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SOTW: Episode #64- Steele Trying
by dlxauburn    (Jan 11, 2008)
XXXenos is finally getting high-speed internet access, but things aren't going so well. Apparently her cordless tools are missing all the rechargeable battery packs. Hmmm I wonder where those could have been used last? Oh well, This weeks episode is....drumroll please...."Steele Trying". Tony Bennett & San Francisco, hubba,hubba! Post away ladies!
by everglade68 
I rewatched "Steele Trying" last night and it is sure a shame that Tony Bennett is not the one singing, because right at the beginning of the episode 
you're already disappointed. 

I like "Steele Trying", it is a sweet, fun episode and San Francisco looks so great that it makes me want to go there. The street cars seem fun, why can't we have those in South Florida? 

Again we have good co-stars and I always enjoy watching Dennis Farina from 
my favorite show, "Law and Order", as a cop. I am amazed that he has not changed that much in the 20 years. 

Mildred seems to have very little screen time, I bet she complained about it. 

I have problems with three scenes in this episode. The first one, is where Laura and Remington are on the ferry to Sausalito and Laura is obviously cold. It bothers me that Remington doesn't give her his jacket, as he has done in the past, or puts his arm around her. 

The second scene is the one in which Laura and Remington are getting shot at and Steele confesses to Laura that he made up the case. I felt that Laura's reaction was a little too much and it just doesn't ring true for me. The "Angry? I'm beside myself with joy!" seemed overdone by SZ. 

The third scene that is troublesome for me, and I know many fans love this scene, but I didn't care for the kissing scene while they were dancing. Maybe it is only me, but PB seemed to be very rigid in this kiss, just notice his stiff jaw and SZ seems to be trying awfully hard to make it look romantic. 

Mainly, I have a big problem with most of the episodes in Season Three. I guess I was just spoiled by Season One and Two, as I don't see the fantastic chemistry between SZ and PB in most of Season Three. In fact the chemistry is 
also missing in many episodes in Season Four, and of course, Season Five was in a category by itself. 


by sugarjilly
I don't really have my DVD's to post anything significant about this episode, but I just want to add that this is the episode where PB says the word "sugar." (when he is on the phone and trying to get through to Mildred or something and Laura comes to the door, I believe. Sorry this is all from memory). This is a big deal for me cause that's how I got my name...sugarjilly. I must have heard him say this word and just started saying it. My best friend ended up giving me the name sugarjilly partly because I used that word an awful lot and because I'm sweet as opposed to my twin sister who is known as crabapple or Ojoyfulone (being sarcastic of course)!! LOL LOL :) Sorry, just wanted to share that little bit of info with everyone. Not really important to the SOTW. I hope you all don't mind my little digression? 

Isabel, I always thought that the scene when R and L are being shot at was a little odd also. That scene never works for me everyime I see it. I would have to agree with you on that one. I thought that it was wierd how L responsded to PB's seriousness and trying to open up and tell the TRUTH, FINALLY!!! I just thought that L would have said something else in response to the remark that R made about making up the case. However, if SZ was going with the words in the script, "Angry? I'm beside myself with joy.", then I felt that SZ over did those lines also. It was out of character for L I thought. I mean the whole episode was romantic and just the way that phrase was said was almost comedic in nature. The whole scene didn't feel right. Sorry, I'm rambling now. 

Although I agree with you, Isabel, on the scene I just mentioned, I disagree with you on the kissing scene at the end. I've always loved that scene. 


by MickeyBoggs
Finally we get to my favorite episode! I don't care that the resolution of the mystery doesn't make a whole lot of sense, I just enjoy them being together and am glad that, for once, Laura appreciates Mr. Steele's intentions. I'm still ticked off at Fox for removing Tony Bennett though. And I don't get why this episode wasn't aired earlier. It makes no sense to have them so close in this episode and so far apart in the next one. 

Memorable Stuff 

- Bertha boo-hooing in Mr. Steele's office and then cutting it off once her "performance" is over. 
- Mr. Steele "allowing" Laura to convince him to accept the case. 
- That gorgeous smile Mr. Steele gives Bertha when her performance is over and how proud of himself he is once she leaves 
- Mr. Steele's dismay at the locked connecting door 
- Another of Mr. Steele's pleased-with-himself looks when Laura proclaims SFO as "the most romantic city in the country" 
- All the "keep it hot", "keep it cold" bits with the food 
- Mr. Steele's bewildered look when Willis Fishbane dies. It's such a classic "where did I go wrong/how could this be happening!" look. 
- Love the first part of the scene at Marty's where they're just enjoying being together. I never realized how sexy ordering dinner could be! The way his eyes never leave Laura is incredibly intoxicating. 
- Dennis Farina emulating his former profession playing the cop who arrests Laura (and is the recipient of one of Laura's famous foot-stomps) 
- I love, love, love the dancing scene. (Hate the omission of "While We're Young" though!) Mr. Steele looks a bit bored/frustrated at the beginning. I like Laura's little speech about having to guard against him. If this is not the most romantic kiss of the series, it's definitely in my top 3. 

Character Development 

- To aid the charade that he doesn't know Bertha, it's good to see Mr. Steele arriving on his usual schedule: 11 am! (Check the clock in Laura's office when they step in there for a private word.) 
- Even though she thinks they're in SFO on a case, Laura knows Mr. Steele will attempt to, um, "seize the opportunity". I like that she doesn't make it too easy by doing things like keeping the connecting door locked and deciding not to put on extra perfume (even as he's freshening his aftershave). 
- In Laura's hotel room, she's energized by having clues to follow and he's totally deflated, wondering what's going on with the romantic weekend he'd planned 
- When they attack the cops in the bar, love how Laura jumps right in, beating Candella over the head with her purse! 
- Hooray! Mr. Steele tells the truth ("I lured you up here under false pretenses") and, for once, she appreciates his motives ("The most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me!") 
- Love Laura's bewildered look after talking with Rita when Mr. Steele says the next move is to "go to my room". 

Favorite lines 

Bertha (crying): Oh Mr. ARE Mr. Steele, aren't you? 
R: Oh without question, yes. (The good part of this is that by now, that statement's true!) 
R: Separate rooms Miss Holt? 
L: Separate but equal, Mr. Steele. 
Broder: You're a private dick, Remington Steele. 
R: Oh, really? I didn't realize my fame had spread this far north 
L: Now is hardly the time to preen, Mr. Steele. 
L: Who are those men and why are they trying to kill us?! 
R: Simple, Laura. It's because we had a chance to be alone together in a city formed for romance. Could we have expected anything less than a group of dedicated killers dogging our path? 

Hair & Clothing 

- Love Laura's pink sweater set with the blue Correia necklace. Her hair looks wonderful too. 
- Mr. Steele's suit with the blue shirt sure brings out his blue eyes 
- Laura is certainly the quick-change artist! She changes from her traveling/work clothes into the dark dress AND gets her hair totally re-done in mere minutes! I don't normally like her hair piled up on her head but this time it looks very classy. 
- They both look smashing in the clothes they're wearing while they dance. 
- Why does Mr. Steele wear his shirt while swimming? Wouldn't it make a lot more sense (and make Xenos happier) to let it be dry? 

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc 

- The guy at the hotel front desk,John Terry Bell, is also one of Cliff Conant's henchmen in "A Steele At Any Price" 

- The waitress at the Top of the Mark, Adele Rosse, may be one of the most used bit-players. She also appears in "Steele in Circulation", "Elementary Steele", and "Grappling Steele". She doesn't have many other acting credits. Perhaps she's related to someone on the crew? 

- Laura mentions the agency's phone number as 555-3535 - which contradicts the phone number on their business card at the end of the show, 555-9450. 

- I suppose they were trying to get all of the famous spots in, but it's just odd that after making bail, L&R would choose that time to get on the Alcatraz ferry! And I always felt there was something missing from that scene. I mean, he's got his collar turned up against the wind and she's rubbing her arms, trying to stay warm, and it just ends with the shot of the shoreline. Turns out there were a couple of lines cut: 
R: I can see why you love this city, Laura. 
L: The company has a lot to do with it, Mr. Steele 
And Tony Bennett begins singing "Isn't It Romantic" as Mr. Steele puts his arm around Laura and they snuggle closer. 

- Gretchen Wyler (Mrs. Fishbane) is the founder of The Ark Trust, which presents the Genesis Awards. In 1996 PB and SZ reunited at the awards ceremony. There is a photo album of them together on the Steelewatchers site. 

- How Laura could see Rita Del Rio at the Top of the Mark is beyond me. Her eyes were GLUED to Mr. Steele's face. Darn script! But once she's spotted Rita, she's all business again, sadly. Though she won't soon forget what just occurred: 
(as they prepare to leave the dance floor) 
R: We'll talk to her under one condition 
L: What condition? 
R: That we continue THIS conversation as soon as humanly possible. 
L: (smiles) I can stand it if you can, Mr. Steele 

- If Rita knows Broder is inside her apartment waiting for Laura & Seymour, why is she the first one through the door? 

- And many thanks to Xenos for answering the question "What if Laura had NOT seen Rita del Rio at the Top of the Mark":

by everglade68

Turns out there were a couple of lines cut: 
R: I can see why you love this city, Laura. 
L: The company has a lot to do with it, Mr. Steele 
And Tony Bennett begins singing "Isn't It Romantic" as Mr. Steele puts his arm around Laura and they snuggle closer. 

Great post Mick, why was the above scene cut from the episode? No wonder that it made little sense to me. 


by MickeyBoggs
I can only guess it was for time as there was nothing content-wise to cause a cut. It just really looked odd to me to have each of them standing there, obviously chilly, and not even touching each other.
by Xenos1981
OMG, "Steele Trying"!!! One of my favorite episodes!!! I've finally put my power tools away  and am gonna post...FINALLY!!! 

OK...First off...Just when I think there is no way humanly possible that Pierce can get any better looking -- WHAMMO!!! OMG, OMG, O...M...G!!! What is up with that?!?! And he didn't even have his shirt off!!! God's Most Beautiful Creature, indeed!!!  

Secondly...The XenosHubby LOVES this episode...Even though he has yet to see the whole thing. Heh-heh-heh!!!  

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, I would personally like to thank Pierce and Stephanie (and Michael, too, of course, in his own special way) for all the romance they provide (and inspire) on (and off) screen! OMG...Life is good!!! THANK YOU!!! 

Third...Could you imagine how many women showed up to audition for the part of the stripper? "WANTED: POLE DANCER/STRIPPER TO FALL BACK INTO PIERCE BROSNAN'S WAITING ARMS." (OMG!!! Count me in!!!) I often wonder how much she ended up paying them. I bet they came in on budget for once! 

Fourth...Sorry, Isabel and Bouncing Willy, but I freakin' LOVE that kiss on the dance floor! Granted, the lip action was nothing like the scrumptious "monk kiss" or the wonderful "Pitkins kiss" or the ever-stimulating "tree kiss"...But, then again, they were in public...On a crowded dance floor no less. And I absolutely LOVED the way Remington's jaw muscle flexed!!! *fanning myself wildly* OMG, what a turn-on!!! MUSICAL INTERLUDE: Mamma Mia! Here I go again...My, my...How can I resist him?!?!  

Next...Great to see Laura stomp on someone else's feet other than Remington's!!! And a cop's foot, no less!!! Holy cow!!! (How she let Clay Platt in "Chips" slap her butt without a retaliatory heel in the foot or a knee to the groin is beyond me!!!) Also, too, too funny (and sadly true) the difference in bail costs. (Ladies, please remember this when you come to Chicago!) 

Also...Remington WET!!! One of my favorite things!!! Mmm-mmmm-mmm-mmm-mmmmmmmm!!! But why is his shirt still on?!?! Maybe so Laura would be tortured by seeing the contours of his chest and stomach through a wet shirt...Or maybe so she could help him take it off perhaps?! Either way, we were gypped. Thank goodness I have a pornographic memory. PHOTOGRAPHIC memory. Yeah...That's what I meant. PHOTOGRAPHIC. 

Seventh (or thereabouts)...Pierce and Steph looked absolutely smashing in this episode!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again -- They're the best looking couple on television!!! Wow!!! 

Eighth...The Wolf Network are frickers for taking out the Tony Bennett music. (Though, don't hate me, the "Box Full Of Wishes" song has grown on me.) *ducking* 

Other quick comments...LOVED Remington's set-up in the beginning and the delightful look on his face when he realizes he actually pulled it off. PRICELESS!!! Laura's hair looked FABULOUS...fuller than she wore it in Season One and Two, but not over-produced like in Season Four. The dumbfounded/flabbergasted look on Remington's face after Fishbane says, "Trapman" and dies. SO, so good! I just want to hug him (among other things). Laura leaning into Remington for warmth on the cable car...OMG!!! YES!!! The whole "keep it hot"/"keep it cold" thing -- HA!!! "This guy tried to buy my bod for twenty bucks!" That whole scene makes me laugh every time! Well-played by all!!! "Clay pigeons...Fried shrimp...Sitting ducks...Minced squab...Moving targets...Shredded pork..." ROTFLMAO!!! (Screwball 40's comedy indeed! Can't you just picture Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn doing that?!?!) 

Well, that's my take on this wonderful episode. Love, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Thanks for reading! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

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