are willing to spend millions on it. I thought the set up at the beginning of this episode was just a LITTLE to long though. Loved the dance in the lab and the not so amused look on Walter Munsinger's face. Question here though, did he really think that by sending a huge red tin of moist delicious chocolate chip cookies to Remington Steele Investigations that they would just automatically know what to do (or NOT do as the case may be) with them?

Love how Laura rushed Mildred into doing aerobics to take her mind off the cookies and loved the look from her bent over between the legs position when the astronaut guy (forgot his name.....darn it!) came in. I never have managed to figure out what Miss Dalrymple needed with a private detective, but hey I guess they had to have SOMEONE for him to be gaa gaa over you think? Remington and Laura both have a pressing matter.....and then comes one of my favorite lines of the episode. "You show me yours I'll show you mine!"

Does Clay just spend time lurking in closets on purpose or was he hiding from Remington and Laura? Did Laura respond positively to his butt grab because she wanted Remington to be jealous? She responded much more aggressively negative about the pats and grabs in Coffee, Tea or Steele. Geez, says a lot for Laura's taste in men (except for Remington of course). I love how even though Remington has been all over the delightful Miss Dalrymple he's still jealous over Clay and Laura. And how he tries to blow it off.

Ok, call me stupid, but how was tearing apart the office going to help whomever did it to find whatever they thought they were looking for? Did they think that maybe Walter Munzinger had mailed or given them the infamous cookie recipe? And how would THEY know that WM would have even sent/given it to them?

I love how even as he's dying on their floor they still get down to hear what he has to say.

Someone mentioned something earlier about astronauts and their jobs...and I was thinking, Yah that's what I was wondering too. An astronaut was really reduced to hawking Booster Bars to make a living. Call me stupid but I thought Nasa would take care of their own some way.

Knowing what we know about the omitted scene from the original script makes Remington's visit to Lila's Delights even funnier to think about.

Another stupid question. What was the point of the bomb? Was killing R & L going to help them get rid of the cookie? I mean logically none of them knew R & L even had the darn recipe much less the cookies! And its no wonder their landlord wanted to renig their lease in Dancer, Prancer, Donner or Steele, if they blow up the elevators a lot. 

Does Laura have a closet of clothes at the office? They go from the last scene to Laura all dressed up for her lunch date with (cringe) Clay Pratt. But since Remington is comforting Miss Dalrymple you have to assume that its pretty close after they blew up the elevator. I don't think there would have been long enough between the two scenes for her to go home and change and come back.

Boy, Clay sure can't hold his liquor. Oh wait a minute! He's been drugged. Guess its a good thing that Laura didn't drink anything or she would have joined him in laa laa land. When Remington got to Veritech love how he just automatically assumed that a guarded door meant that Laura was in there. His janitor bit with the vaccuum cleaner was great! Then running to the Auburn where Laura, in her dress, has to hang on for dear life and still kick off the assailants!

I've never seen It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Spencer Tracy, Sid Caesar, United Artists, 1963 so I can't say if its a lot like that or not. Guess I'll have to find it somewhere and watch it. 

Who put the bugs all over the place? Was it Jean Smart's character or one of the others? I would think it would be someone who had access to them but it didn't seem like any of the people involved would. 

Love all the running around the school and love how she's willing to fight a kid for this tin of cookies. How did Remington know Laura would be in the Boy's bathroom stall of all places? Is that a common hiding place? Must be, because EVERYBODY knew they were there. 

One of my other favorite lines in this ep is when Mildred is trying to prove once again that she knows what she's doing. "Danger is my life!" 

Love the chase into the gym with the marching band and how in the end the last cookie was gleefully and blissfully eaten by the billy goat mascot.

I can't believe Laura still after all that wanted to go out to lunch with that SCHMUCK! By the end of the ep, I really wanted to smack him! 

THE END.......

Now we can all sleep soundly knowing that Neeney has posted her long and anxiously awaited notes....(oh yah that's right I keep forgetting....NOT! LOL) Have a great weekend everyone!


Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to! 

by everglade68    (Sat Nov 11 2006 21:29:48 ) 

Wonderful job, Neeney and you must have taken excellent notes. 
I love how almost everyone said,
"This is not one of my favorite episodes", and then went 
on to write about all the great, funny scenes in the
episode. Is there really any episodes of RS that we can
honestly hate (excluding season five, of course)?.


by TeenSteele    (Sat Nov 11 2006 23:06:58 ) 

hello. I'm just going to join in on this board now if that's okay. I was here a while ago but then I went away. BUT, while I was IMDB absent, I DID happen to complete my set and get the 4th (and even 5th) season of Remy :D *squeals* 

Anyways, not too sure what you guys are doing on this board because I was too lazy to read all the comments (because there are a lot) but I just thought I'd say that I'm joining now, albeit a little later in the game.

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
CR 11/17/06

by jrdedrick  (Sun Nov 12 2006 08:18:20 ) 
We're working our way through the eps one show at a time once a week. Feel free to join us. Welcome back to the group and hope you have fun!


Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to! 

by picac    (Sun Nov 12 2006 08:53:14 )

Yes we're doing a Steele A Week from episode 1, though right now we're jumping around a bit because the Yahoo group Steelewatchers is doing the same and they were 5 weeks behind so we wanted to wait til they catch up since several posters post in both places. We have three more weeks of "underrated episodes" until we a line up again and continue on with episode #6 Steele Belted. 

The previous weeks discussions are all still on the board (I think I might bump all of them if no one objects so they don't get rolled off)

by Xenos1981    (Sun Nov 12 2006 11:31:52 ) 

Bump away, picac! Good idea! Neeners...Awesome post! You really did take excellent notes. Kudos, babe! TeenSteele...I've missed you!!! Glad you're back. Our next episode (which we will watch this Friday, November 17th) is "Illustrated Steele". Join us, won't you?


by jrdedrick  (Sun Nov 12 2006 13:20:35 ) 

Thanks Xenos! I tried to please! Couldn't read my notes...guess I have to come up with another form of shorthand. Those were from what I could read of my notes!


Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to! 

by lissa_erin14    (Sun Nov 12 2006 13:22:45 ) 

One Franicine, would know maybe? 
Hap, hap, happy!
by jrdedrick  (Sun Nov 12 2006 13:26:16 ) 

ROFL Liss! 


Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to! 

by TeenSteele    (Sun Nov 12 2006 13:32:35 ) 

hey Xenos!! yes, I think I shall watch. I like that eppy. Nov 17, Illustrated Steele, got it. 

So we all take notes and post them up after? I don't know if I'll be good with that haha

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
CR 11/17/06

by pianoRose    (Sun Nov 12 2006 16:45:45 )

About the astronaut selling in the grocery store. After the great boom with space and NASA in the 60's in to the early 70's, space exploration lost popularity. At one time a job with NASA was a ticket to security and success. Then NASA began to lay off. As an example of the time I once saw a movie from the mid 1970's called A Sensitive, Passionate Man starring David Jansen. He was a NASA guy who got laid off and eventually drank himself to death. So the selling in the store in this ep is not a far off possibility-it represents what happened at that time--though I don't think the astronauts themselves were in that position.
by jrdedrick  (Sun Nov 12 2006 16:56:38 ) 

Thanks for the explanation pianorose. Guess lay offs can happen to the best of us! LOL 


Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to! 

by jrdedrick  (Sun Nov 12 2006 19:54:00 ) 
Yes that's what we do teensteele and don't worry you'll do fine! If I can do it anybody can....LOL


Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to! 

by TeenSteele    (Tue Nov 14 2006 00:18:53 ) 
all right neeney! I welcome this challenge with open arms... haha i welcome pierce with open arms as well ;) 

"You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed"
CR 11/17/06

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