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SOTW: Episode #75- Steele On The Air 
by Xenos1981    (March 28, 2008)
OMG, ladies!!! Everyone's favorite episode!!! Steele On The Air!!! Can't wait to post my thoughts on this wonderfully romantic, exceedingly funny, top-notch mystery!!! (She said, her voice dripping in sarcasm.) I think I'm hearing those groans again...Or maybe it's just left-overs from Corn Fed Steele. Either way...POST AWAY!!! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by sugarjilly
This isn't one of my favorite episodes, but again what makes it a bearable episode is the funny dialog. I'm not talking about Bud and Norman either, Pllleeasse!!! 
Yes Xenos!!! You heard me! I thought there was some funny dialog in this episode. But on the other hand, I also agree that there was no romance and it wasn't a top-notch mystery. 

Hey, was it just me or did anyone else think that Mr. Steele looked really comfortable laying across the desk? 

In the beginning, Mildred states her claim. I just love this scene. The whole dialog between Mildred, Remington and Laura. Too funny!! Very in sync with what was going on at the time. I really enjoyed the scenes after Mildred was hired at the station between R and L. That was also funny. Here's a line that I thought was really funny though. It came out of all these scenes. 
M: I think we got this one locked up. Let's huddle. 
R & L's looks are priceless!!! HAHA!!! 

There was a lot of movie quotes in this one. However, I thought this one movie quote was funny and it worked so well with the dialog. They were discussing the affair between Norman and Mrs. West. 

R: "Body Heat." 
M: It certainly was. 

Awe!! R & L's favorite fountain! I guess they often talked about cases there. in the world can Rick "bad man" afford to drive a Porsche!!!? Well, I guess we find that out!!! Just thought it was funny when they showed this really cool Porsche with BAD MAN on the license plate and then here comes the Rabbit with a standard license plate!!! LOL Too funny. 

Yeah! Break-in clothes!! I might add that Mr. Steele looks really nice in all his suits too, including the tux!!!! Yes, break-in clothes plus a!! I didn't care for Laura's big hair when she is waiting to get interviewed by people magazine...loved the black dress though. 

Where in the world did Mr. Steele find Leon....very weird man and strange looking. Not to be mean, but you know how actors wear makeup...well Leon actually looked like he was wearing makeup. Especially in that white suit. He looked like he had lipstick on!! YUCK! Too weird for me! 

Oh I almost forgot to mention this!!! How in the world could Laura say no to a free trip to Hawaii!!!? What is with her!!! Loved Mr. Steele's hopeful intent though. Funny! 

I really loved the shooting stuff and the dialog going on between R and L when Mrs. West is shooting at them. I also really liked the jumping over the cactus by Mr. Steele, making sure not to hurt his bottom. Liked how Laura flew over the reception desk too. Very nice!! 

The only feel that I got from L and R that could have been turned into something like a kiss or something, was when Laura was on the computer and Remington leans in very close to her...then they cut to the next scene!!! HEY!!! I want my romance!!! Let's go back 25 years. Re-shoot!! 

I thought this line was funny: 
Head of 14-KROT: Sex therapists are a dime a dozen. 
M: Wait! I'm easy! 

I liked when Laura said to Mr. Steele, right before they split up to wait for the killer.... 
L: Careful Mr. Steele. 
It wasn't so much the words as it was the look on her face. 

The tag scene at the end was nice too. 
L: Don't be to hard on yourself Mr. Steele. 
R: What's a few more million adoring fans more or less? 
L Would you settle for just one? 

awe, now that was nice! Too bad it wasn't a better episode so you would remember more lines like that. 

I don't feel that this would be an episode that I would watch again, but I might move it up on the scale just a little....NAH!! Still pretty low on the list. 


by auroracat-1
Speaking of the "Body Heat" reference - PB's expression right after making it! One gets the feeling that Mr. Steele is a Kathleen Turner fan:)
by Xenos1981
OMG!!! Could you IMAGINE a movie with Pierce and Kathleen Turner in it?!?! Don't know what she's up to now, but "back in her day", she was hot!!! (I SO wanted to be her after I saw "Romancing The Stone"! And the XenosHubby still talks about her sexy voice.) Put her in a movie with uber-sexy Pierce and you've got box office gold! How's she lookin' today, anyone know? I'm thinkin' Crown Girl!!! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by merryl
Last time I saw Kathleen Turner she was Chandler Bing's transvestite father in Friends! They used her husky voice to it's full extent. What a stroke of genius from the Friends producers! 

Yes, she was sexy (as a woman :-) in her day! Also loved Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile! (Never saw Body Heat, though - always wanted to - maybe we could rent the DVD tomorrow). She was also the voice of Jessica Rabbit in "Who framed Roger Rabbit" - my DH's favourite "sexy cartoon character" :-)

by MickeyBoggs

Don't know what she's up to now

Her autobiography Send Yourself Roses: Thoughts on My Life, Love, and Leading Roles was just released last month. Here's a description from Publishers Weekly that I found on 

Turner has starred in films as diverse as Body Heat and Romancing the Stone; she's had rave reviews for her stage performances in The Graduate and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Now Turner, with the aid of Gloria Feldt, bares her heart to readers in an upbeat account of her life and work. Turner discovered the theater when she was a teenager living with her Foreign Service family in London; from then on, she took every opportunity to study acting and to perform. Eventually, she landed the steamy lead in Body Heat. Playing such a sexually voracious female role might have typecast her, so she followed it with a comedy, The Man with Two Brains. As she discusses the other acting roles she's chosen, she's emphatic that the selection of material and characters I play reflects my values. She's also been deliberate in her offstage life—her decision to marry, to have a child and to divorce. With great candor, she details some of her worst struggles, battling both rheumatoid arthritis and alcohol. In the end, she's realized it comes down to taking the lead role in her own life. While she may indulge in swear words a bit much for some readers, Turner's vision of life's many possibilities—even as she gets older—is surely inspiring. (Mar.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. 

by MickeyBoggs
So we're now 10 episodes into Season Four and, IMHO, this is only the second clunker. 80% is really pretty good, isn't it? And this one is still better than Corn Fed... 

Memorable Stuff 

- This one is a little slow getting started, which is not unusual for a Sakmar/Lenhart script. But they sure do keep us guessing about what's going on with the pilot since we see his dead body being dragged to the plane but are hearing "his" voice over the air. 
- Mr. Steele was right when he said (back in S1), "Laura, you look lovely in the morning". She does. Not fair. ('Course if I had a team of stylists to look over me, I'd look better too.) 
- Jeers to Fox for changing the music to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun when Laura is clearly singing along with those lyrics! 
- Sign of the times: LPs! 
- Mr. Steele lounging all over that desk (down Xenos!) 
- Nice job by SZ of letting her head bobble all over the place when Mr. Steele puts his arm around her right at the end of Act One. 
- Leon is certainly memorable. Pure send-up of the press agent stereotype. 
- Poor Mr. Steele missing his faithful puppy when she spreads her wings and poses as Dr. Krebs 

Character Development 

- Mildred practicing her lock-picking techniques 
- Love Mildred's initiative to go undercover at the radio station. She's so ecstatic when she manages to convince Laura & Mr. Steele that she should be the one to do it. 
- Mr. Steele working with Leon to do the whole People magazine thing. While I can see why he would want to do it, I'm not entirely convinced Laura would let the whole thing go as far as it does. 
- Mildred taking charge when she returns from the radio station. Shades of Agent Krebs returning. Which is not entirely a bad thing. She does get a little set-back when she tries to pose for the photos with Mr. Steele and Leon makes her sit back down 

Favorite lines 

R: Sometimes the truth can be so...un-necessary. 
M (answering phone): Remington Steele, soon to be on newsstands everywhere 
Leon: We were so close, baby! You approached greatness and you veered left. 

Hair & Clothing 

- Laura FINALLY has upgraded her sleepwear. No more high-neck floor-length nightgowns. Yay! Not overly frilly, just like our tomboy. 
- The teal suit looks good on SZ 
- As usual, Mr. Steele looks smashing in everything he wears. Gray suit, brown suit, tux - it doesn't matter. Fabulous. 
- I like Laura's penguin sweater she wears for the second early-morning visit to the radio station. Her hair looks very nice too. 
- Laura's black sheath looks great on her. The hair's too eighties, however and needs to be "de-poofed". That necklace reminds me of a smaller version of the Egyptian-looking one we saw (and shuddered over) in Tempered Steele 
- Not crazy about Laura's short hairdo. It looks ok with the fedora, but I'm not crazy about it otherwise. 
- Her hair's a bit overdone again towards the end of the show when she's wearing the red blouse (which looks great on her). 

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc 

- When Laura's working on the computer and Mr. Steele's looking over her shoulder, he gets up close enough to nuzzle her ear just before the scene cuts back to the radio station. Anybody know if they snipped out a romantic interaction there? There's an "appalling lack of romance" (to quote Xenos) in this episode. 
- How did Mildred know that was Marcia West she caught kissing Norman? As far as we know, they'd never been introduced. 
- Only in this episode does the Rabbit sport a KROT bumper sticker. And the way it's placed on the car, it would prevent them from being able to open the trunk. 

Where Are They Now? 

- John Hancock (station mgr Frank Dix) died of a heart attack in 1992 at age 51. 
- John McCook (Norman Austin) has been on The Bold and the Beautiful since 1987 
- George Pentecost (Bud Tyler) died in 2003 at age 64 
- Pamela Roylance (Marcia West) - anybody know if she's related to Bron? - is now a trainer and motivational speaker, including seminars for the USMC Spouses' Leadership Seminars (yes, that's right, for spouses of Marines). She does still act occasionally. 
- Vincent Schiaveli (Leon Pulver) died of lung cancer in 2005. He was also the author of 3 cookbooks. At the time this episode aired, he was married to Allyce Beasley who played Lynette Mercer in Steele Crazy After All These Years, but is perhaps better known as Agnes DiPesto on Moonlighting.

by Xenos1981
Ah, the infamous KROT episode. Um...Yeah. Well, there were a couple of good things about this episode... 

Yep, you all guessed it...Mr. Steele looked FREAKIN' HOT!!! And good gawd, ya'll!!! What that man can do for a desk!!! *fanning myself wildly* I kept waiting for Mr. Steele to grab Laura -- or better yet, have Laura pounce on Mr. Steele -- and make mad, passionate love right then and there on that big ol' lovely uncluttered desk!!! Yeowsa, Mr. Steele...Yeowsa!!! (Oh, the fantasies I'm having!!!) 

And Mildred was an absolute riot as a sex therapist!!! You go, girl!!! 

Other Nice Things: 

* Holy crap! Did Laura look magnificent waking up in the morning! (Why can't I look that great?!?!) Too bad Mr. Steele wasn't there to see her! 

* Loved Mr. Steele picking a lock with such ease as Mildred struggled. Don't know why I find that so endearing...It was just a nice little touch added to the story. 

* Was Mr. Steele sexy or what when he went to nuzzle Laura's ear?! OMG!!! (Also see "Things That SUCKED About This Episode".) 

* The People Magazine thing was a cute little sub-plot. I would've bought that issue!!! Yum!!! 

* Mr. Steele in a tux...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! NOBODY wears a tux like Pierce...NOBODY!!! 

Good Lines: 

Voice on the radio: "It's not important which vegetables you use. Carrots, corn on the cob, zucchini, they're all terrific!" 
Remington: "A radio cooking show?" 
Laura: "That's Dr. Pam...The phone-in sex therapist." 
Remington: "Let me know when you get the recipe book." 


Rhymin' Lymon: "Daddy is a sicko, Mama is one too. You got a social problem and you don't know what to do. You turn to fourteen karat, when you're really in a jam. Oh! Well it's Wham! Bam! Thank you, Dr. Pam." 

(Sorry, it made me giggle.) 


These lines from Dr. Krebs: "He's a louse. Soak him for everything he's got." "He's sick. Dump him." "Sounds like a money grubbing bimbo to me. Dump her." "I want to thank all you fine folks out there at KROT who gave me the chance to talk to all you troubled and perverted souls out there." 

(OK, so it's not necessarily the lines that make it so funny...It's the fact that Mildred is back in her no-nonsense IRS Fraud Squad Bi*** mode. Doris is so great in situations like this!) 

Things That SUCKED About This Episode: 

* The appalling lack of romance!!! 

* Why, oh, WHY did they cut away when Mr. Steele was about to nuzzle Laura's ear?!?! Either the director or the editor gets a big jeer for cutting when he did. Sheez!!! 

* Tyler and Austin. BLECK!!! 

* The music!!! Good grief!!! Does anyone know if this was the original crap they played during the episode? They obviously edited out "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"...Though for the life of me I don't understand why. I mean, don't they have to pay already because Steph was singing it?! Or do they only have to pay royalties when the original singer sings it? Anyone?! And did anyone else feel that the songs that were played didn't gibe with the DJ's schtick? I mean, come on!!! They do these terribly corny "jokes" (if you can call them that) complete with out-dated sound effects (even for the '80s) and then play what can best be described as horrendous elevator music. HUH?! Bad writing AND bad music. *shudder* NOT a good day for Remington Steele, folks! 

Things That Made Me Go, "What The --": 

* The appalling lack of romance!!! 

* How freakin' big was Laura's hair?!?! She was almost as tall as Mr. Steele -- without her stool!!! 

* How freakin' big was Mildred's hair?!?! Made her head look HUGE!!! 

* Um, Laura...A free trip for two to Hawaii?!?! HELLO?!?! All that hairspray she wore for the photo shoot must have affected her judgment. 

Yeah...Not a good episode. I think they added the commentary to try to convince us it wasn't as bad as it was. Keep trying, boys...Keep trying. 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 

P.S. Kathleen Turner as Chandler's transvestite father?! OK...That just ruined it for me! UGH!!!

by dlxauburn 
Steele on the Air --- This must be an episode where our favorite duo join the "mile high club". Wait, they already did an airplane episode. How they managed to not join the club, I'll never know....anyway on to this gem. 

Hey I still have the exact same alarm clock as Laura. Shoot, I was going to get one of those new ones that you plug your Ipod into, but now the old one is trei chic again. 

Wow, Laura and I look exactly the same when we get up in the morning! Unfortunately, I tend to lose that look in the blink of an eye. Let me get this straight, she wakes up at 6am and is in the Malibu Canyons by 705 to see the plane crash? Just how fast is she in the shower? Superwoman! Despite her exuberent driving skills, you just can't beat rush hour. Obviously men wrote this episode. 

I liked this episode alot better than some others, like Grappling and Breath. Although Rhymin' Lyman is nearly the equivalant of Toni and Teri. Bud and Norman's characters have more depth. Bud is everyman chivalous in his attempts to protect Marcia's honor (even if she is the unfaithful wife) and Norman's life via a false confession. That relationship is very well written and acted. 

Despite the poofy hair on Laura and Mildred, I thought that they all looked "Ab-Fab" in the photo shoot scene. And led to Norman's best line..."Is this what they call a formal confession?" Still makes me giggle...hee hee. 

The comedy is great; silly, but not too insipid. The exception being how Rhymin' Lyman was played. The ridiculously physical personae of hair and wardrobe combined with the overly exaggerated facial expressions went beyond comedic territory and landed in the annoyingly inane arena. 

As long as I am complaining about that guiter playing caricature, why oh why did the DVD gods known as wolf allow Lyman's jingles to be played unaltered, yet chop all the hip 80's music? While the lyrics were funny, the ... yuck... melody... was icepick in my ears bad. I mean girls just wanna have fun! 

I really loved seeing Mildred go undercover as the "advice doctor". Doris was brillant in this episode. She makes the most of her lines and situations. Probably why I don't mind the episode so much. And apparently Laura is a regular Dr. Pam listener. Lucky for Mr.Steele,should he actually make it into Laura's kitchen.... cookbook indeed! I have a few ideas simmering right now to get that Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!!! 

I found a few icebox questions in this one. Why do people who participate in illegal schemes keep such good records of their crimes?? And more importantly which vegetables will Mr.Steele be adding to his shopping list? I know I'd be happy to go vegetarian with him!!!! 

Despite the appalling lack of obvious romance, I like this episode. 

by dtalley
>Despite the appalling lack of obvious romance, I like this episode. 

Despite its faults, there is a wonderful "Mr. and Mrs. Steele" feel to this episode. They are so relaxed and comfortable around each other. Just looks at the scene where Remington is looking at the computer over Laura's shoulder - that scene is full of sparks! 

Love the way Remington sprawls all over his desk - that's priceless!! As is the scene where they're in the Rabbit and the KROT van is chasing them down and trying to send them to Hawaii. 

Though episode is nowhere near being a favorite of mine, there are some wonderful scenes in it and parts of it that I really, really love. 

R and L showing up at the jail in evening attire and Norman's "Is this what they call a formal confession?" is one of the best lines in the entire series. 


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