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SOTW: Episode #82- Steele In The Spotlight
by Xenos1981    (May 16, 2008)
Happy Friday, ladies!!! (Couldn't come at a better time!) Tonight's episode is "Steele In The Spotlight". Happy viewing! 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

by sugarjilly
I liked this episode. I wouldn't say it would be in my top 10 list though. There was a lot I liked about this episode starting with the flashback in the beginning. When I started watching the episode...I'm thinking..I didn't like how that was done...but when you sit and watch the whole episode and all you can think about is..."but Sally was murdered and who did it?", then you know that something was written well. I got the impression that was the whole idea of doing that flashback in the beginning, so the viewer can think that in the back of their mind. And then at the end, we finally find out the whole story! 

I really loved seeing Rose Marie again. She was really very funny on "The Dick Van Dyke Show." 

I really liked the conversation with the TV reporters and L and R in the beginning and Steele fumbling through what "skip trace" is. haha!! I would have thought Steele would have learned this by now since he's been with the agency for four years! 

I liked how L and R can admit that they are jealous and laugh about it!! Nice conversation in the car. And also when Laura comes to her senses in R's office when talking about where R has Billy hidden. 

Loved the role reversal with the address book....Steele telling Mildred that that's not legal to do that and couldn't believe Miss Holt took the address book from Hogan's apartment. Haha!! 

Loved PB's smile when he says to billy...."hello Billy" and then smiles...very hot!! 

Some quotes I liked... 
Camerman: "The camera loves her." 
L: "What do you mean the camera loves me?" 
Reporter: "You don't have a bad angle." 

The Reporter says after apologizing for being late: "Nude sky diving, hard to cover." 
Mildred: "I bet." 

Questionable things... 
--It would have been more believable that Tom Hogan was dead if you didn't see him breathing!!! 
--Was there an inuendo in the script alluding to women being independent when the reporter says lets focus on the female detective. I think she was going with that kind of angle. I wonder what would have happened if the show had been on a few more years. I don't know if the whole premise of Laura hiding behind RS would work much longer. What do you all think? Maybe I'm a little bit too early in my assumption, but I thought the 90's was a change for women. (I hope that all made sense?) 
--When Laura jumped the fence, did anyone notice that she caught her leg on the fence? It didn't look like she would have made the jump. It look more like she would have landed flat on her face. 

I really loved the tag scene at the end. Laura knows Remington knows her really well!! I think there's a little development between L and R, but not much. Well, okay...I guess jealousy would be big! :) 


by dtalley
I'm a sucker for "Mr. and Mrs. Steele" episodes, and this is definately one of those. This episode just plain makes me feel good and gives me a lot of smiles and warm feelings. Some of the highlights: 

-Remington getting his 'detective terms' mixed up (skip trace) 

-Remington's reaction to the way Windsor is flirting with him as the sit on the Agency couch in his office as they discuss the case. 

-Remington's fallen expression and Laura's surprised one when Windsor informs them that *Laura* will be the focus of the investigation. 

-the night time ride in the Rabbit where R and L teasingly discuss jealousy and end up sharing a smile over it. There was never a question of either of them actually feeling threatened - just a recognition that those feelings of jealousy still occasionally crop up. 

-the sweet and respectful way R talks with the forgetful singer friend. (In L's defense, even though she didn't have any patience with the older lady here, she usually was also respectful of the elderly.) 

-Laura and Remington watching themselves on Spotlight news when the body was discovered and their resulting "argument". It just shows they can disagree and even have a 'fight' without either of them feeling like it threatens their personal relationship. I just love the way she flounces out of his apt. in a huff and he just more or less takes it in stride. 

-their visit to the elderly detective who has the fireplace going at full force. Love the way he puts R down when R asks for a glass of ice tea. Also, I love the way Laura comments to R "that could be you in a few years", thus indicating (to me, at least) that she's already anticipating growing old with him. 

-the confrontation discussion in R's office where R confronts L with the results of his own impressive research. I don't think him asking if L wanted to call Windsor was out of character and L certainly didn't take offense at it. Also, doesn't Remington look wonderful in this scene?! 

-the scene in the elevator where Windsor sticks the microphone in L's face and L's tells her off. I love the way R stays in the background in this scene...he lets Laura handle it herself. 

-Remington chasing the bad guy in the dark in the Auburn and complaining about its "lousy turn radius". 

-the wonderfully romantic late night walk by the lake where R and L discuss how well he knows her and how much it scares her. That is such a visually sensual scene - I love the way she looks in that white coat in the moonlight with the moon reflecting on the water. I've always imagined they spent the night at one of Billie's cabins. 


by MickeyBoggs
So I'm really late, but here it is: 

This episode marks the final teleplay from Sakmar & Lenhart. 

Memorable Stuff 

- I like the usage of real Rose Marie footage in the episode. So cute to see Mildred bopping along with the song. 
- I chuckle when Mildred starts spouting off at the cameraman to get the camera out of her face. The gal's still got the IRS in her! 
- Good plot twist to have Billie hiding under the name of one of her characters. Sounds like something Mr. Steele would do! 
- While I certainly like kiss in the tag scene, it's always felt contrived. As if the writers said "hey, we haven't had them kiss yet, better throw one in". 

Character Development 

- Mr. Steele doesn't want to tell Windsor they've made no progress initially, even reminding Laura it's "her agency". But he owns up to his job (and he even looks like he's been doing, gasp, paperwork!) and faces the camera. 
- So funny to see Laura's head turned at the phrase "the camera loves you". She suddenly glows once the words penetrate her brain. 
- Touching to see Mr. Steele reassuring Patsy that "people don't forget a star" 
- Cute exchange in the car regarding jealousy that starts out referring to Mr. Steele's jealousy of Laura's camera time and ends up with a reference to Laura's minor jealousy of Windsor fawning over Mr. Steele 
- Interesting to see how Mr. Steele kept looking over his shoulder at Laura as she was giving an interview to Windsor at the crime scene 
- Mr. Steele criticizing Mildred & Laura's ethics for keeping the Hogan's address book. Now there's a switch! 

Hair & Clothing 

- Love the blue shirt bringing out Mr. Steele's blue eyes 
- Laura's royal blue suit looks good on her 
- Could Windsor's hair possibly be any bigger?! 

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc 

- Billie & Patsy's song was "Such Devoted Sisters" - in 1992, Stephanie did an audio book by the same name 
- When they found Tom Hogan, why didn't they immediately call the police? 
- TV wouldn't show a dead body found at the murder scene 

Guest Cast Trivia 

- Rebecca Holden (Windsor) has relocated to Nashville where she performs in the theatre and is past president of the Music City Christian Fellowship. She has recorded country and gospel albums. 
- George Wallace (Jake) makes his second appearance on the show. His first was as Emery Arnoch in Steele Waters Run Deep. He fell while on vacation in Pisa, Italy in 2005. Complications from the fall led to his death at age 88. 
- One of the guest stars won an Emmy - any guesses? It's Tom Dasbach, who played Dennis, the cameraman. It's his only acting credit on IMDb. But his Emmy wasn't for acting, he shared an Emmy for Outstanding Technical Direction/Electronic Camerawork/Video Control for a Series 
for "Family Ties" (1982)

by MickeyBoggs

I've always imagined they spent the night at one of Billie's cabins. 

So Debra, write us some fanfic for that night!!!

by auroracat-1 
Wasn't "Dective Jarvis" in the series Family Ties? Or am I thinkin of the wrong series?1 
by sugarjilly
yep auroracat!! 

Dective Jarvis (his name exacpes me right now, sorry.) was on Family. Michael J. Fox was on Family Ties. :) 


by MickeyBoggs
Gary Frank was Det. Jarvis. 

SZ made an appearance as his love interest on the "Ballerina" episode of Family and he played her husband in Prison of Secrets

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