Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist

SOTW: Episode #74- Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele 
by Xenos1981    (March 20, 2008)
Ladies, ladies...Lovely ladies! Our next SOTW is "Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele"!!! Yay! (Gonna post my thoughts early as the kids have off for Spring Break starting tomorrow.) Looking forward to your comments! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by Xenos1981 
OMG, OMG, O…M…G!!! Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele!!! Really great episode!!! (I’d expect nothing less from Mr. Gleason!!! *bowing to the master*) OK…Gotta say it…HOLY CRAP!!! DOES PIERCE LOOK FREAKIN’ HOT IN THIS EPISODE!!! How he continues to improve on perfection boggles the mind!!! And what that man does for suspenders is a thing of beauty!!! O…M…G!!! *insert Carly Simon singing, “Nobody does it better/Makes me feel sad for the rest/Nobody does it/Half as good as you/Brosnan, you’re the best!”* 

Moving on (as hard as that is for me…mmmmmm….Pierce…)…A melancholy Mr. Steele. *sigh* Makes me want to cheer him up! Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-hes!!! Yet even in his sadness, his great sense of humor comes out…"Ninety seven degrees is more than a little warm. Ninety seven degrees on Christmas Eve is obscene. Should be big fat snowflakes, falling. Jack Frost nipping at your heels. Speaking of things nipping at your heels, where's Miss Holt?" LOL!!! (Actually, celebrating Christmas when I’m not freezing my buns off sounds pretty darn good to me!) 

Then the introduction of the players…Nicely done! You get a sense of who they are and what their whole deal is right from the get-go. (Again, tipping my hat to Mr. Gleason.) “I can’t stay long.” HA!!! And Mr. Steele exchanging play/movie lines with Dr. Scabbard is CLASSIC!!! Mildred is a freakin’ hoot – "Go back to your reindeer and sit on an antler." I must admit, though, that I became a little distracted when Dancer asked, "You want the next dance, pal?" (INTERLUDE: Scene 24 from “The Thomas Crown Affair”…Thomas and Catherine are cutting a rug and dancing seductively when the ever-dapper Mr. Crown says, “Do you want to dance? Or do you want to dance?” Um…I WANT TO DANCE!!! OH-HO-HO, YEH-HEH-HES!!! I WANT TO DANCE!!!) Had to back my DVD up and re-watch that scene again because I lost the subsequent ten minutes or so. (Hey, Pierce is an AWESOME dancer!!! Heh-heh-heh!!!) Then the whole Dancer/Prancer/Donner confusion…Hee-heeeeee!!! 

Loved that the podiatrist got shot in the foot. What great irony. Loved even more that once again they couldn’t find the agency gun. Ya’ know, for a rather despondent episode, it really had a lot of great jokes and humor in it…All the earmarks of a truly gifted writer. 

I found it interesting that Dancer was such a nut-case. (Shades of Major Descoine.) "You see? The world is upside down! A broad who's a dick! A guy who's a secretary. Somebody oughta drop the bomb so we can start all over again!" And him calling Mildred “Brunhilda” was icing on the cake. (The XenosHubby broke into a rousing version of Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny singing, “Oh, Bwunhiwda, you’re so wovewy!” “Yes, I know it! I can’t help it!”) Loved that Mildred threatened to blow Donner away. Of course, we all know she couldn’t…But it was a great bluff on Mildred’s part. And OMG!!! Did Mr. Steele look HOT – Bond-ish, even – while threatening Dancer with the gun!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! 

Loved the quiet talks between Remington and Mildred; Mildred and Laura; and Remington and Laura. Those scenes were SO well played by Pierce, Steph and Doris. Kudos to all!!! Some of the best dialog of the series delivered so lovingly and thoughtfully…Makes me cry every time I watch!!! I mean, come on…The Flexible Flyer scene… *sobbing* …OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Emmy worthy, I’m telling you!!! *still sobbing* And what a great kiss!!! So emotional!!! The way Mr. Steele looks at Laura before taking her face in his hands and kissing her is soooooo sexy and intense!!! And the surprised look on Laura’s face… *sigh* Perfect…Simply perfect. Mamma Mia!!! How can she resist him?! 

Other Things Of Note: Jack (or “Eggnog” as Dancer calls him) was a freakin’ HOOT!!! The range of emotions that weasely man goes through…HA!!! Eva’s “flower child” persona…um…Somehow I don’t think Ms. Tilly had to act very much. She was perfectly cast. Laura searching Donner to see if he was packing a gun was hilarious!!! *tipping my fedora to Steph* Mr. Steele in suspenders – Oh-ho-ho, yeh-heh-HES!!! Felix Creedle (the real Santa) finally showing up drunk…Hee-heeeeeeee!!! Allison’s, “I want a baby!” speech… *shaking head and chuckling* (Nice show from the actress who played Loretta in “Hearts Of Steele”.) 

Things That Make You Go, “Hmmmm”: Blowing up a floor at Century City?! Kinda ballsy, I’d say! And then this comment, "It doesn't make sense. Nothin's stirrin' out there. Not a car, a person, nothing. I mean, that wasn't exactly a firecracker that went off." Um…Yeah…OK…Sure. Suspension of disbelief, I know! Also…Laura jumping off the back of a motorcycle and crashing Eva’s bike? Um…WOW!!! (I believe the XenosHubby’s exact words were, “Oh, come on!!! You’ve got to be kidding me!!!”) 

Kinda liked that they broke the third wall at the end and did the “Joyeaux Noel/Feliz Navidad/Merry Christmas, everyone” thing. Totally unexpected…Nice touch. (And you know that the kiss Pierce blew was meant just for me!!! *sigh* Right back at ya’, babe!!!) Oh, yeah. One more thing…Did I mention how smokin’ hot Mr. Brosnan looked in this episode? 

A GREAT show all around…One of Season Four’s best!!! Thanks for reading!!! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan…Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 

by Neneithel
It wasn't a bluff when Mildred did it. Only Steele knew the gun wasn't loaded. Incredible scene! He was so beautiful! (Not that he ever isn't, of course!)
by Xenos1981
Maybe I didn't phrase that right...I just meant that Mildred was "bluffing" because of what we know about her personality/nature. In "Dreams Of Steele", Mildred held a gun on Todd Doke... 

Remington: "Mildred, if he moves, shoot him." 

Clarissa: "Don't kid a kidder, Mr. Steele. Miss Krebs wouldn't harm a fly." 

Mildred (lowering the gun and close to tears): "I'm sorry. I can't."

I just can't see Mildred shooting anyone EVER! Maybe I'm wrong. Any thoughts? 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by myrtlelauragroggins
I agree with you, Xenos. Mildred didn't know the gun wasn't loaded but she also wouldn't have fired it. I can't see Mildred shooting anyone EVER, either. 


by dtalley
Oh, I can see Mildred shooting him. She looked pretty determined to me, and it was definitely a desperate situation. I mean, she didn't need to kill him; she could just have wounded him. 


by pianoRose
This ranks up there as one of my I never tire of...each of the characters so wonderfully drawn. 

I just love this one. 

You don't have to be perfect to be good. 
-Victor Davis Hanson 

by merryl
What a brilliant episode - Michael Gleason rocks!!!! 

And I have to agree with Xenos - Pierce was incredibly good-looking in this episode. I liked his "edginess" - it made a nice change from some of the tongue-in-cheek style of many of the episodes! And Laura was equally stunning in this episode - very cute with the holly, etc in her hair... There were wonderful moments between them - tear-filled eyes, kisses, sharing of memories, sigh.... 

This was so well written - the increasing tension and the guests all slowly falling apart. Some great acting from everyone. 

It was nice to see Pierce, Stephanie and Doris "breaking the fourth wall" too, with the Christmas messages. 

Just loved this episode! 

Oh, there's a great Carly Simon, "Spy who loved me" video, using RS footage on youtube:

by Neneithel
I agree with you, Debra. "Hatpin Millie" would shoot to protect her friends.
by Xenos1981
Ms. Streep... 

I have to agree with you...Steph looked FABULOUS in this episode!!! Sometimes I forget to mention how cute she looks because...well...God's Most Beautiful Creature, you know. I even made the comment to the XenosHubby that I wanted her outfit. She looks smashing in black!!! 

Off to watch the Carly Simon vid... 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by dlxauburn
Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele --- Am I the only one to think that if it was called Dancer, Prancer, Vixen and Steele it would have been an episode Xenos would have written? Sigh, another missed opportunity. 

So it's Easter and I am reviewing a SOTW Christmas episode; at least we're in the Christian ballpark, or manger I guess would be more fitting. This Christmas episode should be a nice, feel good story with some redeeming value or morally significant lesson. What do we get? Die Hard without the "yippie-kay-yeay mother....." crappy dialogue. There's nothing that says Christmas to me like CGI on a Commadore 64! 

I think maybe this was the last episode shot before the set broke for the holidays and they were trying to save both time and money on things. Hardly any scene changes and the same costumes for everyone except the plant lady. Although they did decorate the heck out of Laura's loft for a very short telephone scene. They might have whipped this one out in 3 days or less. 

Speaking of costumes, I noticed the Santa's were sweating profusely. How unpleasant did that have to be? And why were the Santa code names actually reindeer names? They certainly weren't playing any reindeer games that I'm familiar with.... there are approximately 23 games. I'm most partial to "Antler Dance" and "Follow the Twitching Tail". Although "Hooves, Knees, Sleigh Bells Please" is alot of fun once you get the hang of it. 

Okay, one thing that ticks me off. Dancer (the really mean one) is suppose to have been in the army, but doesn't notice the revolver doesn't have bullets in it? You can see the chambers are empty!!! Hello! Oh, well Steele gets to be very heroic saving Mildred's life. And eventually Laura finds out that Steele isn't a big putz. 

The big scene of the episode is Steele's retelling of his own Christmas past. This was wonderfully done. The pacing was perfect as he told the story. I really liked the part where PB cranes his neck as he speaks about stretching to see in the window. It really sold you on the fact of him reliving that Christmas as he's telling the story. Kudos to the director for letting the tempo of things slow to the right speed for this segment. I liked Laura's response too, "One Flexible Flyer coming up." That's such a pefect way to convey that's she wants to make him happy. Oh and in the Vixen episode, I believe Xenos has Laura actually becoming the Flexible Flyer for him! Oh-Ho-Yes! 

Finally, things get resolved with our fabulous looking duo when the plant lady turns out to be the missing Santa, Blitzen. But a more appropriate name would have been Dasher, since she had the get away plan! But thanks to an acrobatic Laura jumping from one motorcycle to another, she is foiled and wrapped in a bow for the police. Although I find it very difficult to believe Laura and Plant Lady survive the crash unscathed. But plant lady, who's wearing the helmet mind you, falls unconscious when Laura tosses her to the ground. And does anyone believe that two million dollars fits in a regular sized briefcase? 

Overall, a pretty good episode. Put's me in a Christmas mood. Oh wait, that means more snow!! Make that a California Christmas mood...97 degrees sounds delicious right now. 

So Happy Easter to all and to all a goodnight! 

by Xenos1981
As I sit here in front of my computer freezing my a** off, griping about the 12 freakin' inches of snow we got on Friday and b****ing about how it feels more like Christmas than Easter  ...I can't help but get a warm feeling from laughing so hard at Auburn's "Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele" post. O...M...G, girlfriend!!! YOU ROCK!!!  Thanks, babe!!! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by MickeyBoggs  
The only holiday episode is quite good but leaves a lot of room for fanfic too. 

Memorable Stuff 

- I love Mildred's tolerant amusement at Mr. Steele grumpiness. He's right, 97 degrees is obscene for Christmas in the northern hemisphere, but I don't think that's what's making him grumpy. 
- I wasn't in the work force when this originally aired. Were most businesses still open at 4 pm on Christmas Eve? Nowadays most offices I know of (if they're open at all) close around noon. 
- Laura in full "Santa's Elf" mode. The huge tree, all the decorations at the loft. The holly in her hair. She's just so INTO it all! 
- Love the difference in the way Steph says the word "Santa" to convey two completely different meanings, and in a single scene. When Laura arrives at the office she says "Why is Santa holding a gun?" and she says "Santa" almost reverently, like her childhood idol has just grown feet of clay. When she confronts Dancer she says "Let me get this straight, we're being held prisoner by a bunch of Santas?", she almost spits out the word "Santas", implying disgust. 
- I know this was done years before, but seeing the explosion (as fake as it looks) and seeing the aftermath the next day, now it's a constant reminder of 9/11/2001 to me. 
- Laura's dramatic hysterics when she's actually checking Donner for a gun. 
- Mr. Steele's disgust when he tells Dr. Scabbard to ask to go to the bathroom and Dr. Scabbard doesn't understand his intentions and says he doesn't need to go right now. 
- Mr. Steele unintentionally showing off his story-telling skills by describing one Christmas he remembered. And Laura's loving reaction to it. 

Character Development 

- We learn Mr. Steele will actually do a bit of exercise - playing tennis - even when he's not posing for the cameras (Steele Eligible) or trying to get a client (Steele in the Chips) 
- I think Mildred might really have taken a shot at one of the Santas (probably woulda missed) but fortunately for her, Mr. Steele makes his flying tackle in time. It's so interesting to see the emotions that play across both Mildred's and Laura's faces when Mr. Steele puts down the gun and kicks it to Dancer. I think Laura, especially, knows that he probably did the right thing (as neither he nor the hostages had any place to hide from Dancer's gun) but there was a part of her that was counting on her partner to get them out of this mess and she can't help but be a little disillusioned. 
- Mr. Steele's concern as to Laura's opinion of him (regarding giving up the gun) is touching, as is her thoughtful response. The reassuring kiss is sweet too. 
- Love the exchange when Mildred tells Laura that the agency gun had no bullets in it and Laura realizes just how good an actor her Mr. Steele is. You can tell that however much she might have initially felt he let her down earlier, he has now made up that ground and more. 
- Mr. Steele willingly reveals some of his childhood when he relates the story about the sled. It's touching and real and you can see how it affects Laura. Her gentle statement afterwards is just laden with meaning and the kiss (while perhaps the most awkward-looking kiss of the series) is touching. You can almost see them thinking "I love you" to each other. (They just won't SAY it, darn it!) 

Favorite lines 

L: One flexible flyer coming up. (Loads of meaning in that one statement) 

Hair & Clothing 

Easy day for the costume shop - no costume changes except for Eva! 
- Why is Mr. Steele wearing both braces and a belt? I'd have thought Wardrobe would know better than to do that! Mr. Steele certainly would have! 

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc 

- Mr. Steele says "One thing's for certain. They chose this building for a reason. And they wanted me." Why does he say that? Up to that point there's been nothing to indicate they were particularly him. The deleted dialogue (below) helps answer that question. 
- Mr. Steele references The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. Doris played the mayor's wife in that film. 
- They sure leave the commercial area of the office building and end up in a residential area awfully quickly. 
- Sonny Averona, who sang the songs, is the same Sinatra-sounding guy from Diced Steele. 
- SueJue answers the question "where was Mr. Steele going when the Santas interrupted his plans?" And she was amazingly close to Michael Gleason's answer! 
- I love the way Angie finished off the episode: 

Where Are They Now? 

This was an episode for re-using guest stars! 
- Alexandra Borrie (Allison Greene) - who also played Loretta Marcall in Hearts of Steele - currently teaches acting at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts CAP21 Musical Theater Program 
- John Del Regno (Donner) - who was also the pawn shop owner in Woman of Steele - did an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond with Doris 
- Tom Everett (Prancer) also played the man at the aquarium in Dreams of Steele 
- Larry Gelman (Dr. Scabbard) was in The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal with SZ 
- Don Gordon (Dancer) - who also played the dastardly Vincent Nash in Springtime for Steele (and will show up again in Santa Claus is Coming to Steele) - is a US Navy WWII vet and has retired from acting 
- Peter Jurasik (Jack Denver) - previously seen as Phil Haver in Steeling the Show - now teaches at the Univ. Of North Carolina - Wilmington. Check out his website at 

Cut Dialogue 

This episode in particular seems to have a lot of dialogue cut out of the final airing. I assume it's because of time constraints as the episode ran about 48:17 as it aired. 

When Laura calls the office at the beginning of the episode... 

>R: Ah, the lost patrol. 
L: I got a late start. There was a nip in the air this morning and I jogged. 
R: Nip, did you say? You're hallucinating. Probably heat stroke. 
L: What's the matter with you? 
R: Nothing's the matter with me. 
L: I know what it is. You haven't done your Christmas shopping and it's made you grouchy. 
R: Not true at all. While I didn't shop in August like some over-organized fanatics, I - 
>L: I'm on my way in. Be charming to our guests. It's the season to be jolly, you know. 
>R: Ho. Ho. Ho. 
>M: I'll get you some eggnog. 
R (dials phone): Yes, I passed your window a few weeks ago and there was a woman's wrist watch, gold band encrusted with tiny diamonds...Do you, by any chance, still have it? (smiles) Splendid. Put it aside, will you? What time do you close? (checks watch) I'll be right down. The name's Steele, Remington Steele. (modestly) Yes, yes, that Remington Steele. (He hangs up and heads to the lobby) 

(Laura got a late start? It's 4 pm! Our efficient Miss Holt would never be THAT late. The whole watch-as-a-gift business is another tie-in to Santa Claus is Coming to Steele and puts a new twist on the whole secret admirer angle if you know that Mr. Steele was indeed thinking of getting a watch for 


In the conversation where Allison Greene introduces herself to Mr. Steele: 

>R: Sorry, got my Cohens confused. 
A: Lovely idea this little Christmas gathering. These modern high rises can be so impersonal. and steel. (chuckles) No pun intended. 
>R: Always delightful to meet one's neighbors. I suggest you start with the plant lady. She can't stay long. 


Mr. Steele meets Dr. Scabbard: 

S: Dr. Scabbard. S. Wilson Scabbard on eight. 
R: A pleasure, Dr. Scabbard. Or may I call you 'S'? 


An injured Dr. Scabbard rattles on about how he can't afford to die now: 

S: I'm very highly regarded in my field. I've even been called the podiatrist to the stars. Professional ethics forbid me from telling you who, but you'd be amazed at the number of starts with bad feet. 
R: A veritable epidemic, I'm sure. 
>Donner: Where is it? 
>L: What? 
>D: Your hardware. 
>L: This may sound lame, but we have trouble locating it ourselves sometimes. 
S: You can't kill me. Who'd take over my practice? I'm a one-man office. (to L&R) I offered to send my son to any medical school in the country. All expenses paid. You know what he did? Had his ears pierced and his head shaved. He wears black lipstick and listens to Sid Vicious all day. I'm the laughingstock of Beverly Hills. (to Donner) I'm not rich though. Even though I live in Beverly Hills, I'm not rich. So if you're thinking of holding me for ransom, I have bad news for you. Nobody will pay. (beat) Certainly not my son - the momser. And not my wife, either. Only way she'd pay ransom is if she could put it on her Visa card. 
D: Probably wouldn't get two cents for the lot of you. 
R: For once, I'm delighted to be considered worthless. 


After Mr. Steele puts the gun down, the next scene shows Mildred fanning him on the sofa in the reception area. But there were a few lines cut before that scene. In Mr. Steele's office, Jack raids the liquor cabinet while Dr. Scabbard is stuck on the couch nursing his injured foot: 
J: Provided I don't get my hind-end shot off, this could well be the best Christmas I ever had. 
S: You're sick, you know that? (moans) Oh, my foot. It's beginning to throb. 
J: Relax, Doc. I'll make you a Denver Special. One sip and you'll want to go out dancing. 
Jack heads into the reception area where he dumps the liquor into the punch bowl. 
Prancer: Why is it so damn hot in here? 
L: They turn off the air conditioning at night. 
P: Then open some windows. 
Allison: They don't open. 
(Which matches what we learned in Steele in the Chips, but contradicts Steele in Circulation when Alfred was trying to jump out of one) 


While on the phone with Jack's wife, Laura had a couple of lines (interspersed with Eva's conversation with Dancer) that were cut: 

>L: I'm sorry, Mrs. Denver. Jack left hours ago. 
>E: Sir? May I please be excused? I have to go to the bathroom. 
L: No, that wasn't his voice. There's nobody here. 
>E: Please? I'm going to embarrass myself if I don't get to a bathroom. 
L: Me? I'm the cleaning lady. (she hangs up) 


Mr. Steele on the phone with Albert Hastings, who owns the building in a conversation that sheds a bit more light on why he was targeted: 
>R: Yes, Mr. Hastings? (to Donner) By any chance, did you deliver a Christmas present to Mr. Hastings in my name? 
(Dancer doesn't reply) 
R: Yes. Sorry, Mr. Hastings. Holiday diversions. Gift, you said. From me. With a note. 
(startled, he covers the mouthpiece and turns to Dancer) 
R: By any chance, are you here to blow up this building? 
(Dancer smirks and a palpable fear ripples through the room) 
R (into phone): Yes, yes. I agree, sir. A very damn poor joke. Especially on Christmas Eve. 
>D: Tell him to shut up and look out the window. 

Then, when Mr. Steele reads the note Dancer gives him: 
R: I've been handed a note to read to you. (Breath) As you know, I am a reputable private investigator, so you must believe me when I tell you the situation here is extremely serious. Unless I receive two million.... 


At the beginning of Act Three, R&L are in his office tending to Dr. Scabbard: 
R: At least now we know why they chose this office. They needed Remington Steele to lend veracity to their demands. 
L: Sometimes I wish your reputation wasn't so damned impeccable. 
R: Come now, Laura. You’ve labored long and hard to make me what I am. 
>Donner: Doesn't make sense. Nothing's stirring down there. Not a car, a person, nothing. 


At the beginning of Act Four, between Capt. Grogan checking for word from Mr. Hastings and Laura & Mr. Steele discussing Christmases past, we find Mildred and Prancer in the supply room: 
P: What time is it? 
M: Twenty-five after six. (almost sorry for him) Five'll get you ten, Blitzen's not gonna show. 
By his expression, that thought has already occurred to Prancer. 
Meanwhile, Donner and Eva are in Laura's office: 
D: You wouldn't know the time, would you? 
E: I never wear a watch. Time is a man-made obstacle. When the sun rises, I wake. When it falls, I sleep. 
D: Maybe this don't mean much to you, but I had no idea this was gonna happen. And I just hope you get out of it okay. 
E: A person's life is a scripted event. From the first mewling of the last gasp, it has all been written beforehand. 
D: That's really good to know. 
Cut to Mr. Steele's office: 
L: It's Christmas. 
R (flat): Joyeux Noel. 
She goes to him, kisses him on the cheek, then on the lips. 
L: Feliz Navidad. 
They exchanged weary smiles of affection and hope, then Laura hoists herself on to the desk. (As aired, she ended up sitting on the window sill) 
L: Christmas was always my favorite holiday. Sometimes all of us - the whole family - would go to the mountains, run around in the snow. It was the one day in the year everyone seemed to get along with everyone else. (grins) Even my mother. (then) She'd make a turkey. When Frances and I were old enough, we'd help in the kitchen. I love the smell of turkey. (beat) And my father would always give me a box of parlays. 
R: What's that? 
L: Candy. My favorite candy in the whole world. I'd horde those parlays. Wouldn't share them with anyone. One Christmas, I was down to my last one, saving it for just the right moment. Our dog, Susie, ate it. (laughs) I could've killed that mutt. 
Her reminiscences seem to have pushed Mr. Steele inward 
L (sensing): Christmas doesn't hold any special memories for you, does it? 
R: You know that story about the bad boy who gets a lump of coal in his Christmas stocking? There were times I would've killed for a lump of coal. London winters can be very unforgiving. (beat) I remember one.... 


Dancer asks Jack for the time, then indicates it won't be long until they find out their fate: 
>D: One way or another, it won't be long now. 
J: If I ever make it to New Year's, I'm going to lay off the sauce. That's my one and only resolution. Well, that and being nicer to Judith. (beat) Maybe we'll go away. Just Judith and me. No kids. Get to know one another again. 

by MickeyBoggs 
I can see her shooting Dancer - who is across the room and pointing a gun at her - but not Donner, who is unarmed and is right next to her. Shooting Donner would serve no purpose as they'd still have to deal with Dancer's gun. Though as I say in my post, even if the gun were loaded she'd probably miss if she aimed at Dancer.
by Neneithel
I've been wondering this for years and no-one ever explains it. What IS a flexible flyer? Everyone seems to love the line and I probably would if I understood it, but it's even more veiled in cultural code than the baseball references. I love the kiss, though.
by everglade68   
Helen, if you go to Google and type the word, you will see a picture of a 
"flexible flyer sled" made out of wood and red steele. It is an American 
tradition for kids to have these, of course, in Florida we have the "flexible 
wagon" where the kid is pulled anound. Almost every child at one point in their life has had a ride in one of those. 


by Neneithel
Thanks! Now it makes sense. :D
by sugarjilly
Well, there's really not much to say as everything has been said already. Very nicely done by everyone. I so enjoy reading everyone's posts!! I just wanted to add a little bit of what I liked about the episode even though it's probably been said before. 

This is one of my favorite episodes of S4. I like what's shown in the development between R and L. For example, the scene with the gun and how R wants to be sure L still thinks of him as something special and just loved how R and L are thinking the same things at the end of the episode. You can tell they've been together for a good while. Some lines: 
L: Sea of blue. 
Both: That's it! 
R: How are your instincts? 
L: Same as yours. 
Also, I loved how L was a little disappointed/confused as to why Steele gave up the gun. Then later smiles when she finds out the gun wasn't loaded. 

One of my favorite scenes is the office scene when both L and R tell stories about a Christmas past of theirs. Very nice! Loved the kiss! Also loved when Laura frisked the Santa in R's office. Too funny! Great acting too! 

I just loved all of the guest stars. Very good. From the plant lady to Dancer! 

Mr. Steele looked hot in his brown suit and Laura looked very nice in her black outfit. 

Why was there the need for three santas again? To keep an eye on everyone and only one with a gun? hmmmm. 


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