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SOTW: Episode #80-Steele Blue Yonder
by Xenos1981    (May 2, 2008)
Ladies, ladies...Lovely ladies! Sorry to do this to you, but...Steele Blue Yawn-der. *cringe* Post if you don't fall asleep... 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by Neneithel   
Another unjustly unloved episode! This one is brilliant. Mildred trying to be a detective and being comprehensively fooled by her cunning quarry is great! Steele is, as always, adorable and makes a great entrance to the gambling area, not to mention being adorable in the car later. 

The story is good and especially appeals to me because my family have an air force background and I know what his comrades meant to my grandfather. 

Laura is fantastic, as usual, and quickly decides to help yet another charming rogue (she's definitely getting a taste for it). She also looks stunning in white and Steele is decidedly proud to be seen with her. (Anyone saying there is no romance should look at the body language of the two between the car and the club) 

It's a perfect episode and I can't for the life of me think why it isn't more popular.

by sugarjilly
Well, I guess there's going to be a shortage of posting on the SOTW this week!!! I can imagine everyone is just dreading watching this episode again! I thought I'd give it a try maybe it will be better the second time....NOT!!!! 

OH MY! I think this is the episode that's in last place on my list!! But anyhow, I watched it, so here are my thoughts.... 

The car chase at the beginning was boring!!! If I could tell the whole thing was choreographed, then that's bad!! I also thought that the whole break-in scene with everyone stealing the paintings was boring too!! It didn't involve L & R in their black break-in clothes!! 

When laura and remington were trailing Johnny in the beginning...did you all notice the roller skates instead of roller blades? I guess it was pre-blades!! haha! 

Liked this line: 
R: "...which offers a back room casino for those in the know." 
L" "Back room casino? Now how would you know....Forget I even asked." 

I loved how L & R knew what each other meant just from the looks and gestures across the room in the casino. 

I also asked that very same question that Johnny's daughter had asked...I wondering or even trying to understand how L & R thought Johnny was crazy after what they've seen so far?!!!! 
The daughter's confused! I'm confused!!! 
but L & R did admit that they weren't sure...okay...I'll give them that much. 

Loved this line too while in Johnny's apartment: 
R: "Oh my, what I could have accomplished with half of this equipment. Boggles the mind." 
L: (her look is priceless.) 

You have to admit, Johnny is a sly old fox! 
After Johnny's story about what he has planned, you'd think Laura would stick to her guns...but I've felt some soften, I guess you could say, in that it was nice to see her live a little!!! The pre-RS way!! 

The best part of this whole episode is when R & L mention about how Steele hid the Five Nudes Of Cairo in Thou Shalt Not Steele!!!! I soooo LOVED THAT EPISODE!!! 

I did not like the 40's hair on Laura. She reminded me of one of the Andrews Sisters!!! That hair style worked back then, but trying to make this episode feel like that era, didn't work for me!! Sorry. Her hair was much better in the tag scene though. 

Please, please, PLEASE!!! remind never to watch this episode again!!! I don't think I could take it! 


by dtalley
1.) I love the "Mr. and Mrs. Steele" feel that this episode has. I think there's lots of chemisty between Remington and Laura; it shows up best in some of the little things. One of the best example of it is the scene in Remington's office where they are standing at his desk as R cites "Going in Style". Then as he gathers up the photos spread out on his desk, Remington suggests he and Laura pay a visit to the museum to see what Johnny is up to. Laura says, "I'm always in the mood for a little - art appreciation". R then gives her the most wonderfully sly smile (which she returns) and asks, "Are you?" 

I love that exchange! It's almost like they're enjoying some sort of private joke between then - a lover's joke. Makes me think they did some messing around when they were at the museum earlier. In fact, remember when Suejue used to write the Missing PAX scenes? She wrote a wonderful little scene expanding upon this idea of something romantic happening at the museum. 

I also love the scene where Laura and Remington think back fondly on their mutual past... 

Laura ( going through some pictures of the museum): "Wait a minute. Remember when you stole the 'Five Nudes of Cairo'?" 
Remington (smiling): "Which time?" 
L: "Four years ago? With me? When you were being blackmailed?" 
R: "Oh, yes. The good old days," he says, closing a cabinet. 
L: "We were in the museum. They caught me, but you got away, and you 
hid the painting..." 
R (smiling again): "...inside the museum." 
R: "Never hide a needle in a haystack, always with other needles, right?" 
L: The last place anyone thinks of looking." 
R:"And the best place for us to start," Laura says with a smile. 

...and the one where Remington drools over the heat sensitivity photo: 

Remington: "Aerial photographs. Heat sensitive photographs, actually. Taken at five minute intervals. Very sophisticated. Oh, my."<sigh> "What I could have accomplished with half of this equipment." <big grin> "Boggles the mind." <Then seeing Laura's concerned look, his smile vanishes and he lifts his hand in an apologetic gesture.> 

...and the one where they exit the limo and walk to the entrance of "Bedard's" in their formal wear: 

L: "What's Johnny doing in a swanky place like this?" 
R: "In all likelihood, gambling." 
L: Gambling?" 
R: "Bedard's is one of the few private clubs in town which offers a 
back room casino for those in the know, eh?" <taps nose with a smile> 
L: "Back room casino? Now how would you know...? Forget I even asked." 
R just grins. 

..and the one where they're in the limo spying on Johnny later that night and Remington just wants to get some sleep: 

R (putting head back and closing eyes): "He's obviously turned in for the evening. I suggest we do the same thing and get a fresh start in the morning. 

I also love the scene of R and L in undercover clothes at the beach-front park and the scenes of them in the Auburn following Johnny's car all night and finally confronting "Johnny" AND the scene in the R's office where they learn Johnny was released and put 2 and 2 together, totally ignoring the daughter's questions. 

2.) Visually, this episode is absolutely stunning. I didn't realize this until I started making RS music videos. I've strived to use a lot of non-favorite scenes in my videos; I mean, it's so easy to use the crying scene in "Red Holt" or the chase scene in "Love Among the Steele" or the tag from "St. Blushing" or "Premium Steele " or "Beg, Borrow or Steele", but I wanted to use some of the less-familiar scenes. Because of that desire, I started rewatching less favorite episodes and noting visually striking scenes. "St. Blue Yonder" used to be my least favorite episode until I started looking at it with this new eye. It has a lot of wonderful shots of Remington and Laura together in various locations, dressed in the full range of clothing styles--from scruffy to sporty to business attire to formal wear. If you've seen some of my later music videos, you'll see that I used a lot of scenes from "St. Blue Yonder". 

3.) This was also the first time we saw the Auburn again after it was stolen and dismantled in "Steele Blushing"; it was really nice that we got to see them driving around in alot. In a way, the Auburn was almost a co-star in this episode. Love seeing R and L driving around in it to and from the museum and also following Johnny's car all over CA. Especially love the shot of the night breeze blowing Laura's hair! 

4.) Once again, Remington shows his respect and admiration for a senior citizen. Laura, also, seems to be quite taken with Johnny. 

1.) I hated Remington and Laura being demoted to co-star status. I doubt the script was rewritten any when they realized Jimmy Stewart wouldn't be able to be in it. That's the main problem with the episode - it was written to highlight Stewart and in doing so, it slighted R and L. When Stewart wasn't available, there wasn't *any one* else who could have pulled off the part of Johnny the way he could have. I think Andrew Duggan was great in the part, but he wasn't Jimmy Stweart. 

2.) This was the first show which aired after RS moved from Tues. night to Sat. night and it gave a distorted view of Laura and Remington's personal relationship. All the promos talked about it being a "very special episode and at great new time". The network was hoping to draw new viewers with their move and aired some really great promos, but "St. Blue Yonder" certainly didn't give a fair picture of what RS was all about. The network should have aired a really strong episode for their first Sat. night show instead of airing one of the weakest episodes of the entire series. RS was all about the chemistry, romance, and relationship between Laura and Remington, but if the new viewers went by "Yonder", they'd hardly have known that R and L even had a personal relationship. "Yonder" was not a representation of the series and as such, it misled new viewers. 

by MickeyBoggs
I admit it. This is one of my least favorite episodes. Season Four seems to be all about peaks and valleys and this is one of the valleys. The appalling lack of romance strikes again. 

Memorable Stuff 

- Very cool car chase at the beginning (something we rarely see on this show). Funny to see that and then see Andrew Duggan's face at the steering wheel. 
- It's always a treat to see Stephanie act alongside Andrew Duggan (who was a fill-in when Jimmy Stewart got sick). It's obvious the affection she has for the older generation of actors. 

Character Development 

- Mr. Steele idly wondering what all he could have accomplished with the equipment Johnny has. A credit to their relationship that they both know he's not seriously considering re-entering the business. 
- Great to see our duo so in tune with each other once Johnny has been released from jail. Even though Miss Cooper keeps trying to cut into their conversation, they're so in tune with each other that they really don't even hear her, just work it out between then and take off. 

Favorite lines 

R: A picture's worth a thousand words, Laura, and these are all synonyms for a burglary. 

Hair & Clothing 

- I like Laura's suit in the opening scene. The light turquoise blouse is a good color on her. 
- She's so 80s in the skating outfit! And he's got to be the world's sexiest bum. 
- Mr. Steele in a tux - who could ask for anything more? Can't blame the blonde for sidling up to him. 
- Laura's hair is a bit overdone, too 80s, in several scenes in this episode. One of the things I'm not crazy about in the Fourth Season is that we lose some of the classic looks and lean a bit more towards the trends of the day. 
- Stephanie looks 21 in her red shirt and jeans! I've got to believe both she and PB enjoyed getting to dress down for a change. 
- Still don't like that belted jacket Mr. Steele wears in the tag scene. 

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc 

- When they lose Johnny the first time, Laura tells Mildred to have Fred meet them at Mr. Steele's in an hour. Obviously they were going to need to clean up & dress up. Does Laura keep evening gowns at Mr. Steele's place? 
- With the headphones on and holding the microphone, it's a visual reminder of PB's tiny role on The Professionals. Ace has his scene available for download here .html 
- SueJue found this missing scene that expands on Laura's "art appreciation" comment: 

Guest Cast Trivia 

- Nick Angotti (FBI agent?) was licensed as a New Thought Religious Science Minister in 1995 and ordained in 2000. He holds a BFA, MRS and Doctor of Divinity. 
- Fred Carney, one of the flyers, was the brother of Art Carney 
- Andrew Duggan died of throat cancer at age 64 just 2 years after this episode aired. According to IMDb he was the voice of Father/Narrator in the second generation 1975 Carousel of Progress, the first version to premiere in Walt Disney World. 
- Dennis Patrick (Duncan Harlow) was married to Barbara Cason (RJ Stonewall from Red Holt Steele) until her death in 1990. He died in a house fire in 2002 at age 84. He was TV's first vampire in an episode of Stage 13 in 1950. 
- Mike Preston (Geoffrey Whittlesey) is a member of the Flying Karamazov Brothers juggling troupe 
- Dale Reynolds (?) still acts, but he also works with the American Entertainment International Speakers Bureau, presenting "Thomas Jefferson, Man of Monticello" in full costume for schools and patriotic events. 
- Susan Strasberg (Miss Cooper) was the daughter of famed actor & acting coach Lee Strasberg (remember him as Hyman Roth in The Godfather Part II?). She died of breast cancer in 1999 at age 60. 

Re: Steele Blue Yonder -- Episode #80   
 by everglade68   (Sat May 3 2008 20:05:00)  Ignore this User | Report Abuse  


I can't believe that I actually saw this episode again. Jill, I am with 
you, I am not watching it AGAIN!! 

"Steele Blue Yonder" is probably the most boring episode of the entire series. 

I did like Venice beach and Laura roller skating, isn't there anything that 
she can't do? 

Mildred's line: "what he out ran you" was funny. 

It is always nice to see Laura and Remington in jeans. Hated Laura's hair 
in several of the scenes, I don't care if it was in style, she just didn't 
look good. 

And was that actually a tag scene? 


by Neneithel
No romance? All those bits Debra points out ooze romance. Okay, they don't kiss, but sometimes, words (and glances) speak louder than actions. The flirtation is constant. 

It saddens me to see this episode so widely despised, so I made this vid: 

Unfortunately, the scenes where they are at their most flirtatious are two of the clips that failed and I'm unable to make any new ones at present. I also had to leave out a lovely piece of eye contact that didn't fit. 

by everglade68  

Okay, they don't kiss, but sometimes, words (and glances) speak louder than actions. The flirtation is constant.

Helen, I agree that body language is quite powerful, but I did not see it in this episode. 

By the way, how do you write body language and flirtation in a script? 


by Neneithel
I've never written a film script. I'd assume it's a result of scripting, direction and acting, just as it is in theatre.
by dlxauburn
Steele Blue Yonder –episode #80… 

After reading several posts I see this is not widely considered a very good episode. But I really like this episode, no really…I do. I’m not kidding! True the appalling lack of romance, (because I don’t count Steele’s eyeful of the blonde as romance!) takes it down out of my top 10 or even 25, but it’s a good episode. 

Did we really need two and a half minutes of car chase at the very beginning? I mean how about a little slap and tickle in the limo after trailing Johnny home for the evening? Maybe they forget Fred’s in the front and with Steele looking oh so very hot in that tuxedo, Laura edges dangerously close to actually tearing that bow tie off with her teeth! That could have vaulted this episode into the top ten for sure. That’s really my only complaint with this episode. 

The story is first rate, a version of Mr. Steele’s favorite movie “The Sting”. We all underestimate Johnny because of his age and purported strange behavior. Laura and Steele lose him in a most perplexing manner. By the way, where does Steele keep his bum costumes? Maybe he picks them up “fresh” from the second hand stores and burns them immediately after use. Or maybe they simply dissolve or combust spontaneously….And I also have to wonder how they manage to go from “bum” to beautifully stunning in an hour with drive time!!! That must be one heck of a commute. Can someone Mapqwest those directions to me ASAP??? 

Clearly our detectives’ coiffed entrance into Bedards is what convinces the Bond folks to pursue our Mr.Steele and launch the entire monkeys at the typewriters Season five debacle. I mean all they had to do was imagine a shaken martini in his hand instead of a whiskey on the rocks. But boy howdy, they did both look outstanding! I loved the vintage look to Laura’s white gown and her hair seemed to fit perfectly for the era of the story between Johnny and Duncan. 

When Steele and Laura get into Johnny’s apartment did they have to make such a mess while looking for clues? I mean it looks like they broke in to rob him, instead being let in by the daughter. It was fun to try to figure out what Johnny was up to right along with them. I liked seeing Mildred getting duped by Johnny at the theater, especially when she runs out to find him keeping her popcorn and soda the whole way. Although I think the set people missed an opportunity to blend in more background clues at the theater. The movie was a gangster flick, instead of a WWII flick. The title on the marquee said Harrigan’s Revenge, but I couldn’t find a real movie by that name. It would have been cool to have an actual movie reference, but that probably would have cost some copyright dough. Still the movie theater was aptly named the Aero. 

In the warehouse scene where Johnny gets nabbed by the cops, why wouldn’t Steele and Laura get nabbed too? I mean it looks like the cops just came in from an office where they were hiding. 

Except for the reappearance of that horrible belted jacket on Steele, I like the tag scene. But I’ve been known to have a soft spot for WWII movies and the mythically heroic men they portrayed. So wake up Xenos, this is one worth watching! 

by Neneithel
Finally, some appreciation! Still have to argue with the lack of romance. They come closer to sex on the desk in this one than any other!
by MickeyBoggs
The title on the marquee said Harrigan’s Revenge, but I couldn’t find a real movie by that name 

In another Brad Kern episode, Beg, Borrow or Steele, one of the main characters was named Harrigan. I wonder if he has a good friend named Harrigan and this is a tribute to him, the same way MG does with "Bloustein".

by auroracat-1 
I have to say that I like this episode. (Note I did not say loved.) I agree with the comments about the Mr. & Mrs. Steele feel to the whole episode. I also love history and the whole WWII aspect to it so I may be coming from a different reference point. 

In the casino I like the fact that while Mr. Steele is not dead yet (admiring the blonde) he only looks and it is very clear (at least to me) that he is "with" Laura. 

I love that Laura is so willing to go along with Johnny's plan. 

I know the wardrobe department was going for a 40's look when they went to Beddard's and while I like Laura's white dress I felt it was a little to "heavy" for Stephanie. I like the one in the "Thin Man" dinner scene from season 1 a lot better. 

Love the art appreciation dialog and the dialog when they are at Johnny's both times. The heat sensitive photo equipment and the needle in a haystack dialog. 

I really don't care much for Laura's hair most of season 4 (and we won't even talk about the whole bangs fiasco of season 5). It got way to big and 80's. Ironically Mr. Steele's hair styles were the best in seasons 4 & 5. (Well they had to give us something to like about season 5.) 

I agree with Helen and others about the romance in the body and eye language but I also agree with those that wanted more obvious signs of romance. Would it have been so hard to work in a few kisses?!?! 

Mildred and Johnny were great in this episode. Liked the minor characters as well. I haven't actually watched the episode in the last few weeks so I can't remember their names. 

All in all I think this was a decent episode with a good mystery but could have used some more obvious romance!

by Xenos1981
Ah, yes..."Steele Blue Yonder". What an episode!!! Definitely in my Top Ten!!! What's not to love? It starts out with a compelling car chase that must have lasted ten whole minutes! It's right up there with the stunning motorcycle chase Pierce and Michelle Yeoh did in "Tomorrow Never Dies"! Too bad Jimmy Stewart couldn't have played the part of Johnny Cooper, though. I could just see it now... 

The officer approaches the car...The window slides down...And Jimmy says, "Don't blame me, officer...It's the rabbit's fault!" ("Harvey"...James Stewart. Josephine Hull. Universal International Pictures. 1950.) Oh, would Mr. Steele have had a field day with that one! 

Back to the show... 

Like I said...Definitely in my Top Ten. I mean, O...M...G!!! The romance!!! Always a treat to see Remington ogle a beautiful blond's heaving bosom while Laura's dressed in a flowing white sheet that reaches all the way up to her eyeballs! And you're right, Helen...Miss Holt and Mr. Steele got thisclose to having sex on the desk!!! *fanning myself wildly* What with all that French kissing and heavy petting, I'm surprised it got past the sensors!!! Good gawd, ya'll!!! I could watch that scene over and over and over again!!! It's right up there with Scene 17 ("Live Wire". Pierce Brosnan. Lisa Eilbacher. New Line Cinema. 1992.) and Scene 25 ("The Thomas Crown Affair". Pierce Brosnan. Rene Russo. United Artists. 1999.)!!! 

And the comedy!!! Laughed myself silly!!! Such witty banter from our duo!!! Right up there with "Vintage Steele", "Steele Sweet On You" and "Hearts Of Steele"!!! I'd quote all my favorite lines, but I'm afraid I'd just re-type the whole episode!!! *collapsing in a fit of giggles just thinking about it* 

I also loved how Laura and Remington were duped into chasing "Johnny" halfway up the coast while the heist was going down!!! My goodness!!! I haven't seen that clever con since...since...well, since "Diced Steele" when Remington led the horribly written and forgettable character known as Norman Keyes on a wild goose chase to Hoover Dam! 

Also, love, love, LOVE how Pierce and Steph were relegated to "co-star" status!!! I mean, why have them in the story at all? Andrew Duggan and Dennis Patrick could've carried the show on their own! 

But as wonderful as this episode is, there were some low points. Mr. Steele dressed in the bum outfit. You all know how much I hate when Mr. Steele is dirty and stubbly! YUCK!!! And, like I posted in SteeleWatchers, the dapper tuxedo schtick is losing its charm. Enough already! And Mr. Steele in jeans? No biggie. Never even occurred to me to freeze-frame on those tight little buns so perfectly packaged for my viewing pleasure. *yawn* Seriously...Pierce really had a couple of bad days while filming this episode. Didn't drool once. THANK GOODNESS the "lows" were few and far between, though. Don't know if I could have managed to stay awake if Mr. Steele had been on-screen for more than 15 minutes. Get back to the real action with a bunch of octogenarians, I always say!!! 

Two thumbs up and five stars!!! 

Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by sugarjilly
OH MY WORD!!! HAHA!! ROFL!!! Xenos!! This was too entertaining to say the least! Very nice post! 
I totally agree with you, in a sarcastic sort of way that is!! :) 


by auroracat-1
Laughing so hard at work that my clients and co-workers are really wondering what's going on over here in my cube!!!!!!
by Neneithel
He didn't ogle the blonde at all, he smiled politely, despite her thrusting the aforementioned bosom right at him. 

You seriously didn't notice the office action? I would have thought you'd be the one who'd spot it first. Made the tree kiss look decidedly distant! 

I, liked Laura's dress. She looked good. Steele clearly thought so too. 

Another perfect episode, brimming with romance! Even if some are too distracted by invisible rabbits to see it. ;)

by Xenos1981

He didn't ogle the blonde at all, he smiled politely, despite her thrusting the aforementioned bosom right at him.

Um...She didn't thrust her boobs at him...But he took two -- two -- glances at them. Hell, what man wouldn't? She had a beautiful gown on and looked fabulous. 

You seriously didn't notice the office action? I would have thought you'd be the one who'd spot it first. Made the tree kiss look decidedly distant!

Hmmmm...Don't think we were watching the same episode, Helen. Mr. Steele was definitely trying (God bless him) but Laura was clearly distant...Aloof, even. No sparks on her part. Could've cared less. If this is what a "Mr. and Mrs. Steele feel/moment" is, I say "PFFT"! Trust me and take heart when I say that even we old married people still have more chemistry with our spouses than what was exhibited in this lackluster episode. 

I, liked Laura's dress. She looked good. Steele clearly thought so too.

Well, to each her own, I guess. But compared to the blonde's gorgeous outfit, I still say Laura looked like she was wearing a sheet. Sorry. 

Another perfect episode, brimming with romance! Even if some are too distracted by invisible rabbits to see it. ;)

Hey, by the time this episode was halfway over, I was praying for an invisible rabbit!!! 

Xenos (who still wants to find time to post her thoughts on last week's infinitely better episode, "Santa Claus Is Coming To Steele" and can't freakin' wait for the next SOTW -- "Sensitive Steele"!!!) 

Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by dlxauburn
Well all the discussion regarding desk action had me review the episode again...I have to agree with Xenos, et al not a speck of romance. I dusted and looked for prints, but came up completely empty. A slight teasing glance that should have alluded to a more specific scene between them doesn't fit my defination of romance. But I still like the episode....
by merryl
BRILLIANT, Xenos!!! LOL!!! 

I didn't mind this episode too much. However, I think if this was an example of 'Mr and Mrs Steele', then it's 'Mr and Mrs Steele' on the edge of divorce!!! No chemistry whatsoever! Just as well the next episode is 'Sensitive Steele' - they need all the help they can get with their 'marriage' :-)

by Xenos1981
ROTFLMAO, Ms. Streep!!! Edge of divorce, indeed!!! Makes you glad we've got great hubbies, eh? 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by Neneithel
In Sensitive Steele, they physically attack each other whilst verbally shredding each other. And you see that as an improvement? 

It sort of makes me glad I'm not married, if that's how married people see marriage.  

by auroracat-1 
I think she is referring to the fact that Laura and Mr. Steele are actually finally "talking" about their feelings and the issues that are holding back their relationship. And with these two I can see it taking all that to get them to open up to each other. 

I don't think that is how us married folk (on the list) view marriage in general.

by Xenos1981

In Sensitive Steele, they physically attack each other whilst verbally shredding each other. And you see that as an improvement?

Well, we married folk usually don't have any batakas lying around to hit each other with. We usually throw whatever's within reach at the time -- a vase, a plate, one of the kids... (That's a joke, you know.)  

Truth be told, married people do argue...Just like you single folk. (Surprise!) Just because we're married doesn't make all our problems and differences magically disappear. Usually, things are worked out quite calmly and rationally. But sometimes tempers flare...Like Laura's and Remington's did in Sensitive Steele. So, yes, that fight could have very well been the argument of a married couple...Except that it was about not gettin' any. And, yes, despite all the jokes, married people actually do have quite active and fulfilling sex lives. 

What I was referring to, though, was that they were actually communicating with each other instead of beating around the proverbial bush like they always do! They argued...had some real, honest moments...resolved some issues...apologized...and came out stronger (and closer) for it...JUST LIKE A MARRIED COUPLE! 

IMHO, Sensitive Steele has a real "Mr. and Mrs. Steele feel" to it. (Can I steele that phrase from you, Debra?)  

So, to answer your question, Helen...YES!!! I see Sensitive Steele as a DEFINITE improvement over the boring, nothing-going-on, hum-drum relationship episode that is Steele Blue Yawnder. 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! 


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