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SOTW: Episode #66- Steele Searching: Part 1
by Xenos1981    (Jan 26, 2008)
Thank goodness we don't have to wait until next fall to find out what happened after "Steele Of Approval"!!! Tonight's episode is "Steele Searching -- Part One". Watch and post, ladies!!! (I can't believe we're on Season Four already!!!) 


by MickeyBoggs 
I'm soooo glad we didn't have to wait all summer to find out what happened after Steele of Approval! When the S3 DVDs came out, after watching Steele of Approval I had to go dig out my VHS tapes 'cause I couldn't stand to wait for the S4 DVDs! 

So here we get a grungy Mr. Steele (much to Xenos's delight) and a Laura who's finally willing to chase after what she wants... 

Memorable Stuff 

- Laura about to vault over the fence to catch the purse-snatcher and Mr. Steele pulling her back down. Their mutual "what are you doing here?!" is the perfect response for both. I love Laura's frustrated "I came 6000 miles to see you!" and the look on her face is just priceless. 
- Hilda the charwoman is so over-the-top. But it certainly makes her memorable! 
- Fun watching Mr. Steele outwit the bobbies at Paddington 
- I think the two Steele Searching episodes are Cassie's best ones. I really enjoy watching her and Pierce interact in the scene in Felicia's flat. It's obvious they're very comfortable with each other - as Felicia & Mr. Steele would be. But she turns into a Rat by calling Scotland Yard. 
- I cringe every single time I see Mr. Steele get impaled on that fence. 
- The killer as the coachman and the surgeon - just plain spooky - masked with only his eyes showing. 
- Poor Mildred getting beaten up! 
- Jeers again to FOX for replacing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" 

Character Development 

- Mildred trying to jimmy the lock! How far she's come since her IRS days... 
- Mildred getting disillusioned when she finds Mr. Steele's passports 
- When she finally gets Mr. Steele to the rooming house, she vents on him a bit. I'm always glad to hear her say it doesn't matter what his name is, it's fine with her. I'm wondering if this is the first time she realizes he doesn't know his real name. She doesn't seem terribly surprised by his revelation. 
- Mr. Steele's amazing recuperative powers are in evidence again as less than 24 hours later he's nearly fully recovered from the wounds inflicted by the fence. 

Favorite lines 

L: If you weren't such a pitiful wreck, I'd clobber you. (By itself it sounds harsh but it's something you'd only say to someone you cared a lot about. I can easily picture some of my family members saying this.) 
R: Laura! What are we doing? 
L: Chasing a murderer. 
R: The Earl? The Earl of Claridge is a murderer? 
L: I didn't want to tell you this way. 
R: What were you going to do - send me a postcard? 

Hair & Clothing 

- If I could look half, no make it one-fourth as good as Laura does when I first wake up, I'd be a very happy camper 
- Like Laura's brown jacket & cream skirt ensemble. And she does wear that hat awfully well. 
- Ditto the dark suit she's wearing when they arrive in London 
- Amazing how Mr. Steele can make a street-dweller look good! 
- Another great outfit for Laura: the light-brown pinstripe suit - with matching fedora, naturally! 
- Mr. Steele in the dark suit at the end of the episode. Sigh. Yum! 

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc 

- In the series of clips at the beginning of the episode, the section where Laura is going through the passports is not the original footage from "License". In the original footage, Murphy was clearly visible in the background. 
- Wonder whose clothes those were in Felicia's flat? 
- They spent the night together in the rooming house. It appears there was only the one bed. Hopefully she'd help him scrub up a bit. I think there's a fanfic in there somewhere!

by Xenos1981
Considering all the grousing we did about last week's Steele Of Approval, I'm surprised there haven't been more posts about Steele Searching yet. Well, I'll add my opinion... 

First...I think I died and went to...Well, not sure exactly. Whichever place has a dirty Mr. Steele there!!! Holy crap!!! I felt like a cat in heat watching a long-haired, scruffy-faced, leather-clad, filthy Mr. Steele running around and being all macho (with Chalkie), athletic (at the train station), brazenly sexy (with Felicia), and incredibly honest and sweet (with Laura)!!! Kept purring and meowing at the screen for an hour!!! Good Lord!!! Is there anything more orgasmic?! I think not!!! Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!! 

What was this episode about again? Hmmmmm... Oh, yes! I remember! Kinda. It was about Laura going to find her Mr. Steele and bring him back where he belonged. GREAT opening sequence...Clips from Vintage Steele, Tempered Steele, License To Steele and Steele Of Approval!!! And then Laura waking up from her nightmare only to realize that Mr. Steele is STILL gone!!! *sob* And, yes, Laura looks incredible in the morning. (Won't Mr. Steele be happy to find that out?!) Why can't I look that good?!?! Love that Laura and Mildred are so forlorn about the absence of the great detective Remington Steele in their lives. Also love that Laura tries to put on a good front. Tracking all his aliases around the globe was a nice touch, too. 

The reunion of our favorite couple was anything but what we were hoping for...But it was actually quite perfect for them. "What are you doing here?" they ask each other. "Sorry, can't talk right now," he says. "Where are you going?" "Lovely to see you again, Laura. Keep in touch." "You CREEP! Keep in touch?! I came six thousand miles to SEE you!" LOL, Mr. Gleason! Wouldn't expect you to write anything less. 

The mystery, which is secondary to Laura trying to reunite with Remington in my humble opinion, is pretty grizzly. I had mixed emotions about it. And I LOVED that Mr. Steele thought he might be royalty. However, it was disturbing to think that his father might be a man who beat up (and possibly murdered) women. 

Poor Mildred...Finding all of Mr. Steele's passports. What a shock for her. And fishing for answers from Laura...Quite the detective, our Miss Krebs! But what do we expect?...She's learned from the best! 

LOVED the scene between Remington and Felicia at her place. If he didn't look lickable (even all dirty like that), then I just don't know. Such great ex-lover chemistry between the two. *ducking* 

Can't bare to watch Mr. Steele fall on those fence spokes!!! *shiver* NOT GOOD!!! (That "bare" was Freudian, I'm sure. Whoops.) 

Funny how a bar can be packed with people and yet the streets are barren...No people...No cars...Nothing!!! But it was so, so creepy. Loved it. My favorite shot from the episode was when a back-lit Remington came running down the street towards the camera through the mist. VERY COOL!!! 

Laura having Remington's blood drip down on her shoulder was so sad. I'm glad she didn't sell him out. (I remember being livid with her the first time I watched it when I thought she was gonna turn him in. Hey, I was young and dumb...What can I say?!) 

The scene in the dirty little room-for-rent was really great. Laura being bitchy yet so concerned...Steph played that perfectly. And Mr. Steele's confession: "My name. My real name. I knew how you'd feel if I wouldn't give you that. That I couldn't be honest about...other things." OMG!!! O...M...G!!! (Mick, your plea for an addition to this scene has been heard.) 

Love the scene between Laura and Mildred in the car on the way to investigate the Earl. 

Love Laura's Smokey And The Bandit reference. I bet Mr. Steele had never seen that one! LOL! 

And then Mr. Steele looking so incredibly freakin' dapper and debonair after he's cleaned up...HOLY CRAP!!! Again...LICKABLE!!! Yeah, baby!!! Then the cliffhanger (again!)...Felicia informing Mr. Steele that he's going to kill the Earl of Claridge! WHAT?!?! WOW!!! 

My only complaint about the episode (other than Remington's father perhaps being a woman-beater or murder)...The music drove me batty!!! I STILL hear it!!! 

As always...Thanks for reading. 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 

P.S. Did I mention how incredibly HOT Mr. Steele looked when he was dirty?!?!

by queenheadintheclouds
This was a really good episode. We finally might get some info on who Mr. Steele really is. And yet..not. 

I had to laugh with the whole 'royal bastard' conversation. Here Mildred thought Laura was bad mouthing 'the boss' but it was the literal description. 

As for scruffy or not scruffy. I don't know which I like better. And I'm usually not one to like scruff. 

I guess there's scruff and then there's Remington Scruff. 

He needs to bring back that look occassionally. It works for him. sigh.. 

Pierce Brosnan didn't need blue mankini trunks to be Bond. 

Quantum of Solace? Is that like the Fortress of Solitude? Maybe its a good thing Pierce got let go.

by merryl 
I thought this was a great episode! Loved the start with Laura so obviously pining for Mr Steele - she looks great waking up in the morning! 

Loved how she "steeled" herself before going into the office in the morning and acting cheerful. Great interplay between her and Mildred. 

Laura's clothes were fantastic in this episode too - her tan, pinstripe pantsuit with the hat is the most classy suit she wore in the series, imho. Her hair looked great too - only time I didn't like her hair was when she went to meet the Earl - really don't like it pulled back like that, flat on her head - prefer her hair loose and natural or up and sophisticated. 

Of course PB looked fantastic all grungy! My DH came through as I was watching and said "Why is it that when I don't shave for a couple of days I look terrible, but with Pierce he just looks better!!!!" (He also said "Us mortal men just don't have a chance with him in the picture..." Methinks DH is feeling a tad jealous with all the attention Mr Steele is getting :-) 

I liked the plot as well - nice little mystery (with some icebox moments too!) E.g. how did Mr Steele get up in the ropes when he was hiding from the police when he was injured? Laura had to winch him down - who winched him up? Also, those close-up shots of the "ripper" really looked like the Earl - same skintone, eyes, etc - the brother-in-law was much thinner, shorter and lighter-skinned. 

All-in-all a really nice start to season 4! 

by merryl 
Xenos - your postings always make me laugh! Reading this first thing Monday morning was fantastic - I laughed out loud a couple of times and I'm supposed to be *working* - anyway, it's put me in a good mood for the rest of what's going to be a really hectic week!!!!
by Xenos1981
Why, thank you, Ms. Streep. Glad you enjoyed it! Also, regarding 

(He also said "Us mortal men just don't have a chance with him in the picture..." Methinks DH is feeling a tad jealous with all the attention Mr Steele is getting :-)

Honey, make it work for you!!! You watch the show with your hubby...You've got a thing for Pierce...He's got a thing for Steph...Voila!!! Heck, the XenosHubby will oftentimes suggest "throwing a Remington on"...We know what THAT means! Heh-heh-heh!!! USE IT, BABE!!! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 

by everglade68
"Steele Searching" Part 1 sets the tone for Season Four. This Season seems to me to concentrate more on the cases and though Laura and Remington function as a couple, the chemistry between them is not as intense. 

I liked this episode as it shows us a little of the city and country side of London. Loved that while visiting London in 2005, I finally got to ride in the double decker bus. 

Both SZ and PB look different than last Season. I liked them with their longer hair, and especially SZ's lighter color, it suits her. It also shows that PB will look good even in clothes from K-Mart. 

It is interesting to see how easily Remington can slip back into his old life, and wonder if Laura and Mildred had not come to get him, if he would have ended up in a totally different life. 


by sugarjilly
I'm going to try a take a stab at posting some thoughts of mine on this episode. First of all...the cliffhanger was really awesome (Steele of Approval) I didn't like the way it made me feel cause I had to wait for the next season to start. I remember having weird dreams of what was going to be the next episode. Nothing made sense of course, they were dreams... :) (sorry, just thought I'd add that little info.) 

Sorry if some of my points are the same as the others....oh and btw, I loved reading everyone's posts so far!!! 

Okay so we've finally made it to S4, the DVD's that have the music on each menu. LOL So, while we're on the subject of music...I didn't like the arrangement of the theme music. It was too fast I thought and the syn drums have got to go!! Really!!! Some of the horn stuff is arranged nice though. 

To continue with the music comments...(hang in there, just one more musical thought) The beginning music was great. It sets everything up. We have the flash back with Vintage Steele, Tempered Steele, License to Steele, and Steele of Approval, then the alarm clock and the music changes and sets Laura up for the reality of the situation. She does this great!!! 

I like the way the writers give us a sense of whats going on through Laura and Remington's minds with their dream-like scenes. Laura goes through thoughts of their relationship, what his past was and keeps asking the question "Who are you?" all in attempt to come to grips with what she is feeling. Remington knows that he misses Laura and needs to find out who he is before he can go back to her. (maybe that's why he took everything with him out of his apartment, cause he knew it might be years before he'd ever have any idea of who he was. just a thought). I loved the way this was done by the writers. 

Loved the scene with Mildred and Laura and the feeling of Steele's absence or should I say loss of Mr. Steele. Mildred quoting movies..LOL (Invasion of the body snatchers). 

Did anyone notice how the first episode of season 4 felt like a made-for-tv movie a little? Also, did anyone notice at the end of the scene when the inspector and his employee are talking on the bus and the employee holds up the newspaper at the end of the scene and it says "Riper Claims 2nd Victim?" Pretty good...cause I don't know at this point the viewer has an idea of what's going on really. There is another newspaper that comes in to play after the nurse is killed telling about the 3rd victim also. 

Love the way Mildred trys to protect Laura from the truth about Mr. Steele when she finds the passports!! One other thing....where was Mr. Steele's other clothes in that room? I seen one suitcase with his passports! He must have gotten rid of a little bit at a time on his travels to London. 

I cringe every time I see RS get hurt on that fence!!!! Eweeee!!! ouch!!! 

I think that Laura was sincerely concerned and shocked (for lack of a better word) to see Mr. Steele's blood. 

Loved the scene in the one-bed room! The dialogue was great! Both trying to tell each other what they were feeling (laura didn't want him to go and was there to bring him back, and steele didn't want to go, but needed to find who he was). 

I'm not totally convinced that Laura stayed the night in the one-bed room!! I know you all can attack me on this one. I remember Laura saying that they needed to find a doctor right before the scene fades. She would have to leave for that cause I didn't see a phone in that room and cell phones weren't happening yet. That would take some time. It was already late in the evening, at least that was my assumption. After the doctor got there and looked at him, it probably was very late and by that time, Steele was probably pretty drained. If anything, Laura would have stayed for a little while then left to get ready to go and see the Earl of Clariage the next morning. I would definitely like to see someone write a fanfic on this one as suggested by someone earlier. 

Summing up now!!!.....Laura's outfits looked great! She looked great throughout this whole episode.!! I know...he just looks great all dirty and in jeans and a leather jacket!!! 

Oh, btw the way...In keeping with the theme, I did a music video to this episode and also included part two. If anyone would like to see it, here is the link: 

Sometimes, you can see it better if you download it. I've had problems viewing online before. 


by Xenos1981
WOW!!! Nice post, Sugarjilly!!! I think that's your longest one yet!!! Watch it...Yours might get as long as mine!!! LOL!!! Thanks for your link. Going there now. Let me just assist anyone who's trying to go there... elude.html

Glad you liked a dirty Mr. Steele, too! Yummy, isn't he?!?! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 

by sugarjilly
yes I did like a dirty steele Xenos!!! :) 

Hey, will this board accept html? Didn't know that. I will have to remember that. 

Thanks for making my link a link Xenos. LOL 


by everglade68

FINALLY, you can now post on the eps of Season four. I enjoyed reading your comments on "Steele Searching". Btw, that Doctor that saw Remington did an EXCELLENT job, he was "all well" in no time at all. 

Thanks again for posting. 


by sugarjilly
Yes, I noticed that too Isabel! Remarkable, isn't it? :) 

I will post as long as I have my S4 DVD's available. I will lend them out when my friend has finished watching the S3 DVD's or I might be able to work something out. I will see....this might become kind of fun! 


by merryl
Ummm... Xenos let's just say that our Mr Steele and Miss Holt's imaginery 'behind the scene' activities have been a source of inspiration for us *blush*
by Neeney508
Yah don't you love the way most characters are "instantaneously" healed? LOL 


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