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SOTW: Episode #72- Premium Steele
by Xenos1981    (March 7,  2008)
Hey! It's Friday! Time for Premium Steele! Great episode!!! (I really need to post on this one...I'm so far behind. Haven't posted on the last two yet! Yikes!) Looking forward to your comments! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by MickeyBoggs 
This is arguably the best episode of S4. It's the only one Gerald Sanoff is credited with in IMDb, though I thought he was involved in some others - but I could be wrong. 

Memorable Stuff 

- Mr. Steele puzzling over the instructions for the VCR. Ah, it seemed so complicated back in the day! Now? Piece o' cake! 
- Mr. Steele trying to convince Laura that the VCR could be used as an investigative tool. 
- Love how Laura's eyes get real big when Lester announces "I'm dead" 
- Mr. Steele using his charm on Dinny Carter to get her to let them have a copy of the death certificate 
- Mr. Steele taking Lester into "protective custody" at his apartment, so that while he's there (being protected, and all) he can install the VCR 
- Nice interplay between Monroe & Mr. Steele throughout the entire episode 
- Laura as a "Federal Delivery" courier. The red glasses reappear too! 
- Sadly memorable is the explosion that kills Rudy. This is definitely not a "toy murder" in my book. Excellent job building the tension as we immediately cut to Laura about to open the door to the loft. 
- Laura as the Plant Lady. So spacey! Should have been a clue for her in Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele that plant ladies aren't as clueless as they appear! 

Character Development 

- VCRs/video tapes are such a natural progression for Mr. Steele, the lover of movies. Love how Laura uses that to her advantage by promising to buy him the entire MGM library on video cassette! Her near-smirk when he agrees to the deal is so cute. 
- Love that Mr. Steele has invested in Monroe's business. Very typical of him to help out his old mates. 
- Another of Laura's former boyfriends surfaces in the person of Norman Maxwell. He seems another decent sort and from what little we see of him, better able to handle "wild Laura" than Wilson. I never got the impression that Wilson wanted to get back together with Laura, though Norm definitely does. 
- Laura finally utters the words Mr. Steele did 5 episodes earlier: I'm committed. Yay!! 
- The whole scene in Monroe's apartment is just heart-wrenching. Mr. Steele so concerned about Rudy, hashing over the old days with Monroe. Shows very clearly how deeply Mr. Steele takes to heart the people from his past. 
- The whole motel room scene! Just so well written and acted. Laura looks so vulnerable sitting alone in that chair, waiting for Mr. Steele to show up. So relieved when he arrives. They sit at the foot of the bed, not touching but it's so obvious they WANT to touch. Her question of "where are you going" when he's just adjusting the thermostat is a huge indicator of how scared Laura really is. It really seems to ease her mind when he admits to being scared. It's like she's realizing she doesn't have to be superwoman emotionally, it's ok to feel afraid. At the end of the scene where he puts his arm around her, it's a brilliant move by SZ to lean her head on his shoulder. For once, it's sinking in to Laura how much she cares about her Mr. Steele. 
- I adore the tag scene too. Laura pondering over Maxwell's predicament, Mr. Steele's assurance that she'd survive (just as he has). Laura seems to forget that her world fell apart in a different way just over 2 years prior (when her house blew up) and managed to go on quite nicely. I love how close they feel in this scene and I'm ready for Mildred & Lester to leave them alone.... 

Favorite lines 

R: If you were two extraneous wires, where would you want to be connected? 
Lester: Mr. Steele, I know more about garlic than a man should. 
R: It appears Dr. Rossfeld is in somebody's front pocket 
M: That, or the coroner's office is one of the great undiscovered career opportunities 
(and of course) 
L: Thanks 
R: What for? 
L: For saving my life this afternoon. For being here....for being you. 
R: Laura, I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. 

Hair & Clothing 

- Love that Laura has a "warm weather fedora" 
- Not crazy about the cut of her brown suit jacket, but the color looks great on her 
- Mr. Steele in his black break-in clothes. Sigh. 
- That blue shirt does wonderful things for Mr. Steele's eyes 
- Laura's light green (or whatever color that is) suit looks terrific on her 

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc 

- There was more to the last conversation with Laura & Norman. She's willing to wait to report it to give him time to sell all his, and his clients', Perennial stock. He tells her the SEC would catch them in a heartbeat and asks for a couple of hours to prepare his clients. 
- Richard Lawson (Monroe) appeared with SZ in The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story. His daughter Bianca is an actress with quite a resume of her own. 
- James Staley (Lester) is retired from acting but has been an Emmy judge for the last 15 years 
- KT Sullivan (Dinny Carter, obit writer) now acts in New York ( 
- Laura Malone (Lydon's receptionist, Cathy) retired from acting, went to law school and is now corporate counsel for Getty Images! 
- I only recently learned that Gilroy, CA truly IS the garlic capital of the country! 
- This episode has that fake "Axel F" music we've heard in other episodes 

by auroracat-1
I know everyone is going to hate me for this, but.............. 

It is assumed, by most, that Laura and Mr. Steele share a hotel room in this episode. Everytime I watch it I think that Mr. Steele and Lester are sharing a room and Laura has one to herself. When Mr. Steele first gets in the room he says "I just left Lester, he's sound asleep" (or something like that). I take this to mean that he went to his room, checked on Lester and then came to check on Laura. I can't imagine that they would leave Lester unprotected in a room by himself since they've tried to kill him twice now. Connecting rooms would be a definite possibility.............

by Neneithel
I agree. It would be remiss of them to snuggle up in one room while their client is done to death in the other. 
by Xenos1981
Denise!!! Don't go bursting my bubble, girlfriend!!!  Lalalalalalalalalalalala!!! (Pretending I didn't hear/read that! Laura and Remington spent the night together...Laura and Remington spent the night together...Laura and Remington spent the night together...) 

Holy crap, Mick!!! Do you know EVERYTHING about EVERY RS guest?!?! You're kinda like the RS Rainwoman!!!  *bowing to the, know what I mean* 

On to the show... 

This is a really great episode! Hands down one of the best of Season Four. Right up there with "Beg, Borrow or Steele", "Forged Steele" and "Sensitive Steele". Hard to pick a favorite. 

The two scenes that set this episode apart and catapult it to "Super Steeledom" are the hotel scene and the balcony scene (though there are other really great ones that I'll touch on later). The hotel scene was just so intimate and touching. Sends a chill up my spine whenever I watch it. Pierce and Steph were SO great!!! The dialog was sparkling!!! And their body language was just so incredible...If you watch the scene with the volume turned down, it's STILL just as powerful and you can tell exactly what they're feeling. (And after an exchange like that, I find it really hard to accept that Remington left Laura and went to bunk with Lester.) 

Interjection: O...M...G!!! Not only was Mr. Steele wearing that delectable blue shirt that makes his eyes "pop", but he was also DIRTY!!! Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!! Good gawd, ya'll!!! Dark hair, blue shirt, dirty face...THOSE EYES!!! No question...God's Most Beautiful Creature EVER!!!  

The balcony scene is simply perfection!!! After their harrowing night and the tender hotel exchange, the balcony scene is the icing on the cake. HOLY CRAP!!! PIERCE AND STEPH LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER!!! And it's SO intimate!!! (I know I've used this word a lot in this SOTW, but it's true!) The way he approaches her from behind and slides his arm around her waist...The way she leans back into him and touches his arm. *fanning myself* (The XenosHubby said, "Yeah, right...Like they haven't done it." Sure seems that way, eh?! *sigh*) Again, beautiful words to accompany the beautiful people in a beautiful scene! 

Other Great Things Of Note: 

1) Mr. Steele in a blue shirt and dirty!!! 
2) The whole VCR subplot...Ingenious!!! SO Mr. Steele!!! Nice bit of comedy in an otherwise pretty serious case. "If you were two extraneous wires, where would you want to be connected?" (I have a few suggestions!!! ) The way Mr. Steele gives Laura his undivided attention when she promises to buy him the complete MGM library and her reaction to it was PURE GENIUS!!! 
3) Mr. Steele in black break-in clothes!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm... Not to mention that the XenosHubby really appreciates Laura in her black break-in clothes, too. He also liked her French braid this time, too. 
4) Miss Carter...*snort*...and the way Mr. Steele flirts with her...hee-heeeeeeee...and Laura's reaction...*double snort*!!! 
5) Mr. Steele in a blue shirt and dirty!!! Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!! 
6) Every scene with Monroe was a treat! WHY didn't they bring him back?!?! Thank goodness for fanfic!!! Really great chemistry between Monroe and Mick...Totally bought that they were old mates! Their serious talk always makes my heart ache. They were FABULOUS!!! 
7) Laura as a hippy!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Stephanie looked SO freakin' cute!!! And her light, airy, somewhat monotone voice was hysterical!!! (The XenosHubby was a tad turned on by that scene for some strange reason. Maybe I need to get some peace earrings.) 
8) What was with the round Band-Aid on Remington's neck when he was playing the cop? NICE TOUCH, wardrobe department! So un-Remington!!! 
9) Loved Lester! Just so "everyman-ish"! 
10) Federal Delivery Service...On time, every time, all the time...And with big red glasses to boot! LOL!!! 
11) Norman Maxwell. YIKES is he a big man!!! Makes Laura look like a teeny tiny little teenager!!! (If Steph needed to stand on a box with Pierce in some scenes, she should've stood on the desk for scenes with Norm!) He seems kinda boring and safe for Laura's taste...No wonder it didn't work out. 
12) Mr. Steele in a blue shirt and dirty!!! Laura should've undressed him and cleaned him up a bit!!! *STEELEGASM* 
13) Phil Lydon. So appeasing and "sincere". GREAT bit of casting!!! 
14) Holy crap were there a lot of movie references!!! SO great!!! 
15) Rudy getting blown away in Mr. Steele's hallway. *shudder* That scene is SO haunting. Looked really real, too. 
16) "I'm committed." 'Nuff said. *sigh*  
17) The Perennial scam is rather ingenious, eh?! 
18) Another fichus reference!!! ROTFLMAO!!! 
19) Mr. Steele in a blue shirt and dirty!!! 

I think that just about covers it without re-printing the whole episode verbatim! LOL! 

Thanks for reading! 

Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by dlxauburn
Premium Steele Episode #72 is definately a premium episode, certainly not vintage, but a very well done episode. This episode has Xenos' favorite PB utterance, "We'll make it a threesome." And Mickey gets to see LH in "full overnight delivery" mode. I expect more of a critic on the "FedEx-ness" Mick. 
Oh well, on to the details... 

I have to say kudos to the prop department as the amount of detail on Lester's Death Certificate is incredibly realistic. I was actually hoping to find a goof on it. 

Laura's bribe of Mr.Steele with the entire MGM library is great. He snaps to attention in a hilarious manner and manages to stay on point for 20 seconds before sliding in an attempt to justify his purchase of a vcr as an investigative tool. Laura's attempt to not be seduced by his puppy like loyalty fails as evidenced by her barely suppressed grin. One of my favorite moments of the entire series. 

Where the heck were Steele and Lester walking to when Steele has to toss the vcr to keep Lester from being killed? Fred's not picking them up at the curb? Bad chauffeur, this is the type of infraction that the original Fred wouldn't have allowed. Also like Laura giving it back to Steele when he asks her to trace a license plate with only two numbers. I believe she tried the same thing on the Westfield case and caught grief from him. 

I so enjoyed the introduction of Monroe's character. Monroe spoke Steele's shorthanded language of the con man and they communicated in such a subtle, familiar manner. "You're a busy man, Mick." You can see the genuine affection in such short scenes between them. I really wish we would have gotten Monroe instead of Tony in Season 5. There could have been so many better possibilities. A complete season of mischief and mystery with a fellow miscrent getting the married Mr. Steele into a bit of hot water with Laura, old enemies and pasts revealed, Daniel could have stayed alived. Darn it! 

I like the scene in the office when Mildred brings in all the dead people, upon Steele's request. You can actually see the dollar signs spinning like a slot machine in Laura's eyes when Mildred tells her "He's got them all booked into a Hotel on Wilshire." Nicely done, SZ! 

So Norman Maxwell hasn't gotten Laura out of his system after four years? That would place him after Wilson, but before Steele arrives. So I'm thinking Norman was Laura's rebound guy and she tossed him back after a torrid affair to restore her confidence. Although Laura needs to rethink her choice for rebound criteria. Enough of the good guys, go for the bad boys!!! Maybe Norman had a bad side, like an unrepentent litterer, or jay walker..... 

So Rudy does get blown up in a very graphic scene for an RS episode. Rudy's dead...Steele's shaken....Monroe is stirred....Laura is stunned. The scenes following the exposion were some of the best quietly emotional scenes they've ever done. The dialogue, the pacing and the overall quiet in the tenor of the characters is just the perfect reply to the violent death of Rudy. 

The Downtowner Motor Inn --- Why does it sound like a place that advertises "4 hour nap Rates"? I think Mr. Steele booked three rooms, no doubt under an alias. But I'll always prefer the fictional idea that he stayed with Laura in her room. Afterall, Lester may have started this, but Steele and Laura were the real trouble for Perennial Corp. And I really like some of the fan fic sprouting from this supposition. 

The next day in the office when Laura finally figures out the common link she gets to say the unofficial motto for Season 4: "We're close, we're close, we're getting very close. We just need to get a little closer." No freakin' kidding!!!! 

The plan to infiltrate Phil Leyden's office to get the hard proof is ingenius. I love Monroe goosing the female corperate suit as he gets on the elevator. Then she actually checked out Laura to make sure she doesn't get it again! The Plant Lady Steph plays has to be the inspiration for the Christmas episode Meg Tilly plant lady. Good news Xenos, Steele has his own handcuffs!!!OMG!!! The other funny thing is the band aid on Steele's neck. It disappears when they return to the office from checking out the car. Then it's back when Monroe and Steele are in the elevator about to leave. Then it's gone again for the big fight scene in the office. I really have to object to the campy Batman like music during the fight scene though. I know it's suppose to be funny, but it just falls flat for me. Plus I think Monroe would object to being compared to Robin. 

Oh my, the tag scene....It's just so beautifully everything! The lighting, with the flashing red neon sign, is the visual throbbing heart. The set is perfectly colored in fall tones. The wardrobe is monochromatic, but matched flawlessly for the leads together. The dialogue is touching yet humorous. Just the best ending ever to an RS episode. I believe my heart stops and I hold my breath everytime. 

by Xenos1981
Heh-heh-heh, Auburn!!! So this is what your reviews are like when you're not drunk, eh?! LOL!!! Your verbage is tres magnifique, oh pontificating one!!! 

This episode has Xenos' favorite PB utterance, "We'll make it a threesome."

You know it, girlfriend!!!  (Kidding, of course!)

I really wish we would have gotten Monroe instead of Tony in Season 5. There could have been so many better possibilities. A complete season of mischief and mystery with a fellow miscreant getting the married Mr. Steele into a bit of hot water with Laura, old enemies and pasts revealed, Daniel could have stayed alive. Darn it!

I agree 100%!!! So...When are you gonna write it?! 

Maybe Norman had a bad side, like an unrepentant litterer, or jay walker.....

*snort* I just don't get Laura's taste in men. Wilson was a great guy, but much too mundane for the likes of a "con-woman" like Laura. Norman? Ditto. Butch Bemus and Clay Platt? OMG!!! Talk about going to extremes!!! *shudder* She could have had the ever-cute, oh-so-very-nice Murphy, but she didn't look twice at him. And I'm not gonna even address the whole Tony The Rat crap! But then there's the incredibly luscious Mr. Steele who's picture perfect in every way...He's exciting and wants her for more than a wink and a tumble...So what does she do? She holds him off for five freakin' years!!! OMG!!! SO, so wrong in SO many different ways! Oh, Laura!!! Tsk, tsk, tsk!!! 

Good news Xenos, Steele has his own handcuffs!!! OMG!!!

Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!! God love our Mr. Steele!!! (Again...What is wrong with Laura?!?!) 

Thanks for that awesome review, Knuckles! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by everglade68
Mick, Auburn and Xenos: 

What AWESOME posts ladies, I am speechless. I am going to have to re-watch 
this episode just to see all the details you have pointed out. 

Was Remington wearing a blue shirt and was dirty in this ep, I forgot. Oh well...let me check it out right now. 

All kidding aside, I so appreciate your fantastic posts, the humor, the love you have for RS, more like an obsession, but let's not go there. Thank you 
so much. 


by merryl
One of the great episodes of season 4!!!! 

I felt so sorry for Laura trying to work on the case, with a really disinterested and distracted Mr Steele! His focus on the video machine was really hilarious and also how he managed to twist everything they did towards getting the machine set up. Especially loved the scene at his apartment where Laura is giving instructions, and turns around and there's no-one there - even their client is now obsessed with getting the machine working - LOL! And how she walks through to the bedroom and plaintively says "But I've made a BREAKTHROUGH!" 

The writing was fantastic in this episode, one moment it was all light-hearted and the next it had taken a sinister turn... And the tension was really handled well, especially with Laura just about to open her loft door... 

Mr Steele was so upset that he doesn't even question Norman Maxwell about to be invited into Laura's loft (although there was a glance there!). 

And the motel room scene... I think that since they both almost lost their lives, they would definitely spend the night together, just being close. There's no way that, after saving Laura's life, Mr Steele would leave her alone. Especially after the serious and moving conversation they had. There was a definite progression in their relationship. 

Loved Laura as the flower lady and the delivery lady - two *different* pairs of glasses (nice touch)! She also looked really good throughout the episode - loved the double-breasted jacket at the beginning, her top and skirt when she went to visit Norman Maxwell and her light-coloured suite towards the end. (And of course the black breaking-in clothes!) 

As for Pierce - he looked GREAT (even more than usual). His eyes looked particularly stunning, even when he wasn't wearing blue. I had a close look since I watched the episode on my monitor :-) I think it's because he had a nice tan - made his eyes stand out! 

And the balcony scene... Wow! What a change from the beginning of the episode, Mr Steele has realised that there are *far* more important things in life than watching "Gone with the Wind". His priorities have changed... 

And Xenos - I SWEAR I heard Mildred in the background!!!!! 

All in all, a fantastic episode! 

by Xenos1981

And Xenos - I SWEAR I heard Mildred in the background!!!!!

"OH, MY!!!" LOL, Ms. Streep! 

And you're right about Mr. Steele's eyes in this episode. O...M...G!!! Like I've said countless times before: Crayola needs to have a "Brosnan Blue" to commemorate those beautiful eyes of his!!! A more beautiful shade does not exist! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by sugarjilly
Well, I would have to agree with everyone that's posted so far. This is one of my favorite Season 4 episodes!!! Why? Xenos said it very nicely.....for the hotel room scene and the balcony scene of course!!!! There was a lot of other great moments also in this episode, but it was these two scenes that bring R and L closer together! 

I know there's been a lot said already, so I'll keep it short and try not to be repetitive....but I'm not goes.... 

Loved, loved, loved the beginning scene...that whole conversation with the VCR and how Steele puts in that they could get a 10% tax deduction after Laura questions Steele...I hope that's not a write-off or something like that...very funny. Also, which has already been mentioned before, the bit about Laura bribing Steele with buying him the whole MGM VCR collection if he put his head into the case!!! Just loved Laura's smirk when he drops everything!!! 

Did anyone else, or was it just me, feel uncomfortable with Lester calling Laura and Remington young lady and young man. How old did he think HE was!!!? Usually, when I'm called that, it's by someone a lot older than a grandfather-type figure or a grade school teacher. 

Loved the whole scene with Miss Carter. So funny! How about when Steele is wooing Miss Carter and she mentions that she couldn't find any info on him...she says...I can keep a secret!! LOL then Laura has that look and changes the subject! LOL Oh yes and another thing I noticed while mr. steele was wooing mis carter, PB's eyes looked violet!!! Did anyone notice that? 

Wonder if PB added the word "flat" in reference to his apartment or was it in the original script? Mickey!! Calling Mickey!!! Do you have an answer? 

Just loved seeing a couple of people from Laura and Remington's past involved in this episode. 

Black break-in clothes...need I say more!!! Just loved the dialog between R and L when L gets to his apartment.... 
L: It will be dark in an hour. 
R: Nothing gets by you Laura. 

Not once, but twice do we see Laura undercover. First a delivery person, then a plant girl...Awesome plant girl!!!! We hardly see Laura undercover through the whole series and we are given the opportunity to see 2 different characters in this episode! 

Yeah Laura says it!!! She's committed!!! I couldn't believe my ears!!! 

Just love how Remington brings up the movie quotes and always mentions that it's available on video cassette...through the whole episode!!! LOL too funny! 

Did someone mention they thought they heard background music that sounded like the Batman music? Well, I did too!!!! It happens when Steele and Monroe are fighting the guys from Perennial when Laura is caught impersonating a flower girl. The whole fight scene!! 

Okay, I said I loved the scene in the motel room and the balcony scene already, but did I say that you could just feel the emotions of the reality of what had just happened in both instances...the young boy being blown up, Laura almost losing her life and then Norman's life taken away in a blink of an eye! Just really great scenes!! Very intimate and loving! 

Been loving everyone's posts!!! 


by Xenos1981  
Great review, Jilly! You know I have to go re-watch the fight scene and listen for the "Batman" music now.  


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by sugarjilly
yes, but I'm sure that's not the only reason you're going to rewatch!! You don't need to make excuses Xenos, we all know what you love!!! LOL 


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