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SOTW: Episode #67- Steele Searching: Part 2
by Xenos1981    (Feb 2, 2008)
Once again, the week has flown by! Steele Searching, Part 2 is tonight's "homework". No more dirty Mr. Steele, though. Pity.  

Watch and post, ladies...Watch and post... 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by MickeyBoggs 
I like this episode for Daniel and Felicia, the silliness of the shovel-gun and the seriousness of Mr. Steele's potential family roots. 

Memorable Stuff 

- Mr. Steele and Daniel discovering their roles in the ongoing plot. So fun to see them work out what's going on. Love that Daniel is using the miners to work his way into the earl's wedding where he'll be able to pick up some jewels. 
- Scary moment when Armstrong makes his speech about betrayal and it appears he's caught on that Mr. Steele is not the assassin. Good recovery by Mr. Steele to avoid pulling the trigger since he isn't getting paid. 
- I love the scene with Laura and Mildred where Laura explains about inventing Remington Steele and packs while Mildred "unpacks" her bag. 
- While Daniel (as Bertie Carstairs) is talking to the earl in the foyer, it's fun to watch Laura's expression change from "oops I didn't mean to eavesdrop" to "hang on, that voice sounds familiar" to her narrowing her eyes, as in "ooh I'm gonna get him for this!". 
- The whole scene with the shovel-gun and the watermelon is just a hoot. Mr. Steele is so serious about it and Daniel & Felicia are so wary. I love how Mr. Steele curls his lip at Felicia when she says "Yes, darling, but first you have to HIT the melon". Nice added bit by PB of turning away from Blore as he's making the adjustments - as if he's doing something top-secret! 
- Kudos to Laura for outwitting and outrunning the miners - in high heels, with a purse, over an open field! 
- The bank robbery scene is funny. Mr. Steele attempting to sabotage it by pulling his gun too soon, then saving the day by opening the safe for the miners. I like the dry humor of the bank manager (Really, this is NOT cricket) and how the patrons applaud when Mr. Steele gets the door open. 
- Sweet tag scene. I love how comfortable it looks to have Mr. Steele lounging on the rumpled bed and Laura sitting at the dressing table. It does make ya wonder about how they comforted each other after finding out Mr. Steele is not the son of an earl, doesn't it! 

Character Development 

- Mildred is now totally disillusioned with Mr. Steele but I admire her loyalty to him anyway. She's right that, regardless of who he was, "he's been a damn good Remington Steele". 
- I know why Laura is so frustrated when Mr. Steele didn't show at the police station and I understand her wanting to pack up and move on, but I'm glad it doesn't take much to make her realize Mildred's right and they need to go find out what's happened to him. 
- Good job by SZ in letting the range of emotions run through her face in the brief moment after the earl leaves the room taking the pocketwatch. She looks around at the wealth of the manor and realizing all this may very well belong to her Mr. Steele some day. 
- Nice job by Mildred of keeping the miners away from Laura in the museum. 
- Touching to see how worried Mr. Steele is as to whether or not Laura got away. He knows he has to keep playing the role he's in but he's more worried about her than himself. 
- Very sweet scene with Mr. Steele and Felicia as he basically tells her goodbye. I see a lot of PB & CH in that scene and it's apparent they're enjoying it. LOVE how Mr. Steele admits that he's committed. Now if he'd only say that to Laura.... (with WORDS, I mean!) 
- Nice to see that Laura's every bit as nervous as Mr. Steele about him meeting the earl. I love the "don't slouch" bit and how she has to look away from the "reunion" because she feels a bit like she's intruding. 

Favorite lines 

R: Daniel? 
D: Harry? 
R: YOU'RE the head man? 
D: YOU'RE the assassin? 
D: That looks a good deal like your associate, Linda. 
F: Lisa. 
R: Laura. 
L: No, Mildred, he's literally a royal bastard! The earl fathered an illegitimate child and, as strange as it may seem, Mr. Steele appears to be it! 
M: Does that mean we have to call him "your lordship"? 
L: There are a great many things I'd like to call him, but that's not at the top of my list. 
The Earl: Have you ever been in love, Miss Holt? 
L: I'm working on it. (Yay!) 
M: Canape? Creep. How could you? I believed in you. Revered you. Followed you around like a faithful puppy. If I'd had a tail I'd have wagged it every time you came into the room! 
L: Thank you. 
F: For what? 
L: For giving me the incentive to keep on fighting. Now move it, Blondie, before I dent your grill! 

Hair & Clothing 

- Love everybody's wedding reception clothes, though Laura's earrings seem a bit too big. She looks faboo in the dress and I'll say it again: does anybody wear a tux as well as our Mr. Steele? 
- Mr. Steele's dark suit at the beginning of the episode. His suit at the end of the episode. The blue jeans & blue jean shirt. Sigh. He wears them well. 
- Though I'm not crazy about the huge neckline, I like the reindeer design on Laura's gray sweater. 

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc 

- Why do Bowler and the WPC wear their hats indoors? 
- So what if Mr. Steele's eyes had been the right color after all? Angie's addressed that possibility: 

by Neneithel
There's no excuse for the bowler, they had gone out of use at least 20 years before. The WPC though, should be wearing her hat. She's on duty and engaged in protection. It would be frowned upon for her to be out of uniform. 

One thing that always annoys me is the "royal bastard" bit. An Earl is actually low nobility, not royalty. I suppose the Earl of Claridge could be related to the royal family, but he doesn't look, dress or speak as if he is. I love the rest, though, and especially the fact that Steele isn't related to that degenerate abuser of women. The Earl isn't good enough to be Steele's father. I'm very glad his eyes were the wrong colour.

by pb-114 
Has this ever been addressed? I mean, I could have understood it if they had gotten im a British passport on his adopted name by pulling some strings at Scotland Yard, but it was an American one claiming his nationality was American. (Though born in Ireland, of course). 

I can't imagine that Scotland Yard would fake an American passport (At least not for such a trivial reason and for an outsider) and I don't see how Laura would manage to find an accompllished forger who works that fast on such short notice. 

by auroracat-1
I always figured that Laura got Mildred working on RS's passport through the US as soon as Mildred found out about RS's 5 other passports. We all know that Mildred is a bureaucratic whirlwind.:)
by MickeyBoggs

The WPC though, should be wearing her hat. She's on duty and engaged in protection. It would be frowned upon for her to be out of uniform. 

Thanks for that. In America, I don't believe the hat is ever worn indoors, so she would not be considered out of uniform if she didn't have it on. But I'm no expert. 

by pb-114
Well, Mildred would be the ideal candidate to do the talking in an bureaucratic environment, and I realize that back then security was perhaps a little more lax than it is today, but I don't see ho they could have achieved this. I think the London embassy could have issued travel papers to Steele, but the passport stated that the issueing agency was the Los Angelos department. 

Ah well, it's probably just magic. :-)

by auroracat-1
Mildred could have worked her magic via phone and had LA send a replacement passport via delivery or had the US Embassay take care of it. Now the picture part I haven't figured out yet:) 
by merryl
Maybe Laura had it issued in LA and took it with to London? The photos would have been easy to organise and since Laura 'invented' his signature, that would have been easy to supply too...
by Xenos1981  
Steele Searching, Part 2...Another twist to an already twisty story. So...Now Remington has to kill his "maybe" father. Yeesh! Never saw THAT comin'! (Well, maybe I did...After all, I've probably seen this episode a couple hundred times or so. But not the first time around, at any rate.)  

Before I continue, I just have to mention...Just when I think there is nothing more gorgeous than a dirty Mr. Steele -- WHAMMO!!! A clean Mr. Steele reappears and leaves me breathless!!! OMG, ladies!!! How can he go from "most gorgeous EVER" to "even more most gorgeous ever" in a blink of an eye?!?! Seriously?!?! The end scene where he's lying on Laura's bed (OMG!!!) with his tie undone and his hands behind his head... *MAJORMULTIPLESTEELEGASMS* My television even started smokin'!!! Whew!!! And don't even get me started on the blue jean shirt and jeans!!! Good-gawd, y'all!!! 

Which brings me to my next rambling...But it doesn't have anything to do with the episode. (Sorry. I'm a tad distracted.) In addition to the need for Crayola to make a "Pierce Brosnan Blue" crayon to match the color of his incredible eyes, I think we need to petition Pierce to put out a men's cologne. Hey, he's done clothes, men's skin care products and women's undergarments...Why not his own fragrance? 

OK...Back to the episode. (Focus, darn it...FOCUS!!!) *big deep breath* OK. The return of Felicia (a character I love to hate and hate to love) and Daniel (a character I love to love)! Michael really pulled out the big guns for this episode, eh? A big, huge, ginormous kudos to both Cassandra Harris (rest her soul) and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. for the wonderful characters they gave us. I think this is my favorite Felicia and Daniel episode. (Though "Thou Shalt Not Steele" and "Blue Blooded Steele" come in a close second respectively.) The "good-bye" scene between Remington and Felicia was just too damn good and sweet. I actually felt sorry for her! *ducking* *still ducking* And the "YOU'RE the head man?", "YOU'RE the assassin?" scene leaves me laughing EVERY TIME!!! 

I don't know what it is, but those Brosnans and Zimbalists have chemistry down to a science (ba-dum-bum)! Whether it's Pierce and Steph, Pierce and Efrem, Pierce and Cassie, Steph and Efrem or Steph and Cassie...It's PURE MAGIC!!! "Thank you." "For what?" "For giving me the incentive to keep on fighting. Now move it, blondie, before I dent your grille." Not to mention the great scenes between Efrem and Steph, which are ALWAYS a treat! "Linda! Good to see you again. Let's have lunch, soon?" HA!!! And I always get a good laugh when we find out that Felicia and Daniel hooked up. They should've ended up together! *really ducking now* 

There are so many great things to comment on regarding this episode, but I'm afraid I'd have to write a novel to include them all. So I'll try to be short and sweet. (I know, you're all thinking, "Fat chance!" So am I. But I'll try.) 

1) Love that Remington is always dragged back into his "old life" by Felicia and Daniel whether he wants to or not. This was just CLASSIC!!! 

2) Love how Daniel doesn't want anything to do with murder...He's just after the "baubles". Yet, just like in "Sting Of Steele", he seems to get in a tad over his head. 

3) Love the scene where Laura is packing as Mildred is unpacking. Sometimes we girls just need to blow off some steam. Thank goodness for the Mildreds in our lives who let us vent and then make us "see the light". 

4) Love the watermelon scene. Daniel and Felicia huddled together, praying that Harry can somehow pull it off...Mr. Steele making "adjustments" to the shovel..."She looks a good deal like your associate, Linda." "Lisa." "Laura." HA!!! 

5) How'd they get "the royal bastard" bit past the sensors?! Too funny! 

6) Love the scene at the bank...Everything from "Really-gentlemen, this is not cricket." to the patrons clapping when Mr. Steele opens the vault. 

7) They really went all out with the cheesy special effects, eh? The fake smoke and the glowing fingerprints...Hee-heeeeeee!!! 

8) Love when Mildred gets pissy with Mr. Steele at the reception. "Oh, how could you? I believed in you. Revered you. I followed you around like a faithful puppy. If I had had a tail, I'd have wagged it everytime you came into a room!" (If I were a puppy, I'd have humped his leg whenever he came into the room!)  

9) Love that the Earl is thinking of putting Daniel in charge of security for the estate! Kismet!!! 

10) I'm glad the Earl wasn't Remington's father. He deserves better. 

11) The end scene is pure gold!!! Remington, Laura and Mildred together at last!!! And Mr. Steele gets a passport in his "real" name!!! YAY!!! A very sweet ending!!! HUGS!!! *sniffle* 

One last comment and then I'm done. I promise... 

As the XenosHubby and I were watching it, he says, "Ya' know who could be Daniel Chalmer's brother? George Hamilton. They're both tan, immaculately dressed, gregarious and full of sh**!" (We both LOVE George Hamilton, by the way. "Zorro, The Gay Blade" anyone?!?!) 

Thanks for reading! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68
Like always a great post Xenos. I too love George Hamilton, of course, I remember him from his movies in the 60's. 

"Steele Searching Part 2" is a good episode inspite of the fact that Laura 
and Remington have almost no screen time together. The episode is nicely put together by the good writing of Michael Gleason and, as Xenos pointed out, by 
the great chemistry between the Brosnans and Zimbalists. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. 
really shines in this episode as does Doris Roberts. 

I loved that SZ and DR had so many scenes together, their comic timing is 
sooooo perfect. 


by sugarjilly
Steele Searching part 2.... 

Sorry if some of the stuff is repeated from other posts. 

This is a nice continuation to part 1. I will have to agree with the majority so far. I liked the chemistry between the Zimbalists and Bronsans. Efrem and Cassie really do a nice job. I think it was Xenos' remark about how she thought this was Cassie's best portrayal of Felicia. I would have to agree with that. 

Two comments about the music....In the very beginning, the music has a 6/8 feel to it (in the style of Irish Washer Woman)...more like an Irish style rather than an English one...but that changes very quickly. I just didn't seem to think that it fit. I Liked the music, but it made me think they all were in Ireland! The other comment is at the very end when Steele finally opens the box and realizes that it's a passport, we hear the Remington Steele Theme...nice!!! very nice!! Adds so much to the scene. Okay, now on to the episode. 

I really enjoyed all of the scenes with Steele and Felicia. Really good writing and acting. They just seemed to click. Wonder why that could be? LOL 

The whole scene with Daniel and Harry getting reacquainted...very funny and good! 

When Daniel was talking about really stealing the jewels and not killing the Earl, I felt that Steele didn't have any desire to go back to his former ways as a jewel thief. I really think he wanted to get back to being RS. At least that's what it looked like by his facial expressions. :) 

I thought Daniel's line with the word Tootaloo was very funny and then Steele answers....get me a watermelon! LOL 

Loved the scenes with Mildred and Laura especially when Laura finally tells Mildred the truth about Mr. Steele. 

Laura: "...A Sham, A fraud, a phony." 
Mildred: "You sure know how to let a girl down easy." 

Okay, now this really gets me. Laura is explaining how Mr. Steele looks to the Earl and she says..."...rather good looking..." COME ON!!! Just rather good looking...gorgeous is more like it! Even very attractive would work! :) 
Liked this line from that scene... 
Earl: "Have you ever been in love Miss Holt?" 
Laura: "I'm working on it." 

Here's another line that I liked when Felicia and Steele are talking. 
Steele: "...I'm previously committed." 
Felicia: "We've all been trying to squeeze that out of you." 
Steele: "I wasn't planning on it." 

And another line near the end.. 
Steele: "The Earl of Clariage is my father?" 
Laura: "Happy Birthday." 
Steele: BIG GRIN (HA!) 

Like the end scene when Steele and the Earl are meeting and Laura's reaction to Mr. Steele's line admitting that he has wanted to know who his real father was for a very long time and knew what it felt like to wait this long. 

The last scene in the hotel room was great! I loved the conversation between Laura and Steele. He admits that he doesn't want what he has with Laura to end. That he was trying to show his commitment to her and then asks her to stay in England with her. Laura smiles cause she knows what's coming. LOL 

I would definitely say that Mr. Steele is ready to move ahead in this realationship...what's up with Laura!!!? Well, that's my question at the end of this episode. We never get an admission from Laura as to what she wants. She's there to bring him back and she helps him out of the passport mess, but is that enough for Steele? I mean RS comes out and says that he has done this to show his commitment to her. How does she feel? I don't think we find out until...Sensitive Steele? Could that be right or is it sooner? 

I thought the episode was a good start to S4. Loved the guest stars! 


by MickeyBoggs
We never get an admission from Laura as to what she wants. She's there to bring him back and she helps him out of the passport mess, but is that enough for Steele? I mean RS comes out and says that he has done this to show his commitment to her. How does she feel? I don't think we find out until...Sensitive Steele? Could that be right or is it sooner?

Yes it is sooner. In Premium Steele she tells former beau Norman Maxwell that she's "committed".

by sugarjilly
oh yes, I remember that. Another good episode! Thanks Mickey! 

What I really meant by my statement was, when does Laura actually say something to Mr. Steele's face? Is it Sensitive Steele or never? 

We hear Mr Steele tell Laura to her face that he's committed in this episode. Does Laura ever do the same? 


by MickeyBoggs
I know Mr. Steele tells Felicia he's committed. I don't recall him saying that to Laura. And she doesn't say it to him either, to the best of my recollection.
by auroracat-1
Steele does sort of say it to Laura in the tag scene when he states that he came to London to find out who he is and offer it to Laura as proof of his commitmant. 

Also, I always like to think that Mr. Steele heard Laura tell Norman that she's committed through Laura's loft door. But maybe that's just me:)

by auroracat-1 
On one of these boards someone (can't find it right now) mentioned that he/she loved the toodle-loo line that Mr. Steele gives to the asassin. This line always reminds me of the 1st season episode, Steele Waters.... and the Izzy's demise and the boat. I wonder if the writers did it on purpose? Judith?
by merryl   
The Michael Gleason episodes were just absolute quality, and this one was no exception!!! 

I actually read the original script (thanks, Judith for posting the links to the scripts) just before I watched. In one way it was really good - made me really appreciate the absolute quality of the actors and how they'd given life to the bare words on the paper!!! However, I don't think I'll do it again, since it somehow took some of the magic away - made me realise that it wasn't actually real and that they were actually acting :-) (What a letdown :-) 

Also didn't like the way they'd made the theme music so VERY synthesized and upbeat - it lost a bit of the nuances that gave it more "soul". (Don't know if you ladies know the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"? Well my 6-year old starts singing the song to the RS theme music - it's quite hilarious, because it actually works and is sort of an upbeat version of the song!!!)

by sugarjilly

That was me, on this post I believe, that mentioned the toodle-loo line! Loved that exchange between Steele and Daniel. 


by sugarjilly

I can see how "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" would fit with the RS theme, but what's amazing is your 6-year-old can do that!! That's awesome! 

I didn't like the theme music either Merryl. Some of the horn arranging is pretty good, but don't care for it as a whole. 


by sugarjilly
Yes Auroracat, 

That's what I was referring to in my post. It had to do with the end scene when Steele mentions the word commitment referring to his and Laura's relationship. 


by Xenos1981
LOL, Ms. Streep!!! And I think we have Sakmar and Lenhart to blame for that awful synthesized arrangement. (If they were smart, they wouldn't have admitted it in one of the commentaries!!!) 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

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